Christmas message

Dearest Friends,

It’s that time of the year again where we take an extended break to be with our families and loved ones for the holidays. We have shocked, cried, angered and indeed laughed with one another over the last twelve months. From the shocking end of Mxolisi, Faith being told the baby is not hers, Mthobisi’s brutality and the sins and lust of the pastor, you have seen it all. 2015 has been a long year for all of us, some have lost loved ones and others have gained blessings in that period. We have stood together but now we are about to say goodbye to this wonderful year. I pray 2016 will be amazing for all of us and everything positive we achieved in this outgoing year will only be trebled in the coming year.

To those who drive, your destination will always be there, please slow down! To those who drink, alcohol will never ever finish so have composure! To those who will have December flings, ask yourself if it’s worth it and if it is, condoms actually do save you from unnecessary heartaches. To those who love and and are loved, Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, a time for loving and gladness, no to the tears unless they are those of joy, no to the sadness because come on now, Our Saviour is born so we have Hope Renewed.

Merry Christmas from us all and may 2016 be super awesome.

Love Always

Mike & Thozama & Khanyi & Sfiso

33 thoughts on “Christmas message

  1. Merry Xmas to the team nd prosperous new year,.
    Kopa le bowe ntse le felelletse ne lol,niyathandwa ndim

  2. Thank you for keeping us entertained all year long,have a merry christmas,be safe,have fun and see you in the new year❤??????

  3. Thank you DOAZG Family! You guys have done so much this year I appreciate your work. Thank u very much. Enjoy your holidays

  4. Merry Christmas and prosperous new year to u Mike & team, u’re da best…love u all soooo much #hugsnkisses #greatness

  5. Merry Christmas Mike, Thozama, Khanyi and Sfiso. Thank you for keeping us entertained, for me I read this blog every day either during my tea break.

    Truly Christmas is a time when we ought to be filled with hope, hope that that which seems impossible is indeed possible, because after all Christ was born. The Christ that was conceived in a manner which is considered to be unnatural and impossible. May your dreams be revived, may you believe and hope again that it is indeed possible. That goal that seemed out of reach, is indeed possible.

  6. Thank you so much guys. May God bless you and wishing you all the best for 2016 . Merry Xmas to the Team and Readers

  7. Thank you sooo mch Mike en ur amazing team Hp the almighty will keep us safe till we meet again..Have all a blessed Xmas and a prosperous New year

  8. Thank you for everything , God will surely bless you guy. Enjoy your holidays your families
    Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

  9. Thank you team.merry Christmas to you all.may your days be filled with joy.may God give you the energy and the wisdom to keep on writing for us.may he keep and protect you.

  10. Ya ne it has really been a wonderful year indeed , thank you for all the hard work you and your team put, marry christmas too and will miss you guys ,gape a week seems like a year without reading your books.

  11. Merry Christmas to the team who keeps us entertained, I may not always have the time to comment but I appreciate your work guys. What you’re doing is food to our minds and I hope in 2016 you experience growth in your work.

    Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

  12. thanks DOAZG team for keeping us entertained the whole year. May god bless you guys. have a merry xmas nd see u soon
    lotsa luv

  13. Thank you Mike and Team. Merry xMas and a properous new year. HO HO HO… God Bless you all and God Bless South Africa … Have a Safe one all.

  14. Hey TEAM DOAZG, a heartfelt thank U for all the infotainment U gave us in 2015. My U & yo families have a restful festive season. Looking forward to more readings from U guys in 2016 after U’ve recharged yo batteries. All da besties!!!
    May the Lord be with us all – PapaG

  15. Thank you so much to you Mike, Thozama, Khanyi, Sfiso and the rest of the team! You made quite good stories this year and may God and your ancestors continue blessing you with your writing gifts! It was awesome reads all round. I really enjoyed and still want more. May you all have a merry Christmas and a fabulous 2016. To my fellow readers let’s do this again next year! Live y’all!!!!!!!

  16. Merry Xmas Mike and da team, caneva thank u inaf for da wonderful work u doing. May da good lord bless u even more…

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