Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 242

Reading that my mind started racing, it meant Mthobisi had been taken out of his freewill, this was really scaring me now. My heart was pounding so hard thinking how on earth I was going to fight to get him back, he was the strong one, I could not do anything without him, it was over for me I knew right there and then, fighting was not my thing, I wanted to pay them off to let my husband go, I decided right there and then that I was going to pay them off, this was the only solution to my problem, I was not going to fight, I was going to use all the money that we had to pay whoever had my husband to let him go, I had been through enough battles to last me a lifetime, I grabbed my phone and pressed the call button to call the number that had sent the sms it rang and rang with no answer, I dropped and decided to use Mthobisi’s phone to call his phone was off I figured his phone battery must have died , a few seconds later an sms came through my phone it was a missed call from the number that had sent the sms which meant the

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  1. No maan no again the second pin only read 2 chapters less then 15 min its no longer going through ???mxm nonsense let me just stop don’t have money to waste anymore, woerse part no one is responding to my emails what’s d use!

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