Realities – Chapter 93

We live in an age of rights. Criminals have rights, they even get free education whilst you can’t! Imagine, they break the law, you feed them whilst they’re in jail for committing that crime against you, then as a reward you educate them free of charge. I was not comparing Lintle to a criminal but the point is, kids have rights too nowadays. They always did but for now it seems as though you cannot parent anymore without consequences. We grew up in a time in which when your parents said to do something, consequences for defiance was a belt and nothing else! Now my husband was telling my daughter that she was going to boarding school and she had the nerve to say, “over my dead body!”

I wanted to jump in and smack the disrespect out of her but I was the bad guy, remember? I was the one who gave that mouth on her so why must punish my own daughter for it.

“Repeat what you just said!” my husband said standing up slowly but very menacingly.

“I said you can’t make me go anywhere I don’t want to go! I don’t want that shit!” she said. It happened so fast I did not even see it coming. He pulled the chair from under her ass so fast she fell on the floor with a bump. That must have hurt.


“Who the hell do you think owns this house? What the hell is wrong with you?” my husband shouted angrily at her. I don’t think I can recall her ever being that shocked at something happening from her father.

“Mum tell him I can’t go! He can’t force me to!” she asked me and she was crying now rubbing her bottom.

“Your father and I have discussed this and I am with him!” I told her.

“You both are fucked up! You know that! You are fucked up! she shouted. Her father lifted her by the ear. it must have been painful because he was much taller than her and she was on her tip toes.

“Ahhhhhhh ” she moaned in pain but he was not stopping. He dragged her all the way to the door and literally threw her out.

“You will come back into this house when you learn respect!” he shouted. I think even God was angry at the poor child because at that moment the heavens decided to open. It did not rain, it poured. At first she did not do anything then after about thirty minutes I was getting worried. I stood up to go to the door but as soon as I got to it she startled me as she started banging on the door.

“Daddy please open for me I am scared!” she cried from outside. Even from the howling wind and the rain I could hear her. My husband immediately stood up and told me to sit down. She needed to learn a lesson and we should stop cuddling her. The mommy in me could not stand it though. I was scared for her. It rained so hard I am certain she was soaked to the bone. The lightening and thunder was so severe every time it struck it lit up the whole house like it was midday.

“Don’t you think we should let her in now! This rain is not abating. I think she has learned her lesson now dear, even I am scared!” I said. I was scared. I was concerned.

“Nothabo can you please trust me on this! We have been going back and forth with her for long enough and we need to reach a point were a decision is made!” he said. I understood him. I did not want to hear her knocking anymore so I decided to go upstairs. I wanted to fight him but I also did not want to seem as though I could not see that something was wrong with Lintle. Eventually I heard the door open and Lintle enter. I did not know what state she was in but I think her father had scared her senseless.

“Go apologise to your mother immediately!” I heard my husband shout at her. Moments later there was knock on the door and she opened After I said she could come in. She drenched to the bone. I wanted to shout at her to say that she was wetting my house but I just felt sorry for her.

“I am sorry mum for talking to you like that…” she said very slowly, then turned to walk to her room. I did not even reply her. She had been disciplined by the weather not even me. There are always consequences with this child but I really was wondering what was going to happen next. Had my husband gone over the top? As I was thinking that he walked in and said he was going to stay downstairs for a while.

“Why would you do that, come sit with me it’s raining?” I told him.

“This is Lintle we are talking about. The moment the rain stops she will run away!” he said, shrugging his shoulders. He went and knocked on his door. She did not open. He came back to me and said,

“Go check on her and tell her as soon as the rain stops we are going out! She better say yes or else!”

He sounded edgy and angry. What was going on with him? That message was meant for me as well. I hate going out on Sundays. It’s my day to rest and after the travelling of the week I was tired.

“I would rather rest!” I told him.

“No, it’s not for you and me. It’s just for her and me. I need this girl to learn life lessons. She can’t just come home and do what she pleases.” he told me. I don’t know what he had planned for her but I am glad I could sit this out. I went and knocked on her door and opened when she did not answer. She had decided to take a shower in this storm. This child. When I went into the bathroom to warn her about the dangers of this I found her sitting on the shower floor in a ball shape crying.

“Lintle why are you crying?” I asked her. I knew the answer to that but it felt kind of dumb that she was crying because she got wet in the rain. He did not hit her, he did not assault her, he threw her out of his house for a few minutes.

“You… saw… what… daddy… did!” she said sobbing.

“Yeah I did, he threw you outside and you got rained on. Did it hurt? Water on your skin?” I asked her. Lol ok fine, that was a bit harsh but it was funny too. I could see the defeat in her when I said that. She must have felt stupid.

“You really have rich girl problems. To cry because of the rain like you have never seen water before! No Lintle, I thought you were made of much more sterner stuff than this!” I mocked her. I knew it would make her think. She was my daughter after all so I knew her well.

“But mum how can you think what he did was right?” she asked me surprised I think by how I had handled her concerns.

“How can you think what you did was right? Your father and I only work for you in this world but you don’t see it. All you see is a conspiracy by us against you!” I told her. She did not reply.

“Your father said as soon as you are done and the rain stops you are going out so get ready for that!” I told her sternly.

“But mum I don’t want to go with him! How will I even look at him in the car?” she asked me desperately,

The same way you have looked at him for 16 years so don’t worry your eyes won’t fall out!” I told her.

“I am not going!” she said defiantly.

“If you don’t do that there will be more consequences so the choice is yours really. I am not part of it.”

I said and I walked out. My husband was standing outside her door so I am sure he heard that exchange. The rain had calmed down now. Sizwe and I went downstairs together.

“Where did that come from?” I asked him.

“Where did what come from?” he asked.

“You threw her out of the house like that! I have never seen that side of you Sizwe. What’s going on?” I asked him.

“There is nothing going I promise. Her attitude caught me off-guard that’s all and I am sorry, but it has to stop. We cannot raise a brat and not expect negative things not to happen in her life! Look at where we are with her now? It’s because we allow her to get away with so many things. Not anymore!” He said. Even the way he was talking now that was not Sizwe. I have always said Sizwe is the kind of man that does not get angry. He is very calm under pressure which is annoying at times because it feels like he is not taking whatever is in front of us seriously. I was not sure what to say to him.

Thirty minutes later a small voice said from behind us, “I am ready!”

I turned around and there was Lintle. What had happened to I am not going? She had even finished in record time. Guess that shower was necessary after the way the rain had washed her. My husband picked up his keys and kissed me on the cheek and said,

“We will be back in a few hours!” They left… clap once! I wanted to pack my wardrobe and look for some clothes I had not seen in a long time. You know as women often we shop and things just pile up, unnecessary things. I went to my room and started working on that. I poured myself a glass of red wine and slowly but surely started to go through my things.

I found a lot of things that belonged to Lintle, now wonder why my wardrobe was so full. Two hours later I was done with my room so it made sense that I go do her room as well since so many of her clothes were this side and she had never noticed. Even I admit that this child was spoilt and if you could measure this by how many clothes a person had then she was super spoilt.

I entered her room and opened her wardrobe. For a girl she was pretty scruffy. i decided to take out everything and put it on the floor so that her wardrobe was empty.

As I was doing that something fell on the floor and it caught my attention. It caught my attention because it was a lot and I mean a lot of smarties. You know the sweets. There were at least 300 here. Why did she need so many smarties?

Oh well, I might as well have one because she won’t miss it.

There was something wrong with them though! The didn’t have that chocolate middle you know.

It was more of a powder!

Shit on my third one it hit me…

I believe I had just taken Ecstacy.

*******The End******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hello Mike and your readers.

I am 19 years of age and am from Lephalale. I come from a very conservative family and every one has done well for themselves. I am the last born and last year I passed my matric. I am going to NMMU this year to start my first year but I am so worried. I have a little problem. I am addicted to sex.

I lost my virginity last year to my boyfriend of two years. I thought it was just him but I wanted sex every two days from him until he complained. I love this guy with all my heart but when he failed to give me sex I started sleeping with other people. This is not about cheating because I realized I had a major problem. I cry each time I sleep with someone else but the craving is real. I even itch when I don’t get it and am moody. When am on my periods I suffer. My boyfriend who is also 19 is going to study in Pretoria and I know that means we are as good as over. I started having sex in August of last year and now have slept with 4 guys. This is bad and I need help.

Please Mike and your readers what do I need to do?

Thank You


12 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 93

  1. Lintle is a criminal, she lied about being raped as a result an innocent man was killed. Even Nelisa is not this cruel

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, what a start to pay week :).

    NMMU, It sure does seem like a lot of females are getting the urge to hit the sack more often than dudes. We dont all have Ferrari engines my dear. 4 dudes in 5months is a bit of a worrying trend, and history shows that the line in this particular graph can only escalate upwards.

    Its all good and well that you are admitting to having a problem, but that dont mean it has to be. You spent 19 years without the forbidden fruit and like they say, once you go black….. The key is to make sure you take preventative measures to protect yourself, get that 3 year birth control, ensure that whenever you do get laid, its in your terms and you always use protection.

    When nature calls it calls, we dont have to analyse this and put some mark on it. Enjoy your youth my dear, but dont let your youth enjoy you.


  3. yuh this Lintle is rouge, Nothabo is to blame for not allowing Sizwe to be th eman of that house, even now she felt pity for that brat…yoh

  4. Nka molatlha if ne e le ngwanake! It’s tym u face her abt everything including fake rape,cos she’s gone too far, drugs!!!!thats y she always had mood swings like a pregnant woman.
    Tnx team

  5. If I didn’t know better,I’d say Mike is talking about my BF’s daughter (expect the rape part but everything is just the same) and he’s worse than Nothabo . He should read this.
    Thanks Mike

  6. Ta bhuti Mike! U & yo TEAM never disappoint
    NMMU, yo addiction like any other needs satisfaction. Gud that U admit) 1St Step) but while waiting for professional help, try self satisfaction. Look for toys etc bcz if U Chill with boy, U will get Chill-dren on top of STD’s/STI’s. Gudluck ngwana!

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