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Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 211

The tears were close since my mother in law had chased me away and denied me food. I was overly emotional for some reason because on any given day that would not have affected me as much as it did that day, but for some reason I was so hurt by what she did. Maybe it was because my husband was not around to protect me from his mother not that he ever did much anyway but I felt like I was fighting a bully by myself. So there I was standing with my hands up, with my eyes closed to block tears from running down my face and just waiting for the cold metal handcuffs to click on my wrists and I waited and waited and waited and when I realized something wasn’t happening I opened my eyes to see all the police running past me with their guns pointed out, wait a minute I thought, they are not here for me? I got a little excited that I was not busted and that the police were not here for me and curiosity got the better of me I had to follow them to see where they were going, and lo and behold, they were standing at my mother in law’s table. The police were there for her ass and the smile on my face, I wanted to start dancing, and karma is such a bitch. I looked at her and she was smiling too, why was she happy I wondered, from where I was standing I couldn’t hear the conversation but I saw her get up and one of the policemen put handcuffs on her, when that happened I ran back to the lift. It was taking long to come so I decided to hit the stairs, I didn’t want people pointing at me saying I was sitting with her earlier. I ran up the stairs to my room, my room was on the eight floor so you can imagine all the huffing and puffing I was doing as I was running up carrying a heavy bag, when I got to my room I locked the door and got a towel to wipe the sweat off, I looked out the window to see if I could see the police cars from my room, unfortunately my room window was facing the back of the building and there was nothing that I could see. I didn’t know what this meant for my plans, my mother in law being arrested. Do I continue with everything as planned or do I drop everything, I honestly didn’t know.

I opened the bag and there were clothes, wigs, glasses and the infamous pap in a see-through lunch box. I looked all around it and it just looked like normal pap, I couldn’t even see that there was a weapon hidden in it. I quickly changed into one of the outfits in the bag it was black pants with a black jacket, I wore my own top,  a white top. I choose a long wig and decided against sunglasses, they would look kind of suspicious in court. I ordered room service, there was no way in hell I was going to survive court on an empty stomach. While I was waiting for the food to arrive I went through the bag to see what other contents were in the bag, there was also a note which I must have missed because I was just looking through the clothes, to me that was the most important part – the clothes. The note had instruction on how I was to do things, I read through it and when I was done I received a call that my driver had arrived. I had not even eaten yet! He was going to have to wait, I was not going to leave my breakfast behind. Luckily it arrived shortly and I quickly stuffed my face then went downstairs to the driver. When I arrived downstairs there was Champagne, one of Mthobisi’s friend’s. I greeted him with a hug and he said it was good to see me again, that he had hoped it was under different circumstances but there was heat around all of them, and he kept looking around like he was expecting someone or was trying to hide from someone. I asked him how he was going to drive me to court looking so nervous, he will cause accidents on the road. He told me he was not taking me to court, I would be driving myself because he can’t get anywhere near law enforcement people. I laughed thinking he was being a little too melodramatic but when I looked at his face and saw how scared he really was, I realized the seriousness of the situation. He took me to where he had parked and gave me the keys to and pointed to a blue Gold R32 and said that would be my car for the day, I smiled looking at the car, that thing was a machine. “It’s very fast has turbo, don’t drive to fast we don’t want you attracting attention to yourself.” I nodded thinking “who is he kidding I could never do 60km/hr on that machine, that on it’s own would be a crime”. He told me he can’t stay for long and left.

I got inside the car and the onboard navigator was on with directions to court all I had to do was follow the instructions, everything had been well thought out which was a good thing because I would have probably gotten lost going to court. I tried to drive under the speed limit as per instructions given to me but it was very hard the car had a mind of it’s own, I loved it. I arrived in court and on the instructions given to me by my mother-in-law Mthobisi would be in court 12. I asked security where that was and I was given directions. When I got there I asked one of the policeman there what time Mthobisi would be appearing in court. He came with a book and showed me the registry for the day, Mthobisi’s case was first and I had missed it and he had been denied bail and would be sent to Sun City Prison later in the day. I asked him if he knew what time he said he didn’t. I played the concerned sister I told him he was my brother and that our mother was very worried about him because he had not eaten since yesterday and she had even cooked him his favourite meal and could he please take it to him. He smiled and asked if I was not married, I laughed flirtatiously and said I was too young and sexy to be married. My charms were working on him, he asked for my number I laughed and said of course he could have my numbers. I asked for his so I could buzz his phone and he saves mine, he gave me his numbers. I called his phone and he saved my numbers. He asked for my name and I gave him my fake name Nozipho. He told me he was not allowed to take food down to the prisoners I batted my eyes and said “even for your future brother-in-law you can’t do a little favour” I said with a huge smile on my face, he was smitten I could see it in his eyes. If he was a cartoon he would have had hearts in his eyes, he smiled and said he would do me the favour only because I was so pretty. I thanked him and handed him the lunch box, he left and went down the stairs, I figured that’s where the prisoners were kept. After a few minutes I dialled his number – the one he’d just given me, he answered and I let him go “hello, hello” about five times then I said sorry my phone must have pocket-dialled him. He said it was okay his phone did the same thing too sometimes and told me he had just given the food to my brother. “Perfect timing” I thought, I asked if I could speak to my brother and I heard him tell Mthobisi his sister Nozipho wanted to speak to him. I was holding my breath hoping and praying that Mthobisi does not say I don’t know who that is. He answered and said “Hi Sis, thank you soo much for the food, I was starving.” My husband is such a smooth operator, I quickly told him that I was in court but I didn’t know what time they would be leaving and which police car he would be in, “don’t worry I will give you a signal, you can go sit at the parking lot, it shouldn’t be long.”

I knew he was speaking in riddles so the police officer would not be able to make sense of what he was talking about but at that moment I was more confused that the policeman. He handed the phone to the policeman and he said he was on his way up and I owed him a cool drink for the call. I waited for him to come back and when he did I thanked him and gave him R200 even though I knew he deserved more than because he had unknowingly helped my husband escape prison. I went to the car and waited for the police car to take the prisoners out, I waited and waited and waited and there was nothing for hours and hours. I was getting bored and tired and didn’t know what to do with myself I kept thinking about my mother-in-law and her police ordeal earlier on and wondered if she was okay and realized at that age I didn’t want to be running around being chased by police, she really should consider retiring, not that I was going to tell her that; that was her son’s duty not mine. My phone rang it was a number I didn’t know I answered “Honey the next van that is going to come out I will be in it, follow it. I’m using one of the guys phones but don’t call me back just follow the van and we will take it from there” I agreed and within a few minutes a police van came out of the court’s gates and as I was about to follow behind it two marked police BMW’s got in front of me, one car went in front of the van and the other drove behind the van. “What the fuck” I thought, how on earth was I going to get my husband out with two police escorts back and front, shit this was going to be more difficult than I thought. Nonetheless I still drove very far behind from there.  I let two cars overtake me so I don’t look suspicious and since I had not attended his court session I did not see the need to change my clothes,all I did was put on big black sunglasses and a hat and thank goodness it was hot otherwise I would have looked ridiculous. We got to the free way and I still let other cars drive in front of me and as we got to the M1, the one BMW that was driving behind took the Durban off-ramp and only the one in front of the police car was left. Now we were getting somewhere I thought this gave me an opportunity to get close to the van.

My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to pop out of my mouth, as I got closer I saw that they had cut the back door of the van and were close to finishing. How did they do that without the police noticing, it’s true when people say where there is a will there is a way, nothing is impossible, people just limit themselves. We were now off the freeway and approaching Southgate Mall, that’s when the door was removed and when the police van stopped at the robots, about 6 guys came out of the van running and went to the cars that were waiting at the robots, some pulled the people out, Mthobisi came to my car and told me to move to the passenger side and he jumped inside. Everything was happening so fast, people from the other cars were screaming because their cars were being taken by force, the police in the van realized what was happening when they heard the screams and the ones who were in the BMW had already passed the robots. The police came out and had guns out but it was difficult for them to shoot because they could shoot at the wrong people. Mthobisi reversed the car and opened the windows and told me to start screaming, I started screaming to which the police thought that like everyone else I was being hijacked, they started shooting in the air as warnings Mthobisi and all the other guys reversed into cars that were behind them hitting them. The cars behind had no choice but to reverse which gave them a gap to speed off with the cars and next thing we knew there were police helicopters and other police cars chasing us…

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