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*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 217

I don’t think there is a greater embarrassment that being arrested at the airport in front of hundreds of people. Yes they might be strangers but the fact of the matter is once you get arrested in the airport the first thing that people think, is that you are getting arrested for drug possession or even worse for being a terrorist. The moment the handcuffs clicked on my hands all I did was freeze I could not think clearly, all I thought was that my life was over and I was going straight to jail. That snake who had the audacity to call herself my friend was the reason for my downfall and the worst part is she was dead, there was nothing I could do to get back at her for what she had done to me. Nothing worse than being punished by someone who is six-feet under, it’s like being punished by your ancestors and there is jack shit you can do about it, except maybe slaughter a cow or a sheep, but the problem with Andiswa is she wasn’t even an ancestor yet, so how do I appease a person who has not even been buried yet? A few people were already taking pictures and videos, how I hate these smartphones, they record everything and ruin so many people’s lives in the process. Whoever came up with the idea should be found and shot! Just kidding, I was already in so much trouble the last thing I should be thinking is shooting or killing any other person.

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