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Growing Up – Chapter 18

What was Philani talking about now? Did he find out about me and the Apostle? But how did he find out because I haven’t told anyone yet. Or maybe that stupid Apostle went to gloat to Philani, or his sins were burning him and he confessed. Eish I wouldn’t put that past him. Don’t you guys hate these people who like to be righteous at the expense of someone else. Why did someone else have to suffer because you have a weak conscience? Hai people man, that is just not right. If we did something wrong together, and you feel the urge to confess, you should at least warm me. This was the end of my relationship vele? After all the years of love, joy, anger, confusion, happiness and sadness… all down the drain because of a silly mistake. I realised then that I wasn’t willing to lose Philani because of a silly little mistake, it was just not worth it. I had to call this stupid Apostle and know exactly what he told Philani.

Thulani: I told you to call me when you know what you want. I hope you know what you want dear, don’t waste my time.
Me: Oh so this is your plan to get me to make up my mind? Aren’t you suppose to let me make up my mind in my own way and own time. So tell me what did you say to him?
Thulani: What are you talking about?
Me: Don’t act like you don’t know. Tell me what you sad to Philani so that I can do damage control.
Thulani: You are actually crazier and have more issues than I thought neh?
Me: Don’t patronise me Thulani please! You know that you told Philani about you and me, now you’re acting like you don’t have an idea what I’m talking about.
Thulani: I told you to never scream when you talk to me, I’m a grown-ass man, not some child. I don’t have time to call your boyfriend and bad mouth you. If I wanted to end your relationship, I would’ve done so without even having to contact him. Your childishness and attitude are a serious turn-off. Get rid of them!
Me: Don’t tell me to… hello? hello?

Dammit! Not only did he hang up, he also insulted me. No one wants to be called childish, that is an insult. The word ‘childish’ to me means that you have a matured body, but you mind and behaviour are not matured, they are falling behind and need to catch up. It’s better when you say a man is childish, I don’t think there is a woman out there who wants to be called childish. Women generally love to look and act mature. Even from a young age, we mature before guys our age, I believe that is the reason why as we grow older we tend to date older guys and not guys our age. We all know that men have a certain level of childishness to them, so calling them childish wouldn’t be an insult as much as it would be to a woman.

It was hard for me to believe him when he said he didn’t call Philani nor say anything to him. How did Philani find out ke? Did he have me followed? But if that was so, he would’ve reacted earlier. I was really confused now, but I didn’t want to show Philani that I was nervous or worried. He will have to believe me when I give him my version of the story.
I will just say to Philani I went to the Apostle’s house because I needed some counselling regarding my childhood. I will tell him that the day he left the Apostle at my house, he prophesied and told me that God showed him that I was having problems regarding my past. I would tell him that the Apostle told me it was better if I start with my counselling soon. I also would add that I was afraid to tell him because I didn’t want him to see me as some freak with many issues. I know that would soften him up. Guys, I know planning to lie was wrong but what am I supposed to do? Lose my ticket to the comfortable life we all dream of? I am not poor, I live a good life, but Philani could give me a great life. The Apostle, judging by his car and house, also could afford to give me the life I want. But my problem is that I wasn’t going to sacrifice a stable relationship for a fling that might not end very well. So I had to protect myself, because even if I confess and Philani forgives me, he would remind me for the rest of my life. He would always tell me that he can’t get the image of me and the Apostle out of his mind. He would never trust me again, and would make damn sure that I am aware of that.

After I came up with a lie, I relaxed. I went to bath and headed to my sister’s house. On my way to I was pulled aside by a traffic cop. Eish I don’t like these people.

Traffic cop: Licence?

Really? Where are our manners as South Africans? You can’t just say license as if you asked me to buy it for you, tjeer. What happened to hello, how are you, could you please give me your licence?

Me: What about it?

After I said that the traffic cop looked at me, I was worried and hoped prayed he didn’t make my life difficult.

Traffic cop: Aw sisi, I didn’t see that you were this beautiful. Please forgive me for pulling you over. A beautiful person like you doesn’t deserve to be disturbed. You can go my sister, have a beautiful day.
Me: You are quite handsome yourself. Thank you, have a great day.

After saying that I drove off. I was lying to the poor guy, he wasn’t handsome. I was just saying it to boost his ego and make sure that he has a great day. Mara being a pretty face has it’s perks neh? People tend to respect beautiful people, they treat us beautiful people like queens. Guys give you more attention than a normal girl. #prettygirlsstaywinning.

I arrived at my sister’s house, she was in the Jacuzzi. She had one of her maids fanning her while she was having a drink. Yeah, one of her maids, my sister had 3 maids – 2 were for cleaning and cooking, then the other one was for the washing and ironing. Who needs so much helpers? My sister was a real drama queen shem and her husband encouraged her. I told her she would find me inside the house when she was done. As soon as I sat down, her maid asked me whether I need something. I was fine so I said no, she told me to ring the bell when I needed anything. The bell? My sister bought little golden bells and has them placed around the house. She told me that she bought them because sometimes they didn’t hear her when she called them.
My sister was a nice person but I didn’t like the way she treated her helpers. You guys should see the way they behave when she walks into the room, you’d swear that a lion was walking in on them doing something that will encourage the lion to eat them. According to her they didn’t do anything right, she was always complaining about this or that. The fact that they called her madam also bothered me, why didn’t she want them to call her Sis Thenji at least? She always told me about boundaries and that they should know their place. She was the boss and they were the servants. After waiting for a while, she finally joined me. Her belly was now showing and it looked very cute shame.

Thenjiwe: How are you little sister?
Me: I’m fine sisi and you?
Thenjiwe: I’m good. I am busy planning a baby launch and I will need your help.
Me: A baby launch? What’s that?
Thenjiwe: A baby launch my dear is the in-thing, all the rich and famous are doing it. It’s a baby launch, launching our baby.
Me: How is it different from a baby shower?
Thenjiwe: Ah you know a baby shower is for females only, and it is boring. So a baby launch will include all our loved ones. It’s going to be awesome, you’ll see everyone in our circles will soon be following the trend.

Now I have seen and heard it all, a baby launch. Launching a baby as though it is a brand? Hai poor baby, I think I will have to protect this child once it has arrived because the mother is mad at times.
Me: So where do you need my help?
Thenjiwe: You must find the venue, people to do the decor, caterers, entertainment, invites, there is so much more.”
Me: Mara Thenji you said you need my help, you didn’t say I was going to organise the whole thing.
Thenjiwe: You are my only sister, and you can ask Sihle to help you.
Me: And wena what will you be doing?
Thenjiwe: I will be assisting you where I can if you need me to.
Me: More like control me. It’s fine I will do it, only if you promise to let me do my own thing and don’t interfere.

She agreed but I wasn’t happy with this I don’t like being bullied into doing things. I prefer offering my services, not being forced. We spent the rest of the day watching movies, eating and gossiping. I eventually had to leave because Philani was coming over. When I arrived home, I found his car parked outside my house, I became very nervous. I went to his car, I greeted him, but he went straight to the point.

Philani: Hlengiwe do you know how it feels like to get phone calls letting you know that your woman is with another man?
Me: Baby I can explain.
Philani: Explain what Hlengiwe? Who were you with yesterday? I even have pictures of the two of you being cosy, so please don’t lie to me Hlengiwe.

He even has pictures? Oh God, what am I going to do now?

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  1. Hey Khanyi, thanks for the read.
    Can I suggest something? Give us some twists here & there. In other words, don’t be too predictable. Grab us as yo readers & keep us wanting more. Have us on a leash, control our minds, intoxicate us with yo “drug”.
    Yo story seems to be lacking that “drug” effect. A reader shudn’t conclude yo chapter by reading yo introduction. Keep us in suspense, surprise us! Myb do mo research on yo storyline b4 posting it. Include current affairs in your subject which is churches. Throw a “mature” joke here & there. – PapaG.

  2. I think too much is happening too soon here. The story feels rushed. I’d appreciate it if you let us ease into the story. Thank you for the read thoigh

  3. Yekani ukufunda niloke nisitsela ngoBored lana or better yet create your own blogs yavelelwa ingane yabantu onomgqovu aibo

  4. This story is amazing. I’m becoming a huge fan of your work Khanyi. Keep writing darl I’m looking forward to more chapters. Oh and… these critiques here should shit down or gerara here

  5. you are great girl, keep it up!!!

    Lmao @ MicTang I last heard of that word “unomngqovu” at boarding school, kikikikikiki

  6. I didn’t get a chance to read over the weekend but I catch anyway… are getting there, don’t give up lala…. one point I didn’t like though is when u refer to your sister’s helpers as Maids. I really don’t like that work.

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