Realities – Chapter 96

The whole afternoon was literally spent waiting for Lintle to arrive. My husband kept on checking. She still did not know what we had found. He was angry with her and even when I tried to calm him down he told me to back off. Was he over compensating for his indiscretions? I was not in a state to lecture her right now and frankly speaking the time for lecturing was over.

“Lintle your mother accidentally took these when she was cleaning your wardrobe yesterday!” my husband said. She looked at us with shock and horror then put her hands in her face and let out a huge sigh. She knew she was in trouble. I was expecting her to throw a tantrum but she did not. She sat like that for about two minutes and when I was about to say something my husband stopped me. He wanted to see what she would say I suppose because if I spoke I would be putting the words into her mouth probably diverting attention from the real issues. Eventually she sat up and said,

“I am sorry Mom. They should not have been there in the first place.” she said calmly.

“Where should they have been?” my husband asked her. It was obviously a trick question because technically they should not have been anywhere to start with.

“They are not mine. I know what you are thinking and I don’t blame you at all. If I say anything it just sounds like I am making excuses but I am telling the truth!”

I think we had reached a stage where when she claimed innocence we did not believe her. She knew that and I am sure she knew she had earned it.

“Humour me, whose are they?” he continued with his questions. She hesitated for a bit and then went on to say,

“They belong to a friend…please don’t ask me who he is. I will just go give them back and I will never see him again!”

She turned her answer into a plea. I was not sure whether she was scared or what so I decided to push her.

“Your father wanted us to hand them over to the police but I refused because I called a lawyer friend of mine and for such possession you could go to jail for fifteen years!” I lied. I could see the relief in her eyes when I said that but I was not trying to be her friend.

“Thank you for that!” she said in whisper. I could see the corners of her mouth had a slight smile which she quickly hid. It was involuntary but that’s what relief does, right.

“Yes so instead I flushed them down the toilet!” I said coldly. The horror on her face was palpable!

“You did what?” she asked angrily standing up! She was so pissed off and started shouting,

“It had to be you Mom! Why is it always you that takes everything to the extreme? They were not mine! You simply could have asked me and I would have told you! Now I am in trouble, lots of it because of you!” she screamed at me.

“Stop talking to your mother like that!” her father stood up to face her!

“No dad, stop talking like you are better than me. You cheated on Mom then you just showed up in the house like a king! Mom cried for you when you left and you just show up like that doesn’t matter! You want me to be perfect when you two are the biggest hypocrites in your loveless marriage! It’s like a professional relationship just so each of you can say I have a husband or a wife!” she screamed. The conversation had gone there. I was not even going to respond. This was Sizwe’s fight! He had questions to answer that’s for sure and I hope he could.

“So you think yourself my equal! You think yourself equal to your mother. We have both achieved more than you can ever imagine! What have you achieved? A juvenile record? Is that it?” he asked her. She was hearing none of it.

“You are changing the subject! Those pills were not mine, now I am in trouble and lots of it at that!” she said sitting down defeated.

“That’s not our problem. Actually we are going to the police to say that because you had drugs now you are in trouble!” he said to her and he looked at her like she was stupid.

“And you are going to turn in your daughter?” she asked him.

“Yes I am. The problem with you is that you think that we are not capable of taking hard decisions on you. That’s where we are wrong!” he said.

“You can’t do anything because your wife flushed it away so stop it without your empty threats and go to your mistress!” she said defiantly. He slapped her so hard she fell off the chair!

“Who do you think you are?” he screamed at her. In one swift moment he took off his belt and started hitting her. It happened so fast. She was screaming and jumping over the furniture trying to escape. Because she was wearing her blazer, I am sure it cushioned the impact but when you are a child who grew up without ever getting a hiding the pain is even worse. I stood up to give them room and she made a beeline for me. She stood behind me and was screaming,

“Mommy stop him please, he is trying to kill me!” she was saying. I just prised her hands off me and I walked upstairs leaving them to fight it out. I could hear the belt whoosh in the air and the impact even from upstairs. There was screaming and shouting until at some point the tone changed to,

“I am sorry Daddy, I am sorry! I won’t do it again I promise, I am sorry! Please don’t hit me again! Please Daddy I am sorry!”

It was a bit painful to hear because no one wants to harm their child. I immediately ran downstairs to stop him because he did not seem to be stopping.

“I will kill this child I swear! Who the hell does she think she is!” he screamed as I pushed him back away from our daughter. She was sitting in a heap in the corner trying to cover her face, curled up in a ball. It was so sad.

“That’s enough, she has learned her lesson!” I pleaded with him. I won’t lie I was a bit afraid now as well because there is disciplining and trying to maim and this was the later.

“Apologize to your mother right now!” he bellowed and she did not even hesitate in that arrogant Lintle way of hers.

“I am sorry mom! I am really sorry. I won’t ever talk back to you again!” she said. I think at that stage she would have said anything to get out of this.

“Now I am going to ask you one more time and you better think carefully on this. Who do those pills belong to and what were they doing in my house!” he asked her angrily. His voice was quite high and not calm meaning she knew what would happen next if she did not answer.

“His name Python. In every school there is someone who has them and we sell them on Fridays and at parties. Please he is dangerous! You can’t go to him!” she said and I think my worst fears were realized. There was no way he was not dangerous.

“We will give you the money for them!” I said in a whisper!

“No you don’t understand. We are only allowed to sell a few at a time. At most ten a week to prevent raising eyebrows. I have had those for three months now. This way no one will ever look at me and I am never carrying too many at a time!”

Her story was not making sense. She had so many. There were at least a hundred pills in that bag so surely that was many.

“We going to the police then!” I said scared. Her father also had gone quiet. What had this child gotten us into?

“No you can’t do that. He is always with the police meaning some are his friends. Please send me to Bloemfontein today please and then boarding school! This is bad!”

Okay let’s accept, this was bad. This much fear she was even volunteering boarding school made me afraid as well.

“Sizwe what do we do?”

“We get him arrested. It means it’s a distribution network where they are using kids! How cruel is that?” he responded.

“Then you will get us all killed. Lintle has to leave. She can’t stay here! She is such a problem!” I said. She was still sitting in the corner. She was scared.

“In the morning when you were passed out because of this moron here I called a few schools. Lintle’s school is sending me her academic record today. They might already have emailed it already. I found two schools in Pietermaritzburg pending her record of course! They are a bit pricey though!” he said. The good thing about money is that doors open when you come knocking. I was not sure however about Pietermaritzburg seeing how close it is to Durban and all the shit that goes down in Durban.

“Go to your room. Take off your uniform and come make supper!” my husband said to her. Make supper? Lintle? In her anger. Now he was just rubbing it in. She will poison us this one.

“Give me your phone!” he shouted. She took it out of her blazer pocket.

“No more iphone for you! Too spoilt.”

He went to the study and came back with one of those R80 phones.

“This is you from now onwards!”

“But dad the sim card doesn’t even fit in there meaning will lose all my numbers!” she protested but very meekly I must say.

“That’s the whole point. You are losing all the numbers you already have and guess what, tomorrow you’re not going to school looking like a zebra like that! Now go change and come cook!” he said. She went upstairs.

“That was a bit harsh don’t you think?” I protested on her behalf.

“She will get her numbers back on social media eventually but we need to cut her off. Would you rather she be calling Python or whatever his name is?” he asked me. Of course not and he was right. Nowadays it takes a miracle to lose your numbers and utter stupidity. You can back up things fives ways to Sunday nowadays so that will be all your fault.

I watched her walk away and go upstairs. Was he really going to make her cook?

“What do we do about this Python character?” I asked him.

“Don’t worry, I have already taken care of it. I called Mthobisi. He will come to see us later today!”

He said looking satisfied with himself.

“You did what?”

No no no no!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hello Mike and family hope I find you all well.

Thanks for the amazing blog that doesn’t only entertain us but teaches a lot about the world we live in and most importantly the platform it gives us to share and help each other out with the difficulties life throws at us.

Here goes my problem, i’m 24 to be 25 in July, I had my baby when I was 18 right after my matric, I guess we over did the pens down and the penties ended up going down as well lol… ok after giving birth it was decided that i go to university to study and make something better for myself and my child but all was forgotten when I got there school was replaced by non stop partying and fun times I believe that time I didn’t really know what I wanted in life and me going to varsity was more about getting out of my small town in North West where I didn’t have any friends as they all went to study some work than school and studying which all resulted in me failing. my school work was not my priority. In the 3rd year which was supposed to be my last year I was still buzy with my 2nd year subjects I got very demotivated and all I wanted was to go home, I knew I wanted education but overwhelmingly felt the need to go home take a break and do some self introspection. While home I got a job in retail which didn’t pay much it could only cover the basic needs the contact ended last year so I decided this year i’m gonna go back to school. I have been going from town to town with no luck either it was full or the fees where just too much. I ended up settling for an FET college at Tshwane and i’ll be attending part time. i’m supposed to be returning the bursary form today all is well but my problem the accomodation that side is very expensive and I have no place to stay and no money at this very moment. I spend the money I had going back and forth in the past month. the lady that gave me a place to crash while I still sorting out my things asked to me”zama”a place to sleep as his boyfriend was coming over I had to run around at night with my bag and some friend at Sunnyside gave me a place but when her roommate found me there following day she told my friend that she doesn’t want strangers in her room, and again it was at night then my friend spoke to her Zambian friend to help me, he agreed and gave us the keys to his flat. I’ve been traveling from vaal to Pretoria because atleast in vaal I have many friends and accomodation is no problem. With all that’s been happening i decided today that i’m going back home but again when I think of how far i’ve come to only give up now and knowing that going home will be a waste of another year as I can possibly go this whole year not getting a job.

Mike i’m not asking for any hand outs but if anyone can assist me get a job so I can be able to pay for my rent and afford basic needs i’ll really be greatful. Any type of job especially in retail since I’ve worked there before anything nje I can’t be choosy at this Moment. The classes have started but I can’t attend and it always comes down to “where am I gonna sleep”

Just like my mind right now…My letter is all over the place, apologies my people.


17 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 96

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, interesting angle with Python slithering in there… I see fireworks.

    Good luck Desperate, stay strong sisi.


  2. Thanks Mike i like Sizwe uzoqonda u Lintle,Desparate I’m failing to sympathize with you were given a chance and you wasted it,you should have learned something from the pens down ubuye nomntwana,which wasnt a priority to you cause you were sent to Varsity and wafika waqubeka wadlala sithini keh thina? How could you not understand education is important especially cause you have a child,there are no EFT around your area? Wena you need to be closer to home so someone will monitor you,you gonna end up meeting people who will badly influence you all in the name of accomadation.

    1. Dankie bhuti Mike.
      Desperate, yo story is really winding. I know other ppl take longer to mature. But I fear that U gonna end up meeting bo’Python’ while trying to find accommodation, job, money etc.
      Not easy if U don’t have a support structure (friends/family) better go back home & redraft yo education plan. Obviously U owe yo family their trust since U disappointed them several times so U have to prove to them UR a changed person for them to support U again.
      Being over 23 UR woman enough (unlike teenagers) so if U feel that desperate & can handle it, a sugar daddy is also a solution to yo problems to bridge U. But I wudnt encourage that tho, jst putting it there anyways. Desperate times right…..

  3. Lol imagine wen they find out that thandeka who happens to b sizwes daughter n lintles sister is also python galfrnd ja ne the twists n turns. Nyc one team

  4. No Nelisa is Lintles sister not Thandeka. Wow Python!

    Desparate no.1 uzenzile akakhalelwa. 2. I think you should find a FET closer to home.
    Nami I had my times in high school where my family lost hope in me. Passed my matric surprisingly with a few distinctions not that I have brains but I worked my butt off to prove to my family that I know what I want. Even then after matric I didn’t get straight into Varsity as they still didn’t have faith in me cause of ukuganga. After 6 months of staying at home I pleaded with my parents to give me another chance and promised that I’d make them proud. They paid for my first year and my 2nd and 3rd I was funded because of merit, not that I have brains but I had something to prove. My girl I hustled to get that funding. Wena after the baby n the chance to study came you should have taken that advantage. I liked having fun and partying but I knew I had books to study. Now I’m a graduate and everyone is proud and happy then I am. You still have to prove yourself my girl.

  5. Thanks Mike I like the combination can’t wait for thursday, depserat since you don’t have accomodation problem in the vaal, I think there are more than 3 FET,s in vaal why don’t you go get. Space at one of them, sedibeng, emfulweni,lesedi and I don’t know the names of the others.

  6. Dankie BraMike.
    Kodwa Desperate, umoshile & U now owe yo family their faith in U so they can trust U again. I say go back home & redraft yo education plan. Prove to them UR a changed person.
    Life is never easy without support structures, family/friends etc. U might meet bo’Python’ while trying to solve yo problems & end up wth more than U bargained4.
    @23 going 24 UR probably old enough to “bridge” yo shortfall with a sugar daddy even tho its against my principles. Jst putting it out there. Gudluck

  7. Cc I feel sorry for u get a closer fet or unisa away from home is not gonna work for u. Getting pregnant should have taught u a lesson . gud luck

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