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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 232

For some weird reason I was not scared, I was not panicky, I was just ready to die, its funny how so many people had tried and failed to kill me but there I was ready to kill myself. I had always thought that people who commit suicide are the most selfish people in the face of the universe but never judge because until you are in that situation you have no idea what goes through a person’s mind, in a situation where you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and each corner you try turning in all you are faced with is darkness and you see putting an end to your life as the only way out. My mom had always told my sister and I that people who commit suicide go to hell and not heaven, at that moment I could not be bothered about where I was going after I died all I knew was I was going to be with Mthobisi my husband, the love of my life and Neo my son that’s all that was in my head.
My whole body was now covered in water and I could feel myself slowly slipping into unconsciousness it was a beautiful feeling I was not fighting it I was ready to leave this earth with its problems, pain, heartbreak and hurt then suddenly I felt something pull me out and was waking me from this beautiful sleep I was entering into “Lesedi, oh my God, Lesedi, please don’t do this to me” I could hear a voice saying that but sounding very far away. I could feel someone pumping my stomach and I threw up water, I was still a bit out of it but could hear what was going on around me and the next thing I felt cold water all over me and I was back to reality “What’s going on?” I asked disappointed that I was not in hell or heaven I was still in my mother’s bathroom with my sister and mother standing over me, they had removed me from the bathtub and laid me on the floor and pumped the water out of my stomach and threw cold water on me to wake me, why couldn’t they have just stayed away for a few minutes then my plan would have been accomplished, “you slipped and drowned in the bath, we almost lost you” my sister said with tears running down her face. “I’m sorry” I said while coughing out the water that was in my lungs.

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  1. Hi guys,could you please create a platform for international readers to be able to pay and access the rest of the chapters, I’m dying of withdrawal symptoms and fomo 🙁

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