Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 237

Mthobisi looked at me and shook his head, I didn’t know if that meant a yes or a no but that’s all he did and just kept driving, by the time we reached the fourth corner there were four cars following us, I kept looking at the mirror and all I saw were cars behind us, I was shaking so hard if the car was standing still the alarm would have gone off thinking it was being broken into. Mthobisi smiled looked at me and said “Honey stop vibrating, I got this” I could not believe how calm he was about the whole situation, these were the same people that had almost killed the both of us and he was relaxed like we were driving to a park to have a picnic. Mthobisi just continued driving no scrap that he wasn’t driving he was cruising like he had no worry in the world. Have you ever been a nervous wreck and all panicky and the person next to you seems all calm and chilled with no care in the world, while you are about to pass out from fear, well that was the situation I was in. Mthobisi pulled in at the garage and parked the car where customers who are going to buy park their cars, the four cars followed behind us and two parked on our left, one next to us and one behind us closing us in. Now what I thought, I was too scared to even speak, Mthobisi opened the door of the car my heart was close to my mouth at this point. “Please don’t go out, these people are going to kill us” he laughed and said they won’t it’s broad daylight we in a garage with cameras all around and there is too many witnesses, Jesus how did this man think of these things so quickly. As soon as our car door opened all for cars doors also opened and in each car there were two people and they all come out, so basically we needed eight men to kill us. Mthobisi walked out of the car there was not even a small hint of fear in his face, I don’t know how he did that, manage to stay cool under so much pressure. I was sweating buckets and buckets of water from fear of what these people were going to do to us.
He stepped out, motioned for all of the guys to follow him which they all did, they went to the back of the garage, I didn’t know if I should sit in the car, run out and try and get help, call the police, I had so many things running through my head but I knew if I ran inside the garage and asked for help all I would be dong would be endangering the lives of the people that worked there and even the customers, I could not afford to get more people mixed up in our mess, so the garage option was definitely out. The Police, oh gosh there was a difficult situation, if I called them and told them we were being followed by thugs they would ask how I knew that they were thugs, the thug’s names, cellphone numbers and address, just anything to make life difficult and to annoy you to a point where you end up hanging up the phone, I was definetly not going to put myself through those stress levels, my blood pressure was already high the police were going to make it explode so I decided to remain in the car, I kept looking out the window to check if Mthobisi was coming back yet and my ears were on another level of high, I kept trying to listen for gun shots and any loud noise that I would hear I would almost jump out of my skin.
After thirty-seven minutes Mthobisi came back, yes I was checking the time I knew exactly when he left and when he came back he never came back directly to our car, he went to the car that was parked behind us and reversed it and parked it on the empty parking space, and came back to our car, got in and drove off without saying a single word. I waited in anticipation to hear what had happened with the guys that were following us and he just drove and then when he finally spoke “I forgot to ask if you wanted some biltong or juice from the garage.” Like I really cared about that, I shook my head and told him that I was fine, I decided being modest was not my thing, so I asked him “what happened between you and those guys. What did you say? What did they say?” Before he could reply his phone rang and he spoke on the phone for a long, long, time I wanted to grab his phone and throw it out the window, but I didn’t want to upset my husband.
By the time he was done on the phone we were already in Pretoria, he was all smiles after the call and started telling me about this new contract he was going to get and how much money we were going to make from this deal and blah blah blah, he was really excited about the whole thing and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass, but I once again had to play the good wife and smile and pretend I was happy and told him how happy and proud I was for him. There were no signs of the car that had followed us before, I wondered what had happened. When he was done telling me about the story of the contract I asked him again about the cars that were following us “I told you not to stress about that, we talked men to men and we understood each other.” He said not even giving it a second thought I asked what they wanted and he said they wanted to have a meeting with him and they did so now all is in order. “So if I ask you right now to drive back to Midrand to that garage we were in we won’t find those guys dead behind the garage?” I asked suspicious, with my husband anyting was possible. He laughed so hard and then said I had a very wild imagination, he never confirmed or denied what I had just said. “Why did you have to reverse the guy’s car who was parked behind us, whre was he?” mthobisi calmly said the guy had a runny tummy and couldn’t even attend the full meeting he kept running to the bathroom, my husband said all of this with a straight face, I didn’t know if he was joking or telling the truth.
At least we were no longer being followed that was one thing I was happy about. I could at least now breath and not worry about being killed. Mthobisi put on a Jazz cd he loved playing jazz when we were driving long distance and jazz always and I mean always puts me to sleep it’s like a beautiful lullaby, it relaxes me it’s so calm, after a few minutes of listening to his music I was out like a light, I guess that was the plan, I asked too many questions and the man knew how to shut me up.

I was woken up by Mthobisi telling me we had arrived, I looked around and he came to open the door and carry me out of the carry, I told him I was find to walk with my crutches, we went in to check in, Mthobisi had apparently made the reservations already, so we checked in and went to our room. He had arranged for rose petals to be placed in a heart shape and some spread all over the bed, I looked at him and smile and there were chocolates on the dressing table next to the bed and a card that red “To the most beautiful woman in the world, thank you for being always there for you, I will always love you and I am happy and proud to call you my wife. Mthobisi” I had tears on my face but for a first time in a very long time these were happy tears. So maybe this holiday was not going to be so bad after all.
It was afternoon when we arrived and Mthobisi was tired from all the driving so he went to go take a shower while I remained in the bedroom eating the chocolates which were absolutely delicious. After the shower he wanted to take a nap and said I should wake him up when it’s time for dinner, as soon as he fell asleep I joined him and by the time we got up it was already dinner time, I wanted to shower but he told me we will miss diner because I take two hours showering and two extra hours dressing he was exaggerating no normal person takes that long. I insisted and told him that I would be extra quick and besides after dinner I didn’t want to have to take a shower I wanted us to get in bed and get busy, after hearing getting busy he agree and told me to hurry in the shower and that he was timing me. I quickly showered and couldn’t stay in the show as long as I wanted because my legs were still not strong enough to stand for long. I changed into a flowy long floral dress and Mthobisi smiled and I knew he approved of the dress he said he couldn’t take his eyes of me and I was turning him on so he wanted one quick round, I couldn’t resist so we ripped each other’s clothes off and had crazy passionate sex and when we were done we quickly got dresses, I laughed and told him that it felt like we were cheating partners stealing the moment. We quickly got dressed and went to the outside area where we were told dinner would be served, when we got there everything was finished they were washing the plates. We asked if they didn’t have any leftovers and we were told that whatever was left behind gets taken to charity and the bakkie that collects the food had just left.

We decided to go and find places that were selling food because we were starving, we had not eaten since morning. We went to the car and Mthobisi put on his GPS and we headed for the nearest garage, it was soo dark and there didn’t seem be street lights working, but the way we were so hungry neither of us minded having a garage pie. After a few minutes of driving Mthobisi said “I think there is something wrong with this car.” I asked what he meant and as he was about to explain a truck was coming our way, “Honey do you see how fast that truck is going?” I asked thinking maybe the driver might have fallen asleep, Mthobisi said the breaks of our car were not working and I could see fear in his eyes, the car was moving at a very high speed he had his foot full on the break pedal but the car was still going very fast, the truck was also coming at a very high speed and we didn’t know which direction the swerve the car too because the truck was just all over the road, it was as if it’s driven by a drunk person or someone who was sleeping. Now picture a car and a truck both moving at high speed, approaching each other. “Please God, don’t let us die, please.” That was my quick prayer before the collision.

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  1. Hahahha nope it’s not the end ….it’s still going to continue until mthobisi wins …..# my prediction

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