Rumblings – Chapter 155

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Men like to say that women are weird and how impossible it is for them to understand us. They have so many sayings about the complicated nature of a woman but I think they should take a long hard look at themselves. Baby daddies are like men constantly pms-ing and I don’t say this lightly. They can be so loving to the child one moment and the next, through their hatred for you can hate that child like it is the one that broke their hearts. It’s like their conscience grows with the seasons and on pay day, they hate their kids the most. Asking for an ex baby daddy to pay for something for his child is like asking for him to cut off his dick. It’s often dramatic and comes with consequences.

I went to his car and knocked on his window. He woke up with a start.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked him.

“Isn’t it you said I should wait for you mother so I did just that! I want to see my child and I will wait until that happens” he said defiantly and snuggled up as though to sleep again. He was doing it to annoy me.

“Ok then. Sleep well!” I said and I walked back in the house. I wanted to see who will blink first. I was tempted to go peek through the curtains but I was scared he would see me. I didn’t have to wait long though because my mother arrived around that time. Imagine my dismay when they walked in together.

“Why is he sitting outside in the sun like that Faith?” she asked me. I told her straight up that he had to wait for you to enter the house.

“Are you serious?” she asked me and I told her yes. She did not argue with me but just shook her head meaning I knew there was going to be a lecture afterwards.

“Sit down young man!” my mother said when she noticed I was not offering him a sit. He was not welcome here!

“Thank you ma’am” he said politely and I instinctively rolled my eyes. I did not even think it, it just happened.

“See even your mother likes me. It’s just you that has to insist on being mean!” he said as soon as she was out of earshot. My mother waphapha stru! She came back in holding Ruben, playing with him.

“Tsea mokgonyana, meet your son for the first time!” she said with a bit of sarcasm handing the baby over to him. She took him by surprise with that statement. I can’t believe she had called this fool “son in law!” But it was amusing. I doubt he will ever come back.

“So when are you coming to pay damages. You made us invite our uncles to discuss the matter then you never showed up!” she said politely. He adjusted his sitting position to clearly show his diiscomfort at the line of questioning. My mother had cornered and with him sitting with baby he had nowhere to run.

“Eh, well mma, it was decided that…” he stuttered,

“Decided by who? Are you not a man? Do other men have to decide for you?” my mother asked him still with a smile on her face. No guy wants to be belittled especially in front of his baby mama! It’s downright embarrassing.

“Well?” my mother egged him on. She wanted an answer and he had to give it.

“I am sorry about that. We are still coming but truth be told, Faith does not make it easy. Even communicating with her is a war!” he said shifting the blame to me. I did not want his damages, I was not damaged!

“Is Faith your child or that little baby over there?” she asked him. He was very confused at this stage and thank heavens my mothers phone rang. She stood up to go outside.

“You set me up!” he said with a cold look on his face.

“With what? In fact Mudenda what are you doing here? Why do you like causing confusion? I am tired Mudenda, please I am tired!” I told him.

“How can you be tired, you have just met your baby for the first time? Don’t you feel different right now?”

I won’t lie, I wanted to jump and strangle this insensitive bastard. He was doing this to hurt me as far as I was concerned.

“How is Meladi’s baby?” I asked him. He answered me that the baby was fine with a smile on his face. It almost looked as though he was proud of that fact but then again he could be trying just to hurt me. I would not put him past that.

“I think I like this fatherhood thing. I want to take care of my son. I love Meladi, I will take care of that one too but mine first!”

Talk about awkward. He was saying that her son was not his but he was fine with it. What kind of guy is willing to be cheated on and then raise the other man’s child like it was normal. He took out his phone and showed me a baby picture.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” he asked me and I almost blew up out of anger. Did he even have a picture of Amo on his phone yet he was carrying those pictures.

“I don’t want to see it!” I said violently then stood up with Ruben in hand. He followed me and actually insisted that I should see the pictures because one day she will be playing with Ruben, as siblings. I was seething. He was enjoying this indeed! Eventually I looked at the picture just so I could get rid of him. The baby was super light!

“Are sure this is not AKA’s baby?” I asked him of which at first he did not get the joke but when he did he actually laughed and found it funny. On a serious note though, even Amo was not this light as a baby. One thing was certain though, there was not one single black cell of his in this baby yet you could actually feel his pride and joy in this child. I felt jealous and disrespected.

“It’s time for you to leave please!” I told him as soon as I felt this. At least this time he did not argue. I think my mother’s presence in the house had something to do with it. Regardless, as long as he was gone.

“Okay that’s fine but we need to work out a visiting schedule because I intend to see my child as often as possible!” he said when he got to the door still holding the baby and playing with him. What was this buffoon up to?

“No, I will rather visitation rights be done in a courtroom after you pay maintenance. Who knows when next time I’ll see you, knowing you it will be 6 months from now!” I said coldly. I had no warmth inside me towards him and the spark was totally gone. It’s fair to say that now I really hated this guy. We had gone full circle to say the least.

“So tell me, how did it go?” my mother asked me when got back into the room and sat with me. What was she talking about now!

“Mum, Mudenda and I are never going to happen!” I told her sternly.

“No man, I am not talking about that boy. I am asking in terms of your day alone with Ruben!” she explained. Ah! We had not even discussed the funeral itself yet and she was already there.

“It was fine. He sleeps a lot so he is not a problem.” I explained. She smiled and said at least her plan worked. At least now I could start to feel his warmth on my body meaning I could start to feel him as my baby. She was a bit far off with that part but I understood it.

“How was the funeral?” I asked her.

“People are poor out there. We take things for granted but I saw things today which made me feel bad. You really have to appreciate what people go through and what you have!” she said taking, Ruben from me.

“Did you see Amo? How is he?” I asked her the question that was burning inside me.

“Yes, they allowed us to see him but they complained about Ruben’s absence and I think that they were right. They said whether he was that man’s son or not, Ruben should have been there to say bye to the man who raised him. I think they are right there, we made a mistake!” she said. I still believe that a funeral is no place for a baby but she had a point in there somehow.

“Judith!” my mother called out to my sister who was in her room. She came out of the room and joined us.

“Please take care of the baby. Faith and I have to go to the shops to buy a few things!” she said at the same time making baby noises at the baby who was giggling.

“Mom I told you I don’t want this baby. I want Amo. If you leave me with him I will not like it all!” she protested.

“I never said like it but the baby is staying with you regardless!” my Mom responded in that warning tone of hers.

“He better not be crying when I come back!” she added as she stood up to give Judith the baby. She was truly not pleased about this and it made me a little scared for Ruben.

“Mum, I can go with him…” I told my mother but she would not hear of it.

“In this house we help each other in everything so there is no such thing. Judith, this is your sister’s child so take care of him!” my mother said. I went to my room to fetch my purse. It was so weird walking past an angry Judith with baby in arms, as when she was with Amo she was the total opposite. She would be glowing not moody and broody.

We had not gone far when my mother broke her news,

“I am thinking of kicking Judith out of the house!” she said driving.

“Mum why on earth would you do that?” I asked her.

“Your sister is 28 years old. She has no job, no prospects, nothing. Today I asked how far with her nursing things and she said she changed her mind she is not going anymore!” my mother said in a disappointed voice.

“But mum nursing was never her choice, it was yours!” I reminded her.

“It was mine I know but unless Judith is forced to land on her ass she will never grow up!”

I needed something to say quick, “What about Ruben or Amo? Who will take care of them?” I asked both selfishly and with hope that she could see her value in the house!

“Your sister was not meant to be a babysitter all her life Faith. She needs more! My decision is made!” she said!

What now!






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  2. Mudenda thinks his gf’s baby is the best thing since the discovery of electricity but doesn’t feel his biological son. Looking after another man’s child is gud but U shud look after yo own family even mo.
    Being international women’s day let’s applaud the women who look after their families & “adopt” other women’s kids too & still love them as their own kids.

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