Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 223

This was a very scary situation that we had managed to get ourselves in, I tried very hard to stay calm but all I wanted to do was scream blue murder, but I composed myself and acted cool, I didn’t want our abductors knowing that we knew who they were. Cleo was looking outside I could see in her face she was panicking, she was probably planning an escape route with the way she was so focused on the road. She Rocks on the other hand was all chatty with our abductors, she had not seen the message from Mthobisi so she had no clue that we were in a wrong car with wrong people and only God knew where they were taking us. We must have driven for about thirty minutes but it felt like forever, my stomach was in a knot and making all sorts of sounds from fear, I was even sweating. She Rocks turned around and looked at me and realized that something was not right with me, “are you okay? She asked out loud, I wanted to whisper shhhh but I just shook my head and she continued asking questions “what’s wrong? Is it the heat?” she asked looking very concerned, I just nodded, how do I tell her that the guys that she’s been happily chatting to with no care in the world, like they were old friends are guys sent to take us to hell. “I need to pee” said Cleo out of nowhere, She Rocks turned to look at her then looked at me and whispered “What’s going on?” she could see in our faces that something was not right.

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  1. Seriously I’m so disappointed with the team, last weekend I reported that i bought a pin and it only allowed me to read 1 chapter i in my email i even attached proof that i had bought it that morning but there was no response on your side, resent the email 2-3 times in the week but still nothing. I bought another one Sunday so to complete the other chapter but now i can only read 1 chapter again week.

    Please advise if your emails are nolonga working


    1. Hi Thandoey,

      Thank you for raising this and I’m terribly sorry that you’ve had this poor experience. This certainly should not be the case. Kindly accept my apology. I will take this up with the team to resolve the PIN issue.

      We appreciate your patronage and hope that you continue to enjoy the blog, as we improve the overall experience. Kind regards.

  2. U not the only one thando last week I sent an SMS did not receive a pin, I sent again the second time cause I was desperate fr a read i got it meaning I lost my first R5

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