Missteps of a Young WifePremium

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 233

“What do you mean have him?” I asked with my voice shaking “Ma’am I’m sorry but I can’t discuss this over the phone. Can you come to see us?” Who the hell was us “Is he….. is he d….?” I could not even finish the sentence I just broke down and cried my mom took the phone and talk to the lady while I cried like a baby. Poor Priscilla again came downstairs she must have thought we were a crazy family, the first time it was my mom now it was me, she came and sat next to me and asked if I was okay, I told her I just received a call and my husband had been in an accident and I didn’t know if he was alive or dead she hugged me and told me she was sorry, I could see the sadness in her face, I don’t know if that was from genuine concern about my husband or a worry about where he salary was going to come from, not that I blame her if the person who hired you dies on your first day of work you definitely be stressed out not about him dying but about your salary, money makes the world go round. My mom was struggling to hear the lady on the phone due to my loud cries so she went outside while Priscilla and I sat there comforting each other I wished I could walk outside so I could hear the conversation but since my legs were not working I had to sit there and wait it out which felt like eternity eventually she came back she said the hospital says Mthobisi had been shot, Priscilla exclaimed in shock.

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