Realities – Chapter Seventy Six

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This had to be one of the most surreal moments of my life. My husband’s love child sitting with my father’s mistress and both of them attacking me. For a moment I was stunned. Of all the bad luck in the world mine had to be the worst. I won’t say I am surprised that they were friends though because they both liked old men.

“Why didn’t you tell me this was the woman who was doing all this to you? I would have come and helped you!”

Nelisa was saying to her with such confidence. I tried to think of one moment where I had either been rude to Nelisa or mistreated her. When she was first introduced to me I had opened my doors to her and she had even stayed with my own daughter. Now here she was saying I had treated her like shit.

“We are not getting out so stop shouting and embarrassing yourself!”

My husband said very calmly and instead went and sat down. Well I wanted to go. I was not going to be humiliated by two sugar daddy loving girls but the fact that he was sitting down meant that I had to sit down too. Ah!

“You can stay dad but she can go!”

Nelisa said calmer now. She emphasized the dad part and I felt a pang in my heart hearing someone else, another child call my husband father. It had only been Lintle and now this.

“She is not going anywhere, now sit down and stop acting like a child!”

My husband said still very calmly. She went and sat down across from him.

“I want to know, when did my wife mistreat you? I was there when you came to our house! She did her best to make you comfortable! It might not have been easy for your but do you think it was easy for her?”

He asked her. She opened her mouth as though to argue but caught herself because I think she realized that he was right. I honestly don’t know how else she had expected to have been treated by me though. She was a child who had showed up out of blue.

“Well i didn’t like how she reacted when she saw Rodney. She had no right to judge!”

She said defiantly but much calmer.

“Rodney? That old man you are dating?”

My husband asked and she nodded. Before she could say anything he spoke.

“And you think it’s normal? Such an old man calling you baby?”

He asked her very calmly.

“When you go out with him does he hold your hand proudly and show you off to the world that he is in so in love with you? Has he taken you to me his family and said this is the woman I would like to marry some day? Does he come and stay with you for days, no, even for a day without worrying that his wife will find out?”

My husband asked her all these questions and she looked down at her feet definitely embarrassed. He was right though but I was not going to utter a word. It has become so common nowadays and very normal too for old men to date young girls. I am sorry; a 35 year old has no business dating a 20 year old girl for example. Think of it this, when her mother was in labour he was already in grade 10 experimenting with girls if not fucking them! How then is it remotely okay for this to be condoned by society? Nowadays you hear all these girls; especially the ones in universities with a bit of education justify it. Yes the world might have changed so much that it’s ok to suck your grandfather’s dick but that shit can never be normal I am sorry. I was now called proud and judgemental for disapproving of such behaviour! Has the world gotten so fucked that I was now the one who was not normal for supporting this?

“But why would she kick out Sibongile the way she did?”

She asked I think trying to turn the tables on me. She was losing this argument and it was largely because my husband had maintained his composure. Instead of matching her in a verbal war he had spoken to her calmly like a parent does to a child.

“What would you do if your father… the one in Bloemfontein… showed up with a 19 year old in your mother’s house?”

My husband asked her. She looked a bit confused by the question because clearly it was a trick question.

“I would probably kill the bitch!”

She said. I thought my husband would reprimand her for saying bitch but I guess we had bigger fights to fight at this moment. That was trivial in comparison to that. It was fascinating to see that these sugar babies are so quick to want to destroy other people’s family but hardly ever does the shoe ever fit if the tables are turned on them and it is their family on the line.

“Sibongile, you came into my wife’s family and you caused all this drama. She did not blame you alone in this as most people tend to blame the girl. No, she blamed her father too. She kicked you both out. I don’t know where you get the balls to think you can come live with the daughter of the man you are sleeping with when her mother is at home waiting for her husband? I mean come on now! You are lucky she didn’t kill you because I swear to God I would have! It’s an insult and a slap to her face and family. I know you might not care about this but her own mother isn’t talking to her because of you! Because she opened the door for you! You just showed up like it was your house! We let you in!”

He said his voice becoming a bit harsh now. Finally he was saying something about the matter. All along he had played Switzerland and not gotten involved but this was the Sizwe I wanted. The one who tells all of them to back off.

“Ok fine I get it; it’s just that I felt for my friend. Imagine her calling me saying that she was stranded in Jhb. Your father dumped her at a Formula One and said he was on his way to Mafikeng and would be back in a week. Where have you ever heard of such nonsense?”

She said trying to garner sympathy from us but she got none. So my father had bailed on her typical man. What the hell had he been thinking though?

“How do you know each other?”

I asked a bit scared I guess because I was not sure whether she would snap at me. Nelisa ignored me but Sibongile responded.

“We went to school and are best friends. I am really sorry about how all this happened. I know I am wrong and I can never apologise enough for your father and I. He scares me and I am trying to break up with him so I can move on from this bad chapter of my life but it’s not easy. At least here I can look for a job and make something of myself because school might be a bridge too far!”

It was not my problem really to be honest. I just nodded. I told Sizwe that we had to go because I am sure the girls had a lot to catch up on and educate each other on. It was a bit of a snide comment but after the way they had shouted at me they had earned it. I had my dignity still intact but more importantly I had a baby at home to worry about as well. Everyone has problems so let me deal with my own not these manufactured ones.

“Nelisa, never talk to Nothabo like that again. She is not your friend. She is an adult whom you must show as much respect as she has shown you. You say you are ready to be with older man then grow up and act it!”

My husband said as a partying salvo! That one none of us had seen coming but the way I was gloating inside at this moment. He had finally put her in her place. It’s not that I was looking for it but it’s nice to know that your man has your back. When we got to the car he apologized about what had gone down but I could see he was really troubled by it all. I was not. I just wanted to smile as all was fine with the world. Jesus take the wheel, hallelujah.

When we got home I was tired. There was still food from that dinner so I had that for supper. Lintle was later than usual but it was because she had sports. When she came back though she came and asked me if I could exempt her from sports. They needed my signature. I asked her why she wanted to get out of sports.

“Duh mum because I am pregnant!”

She said annoyed at my question.

“Well for the duh I am not signing and nor will your father. As long as you stay pregnant will treat you like the adult that you are so you don’t need my permission!”

I said to her. I was tightening the screws now on this whole matter. I will make her cave in just watch.

“Mum come on. You can’t hold this against me!”

She said but I ignored her. I had quite the emotional day so I was not prepared to haggle with her. Sizwe came into the room and we discussed Sibongile. I don’t like gossiping about kids but eish this girl just did things to me. He said he wanted to go to Cape Town for some tender briefings. He took out the documents and it was 3 in all and they were staggered in days. It meant he would have to go for a couple of days. I don’t know why but I actually minded him going. He has gone for many briefings in his time and I never cared but now I felt uneasy. Is this what happens when you cheat? You transfer the guilt on to someone else.

“Can I come too?”

I asked him. He was a bit surprised and said yes be it hesitantly something which made me even more suspicious. My mind was playing with tricks with me because now the hesitation he had made was making me suspicious. Not trusting your partner is the last thing you want in the world of marriage so I immediately put it at the back of my mind but I couldn’t shake it. When he went to bath, I decided to go through his phone, there was nothing in it. I felt bad. Something made me go check his briefcase which I had noticed lately he left in the car. As soon as I opened it on the top a file caught my attention.

The title was,

Sizwe James Makgofa
Nothabo Makgofa (Dr.)

It was dated five days ago. The lawyer was,

Mxolisi Sibani!

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanks Mike for such amazing stories

Im a 29 year old who’s been in a relationship with this guy for 8yrs the problem is I think im falling out of love with him, everytime we have sex I get bored and not interested but his very special to me so 2 years back I started having sex with a guy friend of mine it was the no strings attached type of situation, he was and still not in a relationship he only lasts with girls a month or two and he gets bored by the sex but with me it’s been going on for 2years and we recently stopped using protection”i know I’m being Irresponsible” problem is im starting to develop feelings for my friend with benefits so I wana come out and tell him, my question is, is it possible for a guy to sleep with a woman for so long without developing any feelings or attachment to the girl

Thanks for yo advice in advance

Thank you


30 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Seventy Six

  1. Nothabo can you take this child to a Doc pls, this has gone on long enough now thuu, the way she is so relaxed about the whole thing now is amazing indeed. As for you Thando do the right thing and end things with your 8 years boyfriend and stop wasting his time, so he can find someone who will love him the way he deserve, from what I hear he didn’t do anything wrong you just got bored nje, woow us girl always running after players and leaving good guys, just as you know once that thing u have with Mr players comes in the open things are not gona be the same again, its fun when you guys are buzy hiding, anywe just do the right thing by your 8 years bf wethu.

  2. AO Nothabo!! Eish askies

    Thando guys sleep with anything that has a vagina. I dare u tell him how u feel about him & see him disappear. U will be left with the egg on the face!!

  3. Q & A One thing I can tell you the moment you leave your steady boyfriend you will see his true colors that’s man for you. You are just a friend with benefits put that into your mind, what hurt me most is when you fall pregies you will give the responsibilities to your steady boyfriend that’s cruel.

  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for the daily dose.

    please kindly explain if the book which costs R 165.00 is an online book, or hard copy. I am very backward with these terms. old school + old age I guess ♥

  5. Nice one Mike’esta
    As for Q&A, us niggas can have fuck mate for 20yrs and don’t get it twisted, its rare for a nigga to screw someones chick regularly, when she breaks up, he then makes her a girlfriend. Niggas probably disappears once you single.
    Life is such a beaut, wonder how many women in this blog have been in your shoes, choose to leave good nigga, and are now single, Mr player was more stress then fun (yeah good dick), and left them with a kid.
    Anyway its your life to live. do what you want.
    But you my girl like Eve have bitten the forbidden fruit, you shall never be satisfied in your relationship.

  6. Wow , what a turn of events , I thought my favourite Mxolsi caracter was an inginiere because of the incident at the mines and the diamonds dat came up once or more , now he is a lawyer ……… Multi talent lol………not long he will be a marriage councelor……..

  7. Thando, it seems to me as though you are falling out of love with your boyfriend, because of the benefits you are getting on the side. here is what I suggest you consider, call things off with the friend with benefits and work on your real relationship, nowhere did you mention that your boyfriend has done you wrong.
    Benefits will eventually deplete & uzosala uzisola, if not with pregnant.

    Focus all energies on what is true and ask God to intervene, should the need be,

  8. I for one dislike people who try an leave the friend zone, I will ignore you untill you come back to your senses, but before you go spilling the beans has he shown you that hes got deeper feelings for you, if not then you might have to
    say goodbye to a good friend and a good f***k buddy,

  9. My sister it’s easy to love someone from far, with little or no expectations except for a good fcuk. This is where your mistake comes from:
    1. Shag buddy is not oblige to sing you a happy birthday or take you out to movies or buy you gifts, he doesn’t have to argue with you so everything about him seems perfect.
    2. You are already comparing dicks… lol
    3. You comparing your boyfriend who is committed to you emotionally and physical to a guy who only gives you good sex only when you want to and remember sex its a stress reliever which makes you think you are happy while you may not be. you just relieved……
    4. To a guy a fcuk buddy will always be a fcuk buddy, period.
    5. I say do end your relationship with your boyfriend because 8 years into it and you are 29 and yet not married maybe that’s your issue right there.

    NB: I can not accept your comfort to sleep with a man without a condom who changes girlfriends every month, you know this very well and you want me to believe that he is more protective towards them only you. What makes you think he uses condoms with them? You are educated and you are well informed have a look within you how you are destroying you. HIV is real.

  10. Thando I have been dating my,man for 11 years now…

    He was my 1st and I won’t lie, I haven’t been a saint, I’ve had my share of “friends with benefits” and what not but no one has done me the way he has, simply because i am so comfortable around him and we talk about everything, even boring sex, if you still wanna be with this guy then talk about these things, make the bedroom interesting again.

    If you don’t then walk away but make sure you’re not leaving him with the hope that your friend with benefits will fill in the void that your boyfriend will leave.

  11. Thanks Team. And now Sizwe,…?
    Q & A: guys fuck anything and everything – if it moves, uzofaka!!! (Sorry for the generalisation – I should say *some guys*).

  12. Well… Nothabo….if Sizwe is trying to divorce you….way you to go for him!!! Lol…you are very disrespectful towards him….shem!

  13. Mm Nothabo shem dts very painful

    @Thomas i think u r mistaking Mxolisi with Mthobisi hu is an engineer but Mxolisi is a lawyer wo works at a firm in cape town hu once slept with another lawyer Lindiwe that passed away

  14. Guys can have sex with woman with no strings attached just for the thrill of it but with women it is different…It always ends up with her developing feelings. I know from experience

  15. Mike uyibhoza xem lol.
    Thando just couldn’t help bt laugh, u dom yho.. Ofcos sex with yo secrete partner will b fun, akere u not doing it everyday, I mean its stolen sex, myt even find out ukuth yo 8yrs prtner does it beta wena nje u just getting excited by da idea of not getting cot. Y wud girls just allow him to lv if he is that good. Bona, u can’t lv your life partner for a guy who only buys u juice wen he’s fuckng u.. Rada talk to yo man abt da way u feel wen hvng sex, try and get him to get his grove bck, le teng m sure he wouldn’t hv bored u eskhaleni if u ddnt taste enye into. Lol.. A relationship with yo sex mate won’t work even if u tried, wat will stop u from wondering if he doesn’t hv another partner, I mean if he did it with u wat will stop him with some1 else. Encourage 8yrs to marry u cos atleast he has been loyal. Nd u can’t really expect 8yrs to b superman in bed while u lay dr like a nandos fullchicken, thinking abt da fck buddy. U gotta know n xcpt yo boundries lol. #fuckbuddyMustFall uyakuconfuser ha ha ha

  16. Honourable-Advocate-Commander Maphoto, ngiyabonga mina!

    JoeMafela well said. MissL good advice.
    A relationship is like buying a house. U work on it to make it look homely all the time. U can’t keep moving houses or sleeping in hotels bcz UR BORED with yo house.
    Either revaluate yo 8yr relationship & C if there’s any future. If not move on. Once a fcku buddy to a guy he will never trust U & U can’t even trust him yoself.
    My questions are: What’s the purposes of going into a relationship without TRUST. What happens when yo gum loses its sweetness? – PapaG.

  17. Thanks Bro Mike

    QnA u know when u agree to be my friend with benefits in my head u will always be my spermdish,not a wife material just another pussy sorry . If I was u I would get tested, u a just disrespecting ur man leave would be nice if we got more information y u cheating if its only boredom them u deserve to be single and start from scratch . Please give us feedback about how ur friend feels about u . lol bofebe

  18. Thando luv,whn u r a cheat wit a guy nd fall 4 him ur relationship wil never work bcoz he wil never trust u,he wil thnk u wil do da same thng u dd wit ur previous bf,if u cn cheat on ur man of 8yrs than wht cn stop u 4rm cheatng on hm.The past wil always catch up wit u dear so u rather b wit da ur man who luvs u nd stop making everythng be about sex.Mike pls explain ths thng of buying books I am very interested.

  19. Lot of brahaha in my mind , addiction of d diaries is playing me , anyway tnx for corrections , I mistaken him for Lesedi’s Mothobisi.

  20. Nelisa ke moleko wa ngwana maan!
    Nothabo wat if the papers are jst there nt for use?lol. Maybe ur man file for divorce long time ago
    Tnx team

  21. Hey Mike, iv tried to request a quote to unlock Misstep since I stopped reading it around june. I tried the code but it don’t go through, if it happened that the code has changed pls assist with the relevant code

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