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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 221

“Okay start with what happened to Andiswa’s body.” I said trying to calm my nerves, I didn’t want to hear about Mthobisi being dead first, I needed to calm myself down, prepare myself mentally. As they were about to speak the car door opened and the driver came out and asked if they wanted to go anywhere else as he wanted to go do some errands. They told him they were done for the day and would be in the house for the rest of the day, he thanked them and left.
“When we left Cape Town and arrived in Joburg, you got arrested and when we went up to the garage where the cops said we would find you. You were nowhere to be found, when we tired calling your phone there was no answer. We drove on the freeway hoping to see the police van but there was no sign of it. We tried Mthobisi’s number but it was off, we didn’t know what else to do. We waited and waited and there was nothing. The following morning we received a call from a hospital saying you had been admitted there, we went and found you in a coma. We were told you had tried to jump out of a police van that was moving at 120km/h, you looked horrible with bruises everywhere, your face, your body, everything was scarred.” She Rocks explained. I explained to them how the police had taken me to some police station and how they didn’t even sign me in and how they interrogated me about Mthobisi’s whereabouts and how they beat me up saying I was lying and how they put me in water trying to get me to speak and how they beat me up until I was unconscious.

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