Realities – Chapter 87

As doctors we are taught poisons. It’s not really a big topic because in all honesty poison is a white people thing and very few of us specialize in it. It’s almost as though they believe that black people are not smart enough to figure out how to use it effectively. With all the abuse men put us through in this country, I kind of side with that belief because were we white people, none of these abusers would still be alive! Did I say that out loud? I don’t know where it’s written that a South African woman is a punching bag for men. I just read that they found Palesa’s body in the back yard of her friends house. I mean how on earth could that family have slept in the house for two years knowing that there was a body in the backyard. How cruel really are people to have done that to a young girl? I remember when she went missing and we all looked for her. Her picture was all over the Internet but she was never found. Is this the new democracy you pride yourself on? I am so ashamed in so many ways that our society is failing us. We often blame men but even now, this poison was it not a woman who was administering it? Why do we this to each other? We hate each other so much as blacks we don’t want to see each other prosper. If Nelisa’s mother had not wanted the old man why on earth could she just not leave the poor man alive? This was wrong and she had to be stopped. If she for one minute thought that Sizwe was next then she had another thing coming.

I needed a plan that would not involve me being considered the instigator. If I called Sizwe and told him what was happening he would say I made it up just to hurt him. He would not believe me and call me a pyschopath. Note, that’s if he even picked up the phone in the first place! That plan definitely would not work.

“Yes, is this Bloemfontein Central Police?” I asked when the person picked up.

“I am calling to report a crime taking place in a house I visited today. I have reason to believe that the man of that house is being poisoned. I was at the house earlier in the day and I smelled the poison!” I explained.

“So why didn’t you report at that moment?” He asked me.

“I was not sure. The last thing you want to do is make false accusation. I needed to go and make sure I was smelling the right thing!” I explained to him.

“Ma’am I will send a car over but I will tell you now that I don’t believe you. It could have perfume or something else. Already we are severely understaffed and festive season we get too many prank calls. When I have someone available I will send someone”

I don’t know if it’s me but at times I feel like the people who are supposed to help us could not be bothered. With anything government often is unwilling or unable to help. I was not out of ideas though. No one likes money more than medical aid companies. Have you ever seen that if a person is hit even by a bicycle, as soon as the call goes out, two or three ambulances are at the scene? Do you know why? Because your medical aid pays for that. They are just as bad as tow truck drivers in the way they fight for you and the only difference being they wear uniform! Glorified nurses! The good in them is this, unlike police who are cowards to go in some areas, ambulances go. Where there is money they are there! I made the call. In five minutes they had already deployed the ambulance and I knew there would be back up. I remember my exact words,

“I believe the man in there has arsenic in his system. Look for a container or bottle that could house it!”

The reason why I had to explain is that arsenic is so tricky to detect as it is has this sweet smell. It’s found in so many things that’s why you can never place it. Thank you Crime Network for teaching us how to kill without getting caught. I am not sure if I felt satisfied that I had done that. Only time will tell I guess. I lay on the bed and it felt cold on my husband’s side of the bed. It was as though it had not been slept in by anyone in a very long time. I wanted to feel his warmth again. I could not help it, I called him. His number just rang. Maybe he saw the call and just ignored it. That’s the best I could think of at that moment. I could not be positive. I think I dosed off because I was startled when my phone rang.

“Hello!” I said, groggy from the nap I had just had.

“It’s Mthobisi we need you right now!”

What the fuck! I had forgotten this man exists.

“I am not at work…” I started to explain but he cut me off.

“I know you are not at work. We have already been told that. I am outside your house. Come outside now!” he said. How did he know I would be at home if I was not at work? What gave him the right to just come to my house as he please? What if Sizwe had been here how would that have looked? How did they let him through the gate in the first place? All these questions were running through my mind when I got dressed a bit more appropriately and went downstairs. I had hung up on him so he called again of which I responded curtly,

“I am coming.”

I walked outside and there he was with someone else in the car. I half expected a dying man in the car but then I was wrong. There was no one dying in the man. In fact the only other person was a middle aged man in a very expensive suit.

“What’s the emergency?” I asked him. He had jumped out of the car to greet me. I mean seriously where was the subtlety if he was such a big time gangster. Should he not be more suave and composed.

“Can we come inside?” he asked, though from his manner and tone, it was clear it wasn’t a request. This man always had a way of making you comply.

“Yes sure you can come inside!”

I had already lost everything else I might as well hear what my fate was with this thug. The man he was with was more or less his age but I didn’t want to linger on his face too long, it would be staring and I got the feeling that these people did not like you staring at them as you would remember their faces.

“What can I do for you gentleman?” I asked him as soon as we set down.

“My friend here needs an alibi and you will make the best alibi!”

I was a bit confused by Mthobisi at this stage. What was he talking about?

“That is not part of our agreement! I do medical only. No one knows who I am or what I do. I stay in the shadows. If I agree to be an alibi then that puts me right in front of the firing line and exposes me!”

I protested immediately. This was absurd.

“You do what I say you do. This is not about shadows. You are the perfect candidate because you are respected by the community by virtue of being a doctor!” he explained, not that I cared. There is this myth that doctors are upstanding citizens of the community, virtuous and impervious to the weaknesses of other citizens. The excuse being every vice we have has medical consequences so because we see these consequences on a daily basis we therefore stay away from them. Well, like I said that just a myth because we are far from saints!

“I cannot be an alibi over something I don’t know! I am not that stupid!” I said defiantly.

“You will do as I say.” he said very calmly. It was like he was not hearing what I had said.

“My friend here is married. He is in trouble. He already gave a statement which we are going to chance. He is going to say that he could not say in the statement that he was having an affair because he needed to protect his marriage and you his mistress! He needs to say this so he can change his appeal in court.” he explained. I did not need to be told what the alibi was, he wanted me to say I was with him on the day of whatever crime was committed. I did not even want to know what the crime was but perjury was something I was really scared of committing because if this went wrong I could end up in jail myself.

“Are you crazy Mthobisi? Do you want me to end up in jail?” I asked him.

“I am not crazy.”

He took out a tablet and handed it to me. He played a video and there I was operating on his friend, the one I had saved that time when he forced me.

“This is enough to make you lose your license and perhaps do a bit of jail time!” he said again still calm. He was blackmailing me.

“You son of a bitch, you taped when I was trying to help you?” I asked him angrily. I actually felt a sense if betrayal but it’s true what they say, there is no honour amongst thieves.

“Don’t see it as a betrayal my dear but insurance that you will always do the right thing!” he said smugly. He had me where he wanted.

“Then take it to the police. I don’t care. My husband just left me. My daughter is not my daughter. I have nothing to live for! Now get out of my house!” I told him defiantly. My voice did not crack. I had lost a lot in the last couple of days and that daughter statement was just to add the spice so he could see that I wanted him gone. I don’t think anyone ever said no to him because he was quite surprised by my response.

“You are making a big mistake refusing me!” he said still calm.

“No my mistake was trusting you to play fair in the beginning. I have no regrets. You go to the police and I go down or lose my license. The choice is yours. I will not be some love mistress to a person I don’t even know. I am not a whore! Respect me please! Now get the fuck out and stay out!”, I said standing in up to show him the door. His friend, who was yet unnamed stood up first. He stood hesitantly but he had got the message. I did not even bother walking them to the door. That’s how much I wanted him to know I had no respect for him.

It had to be at that moment that Lintle walked in practically skipping and in the best of moods.

“Hey Mommy I have good news to tell you!” she said walking past the guests. Mthobisi stood and looked at her as she ran to give me a hug then said,

“Not your daughter you say!” then he walked out!

*******The End*******



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the blogs and reading my letter.

I am 29 dating a 32 year old guy. I love him very much and I believe he loves me as well. We have been together for two years and I think in that two years we have had sex three times. He just does not like having sex. He will make every excuse I the book not to get some. He is not a born again nor is he socially awkward. In fact we go out like normal couples, drink and have fun. I am horny. I am horny everyday even. I want my man to make love to me. I bought toys even to satisfy me but it’s not the same. I hav sexy lingerie and naughty outfits gathering dust in my wardrobe becaus my man could not be bothered. I don’t know what to do because he is such a good man and losing him over this would be such a tragedy.

Please help me get laid (literally)!

Thank You

Horny Centurion

16 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter 87

  1. Hahahahahahha I could not help but laugh at this letter…I’m sorry Centurion , lol

    Now there is something you dont hear everyday, a man who is not interested in sex…Maybe its not so much as interest but something bigger than that…Like a problem needing Men’s Clinic….Talk to him though and found out what the problem is…yes its gonna be awkward but gott damnit you need some and at this rate he doesn’t seem to be bothered.

    3 times in two years???? iyhoooooo

  2. @Centurion maybe he is gay or something if he is not born again there has to be a bigger problem talk to him gentle and be careful not to injure his ego…

  3. Maybe he is asexual. Suggest u both go to the GP for a definate diagnostics. Unfortunately asexuality isn’t curable so if if he is, then u might have to decide if u wanna stay or leave him.

  4. Hahaha Centu, Askies, I once dated someone like that. problem is he was getting it elsewhere but acted as though he’s just not into it. Later on he just couldn’t get it up, I guess thats what happens when you think you know better than others. I am not suggesting your man is cheating though.Please take him to men’s clinic.

  5. Dankie braMike,
    @Jozi, I honestly had to google asexual. LOL, never knew the word existed.
    Horny Centurion, Im sory abt yo unfortunate predicament. I know of one such person but at least he is single. Even some women celibate for years but they are single too.
    Definitely as others said, ask him & go wth him to all prof avenues avlbl.
    If it can’t be cured, the choice is yoz to leave wth him or leave him.
    What a punishment leaving the life of a nun unless its by choice & what a waste of a gud guy as U say. I hope the third time wlb this xmas tho! – PapaG.

  6. Actually thought the nigga was too proud to admit that he’s gay, first time finding out about this asexuality thing, hmm ima Google it up

  7. Eish centurion I think u need to talk to ur man about it find out wats really a problem hope. His problem needs a mans clinic. N hope is not that maybe his gay. I hv seen this happening in so many relatiosnhips

  8. Asexuality is when a person doesn’t wanna have sex with anybody Lmfao I learnt this back when I was in high school that some plants and animals reproduce asexually. Which means they do it on their own without a partner, Google it though I’m tryna appear smart here hahahahahaha

  9. When you did have sex the first 3 times, what led to that? Try to do whatever it is that you did then and see if that works. I also think Men’s Clinic, GP and even a psychologist might get to the bottom of the problem. I found a link on asexuality maybe that might help. If he is asexual and has no interest in sex, maybe go to a sexologist and find out if he is open to more passive ways of satisfying you sexually. At the end of the day, you have needs too

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