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Growing Up – Chapter 15

Have you ever seen or heard something and not believe it? That was the way I was feeling right now. When a person does something that is out of character, you often think that maybe, just maybe your imagination is running wild. Some people are just innocent or make us believe that they innocent, so we never imagine them doing certain things. The image in front of my eyes, was not a good one, I don’t think I will ever forget it till the day I die.

The weird sounds were coming from Tsiamo’s room, the door wasn’t closed, so I went to peek through the door. What I saw really shocked me guys! from that day on I don’t think there is anything in this world that will surprise me. Tsiamo was on top of Mlu riding him like crazy. Tsiamo the righteous, holier than thou, sanctified, justified and pure friend of mine was having sex. This can’t be true, no Tsiamo said she would remain a virgin until marriage. Hell, I said that as well but look at me now. But the way she was riding the guy made it seem as though she has years of experience. I’ve had sex a couple of times with Philani now, so I was still learning certain things like what satisfied me and how to be confident when I ride him. She was oozing confidence and you could see that this was her forte. Hawu mara ugirl, she must share some tips with me, she mustn’t be stingy with such, I also want to satisfy my men, no I mean my man.

I decided to go to my room before I am tempted to call Philani or Apostle Thulani so that he can give me some. It’s funny that before I had sex and I saw this, I wouldn’t think about Philani or any other man, I would rather be appalled and pray for her forgiveness. Now that I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and I’m enjoying it, I also want to get me some lekker mbhobho. I know it’s not right for me to think such things, sometimes I just wish I didn’t even start engaging in sex. This thing is like a drug – once you start, you can’t stop. I wonder what God was thinking of me, his precious daughter, a worship leader in his house, a young woman rooted in His Word, I was now driven by lust and I was a fornicator. I knelt down and prayed. After praying I called Apostle Thulani, he answered my call as if he was waiting for me to call.

Thulani: “What do you want?” Yoh he was obviously angry at me, I didn’t know how to respond because I didn’t know why I was calling him.
Me: “I just wanted to check if you are fine?”
Thulani: “Do you care if I’m fine or not? You know very well that I’m not fine.”
Me: “I’m sorry, I will make it up to you.”
Thulani: “You don’t have to make it up to me, I’m no longer interested in doing anything with you.”
Me: “What does that mean?”
Thulani: “I want you to stay away from me, don’t text me, don’t call me.”
Me: “What? You are dumping me?”
Thulani: “I didn’t realise that we are a couple. You are confused Hlengiwe and I don’t need confusion in my own life. Call me when you’ve sorted yourself out.”

I didn’t think before I spoke, this guy wasn’t my boyfriend, so he wasn’t dumping me. But why did it hurt so much? Eish I really need to sort myself out, he was right I was really confused. After praying I changed into pyjamas, I was about to sleep when I heard a commotion outside. I looked outside the window, my room’s window faced the gate, so I was able to see everything outside. I saw Thandiwe walking towards the house, screaming! Thando was behind her, Sihle was running behind her and talking to her, I think she was telling her to calm down. What were they doing here and why was Thandiwe fighting? They normally called before they came to visit us. I wonder what was going on. I walked to the kitchen and Thandiwe was cursing and screaming.

Thandiwe: “Where is that b###h? I swear I’m going to rearrange her face.”
Sihle: “Thandiwe please calm down sisi, let’s talk like adults.”
Thandiwe: “Don’t tell me to f##ken calm down okay… you guys had a chance to come and talk to us like adults but you chose to support this rubbish. Wena Hlengiwe I thought you were Thando’s friend. Sihle you and I speak almost every day but you conveniently forget to tell me that Mlu is dating Tsiamo.” So this was about the love triangle. I felt so guilty now, Thando was kind of my friend and I was obliged to tell her but I also didn’t want to be caught in between.

Thandiwe: “Where is Tsiamo? I want to teach her a lesson she will never forget. You don’t mess with Thando and expect me to keep quiet.”

Thandiwe was very familiar with this house, so she was marching to Tsiamo’s room while she spoke. I was really nervous now because I wasn’t sure if those two were still getting it on or they were down, so we followed her. She violently opened the door, and they were still getting it on. Tsiamo was on her knees, giving him head, they were so disgusting. So they mean they didn’t hear the commotion in the kitchen all this time? They had ample time to get dressed and come to explain themselves to us. They probably wanted to prove a point. The look on their faces when we walked in was priceless, it was really funny. In a different situation I would have laughed at them.

Thandiwe: “Oh so this is what you do all day, instead of going to the doctor with my Thando? Wena Tsiamo, I will teach you a lesson you will never forget, actually I will teach both of you a lesson. Never again will you mess with Thando.”

She took out a belt from her waist and began to give them a good whipping, they were naked so the whipping was good. We were all shocked and scared to stop her, until Thando intervened.

Thando: “Thandiwe please stop. What you’re doing is unnecessary.”
Thando has always been a calm person, if I were her, I would be helping Thandiwe. Thandiwe stopped and told them to get dressed and meet us in the lounge, we all followed her, we didn’t want to mess with her now when she was so angry. She instructed me to lock the door, because she didn’t want this di*kless coward to run away – her words not mine! I locked the door, and went to the lounge. Mlu and Tsiamo were taking their sweet time to join us.

Thandiwe: “You guys better hurry up. You don’t want me to get angry, you should both know by now that I know very dangerous people who would hurt you if I get angry.”

Hahaahaa so Thandiwe wasn’t angry? I thought she was angry already, so can she get angrier than she was already? This girl was one in a million. They arrived and sat down.

Thandiwe: “This is what is going to happen now, I will ask the questions and whoever the question is directed to will give me the answer.”

We all agreed with her. She was running the show, we didn’t want to anger her any further.

Thandiwe: “Hlengiwe the day I told you about Mlu and Thando why didn’t you inform me that he is busy with Tsiamo? Are you guys united in hurting my sister.”
Me: “When you told me about their relationship, I was shocked, because I didn’t want Thando to get hurt. I decided to tell Tsiamo so that she can break up with Mlu. That same day you told me, I told Sihle and we confronted Mlu in front of Tsiamo.”
Thandiwe: “Okay, is that true Sihle?”
Sihle: “Yes, it is. We asked him and he denied being the baby-daddy. He even said you guys are probably jealous of their relationship or one of you wanted him. He convinced Tsiamo that you guys wanted to break them up. Since then she has been distant, you guys probably saw her status on facebook a few weeks ago about friends being jealous of relationships, it was directed at us. We seriously tried to end the relationship, but we couldn’t tell you guys we didn’t want to cause conflict.”

Thandiwe: “Okay guys, I believe you guys. I’m sorry for screaming at the both of you, I should’ve known better.”

We said it was fine, she had every right to believe that we were part of this madness.

Thandiwe: “But wena Mlu where the hell do you get the nerve to get my sister pregnant, then cheat on her with this stupid girl? Thando is prettier and smarter that this side-chick of yours.”

I couldn’t help but laugh when she said this, it was funny because of the tone she used changed from when she was addressing Sihle and I. The fact that Thando was prettier and smarter than Tsiamo was very true. Mlu kept quiet.

Thandiwe: “You can’t speak now? Do you think I enjoy watching my sister cry everyday because you don’t respond to her texts? Or because you are rude to her over the phone? Do you think I enjoy watching her stress about the baby all alone? You even had the nerve to tell her to leave you alone because you are busy with your queen? This is your queen?”

Tsiamo finally spoke: “Thandiwe I didn’t realise that he was really the baby-daddy. I though Sihle and Hlengy were lying.”
Sihle: “Mara Tsiamo why would we lie to you? When have we ever lied to you? Please find a better excuse.”
Tsiamo: “Guys you know me, I wouldn’t go after someone’s man. I really believed Mlu.”

I looked at Thando and I noticed that she was uncomfortable. I asked her if she was okay, she said she was just having a few cramps but nothing to worry about. Thando excused herself, and said she needs a glass of water. I helped her stand up, as she was now heavily pregnant. When she walked away, I saw a blood spot on the sofa, and the dress she was wearing also had a blood stain. I alerted Thandiwe to stop talking and told her that Thando was bleeding. She also saw that she was bleeding and she cried. We all stood up, Mlu carried her to his car, we all went into the car, Tsiamo stayed behind. Her sobs were getting worse, and it broke my heart. Thandiwe was crying with her, and I tried to comfort her. She screamed and said she was experiencing severe pains. We were all worried now, if anything happened to her or the baby, who will be the scapegoat? Will it be Mlu or Tsiamo?

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