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Growing Up – Chapter Twelve

For a few weeks, Tshiamo was still angry at me and Sihle. She made sure to avoid us, she left very early in the morning and she arrived extremely late. We normally combined grocery money, and decided together what needs to be bought, but this month she left a note letting us know that she doesn’t eat food in this house anymore because she doesn’t trust us.

Life at church was really awkward for me now because as a worship leader I worked closely with the band, that Mlu was a part of. Mlu would give me attitude like he was a pregnant woman and pass stupid remarks like a teenage boy. His levels of immaturity were very shocking and his girlfriend on the other hand also ignored me. I wished it would be common knowledge that Mlu was the father of Thando’s baby, I didn’t understand why they were protecting this guy’s identity. If everyone knew that he was in fact the father of the baby, all our problems would come to an end. Tshiamo would come back to her old self, maybe a bit less judgemental, and everything would go back to normal.

The pastor was avoiding me, I sent him texts and tried to call him but he never responded. I don’t know why I kept on calling him, maybe it was the thrill of being with someone of his calibre, or maybe I was becoming exactly what I never wanted to be, a hussy. Philani on the other hand was perfect, we did the HIV test and we were both negative. But we were advised to come back.
We had a lot of sex now, as much as I felt guilty and I didn’t feel worthy to be called a child of God now, I enjoyed it so much. People were right, sex was amazing, more than I anticipated. I have become a Christian that had a lot of sex during the week but I avoided doing it on Saturdays, I guess it made me feel better about my sin. I felt ‘cleaner’ if I avoided fornicating a day before I was going to lead worship.

On this particular day, I had to do groceries for my place and Philani’s place. I did his groceries for him because he ate junk and bought unnecessary things. Groceries to Philani meant buying a lot of energy drinks, eggs and milk. Not buying proper groceries led him to eat a lot of take-aways, which was unhealthy. So I took it upon myself to buy him proper food. I made my way to the mall and I was driving Philani’s car. At the mall, I first had breakfast then I went to buy my groceries. As I was walking out, I saw two familiar faces, as I walked closer I saw Sipho and Bongile. Sipho was my ex-boyfriend and Bongile was my ex-best friend. They were holding a baby, probably their second baby and they were also walking out of the mall. Bongile became my friend in primary because we were both doing music as an extra curricular activity. Our friendship grew strong throughout the years and we ended up going to the same high school. Her parents became both our parents during parent meetings or when we had concerts or award ceremonies, as I mentioned before that my mom was an unreliable mother who pulled disappearing acts. Bongile and I were so tight that she was the 1st person I called when my mother was shot and murdered. She even spent the whole month at my house with me and my sister, she was that friend who became family.

Sipho on the other hand was my first boyfriend. I always thought he was my first love until Philani showed me what love is. Sipho and I started to date when he was in grade 12 and I was in grade 9, we were in the same school. You see guys I’m not a bad girl afterall, I only have one ex. I don’t call what we did in primary dating, which was play-play. Sipho was a nice guy, the cool dude that every girl wanted to date. Our relationship was cute and sweet, we were the ‘IT’ couple, everyone knew that we were dating and we were envied by a lot of people. On Fridays he would take me to a park or these fast food outlets. When he completed his matric, he went to varsity, so we would see each other once a month and during school holidays. He never wanted me to come and visit him in varsity, according to him there was no need because I wasn’t going to sleep with him. So we only saw each other when it suited him. This continued until I reached matric.

When we were writing our final exams, there was a rumour that my friend Bongile was pregnant. She denied this, until December when the baby bump was showing. To cut a long story short, Bongile was pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby. I was willing to forgive her, but instead of apologising, she told me that she was in love with him. To top it all he came to my house and told me to leave his ‘woman’ alone, he doesn’t want me to stress her. This is how I lost two people who were important to me for years, my best friend and my boyfriend.

Seeing them together and holding a baby really shocked me. Their child was supposed to be 3-4 years now, the one they were with looked like she was between 6-7 months. I thought their love affair ended after the first child, they clearly loved each other. I was glad that they got to see me, after all these years especially because I was looking super hot. They, on the other hand could do with an upgrade. I called out their names, they stopped and they were shocked to see me. We exchanged hugs, I asked them where they were going and they told me. I persuaded them to allow me to take them to their house, or wherever they were headed to. This was a strategy my people, I wanted them to see Philani’s car. Philani’s car was a beast, and they were obviously going to think that it’s mine. We headed to the car and I could see their face when I put the food in the boot, they looked defeated and shocked all at once, I on the other hand had the ‘look at me now’ look on my face.
They asked me if that was my car, I proudly said yes. I asked them to get into the car, they exchanged looks and got inside the car. The first few minutes with them in the car were very awkward, and I tried my best to make the journey a pain for them. I wanted to subtly make them sorry for being the cause of my first heart break.

They asked me what I was doing for a living, I said I owned a string of beauty spa’s. I wasn’t really lying yez, this was a prophetic truth because my dream was to have a lot of beauty spa’s. So don’t judge me because I was prophesying upon my life. I asked them what were they doing, Bongile worked as at a retail store, Sipho was an artisan. Unfortunately for them life didn’t happen the way they wanted, Sipho wasn’t where he wanted to be at this point in his life. He had to drop out of school because of expensive varsity fees and ended up going to an FET college. I felt sorry for him because he was very ambitious. We arrived at their house, it was okay, not very bad. It was an extended RDP house, they had added about two rooms and enlarged their kitchen a bit. It was better than what most people had. Apparently Sipho paid lobola for Bongile, that really hurt yoh. She gets the man and the ring? Life was unfair.

As Bongile was about to make me something to eat, I received a message from the Pastor.
It read: “If you want to see me, you must come now.” After that he sent me GPS co-ordinates. I told the happy couple that I had to leave, I took Bongile’s number and promised to do her nails when she was available. I drove to the location and arrived at a big house. The house was very huge and had big gates. I called the Pastor and told him I was outside, he let me in. The garden was beautiful, I parked the car and went to knock. He opened the door for me, mhhhhh this man was very hot. Looking at him just made me weak. He said to never come see him when I’m using Philani’s car.

Me: “Why have you been avoiding me like this?”
Thulani: “I thought that’s what you wanted.”
Me: “I didn’t say you must avoid me.”
Thulani: “Yazini Hlengiwe, you need to decide what you want, I’m too old for your games.”
Me: “I don’t know what I want.”
Thulani: “So what are you doing here?”
Me: “I wanted to see you.”
Thulani: “Why did you want to see me?”
Me: “Hai so many questions, I’m not here to be interrogated. Stop asking me stupid questions.”
Thulani: “Don’t give me attitude Hlengiwe. If you don’t know what you want, leave my house right now.” This man clearly didn’t beg.
Me: “sorry”
Thulani: “So answer my question, why do you want?”
Me: “I don’t know what I want but right now I want to be with you.” I don’t know why I said this, but it was what I really wanted at that moment.”
After I said this, he pushed me against the wall and began to kiss me. As I was enjoying myself, he stopped. He walked to the couch and I followed him.
Thulani: “Baby do you know how to twerk?”
Me: “Twerk? No, I can’t.”
Thulani: “Okay, I have a few twerk video’s in my laptop. I’m giving you 30 minutes to learn how to twerk, then come back and do it for me.”
Me: “You are mad, why would I twerk for you, you are really sick.”
Thulani: “I told you to never raise your voice when you speak to me. I asked you what you wanted, and you said you want to be with me right now. Being with me means doing what I tell you to do. I’m not Philani, you won’t push me around. I want you to twerk for me, unless you want me to go and ask another woman?”
Me: “No, I don’t want you to ask another woman.”
Thulani: “You will find the laptop in my study, there’s no password. Learn as fast as you can, I will be back in 30 minutes.”
With that said, he left. I went to the study, I opened the laptop and saw a folder named ‘sexy thangs’. I opened the folder, and saw a lot of video’s of women twerking and a few porn videos.
What was this Apostle, man of God doing with such explicit videos?

44 thoughts on “Growing Up – Chapter Twelve

  1. Pastors like Thulani are disgusting this days people of God are not save anymore I hope Hlengy will realise that and run away from this man.

  2. If Hlengy claim to love man who are God fearing its time she runs for her life. This pastor is a Monster in sheeps cloth. WTF! Twerking really???

  3. Thulani seems like a sadist. Hlengiwe must stay far far away! Such Pastors must be exposed for their such things. Going around condemning peoples behavior and yet they themselves are not living according to the word.

  4. This pastor reminds me like that guy in Tyler Perry’s. “Temptations”…Hlengiwe needs to get away while she can…

  5. The story of pastor maybe shady but it is one type of guys I will suspect of having hidden cameras.

    Ok,with Philane’s car at the pastor’s place????

  6. Hlengy plz get out of that house, this Apostle is delusional. Khanyi thanks love mina I like ur work babe hang in there u here to learn & grow we may not comment everyday but we read ur work & Mike thank u for giving young blood a chance to shine

  7. Embrace yourself hlengy you made the biggest mistakeof your life, once he is sure that you are hooked he is going to tell you that he doesn’t want to use a condom haa, and you won’t even be able to say no.

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