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Growing Up – Chapter 22

In all the happiness that was trending at church, I totally forgot about Tsiamo. Tsiamo still loved Mlu and she believed that they belong together. Everyone was happy at her expense, I felt sorry for her. I think… no actually I don’t think, I know it was insensitive of Mlu to propose to Thando here at church. I was really happy for Thando but I also felt sorry for Tsiamo, no matter how irritating she is sometimes, she is still my friend.

How am I going to deal with this? I seriously need advice. When something good happens to your friend, you celebrate with them. In this age of social media, we even post on our Instagram and Facebook pages. If your friend gets engaged, we post pictures on their behalf and tag them. We even put the pictures as our Whatsapp profile pictures, just to show our happiness and support to our friends. So I’m that kind of friend who also posts pictures to show my support. Thando is a good friend of mine and I will be expected to write a status or post a picture to congratulate her as I have done for others before. But it will be unfair, completely unfair to Tsiamo, to her it would seem as though I am rejoicing in her misfortune.

I’m not the kind of person who rejoices in other people’s misfortune. You know those people mos? The kind of person who rejoices when someone’s long term relationship fails. The person who rejoices when someone dies because they will potentially inherit that person’s home. This happened when my mom died, her younger sister thought my mom’s house was going to be hers. Unfortunately for her my mom, unlike other Africans, had a will and she left all her things to me and my sister. Africans, lets have wills please, so that in the event of your death no one can have your belongings without your consent.

As the church was congratulating the couple, I noticed that no one saw Tsiamo run away. I walked out of the church, and went looking for her, I found her sitting in Sihle’s car crying her heart out. I opened the door, sat next to her and comforted her.

Me: You are going to be fine Tsiamo, don’t cry sisi.

Tsiamo: It’s not going to be okay Hlengiwe, he is going to marry her. What about me? I’m very heart broken.

Me: You will heal and you will find someone who will make you happy.

I don’t like comforting people, I suck at it. I hardly even know what to say, I end up saying things that I think would make you feel better.

Me: Tsiamo maybe you should catch a cab and go home. People can’t see you like this.

Tsiamo: Okay, please go with me. I don’t want to be alone.

Me: Tsiamo you know I can’t. I will see you later.

Tsiamo: Wow Hlengiwe, clearly you have chosen the side you are taking.

Was this girl serious mara? She can’t expect me to choose sides in this situation, she and Thando are both my friends and I will support both of them accordingly. If I had to choose a side, I would definitely take Thando’s side without hesitation. Tsiamo wasn’t really the victim here, I warned her early in their relationship that Mlu is with Thando. After warning her, instead of doing her own research, she believed everything that Mlu told her, and even decided to stop speaking to me and Sihle. Now she’s behaving like she is a completely clueless victim! I know she is hurt but it’s partly her fault.

She went out of the car, I tried to stop her and explain myself but she walked away from me dramatically. I watched her walk and catch a taxi, I walked back to the church, and they were already saying the closing prayer.

People began to walk out, and I was sitting at the back waiting for the church to clear before I could go and congratulate the couple.

Sihle: Where were you Hlengi?

Me : Your friend ran out of the church, so I followed her and I found her sitting in your car crying. I comforted her, then I told her to go home. She wanted me to leave with her, but I couldn’t. Manje she says she sees that I have chosen a side, so she is angry.

Sihe: Nawe why did you follow her, you know that Tsiamo is self-absorbed. Everything is for and about her. Vele we are all taking Thando’s side here, we told her angisho? What did she do yena, she decided to stop talking to us because of a 2-second relationship.

Thando came walking to us, she was all smiles.

Me: Congratulations dear I’m so happy for you.

Thando: Thank you, I can’t believe that he did this here in church. I was worried that my dad would freak out but he seems happy.

Mhhh if only she knew that her dad was the orchestrator of this whole engagement. I now felt sorry for her, because although Mlu says he loves her, I don’t know if he proposed to her because Bab’fundisi said so or because he really wants to marry her. It would be a real shame if he proposed because he was pressurised by Bab’fundisi.

Me: He is happy for you, and he probably secretly wanted this, you’ll never know with adults.

Thando’s mom, Mam’fundisi, came to us.

Mam’fundisi: Girls please join us for lunch, we are going to have a braai to celebrate Thando and Mlu’s engagement.

Ehhh banna when was this celebration planned? But I guess you don’t really need to plan a braai, especially if you already knew that the engagement is going to happen.

Thando: Hawu mama why should we have a braai?

Mam’fundisi: Why shouldn’t we have it? Yoh, we are having the braai whether you like it or not.

Thando: Okay ke, who will be there?

Mam’fundisi: Wery few people. Your friends, Mlu’s friends and his family.

Mlu’s family attend the same church as us, and the parents where part of the church leadership.

Thando: That is not a few people mom, but okay.

Sihle: You are boring Thando, you almost ruined our chance to have a braai. When was the last time I ate braai meat.

Me: Haahahaahhaahaha Sihle kodwa.

Thando: Hahahaha you can go to a Shisa nyama and get the braai meat there.

Sihle: It’s not the same, going to a Shisa nyama means I will have to pay for the food. Having a braai at your at your house means free food.

We both laughed at her, then made our way out.

Sihle: Dammit Tsiamo left with my car keys.

Me: Yoh what are we going to do now?

Sihle: Nxla I’m going to kill her. Nawe Hlengiwe, why didn’t you take my key when she left?

Me: Askisi girl, I didn’t think.

Thando: We can drive with my car to your house, so that you can get the key, come fetch your car then we will go to my house.

We all agreed and we made our way home. When we arrived, the house was empty, Tsiamo wasn’t there. Luckily there is the thing called a spare key, so Sihle took the spare key. We drove back to church, took her car and went ka Mam’fundisi.

When we arrived, we found the meat already on the braai-stand, the salads were even ready. This engagement celebration was planned before it even happened. The old women were in the kitchen cooking ipapa, the old men were talking about God and politics. So we decided to sit outside with the guys from church (Mlu’s friends), their names are Mzwake, Lawrence, Sphiwe and three other guys whose names I have forgotten because they are hardly at church.

We all sat, while they were braaing meat, we spoke about everything from love to money to church. Mam’fundisi told us that we need to go and buy carrot cake and Ultra Mel because she didn’t prepare desert. Huuu I love Ultra Mel, I think it’s the best thing since Jesus. The taste, the texture, the smell, everything about it is tasty and you can never go wrong with it.

So Lawrence offered to go, but he said he wants to go with a woman because he doesn’t know these things. Seriously though who doesn’t know Ultra Mel Custard and Carrot Cake? He said he will go with me, because I look like I’m familiar with these streets. I didn’t want to go with him, but Mam’fundisi agreed with him that I’m familiar with their neighbourhood.

We walked to his car, and he opened the door for me. He drives a very expensive car. My church had alot of successful people. I believe it’s because they have giving hearts. They aren’t stingy with their money and time. You see one thing I’ve seen is that the more you give, the more you receive. People often want to have a beautiful church, with beautiful furniture but they don’t want to give. We should always remember that the church needs to pay electricity, water, pay the cleaner and so on, so let us stop bringing R2 as our offering, unless of course you don’t have money. But that is my opinion. So I believe that is why the people in my church are very successful.

As soon as Lawrence and I went out the gate, he went straight to the point:

Lawrence: “Uyazazi ukhuthi umuhle kanjani Hlengy?” (Do you know how beautiful you are?)

Of course I know how beautiful I am, I am reminded every time I see myself in the mirror and when I turn heads.

#donthatemecozimbeautiful #prettygirlsrock

Me: Thank you Lawrence.

Lawrence: You and I would make very cute babies.

Lawrence was handsome and he knew it. He was right, if we ever made kids, they would be cute babies. They would grow to be very beautiful and sexy. The only ugly thing about Lawrence was his teeth, he has ugly teeth. Not extremely ugly teeth, but they were ugly.

I just laughed when he said that. My phone rang and it was Philani.

Me: Hey Love.

Philani: Hey Angel, are you fine?

Me: Yes babe I’m fine and you?

Philani: I’m fine love. I miss you baby, I’m here at your house and you not here. So I don’t know what to do now.

Me: Hahaha baby I miss you too, but you have to come back later because I’m at Thando’s place. I will tell you when I’m back home, then you will come and see me.

Philani: Eish baby what time will that be? I need some loving.

Me: I promise I will be back home before 6, then I’ll be all yours.

Philani: Okay Angel, I love you Mrs Mazibuko.

Me: “I love you too Mr Mazibuko.”

Did he just call me Mrs Mazibuko? Is my mind fooling me or are those wedding bells I’m hearing? Mhhh Hlengiwe Mazibuko sounds perfect.

Me and Lawrence arrived at the grocery store, bought the things and went back. There was a bit of silence after Philani called but I didn’t care.

The braai went well, after we helped with washing the dishes and tiding up, we left. On the way I called Philani to come because I was on my way home, Sihle also called Tshepo and told him to come. When we arrived, Sihle called Tsiamo’s name but there was no response. There was a letter on top of the kitchen counter written:

‘I will not be able to live without him. I gave him too much of myself, I would rather die than be without him in my life. I will forever love you guys……

We didn’t read the rest of the letter, we ran to Tsiamo’s room… and we found her.

She was hanging from the ceiling.

We both screamed.

She was dead!

25 thoughts on “Growing Up – Chapter 22

  1. I rolled my eyes on the Mrs Mazibuko part, Philani will never change and he will always cheat coz he knows he gets away with it, just like an abusive guy won’t change he starts abusing you, you can cheat once its a mistake but more than that its a choice.

  2. I seriously think Philani is calling you by what he knows you want most, that man will never marry you unless God comes down and slaps him for not knowing what he wants.

  3. Oh wow I’ve tried to follow this story but I’m sorry to say that it’s boring, it was a little interesting at first but now it’s too predictable, and it has potential to be a great book, just needs to worked on.. still waiting for that wow factor to kick in..

  4. This couple is good for each other, both cheating. They must get married and live happily ever after. They have same opinion on sex.

  5. Thnx Khanyi.
    If U left out the last two sentences, that wud have been a cliff hanger we always talk about. The suspense wud have kept us anticipating the next chapter.
    Myb yo character cud survive in the nxt chapter unless of course U need to bring in new characters. Just saying. – PapaG

  6. yoooh this book is boring and so are the characters. It is too predictable, I already knew that Tshiamo killed herself when hlengy and sihe went to the house and thought she wasn’t there. I believe it still has potential though. hlengy girl u shouldn’t have been so heartless towards Tshiamo coz Philani is probably going to propose to Lerato or elope with her

  7. Also a writer Hlengy/Khanyi needs to add some cutting edge flavour but I blv this story is really relevant to society n how we live now. It wouldn’t hurt the writer to read other interesting diaries like. “Diary of an inspired bad bitch” (Zoey Nyuswa) Diary of umakhwapheni (shaz letswalo)

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