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Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 214

It was getting dark and we were all tired and hungry so we decided to head home, I was feeling nauseas and dizzy for some reason but I figured it must be because of the hunger and tiredness. As soon as we got back home we all went straight to the kitchen. The previous night the ladies had braai’d meat so there was still a lot left over, we attacked that meat and salads and when we were done eating the first thing I did was run to the bathroom and I threw up, the girls followed behind me as I ran to see what was wrong. She Rocks held my weave back as I threw up in the toilet, after I was done throwing out I rinsed out my mouth on the basin and asked them what they put in the meat. They all looked at me and said the ingredients that we bought when we first arrived in Hermanus. “You must have caught some bug on the flight or in Joburg, look at how pale you look.” Said She Rocks examining my face. The last thing I needed was to be sick with some stomach bug, not when there was still so much to do. I told them that it was probably a 24-hour bug and I just needed to sleep for a bit and I would probably wake up feeling fine. I went to my room with She Rocks while my sister and Cleo went to go make me some concoction to make me feel better, it was something that Cleo had learnt from her grandmother, it tasted nasty. Whenever anyone of us would have a stomach ache Cleo would make that poison but it always worked and she never wanted to tell us what was in it. She said will sell it one day and make millions out of it and if she told us we would steal it from her. I drank Cleo’s nasty concoction. The girls said they would go downstairs and try to come up with a plan of action for tomorrow while waiting for our guards to come back. I was wishing, hoping and praying that the guards would come back with Andiswa.

I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night hot and sweating, luckily my room had an air conditioner so I put it on and the air felt so good that I immediately went back to sleep. As I was getting into a beautiful sleep and dozing off peacefully, I was interrupted by my phone. It was my husband, “Hey Honey are you sleeping?” was the first thing he said. “Baby it is after twelve midnight and that is what normal people are doing at this time of the morning, does it sound like I’m in a club to you?” I said annoyed that he had interrupted my sleep. “Why are so snappy, stop stressing about Andiswa my people will find her I promise.” I apologized for taking my frustrations out on him and he said he understood, we talked for a bit and he told me that he was doing everything in his powers to make sure that he never goes to court. I asked if we were now going to live on the run and become fugitives he told me to stop being melodramatic, we were going to be fine and he will fix everything like he always does. I smiled and told him I believed him and I knew he would get us out of that mess soon. He talked about a lot of things. I ended up falling asleep while he was talking I was very tired after the day I had. I realized that I had fallen asleep when the phone started ringing again, I answered it was still Mthobisi, he must have been lonely wherever he was for him to be calling me this much. “Did you fall asleep while I was talking to you.” I decided to come clean “Honey I don’t feel so good, I feel weak and I threw up earlier on, the girls think I could have a 24-hour bug that I caught when I was in Joburg or on the flight”. He told me to get some rest and not to stress, that maybe it was stress that was making me sick, I agreed that I would stop stressing, it was easier said than done. As soon as he hung I lay in bed and couldn’t sleep, the same me who was falling asleep while my husband was talking now I was wide awake counting sheep. I decided to call Mthobisi back, “I’ve realized something, your voice calms me and makes me sleep I’ve been tossing and turning for the past half an hour and couldn’t sleep, you took me out of my sleep I need you to send me back to my sleep.” My husband laughed so hard I wanted to hang up and I told him as much and he apologized and said it was sweet of me to be calmed by his voice, so he said he will tell me a story and hopefully that will make me sleep and he started telling this story and in minutes I was out.

I don’t know when he hung up because the next morning when I woke up the phone was on the floor. I was just grateful to have slept. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, She Rocks walked into my room and said “don’t freak out but the police are here to ask you about Mthobisi, put your game face on.” I looked at her and told her “I don’t have a game face.” She smiled and said just act, I put on my gown and we went downstairs there were two policeman standing next to the couches I didn’t know why they wouldn’t just sit, so automatically because they were standing I also stood and shook their hands as they introduced themselves to me. “We’ve been sent by the Joburg police to come and ask you a few questions.” One of them said “How did the Joburg police know I was here?” I asked wondering if there were police following me around, one of them replied and said that when I opened the case for a missing person I gave my name and my Id and when they entered my Id on the system it sent red flags because I was wanted in Joburg so they were here to question me about that. I was suddenly feeling very hot and a bit funny “Ma’am your husband escaped from the police custody yesterday and the police are trying to find him…” before he could finish his sentence I hit the floor and fainted the girls rushed to get me up and I could hear them telling the police that they had brought me shocking news and had stressed me and should wait outside, they lifted me to the couch and brought me some cold water which I drank up immediately “Damn girl, I said act but that was some Hollywood shit, where did you learn to faint like that, it was too believable.” She Rocks said looking at me with a huge grin on her face, I wanted to smack that grin of her face but I smiled back and said that wasn’t faked and I just felt hot and dizzy but I was feeling better now I told them to bring the cops back in, the sooner we finish this the better. Cleo called them back inside they asked if I was okay I told them it was the shock of what they had just told me I didn’t even know that my husband was under police custody I had been speaking to his brother who said he forgot his phone at his place and I hadn’t spoken to my husband in three days. They couldn’t tell me why he had been arrested when I asked they said they didn’t know they were just sent to come and question me, they asked if they could look around the house just to make sure he wasn’t around we all said they should go ahead, they check and came back with nothing then asked why we had bouncers. She Rocks asked if they didn’t know her because she was a celebrity in her country Zimbabwe and was here on holiday with her South African friends and needed protection because she heard there was too much crime in the country, they seemed to buy her story, She Rocks could imitate most accents and when she spoke with her Zimbabwean accent you would swear that she was from there. The police thanked us and left.

At that moment I was so glad that I had actually been honest with the girls because imagine the shock it would have been of them finding out that Mthobisi had escaped and one of them slipping up and saying that I had gone to Joburg, sometimes honesty really is the best policy. “Are you going to warn Mthobisi and tell him that the police are after his ass?” Cleo asked I shook my head and said he knows besides from now on the police were going to watch my every move and I needed to be careful. I can’t be in contact with Mthobisi, I have to wait for him to call me which is the safest option. “How you feeling Lee? Are you still having the dizzy spells?” my sister asked looking very concerned. I lied and said I was feeling okay, the last thing I wanted was people faffing over me, we already had so much to worry about. It was Cleo’s turn to make breakfast and she started frying something. The smell from the kitchen wafted to where I was sitting I wanted to throw up, I shouted “Cleo, what the hell are you cooking it smells horrible” they all turned and looked at me and She Rocks said “it’s pork bangers” I asked her to check the expiry date and Cleo said they were still fine, I couldn’t stand the smell so I went to my room to shower. When I was done everyone had already started eating, I had dry toast with butter and coffee and that settled my stomach a bit and I had no more crazy episodes.

The girls told me that the guards didn’t come back with any solutions to our missing friend’s whereabout, we were all over and going crazy now especially since it had already been twenty-four hours since she had gone missing. Andiswa’s mom was my big concern, how do you break the news to your friend’s mom that you lost her daughter? My other concern was Andiswa’s boyfriend who knew that we had killed Mfundo, he was going to put one and one together and get eleven which would end up getting us in a lot of shit. He will think because Andiswa had gone to the police before, we had probably killed her. “Shit guys do you remember the threat Andiswa made that if she dies there are letters that would go to the police naming us as the main suspects and exposing everything we have done and you Lee and Mthobisi?” asked Cleo. That, I had completely forgotten. “We have to find that bitch alive, I can’t go to jail” I said. I started to panic at the thought of what was in the letters that Andiswa wrote. While we were still speaking my phone rang the person on the end of the phone identified themselves as a police officer and said “we have some news about your friend, a person fitting her description of your friend was dropped off at the entrance of a hospital” she said. “Oh thank God.” I quickly whispered to my friends what the police lady had said and told them I’ll put the phone on speaker. She Rocks asked, “How is she doing? Is she okay?” there was silence for a few minutes then the officer said “I’m sorry ma’am but she was pronounced dead on arrival. We need you to come and identify the body.” We all started wailing, we had lost a friend but most of all we were going straight to jail for her death even though we had nothing to do with it so we were crying for both those reasons. Why was life so unfair? We were in double shit!!

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  1. Sometimes is jus hard to Beleive that this story is about a real person – her life is really dangerous and now with baby number 2 on the way. For how long indeed will she leave like this? Lost Neo to this kind of life and now she is Pregnant and does not know but ohhhh

    I respect u Lesedi u really honoring ur vows, for better or worse. But is time you and Mthobisi changed ur life style for the little life that is on the way…. jus saying….

    Can’t wait for net week- I jus love reading this story , thank u Mike!

  2. Now I see the link between missteps n realities…when it started nothabo said mtho n lee were on the run hmmmm toooooooooo nice Mike

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