Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 243

My first insticts were to go all ghetto on this woman and show her who I really was and beat the crap out of her but I was not raised like that and besides I had not completely recovered so the last thing I wanted was to give myself more injuries and she was Xhosa after all and Xhosa woman can bleksem (beat the crap out of a person) and I didn’t want to start a battle I could not win. “Sorry friend, I forgot that we had visitors today, I usually use this room to cool off after a sex-session, so I just walked in out of habit.” She said looking really sincere, I didn’t know if she was telling the truth or lying so I just nodded and said goodnight, went inside the room, locked it behind me and looked at Mthobisi who was still fast asleep, I checked if there were any signs of her hair on him of her perfume and there was nothing, I didn’t trust that girl, I woke Mthobisi up after I had thoroughly checked him to make sure the woman didn’t take advantage of my husband in his sleep, but what could she have done, I was only gone for a few minutes. He asked what story did I want to tell him now and I told him we were leaving and all he said “go ahead Honey, I’m not hungry I will eat later.”

The fool thought I was waking him up for breakfast, I gave up and decided we will leave the following morning and we still needed them to open the gates for us to leave so leave at that time would not be viable. After that whole episode I could not sleep I kept replaying the whole thing in my head and I was not getting any answers. Were they having a threesome in that bedroom with the chef, how distgusting? Couldn’t they wait for us to leave before doing their dirty things I was so disgusted, I could not believe the nonsense that was going on in this house.
I must have eventually fallen asleep in the early hours of the morning because when I woke up Mthobisi was not in the bed with me and the first thing I thought was that witch Zukie had taken him. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my crutch and went to go look for my husband I found him chatting to Obvious who was still dressed in yestarday’s clothes which I found very weird, didn’t the man have other clothes I wondered, he kept yawning and I asked if he didn’t sleep well and he said he never slept there was some crisis in his office and he had to go and try and sort it out, I wanted to ask about the noises I heard and that’s when Zukie walked in and said “My shwam-shwam you look exhausted, let me take you to bed, I will relax with you. You guys can go ahead and have breakfast without us, the chef has already prepared it.” She said looking and sounding like the perfect wife, this woman could kill you with her smile on her face, I did not trust her at all. They walked to the bedroom with Obvious and Mthobisi said he was hungry and we should go and have breakfast, the food was delicious just like from the previous night, the chef knew his thing in the kitchen and bedroom. When we were done eating the maid came and collected our plates and Mthobisi and I went and showered and I asked if we could leave, he asked to where I said “home” he asked what about God’s window we had promised Zukie we would go there, I wanted nothing to do with that woman so I told Mthobisi that I was needed at She Rock’s work the following day, he asked what for and I had to explain the whole job thing again to him because he did not remember me telling him the previous night.
I went and knocked at the main bedroom, Zukie opened and I told her we were unfortunately leaving as I had work the following day. She put her hands on her neck and stepped out of the room and walked with me outside and said “I would really appreciate it if you didn’t mention what you saw last night to anyone especially your husband.” I smiled and said “I didn’t see anything last night” she smiled and hugged me and whispered “thank you, I need friends like you in my life.” Hell to the no, she was not going to have me as a friend, I did not trust her at all. She told the maid to open for us while she attended to her husband. Mthobisi came and told her to tell Obvious we had left and that he was going to call him. We then made our way to Joburg, I was so happy to be leaving that house, I never ever wanted to set foot on that place ever again.
After a couple of hours we arrived home, I was happy to be back, I didn’t care about the drama that had taken place before we left and Mthobisi said he would go speak to his mother just for the sake of peace, I was happy with that. Priscilla was surprised that we were back so soon I think she was enjoying being a house-owner while we were away. Mthobisi left and said he was going to run a few errands and I was left with Prisciall. “You lied to me” was the first thing I said to her when my husband left, she shook her head and said everything she told me was the truth she just didn’t tell me everything. “I don’t care anymore, as long as you do your job then we will get along just fine, what you did in your past or what you do in your spare-time does not corncern me.” She thanked me, I was done meddling in other people’s business I was going to concentrate on myself. I had so many plans, even planning of opening my own accounting firm, I would obviously start small and She Rocks had actually opened big doors for me, the company she worked in was big and if I did excellent work I could get recommended to their clients, I had all these plans and was looking forward to the following day. Priscilla made dinner and we ate without Mthobisi I was too excited to worry about his whereabouts after super I went to bed, I wanted an early night’s rest so I could be fresh on my first day as an independent contractor, just the thought was exciting. I spoke to She Rocks on the phone before I slept and she was excited that we would be working together and she was even going to come and pick me up in the morning.
Mthobisi must have arrived hours after I fell asleep I saw him in bed the next morning, I got ready for work and was so excited it felt like first day of school, I couldn’t even eat, She Rocks arrived thirty minutes early which was a norm with her she was always on time and I was ready to her surprise, I kissed Mthobisi goodbye while he was still in bed and he woke up and asked where I was going, I rolled my eyes and said “I refund to repeat this work thing to you everyday” he smiled and said he was joking and wished me luck and told me how sexy I looked, I laughed and went to She Rocks who was waiting for me in the sitting room and we left. We arrived at her offices and she took me straight to the CEO’s office, I was not here to play, I was not dealing with CFO’s but people bigger than that. The CEO was a white male in his late forties, he was very friendly and welcoming and he explained how they needed another person to look at their books because they didn’t not trust their in house accountant, they suspected that she could be cooking books and needed evidence before they could act, he didn’t mention She Rocks story of seeing an sms’s on her phone but I figured that and many other things must have contributed to her being investigated. The CEO whose name was Spencer Olander told me in the course of the day I will meet the accountant as she comes in late but I was not to tell anyone why I was there, they would just tell the staff that I was one of the auditors. I agreed and he called his PA to show me to my office, I was given my own office because I needed privacy and I was told if I needed help the CEO’s PA would also be my assistant while I was there and would help me with whatever I needed. In my office there were already files and I started working, a couple of hours later, the CEO came with the Accountant her name was Valery and she was a very friendly blond lady she said if I needed anything I should ask her, she believed that I was an Auditor, little did she know I was there to get her ass fired. At 12:00 She Rocks showed up with lunch in my office which gave me a bit of a break and we chatted about my trip to Mpumalanga I told her about Obvious and his crazy wife Zukie and all she did was laugh.

After lunch she went back to her work and I continued with mine, then Spencer showed up after one with lunch, I thanked him and told him I had just finished having lunch, he asked if he could stay in my office and have lunch, he was the CEO of the company I couldn’t exactly kick him out of my office so I said it was fine. We had basically finished talking about work in the morning so there wasn’t really anything to say to each other so we had a bit of awkward moments not knowing what to say to each other. Then he started talking about She Rocks I guess this was to break the ice “Zandile is such a lovely, honest lady, you know she’s the one who alerted us about Valery’s long fingers.” I smiled and nodded, he wasn’t telling me anything new so I didn’t know what to say to that then we went back to the awkward silence, he ate his lunch and when he was done he thanked me for lunch like I had bought him lucnch then left, white people are weird I thought. After work She Rocks took me home, at home things were good, Mthobisi and I were happy if there was drama happening it was happening in the background and I didn’t know about it, I think this is how I had not known about Mthobisi’s criminal activities for all those years because once I have a work project I give it my all, I focus on it and forget about anything and everything that is around me. The whole week was the same She Rocks would pick me up in the mornings, bring lunch at 12 and the CEO would come at one, eat his lunch and as days went by it was not so awkward anymore, we talked and he was very sweet at some point I thought he was flirting with me but I then told myself I was imagining things. On the weekends I had physio and I was doing really well. Week two I could drive myself to work and I told She Rocks not to worry about picking me up and dropping me off and she also had meetings that were out of the office so she couldn’t do lunch with me, I understood and besides I had Spencer come in my office everyday for lunch so I decide to just eat lunch with him and we had become great buddies we talked about the economy, politics, current affairs he was just a very interesting person to have around. In my second week I would work till late because I felt the work was too much and the only way I was going to be able to reach my deadline was if I put in extra hours, Mthbobisi was understanding and supportive, he knew I was trying to build a business and was very proud of me.
One Thursday Spencer didn’t show up for our one o’clock lunch I wasn’t really bothered I figured he must have lots of work to do. I was going to work till late as per usual, I would always be the last one to leave the building but it wasn’t a problem because there was security at the gate and outside the building so safety was not a corncern for me, while I was deeply focused on the books, the door opened and Spencer walked “I thought I was the only one left in this building besides security of course.” I said surprised to see him in the office that late, he said he had back to back meeting and couldn’t do our lunch, this lunch thing had become such a tradition that he even felt the need to come and apologize when it didn’t happen, I thought, I told him I understood and he came behind my chair and started massaging my shoulders, I won’t lie that felt good and he said my shoulders had knots I was over-working myself I needed to take a break, I told him I would be leaving shortly. His right hand moved from my shoulder to my boob, I caught his hand and removed it and told him to please stop, I told him the massage was good but I was not comfortable with what he was doing, I stood up and as I stood up from my chair he pushed me to the desk with my stomach on the table and my back on him and I could feel his menhood in my butt. “Spencer please, stop whatever it is you are doing.” He leaned down and I could feel his breath in my neck and whispered “you know you want me as much as I want you, stop resisting it.” I told him that he misunderstood me I did not want him I was happily married and he said so was he but there was a chemistry between us and he knew I could feel it to I tried pushing him away but he was too strong for me, he had me pinned down to the desk and within seconds he was lifting up my skirt next thing I felt my panties being torn I tried screaming and he put his hand in my mouth, then put his horrible penis inside me and started rummaging me, I felt so powerless I didn’t want what this man was doing to him but I was not strong enough to fight me. I just wanted him to stop I could hear the disgusting sounds he was making while penetrating me, his smell every thing was soo clear and that memory will stick with me for the rest of my life. When he was done taking what he wanted from me, he pulled his pants up and left and said “Thanks for lunch” then left me still in the same position on the desk as soon as the door closed I broke down uncontrollable, tears were just flowing down my face.

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