Realities – Chapter 79

Mothers in law! Of all the women on women hatred we have this is one category that stands out. I am not saying this for every woman please don’t get me wrong but for most of us women, the worst creature ever created by God is your mother in law! That one is an old age battle in every country in every culture. Listening to women who say that they are best friends with their mother in laws is like Lintle at the age of 5 when she believed in Father Christmas. My poor child was convinced that there was no way that the black father Christmas we saw at the mall was real so much that she cried and even asked me if it was some kind of a joke. That’s me and these women, I know they have mothers in law but like the black Santa my daughter could not believe in so much, them saying they love each other was a joke. The woman hated me and at first I did not mind her as is often encouraged by our husbands but with time I hated her right back. I never said it out loud nor did my husband but he knew what hell this woman had put me through.

“Are you thinking about her?”

My husband said when he came back from making a few phone calls. I did not have to even tell him because he knew what his mother meant to me. She had made it clear on many occasions that I was a witch who had tricked her son into marrying me. She never not found a reason to tell people that her son’s success was all because of him and that I was actually the reason that he was not more successful than he already was.

“Put yourself in my shoes!”

I said back but without snapping because we had fought this battle so many times. His mother was a pain in my ass. Once she was so sick when we were at a funeral. I had basic medicines to treat her but she insisted on going to a clinic over a 100km away to get treatment. All the while she was getting worse. That’s how much she disliked me.

“Love we are not going to do this please…”

He begged me like I had said we are going to argue. I just smiled at him weakly and looked away. By now I had taken off all the sexy lingerie and was not even wearing pyjamas but track pants.

“You don’t have to come; I can make up some excuse of how you are overseas for training or something….”

He said but I looked at him and said,

“Really love? How cruel will that be of me? I am coming to the funeral come what may! I can handle your mother, I always have!”

I said. I was saying it defiantly but as a matter of principle I had to support my husband. As the older brother it was now his job to start organising the funeral and most likely we were going to pay for it. What was worse was that his brother was a security guard meaning he was not that financially sound. Before you judge, we had tried to help Senzo a lot of times but he was one of those independent people. He refused help and said he wanted to do it all on his own. I suspect it was because he was a mommy’s boy and his mother had told him not to accept help from us. He was however studying via UNISA but is not sure when he was finishing.

“Ok then. Tomorrow I think I will head to Bloem first thing in the morning ok then see what’s going on and what needs to be done! I will be back though because I have things to do.”

He said. He was not in a good space obviously so when he came into bed I wrapped my arms around him. I know he loved his brother even though they had become a bit estranged over time. This was really a sad moment. I had last seen him at another of his relatives wedding and I remember he got drunk and danced the whole night. He was actually such a happy soul.

In the morning my husband left as promised. I still had to worry about the divorce papers I had seen. The irony was now was not the right time to bring it up. It’s not like it gave me more time to fix our things because now he would be in mourning so what if the grief of it all pushes him over the age. I know I am a bit selfish for thinking about myself at a time like this. I heard a knock on my door as I was preparing for work, it was Lintle.

“Good morning mum, may I please have my bank card back there are a few things I want to do!”

She asked me sweetly. When she had started to rebel we had taken her bank cards away in the hope that we discourage her going away. Bad mistake, with girl children if you stop giving them money they will find worse ways to get it.

“I am sorry honey, your bank card is in your father’s wallet and he went to Bloem this morning!”

I said to her. I was not lying either the card was in his wallet.

“Ah mum, I really need it!”

She protested,

“What do you need money for?”

I asked her. She hesitated a bit and said,

“I wanna go to a doctor ok! One of my choice without you being there so please mum don’t protest please!”

She said. This child was doing a piss poor job of hiding whatever secret she was hiding.

“Why don’t you just use your Medical Aid? It’s not like I can tell what you did with it or with whom!”

I told her. Lintle hardly ever got sick; it’s kind of hard if you live with a doctor in the house. This means she never got to walk around with her medical aid. She was on mine yes but she was allowed to go on her own.

“I will give you UBER fare and you can do the rest on your own!”

I said without looking at her making it seem like I was not really paying attention.

“It’s not like I have a choice now mum! May I have the card please?”

She asked impatiently. I told her I don’t have the card but she should rather take her medical aid card number on my phone I had saved it there. The genius of technology. I had actually saved it under her name when I first got it. When she got it I could sense she thought she had gotten one over me but I knew what I was doing. All statements go to the main member and I was the main member. In a day or two I will be able to enquire on what the Medical Aid had been used for so as to justify charges. She did not know that. A break through at last.

When I went downstairs I found Mapula waiting for me. Lintle had already left,

“Mama I think something is wrong with Lintle. For three days now she has taken her sheets to the washing machine. It’s not like her to take her own things out and yesterday morning there was no electricity so she could not start the machine leaving the sheets there. She asked me to spin it for her so I took the sheets out to see what’s going on and there was blood on them!”

She reported to me. That’s why she had wanted the medical aid. Mapula is a mother and a woman so she is not stupid. I knew what she was trying to say but could not say it.

“I will look into it. I think she is pregnant and is not saying it. I will get to the bottom of this!”

I said of which Mapula gasped in shock. I was not selling out my daughter to the nanny. A lot of black people our nanny’s have been with us for so many years they are practically family. I think Mapula had been with us since Lintle was three and now she was practically a woman. I could see the disappointment in her face but she did not say anything. She walked away and went to the kitchen as I headed out.

When I got to work I bumped into George! I thought he had changed hospitals but there was in the flesh.

“What is he doing here?”

I asked Zethu,

“The suspension is over and he is back! What’s worse he is still going to be in paeds meaning that he will be a problem for you!”

She said then laughed.

“Why have you been avoiding me?”

I asked her. I did say that Zethu had been asking funny for a while now.

“I haven’t. A lot has been happening that’s all!”

She said of which I knew she was lying.

“Zethu we are better friends than this! Tell me what’s on your mind please!”

I pleaded with her. I had a point I think. I did not want to this to continue much further.

“Ok I will be honest with you. It’s about your brother. I don’t like the way you always put him down. You are supposed to be his sister and encourage him but ever since I started dating him you always speak shit about him. How am I supposed to look at you and want to talk to you?”

She said to me. I was stumped. This woman had dated my brother for a month and already she thought she knew more about him than I did. That’s the problem with women, even if another woman was to walk up to you and tell you that your new man is a cheat with many other women you will tell her to mind her own business. Only you are the first to fall in love? Yah neh, no wonder why we get our hearts broken, it’s because we do not leave room for the woman who came before us to warn us. We are quick to call it jealousy instead of seeing through the cracks.

“I am sorry about doing that. He is my little brother so it’s hard to see him as anything but that.”

I told her.

“It won’t happen again!”

I said and I think I meant it, I am not sure. She looked at me and I could see she wanted to tell me something,

“What is it?”

I asked her.

“I have been dying to tell you or show you something… please don’t be negative!”

She asked. I was not sure where this was going but I played along. She took out something out of her pocket and said,

“Your brother proposed a few days ago and I said yes!”

In her hand was a ring.

I warned her.

They had dated for so short!

*******The End*********

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    Q&A Cleaner Google nursing agencies in your area and go and register and start working in hospitals. Is easy to get post if the hospital staff is happy with your work.

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