Realities – Chapter 107

“Love what happened to you?” my husband asked me surprised after we were done. I was more aggressive and demanding of what I wanted in bed which was something I never did. Normally I allowed him to move around the way he wanted but today I had moved him around. He was not used to being manhandled in bed by me but by the looks of it he had enjoyed it.

“It’s the ecstasy!” I lied.

“Goodness you should take more of it if this is how things are going to be from now onwards!”

I laughed. “I won’t be going with you for Lintles interview. Nelisa is here so you can with both of them. I am sure they will love that!” I said to him.

“I am so exhausted and you want to discuss that now. Are you trying to kill me woman?” he said laughing. That was hectic sex yes but now let’s move on. We discussed the trip a bit longer and then he passed out on me.

“What am I going to do about this now?” I asked myself. I was having dirty thoughts about someone a few years older than Lintle. I should be ashamed of my myself. I know I have many faults and I most certainly did not want to add that to the list. I have never been a lustful woman. When I slept with George, terrible idea if I can say so myself, it was because of misguided anger handled badly. I did not even want him and considered him insignificant and still do to this day, even though he had possibly saved my ass at work. This was different though, I had met this boy today and I could not stop thinking about him. Was I losing my mind. I was still young enough to be attractive and below 40 so this was not a midlife crisis. I still had a good body and maybe not a flat tummy but definitely not a baby pouch. Suddenly I was feeling self conscious. I had a gym membership that was never used as I was on Discovery Insurance.

I fell asleep with the satisfaction of an orgasm but not from the thing I was craving most. It’s like being hungry for cake and craving it but ending up eating bread instead. I was having the most beautiful dream and just when it was about to reach perfection, you know in sex just when he is about to put the tip in, that moment, I felt someone shake me,

“Baby,” he shook me again,

“Baby… Wake up!”

It was Sizwe. Of all the times in the world he had to wake me up, he choose now! Dear Lord why am I being punished like this.

“Yes love what’s wrong…” I asked him.

“There is nothing wrong love. Its 5 o’clock we are about to leave. The girls are ready and already in the car.” he said to me smiling.

“What’s the smile for?” I asked him.

“You were moaning in your sleep I hope you were having fun!” he said teasing me, if only he knew. I covered my head embarrassed and took it out and said,

“Are you guys leaving already? What time is it?” I asked him. He told me and I saw him go take something out of the safe. We have a small safe in the bedroom where we keep extra valuables and it’s well hidden. I didn’t ask what it was he took out.

“I forgot to tell you, I asked Mapula to go to labour court yesterday. There are some forms we need to fill out for her. It was on the radio.” he explained. I hated it when my husband handled Mapula because at the end of the day I was the lady of the house. The problem was I was often at work meaning there was no time for me to do these things. It had reached a point were she did the grocery list and gave it to him before I even saw it. At the beginning I used to complain as it felt wrong but I realized that now I was the inconvenience.

“Ok that’s fine. It’s not like I am doing much anyway!” I said to him.

“Drive safe and tell me everytime you stop, okay?” I said. He agreed, kissed me on the forehead and left. I closed my eyes for a second but quickly got up because I realized if I did so I will sleep again. I did not want that at all even though there was no work for me today. I prepared myself and got ready. Around 6am I found myself in the gym. I had not been in here for so long but nothing had changed. The young fit girls who are obsessed with fitness like it will make them money were here, the muscular disgusting men who lift weights looking at themselves in the mirror wearing impossibly small vests and the fat women and unfit women like me looking confused by it all, all made up for the numbers. It was full so early in the morning. That was the gym for me. However, today something was different, I had motivation, a small boy whose surname I did not even know was in my head as I did the spinning. I was going to be sore at some point. At the counter I asked if I could get a personal trainer. They explained that I actually had to hire him on the side. Over and above the gym fee I had to hire a trainer. Daylight robbery this! For the amount of money you pay Virgin Active it’s crazy. Its like what Multichoice is doing now, you pay so much as is but over and above that you must rent other movies? No one seems to see a problem with that because I have heard no complaints! Sigh! Things are expensive.

The personal trainer thing was a bad idea because I signed him yes but after I was done, an hour an a half later I was sore. He said this was only going to get worse but in the long run I will be fine and get used to it if I was dedicated to it. He also advised I go on a diet if I wanted faster results because according to him, I can do as much exercises as I wanted but if I didn’t watch what I ate it would all be in vain. He emphasized once more that I will get used it when he saw the frown on my face. I wanted to laugh because how do you get used to being tortured.

“See you tomorrow!” he said as we parted. In my head I responded, “Like hell you will!”

I don’t shower at the gym because frankly speaking its creepy having grown women walking around naked showing each other their forests! I went home and took a shower. It was already pretty warm, so I decided lying by the pool would be great for me. I put myself on a fruit and vegetable diet but I know myself, I wouldn’t last a week.

I never liked sitting on the pool lounge chairs because they can never be too clean. We therefore only took out the chair cushions from the house when we wanted them. As I was putting it on the frame I could not help but feel like naughty Mrs. Robinson. That’s when the problem started. I should never have gone to gym. As I was lying down I had a cramp or muscle pull and screamed out in pain! It was the most painful thing ever. Out came Simon running from the back,

“What’s wrong?” he said as he ran towards me!

“I have a cramp ah!” I screamed trying to massage it myself lying on my stomach screaming into the chair cushion.

“You have to massage a cramp!” he instructed me like I did not already know.

“I know that Simon come give me the massage!” I screamed at him. I was in terrible pain and I needed the relief. He was not reluctant, he immediately ran to where I lay as I was wriggling in pain. I guided his hand to the back of my thigh where the pain was centred.

“You have to knead the muscle so that the circulation can return!” I instructed him.

“I know how to massage a muscle cramp. I play soccer so we have these a lot!” he said. I was grateful he knew. The relief was not immediate as can be expected but when I started feeling I have never been so grateful to have someone there. He was gentle but firm in his grip.

I think it was only when the pain started to subside that my brain started to function properly, shit! I had crossed a line. Yes I had been lusting for this boy but this was wrong. He was touching my thighs and what’s worse I was wearing leggings meaning that he was in close proximity to my ass. I saw a new campaign recently that says desexualize breasts but who are they kidding. This boy was on my thighs and there was no way he was not feeling sexual.

“Stop, stop, I am good now!” I said when my sanity prevailed. To his credit he stopped immediately. He had been on his knees as he was doing that so he stood up.

He turned away immediately but as he did so I caught a glimpse of something that made me blush.


Was that a boner I spotted?

Was he turned on by touching me!

“I have to go!” he said and immediately walked away so fast! I was not sure what to do as I was just as embarrassed for him as I was for me!

“Nothabo behave!” I told myself outloud as my thoughts turned to the inevitable question…

“How big is it?”

I bit my bottom lip!

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

My brother you have a gift that I pray every day that someone with money and power will notice and reward you for. I want to see your works on TV and I hope one of the readers knows someone at Multichoice or ETV to introduce your work to them because this is amazing stuff.

I am a 41 year old nurse based at George Mukhari. I was married for 10 years but now my husband and I are not together anymore. He cheated and I cheated. Somehow we could not find room to forgive each other are now seperated. He stopped seeing the other lady but because she was someone I knew and worked with I never forgave him. I am still having an affair with the man I was cheating with who happens to be married. He has no intention of leaving his wife but that does not seem to disturb me. In fact I feel that if he were single I probably would not want him. He would become too clingy. I am not happy with my life as I feel lonely even when I am with him but I don’t see myself back with my husband. I want someone who will love me and I can love them back. I am a messed up person and need to find myself. How do I go around doing that as I have clearly lost my way.

Thank You


34 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 107

  1. Hey Jackzoro

    I also need advice on something. Well other readers can also comment.

    So I met this guy just recently he is so sweet, but looks he isn’t that goodlooking not even close. But that isnt a Biggie. His a foreign guy and is soon to qualify for a South African ID. I have a huge problem about him, he smells good so his not the typical foreign guy. But his problem is his teeth! Like I can’t eat around him because all I think about is this ‘Tartar’ ( its build up of I don’t know what – I call it rotten food) and all I want to do is gag n puke. When he talks I can’t look at him I have to try and focus on his eyes. I’m sure he brushes his teeth every morning. I’m sure his tried kissing me countless times but I always find a way to runaway from that. I think I’d just die if that happens or after wash my mouth with Jik. So Jack how do I get around telling him about this without hurting his feelings? Well I think he needs more than a Listerine. How do I bring about an appointment to the dentist? This guy is so sweet and I’d hate for our relationship to end coz of his teeth.

  2. Dear Mike, i just want to know when it will be possible for us to read Lesedi’s story. are you working on a solution for us at least?. we don’t mind paying like the rest. or at least a published book. that was my favorite book, and i honestly miss is so bad.*crying*

  3. So nthabi foreigners smell? I mean I am a foreign national and find that a bit offensive “he smells good so he isn’t the typical foreigner” like seriously? Uyageza nxa

    1. hey typical South African Nationals think that all foreigners smell. I had a huge fight with some S.A Ladies saying that we foreigners are dark and smell, and I’m not dark at all I fought for ma people. Well life goes on will always be called names and be criticized. What counts is that we are f….. smart that you cant take away from us.

  4. Hai nthabi le rata di attention I mean u know wht u should u when looking for advice but yeah u jst happend to ruin it for miss nurse yaa wa mhora. Mmotse nyasha like really……typical. yaa sum ppl though

    1. I’m just doing as was done on the previous chapters. So why didn’t you have a problem about the other chapters.?!

  5. Some people need help… like bashing people on social media platform. South African Black people also get called names and are generalised. You just don’t need to take it to heart. People have a freedom of speech. Well depends how it’s used but yoy can see Nthabi meant no harm. Clearly she has no problems with foreigner as she is seeing one. Now with the ‘Teeth’ problem I say tell him but also assure him that you here to stay.

  6. QnA Nurse I am amazed that you seek vindication and a happily ever after after all this damage you have caused to you and another unsuspecting wife. You seem to justify that because everyone cheated it’s fine, “we all even” when really they are not. It’s selfish of you to want it all so maybe you should just become a mistress for life as you don’t seem to be good at being a wife. Women like you are scary because just because you don’t want something does not mean open your legs for just anyone.

  7. Hi Nurse
    Sorry the topic changed instead of people concentrating on you, listen my sister I’m also in my fourties having difficulty to tell a man who paid part lobola for me to get out of my house. He cheated and also not really helping me out. I think we both need some time out. As soon you have the guts to let go, please do I’m also planning on doing the same this side.Good luck?

    1. Ungazenzi uclever Nthabi, you said other readers can comment. You are wrong for what you did and said about foreigners. Be mature say sorry and we move on. Stop trying to justify your actions its unnecessary and purely wrong!!!

      Let us respect each other and this space. Mike has a wide audience that goes outside the South African boarders, next thing he will be losing readers because of such comments about foreigners. People are always complaining about Xhosa’s being stereotyped in the blog (rightfully so). You are doing the same thing putting ‘foreign guys’ under the same umbrella. Just because you said foreign guys and not foreigners doesn’t make it right either.

      You know the right way of asking for advise even if its directed to JackZorro, just because someone did it yesterday doesn’t mean we should start being disorganised as well. Respect us and other readers please

      1. Lol…mxelele Tee…usile lo….Doing wht was done..uyaziva?? Mxxm iOrder is lacking nyani to some people…

  8. QnA cc I’m trying not to judge but its not easy. Firstly a man u stood in front of God and vowed for better for worse u couldn’t forgive something that you currently doing. Don’t you think if ever that woman could find out could it could brake that marriage. I think leave that man and seek Gods guidance. But no man would be better than yr husband in God’s eyes

  9. Thanks Mikeesto, this Dr is getting Naughty, wonder where Lintle got it from now!!!

    Sorry for the delay, the house is geting hot….
    Nurse, at 41 you should be close to retirement when it comes to such things, uyi side chick at 41, like does that not want you to lay down and die? You went from a professional nurse, well respected, someones wife(main chick) to a side dish nje of some married dude. Thats just fout ma.

    For your own sanity, you need to rediscover yourself pronto, you will need to stay away from men, you dont need a man to quench your loneliness, dont you have kids? You cant define your life by someone else, it just cannot be that you are this miserable and that there isnt anything worthy of making you happy and fulfille inside. Get closer to God, make tea for your ancestor, or just take a shot left to southern cape and watch some whales. You have to just get that moment where you going to snap out of it and discover what you want.

    All the best Ousie,


  10. Nthabi, on a point of order sweetheart, that comment on the typical odour of Foreign guys was distasteful. Let’s not dwell much on it though. And like Tee said, we shouldn’t be disorganised because somebody did, Mike needs these letters to come through on his mailbox, so we can tackle each letter individually and not overshadow other people’s problems.

    Now let’s address the issue of the yellow teeth, how did you accept this guy’s advances that you had to be in this position now? Like did you not see they were cream white when he shella’d you? LOL!
    Waze wazenza. If he disgusts you so much then there really isn’t a point to this relationship, never mind the other benefit. How are you going to love this man if all you can think of is puking should you kiss him…. Either you take this dude to the nearest dentist or you walk on out of his yellow life coz this aint right, for both ya’ll, including the your hygienic wellbeing.

    I laughed at this letter though 🙂


    1. Thank you Jackzorro… lol I think I should just say I have a kissing phobia or something. Yes I agree it was distasteful however I noticed after a few comments that akwehlanga kahle kwabanye

    2. Hahahaha I am laughing at your response. Wish I could have a drink with you at Zenzero before summer eludes us in the mother city becaue you know we’ll have 6 months of winter…bleehh

  11. Thank you Mike for the daily dose…ohh Nothabo kodwa, lol

    Nthabi : Hay usile sisi shame let me just tell you that. In 2016 we still have people going around saying foreign guys stink??? Really!! What does him being foreign have to do with his body odour?? When are we as people start loving each other as people and not because of what we are or where we come from? Does that really have t do with anything?? Does me being Xhosa define the person who I am….Am I that naive to think that. Not to say I am not proud of who I am…but Who am I really if I am going to be defined by, the colour of my skin, where I come from, what language I speak…or does that make me the person that I am???

    If we are not fighting racism then its tribalism…Kanti when will we stop fighting? Why are we fighting sooo much?? Are we not all children of God??? Hay sukaa

    Nthabi sisi, as Tee said, you just needed to apologise for 1. Your comment on foreign guys because that was uncalled for and highly offensive….2. For disrespecting Mike and us ( the readers) just because this was done yesterday by someone does not make it right.. You know what to do if you have a problem…if you wanted JackZorro’s advice only then by all means sis you should have asked for his emails ungazosi qhela apha.

    QnA: First you need to end the relationship you are currently in with a married man…that is not right and you know it, Your husband cheated which resulted in the 2 of you separating now you want to destroy another woman’s marriage. I dont think thats fair.

    Take some time out and rediscover yourself…get intouch with your friends and family and just surround yourself with people that love you. It always works for me… Having a man in your life does not mean that your life is complete.

    Rather be happy alone than being unhappy with someone else.

    All the best with your life nhe…


  12. Thanks Mike and Team. Ttjoohh, Ben 10’s have never fascinated me… I always have this vision of his sausage stuck inside me and nurses shouting at me in hospital asking why a grown woman was doing sleeping with such a young boy, eish … Itotolozi yakhe isiphuka inside my vj… ‘Daily Sun’ headline.

    1. Nurse – qoma sisi, try find a divorced, widowed or available somebody out there or ke go for a Ben 10, but pls don’t be desperate and rush into things coz ‘uzolahla’.

    2. @Nthabi – dental hygiene is the very first thing I check for before I even think of liking somebody. Bad teeth are the biggest turn off, and you can’t do anything about them. And you could have left the body odour comment out,…

    3. Has it ever occurred to other readers here that you have a ‘dejavu moment’ with one of the Q & A’s…. I know of this Kenyan guy, loaded and very very generous, well mannered, soft spoken, nice physique but hhawu amazinyo….

    1. Hahahahahahaha itotolozi 🙂 lmao.
      Only Daily Sun has such headlines. No other publication does it better than them hey….Hahahahaha

  13. its funny how when a white person calls us names we get all angry but yet we do it to our own brothers and sisters. Nthabi which ever way you wanna put your comment is was rude.

  14. QnA unfortunately i cannot comment/help as i’m not married and Ka Setwana dikgang tsa bagolo ga di tsenwe

    Nthabi: i have a strong feeling this guy has money or he showers you with gifts otherwise i don’t see how you even got to the point of exchanging numbers with you. i’m pretty sure he smiled when he asked for it and you saw his teeth and gave it anyway. none the less if your really believe his teeth are the only thing standing between your “relationship” bring up the issue of a dentist keeping in mind his feelings. foreign go tewa bo mang ne banna? le ma Amerika a nkga? foreign in this case would refer to anyone who is not South African from anywhere…..Asia, Europe you name it

    anyway to everyone i only noticed that Nthabi’s comment was distasteful when everyone mentioned it, but i understand why people might be offended we are different nations with different backgrounds, some had to succumb to racism, apartheid, civil war xenophobia you name it. in a nutshell all had to fight to be seen as just human, Ke Motswana wa Botswana and words are used loosely here probably because we have never had such struggles. all i’m trying to say is let’s try to be sensitive to each other. we are one at the end of the day.
    PS: every single human has their own individual smell be it good or bad i’m not sure what smell “foreigners” have whoever they are. happy Friday peeps

  15. Thanks Mike yet for another awesome chapter.

    Lol you Nothabo Ben 10 has you ne..

    Nurse you are 41 years old and feeling lonely have you ever thought about why you feel that way?
    first of all both you and your husband cheated and you say his no longer with that woman but you still with the man you cheated with Haibo mama uwrong you need to stop what you doing seek God and you will see things will be more clear to you. How the hell do you go cheating with another woman’s man how do you think that lady is going to feel if she finds out just because your marriage was messed up by both you and your husband’s stupidity and lust does not mean other people deserves to suffer stop what you doing I beg of you for crying out loud ugugile for thinking like a child haibo.

    hope you take my advise leave what you doing and start praying to God.

    have a lovely weekend peeps.

  16. Thnx BraMike.
    I’ve heard of self-hate b4 & I think an African calling a fellow African names is top of the list. The same person will worship foreign “non-Africans” (Indians, British, Americans, Brazilians, Chinese, Mexicans etc) & call them “tourists” even when they reside here. Stop stigmatising yo brothers & sisters.

    41yr old auntie, U can still leave happily “single” till U find a new man while getting yo groove thru prof males who get paid for their services. They are discreet, U use protection & no strings attached. Happy hunting, the nights can be dark, lonely & scary sometimes.

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