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Growing Up – Chapter 35

Being caught doing the wrong thing, with the wrong person, at the wrong place and time is bound to get one into trouble. I was in a very compromising position, I was thinking of all the things this woman was going to do to me. I was going to get a beating and I deserved it.

His wife walked in the kitchen and didn’t care to check who was in the lounge, she just walked straight to her room, without even greeting her husband. Who walks into the house, after spending the entire day at work, and doesn’t greet their husband? I have a feeling this family isn’t as happy as they want us to believe. I used that time to get dressed, by the time I got dressed their kids ran into the house, they stopped their tracks when they saw me.

“Daddy isn’t this the lady that lives next door? What is she doing here?” their little son asked innocently. His dad smiled and responded “Yes, she is our neighbour and she came to discuss business with me.” The little boy just laughed and said “bizmizz daddy, daddy has a bizmizz.” We all laughed at him, and the older child, a girl, politely greeted me and walked away. Mrs. Nhlapo came back, and was shocked to see me there “Hlengy darling, what are you doing here?”

I didn’t know what to say because I, myself, didn’t know what I was doing there. Was I there to discuss my services with her husband, or was I there to service her husband? On a conscious level I was there to discuss my beauty services to her husband, services to surprise and pamper her. But honestly on a sub-conscious level, maybe I wanted him to desire me… that is the reason after all I changed into a short skirt and shirt. I did tell you guys when I introduced Mr. Nhlapo that he was really hot, so excuse me for wanting to be desired by a handsome man.

Mr Nhlapo saw that I was stuck, and he said “It’s okay Hlengy, you can tell her.” Ehhh this man was really mad, what was I supposed to tell his wife? That she disturbed us while we were in the process of indulging our bodies in sexual intercourse, is that what he wanted to say? I just didn’t find the words to speak, so I kept quiet.

“Oh dear maybe Hlengiwe is afraid to speak because this was meant to be a surprise for you. You told me that you want to get your nails done, so I thought I should surprise you with everything that Hlengiwe offers. But I guess it’s no longer a surprise” Mr Nhlapo said convincingly, not that he was lying but he was withholding an important part of the truth.

Mrs Nhlapo’s face lit up and she hugged her husband “But baby you are soo sweet. I’m sorry I ruined my own surprise, but thank you very much and thank you Hlengy. Hlengy why dont you come and get me all made-up tomorrow in the afternoon. I will act like I don’t know, it will still be a surprise.” She went on to kiss her husband, and he responded… I don’t know why but I was getting annoyed watching them kiss and his hands holding her close to his body.

Mrs. Nhlapo looked at her husband and went “If I wasn’t this tired I was going to give you a big reward, but I will make it up to you.” Ehhh this woman was too tired to be intimate with her husband? She’s really stupid, well if she’s too tired then we will do her job for her. I don’t believe I just said that, but well it’s true. There are always young girls willing and able to be intimate with people’s husbands, but in exchange for money. But men don’t seem to mind paying for sex or benefits for people who give them sexual pleasure. She didn’t need to say this in front of me and show me that she was denying her oh so handsome husband some pleasure.

After she said that she told me that she was going to tuck-in their last born and read him a bed time story. I thought it was only white parents who read their kids bed time stories, I was really shocked and impressed. I was impressed because it was 7pm and their children were already going to sleep, this is very rare in the black community. I know there are parents who are strict about bed time, but many South African children sleep after they have watched all the soapies that play on TV. I was one of those kids, I watched soapies and I always slept at 9:30 pm or 10pm. I also wish I had someone to tuck me in, but my mom had more important things to do, like popping bottles and sleeping with different men to have time to tuck me in.

When she walked away, I let out a huge sigh of relief. I walked to the kitchen door before I got tempted to kiss this handsome beast next to me. When I reached the door, he gave me a soft peck on the cheek and said goodnight. I walked home as fast as I could and I felt so stupid for doing what I did. I was not the type of girl who sleeps with married men, no this is not me. I decided that I will try to stay away from the Nhlapo’s.

When I arrived home, as early as it was, I fell into a peaceful sleep. The next day I spent the morning catching up on previous night soapies. Philani called and told me his mom wants us to come over for lunch, so he was coming to fetch me. Ay I wasn’t in the mood for Philani or his mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love that woman dearly, but sometimes she is just too much for me. I really didn’t want to go but I couldn’t say no to Philani’s mother because she would be offended for years to come. I wore something that was fit for a ‘makothi’, which was a simple long dress.

He arrived and we drove to his mother’s house. The ride was pretty pleasant, Philani has a great sense of humour so I’m hardly bored when I’m with him. We found his mother preparing the table and she put many plates on it, I thought maybe his other siblings are coming. His mother was really happy to see me and vice-versa.

“Hlengiwe my child, you hardly come to see me these days. I missed you.” she complained and I lied to her and said I missed her too. I hardly went to her house these days because her son was no longer my number 1 priority, he was my semi-number 1 priority because I had Apostle now in my life. I helped her prepare the table and there was a knock on the door. Philani was happy to see the people at the door, but the voices didn’t sound like his sibling, it sounded like old people.
“Greetings greetings Mazibuko Family” a voice said.

I was correct it was 2 old women and 2 old women. It was Philani’s uncle’s, his father’s brother’s, and their wives, I knew them because I was the kind of girlfriend that was invited to attend all their family gatherings. I was really close with this family, I was practically one of them now – Hlengiwe Mazibuko….yesss please!!!!

We all exchanged greetings, sat down and had a pleasant supper. When we were done eating, I did what was expected of me. I collected all the dishes and washed them and I tidied up the kitchen, with Philani helping here and there.

When I was done, they formally asked Philani and I to sit down because they want to talk to us, yoh now I was anxious. I was wondering vele why was it just me, Philani and the Mazibuko elders at the dinner.

“Hlengiwe and Philani we called you here to discuss an important matter. You guys have been together for years now and Philani you aren’t getting any younger, you are earning a good salary, you have a house, car and a beautiful woman, we think it’s time to marry this young woman.” the eldest uncle said. After he was done the younger one said “Here is a letter that we have written on your behalf my son, Hlengiwe will give it to her family. You are a man now, you need to stop living like a boy. The date for the lobola negotiation will be confirmed by the Zulu family but we are hoping it will be a month from now.”

I was stunned, this family was forcing us to get married? Not that I’m complaining because I wanted to marry this man with all my heart and soul. It was really refreshing to see his family telling him to do what I’ve always wanted from him.
Philani looked at me with so much anger in his eyes, stood up and said “Hlengiwe this is all you ne? You convinced my family to force me to marry you. Are you so desperate for marriage? Get it through your head, I DO NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED, ESPECIALLY TO YOU HLENGIWE ZULU!!!” He said the last words, as loudly and slowly as possible then he walked away.

I was so embarrassed and wanted to cry but I didn’t want to seem weak in front of his family. How could he think that I was capable of persuading his family to force him to marry me, I’m not that desperate. I stood up and apologised for his behaviour, said my goodbyes and went outside to his car. To my surprise, I found that his car was already gone, I looked outside the gate and it was already turning the corner. I wanted to run after it but that would embarrass me more. I decided against going back to the house, luckily my purse had money, and I took a cab because I didn’t want to be late for my appointment.
The taxi ride back home was quick because I was trapped in my thoughts about what Philani said, it really hurt me to the core. I couldn’t even cry because I was going to see my client, Mrs Nhlapo. When I arrived home, I went to take the necessities and headed to Mrs Nhlapo. I found her packing, she told me that she was going to her families side of the family, her sister was getting married. Like I said before, everyone is getting married expect Hlengiwe Zulu.

I did her nails, hair and put on fake lashes. She was really nice, she kept on talking about her family, especially her kids, she didn’t talk about her husband, smart woman. I didn’t really pay attention because I was thinking about Philani’s harsh words. When the husband arrived, I was almost done and he rushed us to finish because he had to drive her and the kids to their destination. When I was done, I realised it was dark outside and that I was hungry. Time really flies when you do something that you enjoy.
I prepared myself something to eat then I went to bed, thought about everything that Philani said. I finally had a chance to cry and express all the pain I felt, I cried myself to sleep. I was woken up at around 11pm by a phone call, I checked the caller ID and it was a private number. You can’t honestly be calling me at ungodly hours with a private number and expect me to answer. I ignored the first 2 calls, I answered when I saw that the person was persistent.

“Hlengiwe please open the door, it’s cold outside” said the male.

“I can’t just open the door. Who are you and what do you want” I asked in a harsh manner.
The caller said “You will find out when you open the door, please be quick. I don’t have the whole night.”
I reluctantly went to open the door and I couldn’t believe who it was.
“Hello beautiful” he said.

I almost fainted.

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