Realities – Chapter Sixty Four

What are you willing to do to keep your job? We already know that employment options are so far and few in between so losing your job is a big problem. There is two ways to look at it as woman, one, you can be deeply offended when a man asks for sexual favours to get you out of a bind or get you opportunities. As women we shun other women when they slept their way to the top or got a job by opening their legs. We will sit and judge and declare that you will never ever do that if that was you. That’s all fair and good but when that woman starts achieving because of that opportunity she gives jealousy sips in. Being unemployed should be a human right infringement. You lose your dignity just by trying to get food in your mouth, clothe yourself etc. I am a doctor and for us employment is not as difficult as the rest. Zethu and I could therefore walk away from such nonsense but losing your job is never good especially for something like this.

“Did you hear what he just asked for? He wants a threesome! What the fuck does he think we are?”

She said shouting. She had tears in her eyes.

“You need to fix this Nothabo. It’s your mess. I am not going to give in to such blackmail!”

She said. I don’t blame, I had not expected that request by George. It was way over the top but I could not see a way out. I have often said Zethu is always the one that says I don’t live my life and I should take risks. I know the request was absurd but where was her bravery now. Often she encouraged me to cheat on my husband when she saw how miserable I was but a lesson in this is that when you are married and have single friends, never allow them to give you advise because often they mislead you.

“Zethu you are being a big baby! We do this and it’s done and we move on! We drink ourselves to a stupor and we won’t even remember it! If this comes out we are both ruined!”

I told her. I did not want to argue on something I knew that George was not going to change his mind on. Secondly I did not want to report him because we then would have to explain how we got even have this conversation in the first place. I was double screwed then. This was the laziest way out but it would be done. So what two wrongs don’t make a right but truth be told, if they made it all go away then I did not care.

“Nothabo do you hear yourself? It means we are sleeping with the same man who happens to be our junior!”

She protested!

“Yes it means that but also means you keep your grant and job and I keep my husband and job!”

She stood up and took a walk to the end of the corridor then she walked back.

“We have to choose where this goes down because that sleazy bastard could tape this!”

I had not thought that far nor about that but she was right. Imagine having a sex tape at my age. I was not glad that she changed her mind because I was not doing this because I wanted to.

“I spoke to him, let’s do it now before I change my mind!”

She said. Was she kidding me? How could I get home drunk out of skull if I did this today? I had to plan and tell my husband something first before I could get home late or not come home at all. I could not say I was on call either because usually I tell him before hand before I go on call. It would be too obvious. Him coming to my work place had be a definite ploy by him to come check out the situation there.

“I can’t it’s too soon!”

I told her. I was nervous. Maybe she was right when she initially said this was a bad idea. I saw it now.

“No you can’t do this to me! We do this and we never tell a soul about it. Besides, he won’t be expecting us to do it today meaning I doubt he will last 5 minutes! He probably would only manage one of us in any case!”

She said convincing herself and me but I really was having second thoughts. The risk taking Zethu I knew was coming out again. She is the one who always said life is an adventure but now I had actually realized that she had never been in one hence was just a talker.

“Ok but who goes first?”

I asked her.

“What do you mean?”

Really how much more clearer could I have been really? Did I have to spell it out?

“I mean with him, which one of us will he fuck first!”

I said out loud,

“Fuck, we sound like those two East London kids in the papers with Tony Yengeni! We are talking a three-way with a nurse! I am just going to die now!”

I said and went and sat down. This was my entire fault that we were here in this situation but the more I thought about the more repulsive the thought was.

“Let’s go, I know his place!”

Zethu said ignoring me. She knew every time I would speak it would be to convince her for us to get out of this.

“No let me call Sizwe first!”

I told her. I thought it was a good idea as I did not want him to call when we were already where ever we were going.

“Hey love how are you?”

I asked him. He said he was still busy running around but would be home in a few hours. I made a lie and told him that I was going to Zethus place for a few hours after work just to catch up. I immediately invited him to come with because not inviting him would have made him show up unannounced and that would have been a bad idea. Inviting meant that I knew he would say no.

“If I get drunk will you please come pick me up because we want to buy some wine?”

He laughed and said that he was not going to come pick up a drunk. He warned me to be responsible and that was that.

“That was easier than I thought it would be thank God!”

Zethu said impatiently! Something told me that our friendship would never be the same after this. I asked her if she knew his place and she said yes. She had dropped him off once or twice. I never guessed that because I don’t put people in my car. We drove and we knocked on his door there was George and he had the biggest smile on his face. There was bit of shock on his face too, I doubt that he had thought we would come but he acted brave about it.

“You took your time ladies! Thought you had changed your mind!”

He declared. You could feel and sense the sense of triumph in his voice as this happened. He was so excited he was even sweating.

“Really George! When did you become this sleazy though?”

I asked him.

“I thought you are a church person and well respected too but now you want to pull a Mbhoro on us! Really George!”

I asked hoping maybe I would change his mind but when a man is driven by lust he can sell even his family. Men get weak when it comes to sex. They simply don’t know what to do with their little toy and trust me when I say this, no matter how big or small is, whether he is into fat women or skinny ones, once he wants some he will do anything and sacrifice anything to get it! Stupid creatures.

“So are you coming in or not?”

He asked us as we stood at the door!

“We not doing it here and if you say one word the deal is off no matter what happens next!”

Zethu said angrily.

“Where then?”

He asked. I did not know either I was now following Zethu’s lead. Had she not said he must not say a word but I guess that was lost on her too?

“Just get in the car!”

She hissed angrily at him.

“Let me just get my phone!”

He said running back into the house but Zethu followed him and told him that in no uncertain terms must he bring his phone because we do not want to end up being recorded. I had never seen her this fearsome before. He opened his mouth I think to protest but stopped in tracks because he knew he would lose. I was definitely in her corner at this moment. We were using her car. Funny enough nervous as I was, I was finding this a bit funny. The whole situation was so unreal.

“Zethu where are we going?”

I eventually asked her when I finally got the guts to speak. She responded with turning her head.

“I have a fully furnished flat in Braam which I normally rent out to students. There is no one there at the moment as we just finished repainting. That’s where we are going!”

I was panicking slightly now. I really did not want to sleep with this man again. My husband was loving and caring, yes we fought a lot but I had strayed once, I did not want to do it again. Before long we were there. She took a plastic bag from the car and we headed upstairs. Zethu was wearing a dress and I was wearing pants.

“Welcome to my place!”

She said sarcastically.

“George are you sure you want us to go through with this? You can change your mind you know!”

She said to him but even now I could see a tent had formed on his pants, he was hard.

“Of course I want! If we don’t I will say it was you tomorrow at the hearing!”

He threatened. He had us in a corner.

“Ok then, hope you can maintain!”

She said. She was cracking jokes now. Her tone changed slightly and she sounded a bit happier than before.

“We don’t have all day but we can’t have sex without being turned on first George, you will hurt us!”

She said her tone softening up. From the car she brought half a bottle of wine and a new unopened. She also had brand new condoms which she said to him that is what he will use. She had sat George on the other side of the room where he was facing us or rather the door. She poured him wine from the open bottle and us from the new bottle. I wanted to say something about how odd that was.

“I don’t drink wine it tastes like shit!”

He said when he saw her approach,

“Well today you are!”

She said coldly and he accepted his fate.

“Let’s all down this but first a toast, to George getting his first threesome!”

Wow did she really say that? She made us sound so cheap! That was not funny and when I downed my wine I felt a lump build up on my throat.

“George how about you do a striptease for us so you can turn us on!”

She said smiling.

“No, ladies first. Zethu, you go first and do a sexy little dance as you do it. Nothabo will do after me so we build on momentum. I will play some music on my phone!”

He said taking it out. We were actually going through with this. I was so humiliated.

Zethu started to dance sensually and sexily. Whoever thinks doctors are too frigid and can’t move have not met this woman in front of me. Even I was getting turned on and I don’t even like women. She went all the way down to just a pair of thongs and then she stopped.

“It’s your turn boo; I can’t lose the panties now without you first…”

She told him. He said he can’t dance but he stood up and started taking of his shirt slowly. There was nothing attractive about him and I could feel my arousal from Zethus dance just disappear. I was next and the thought of taking my clothes in front of another woman in this manner was heavy on me. Being a man and wanting to get things done, meant that he was buck naked in moments with his dick standing proudly.

“Turn around and bend over like this…”

Zethu said from where we stood. She bent over facing me and let her hands go down my fully dress boobs. What the hell was playing at? He immediately faced the window, giving us his back and bent over. That was disgusting!

“I am done, your turn!”

He said pointing at me. I looked at Zethu and shock my head. I even had tears in my eyes.

“She is not doing it!”

She said and immediately started putting her clothes back on. He was just as confused as I was,

“You do not know what’s at stake you stupid bitch right? You really don’t want your jobs and grant!”

He said threatening us.

“Oh no we do. You see George, when we left your house two of my friends entered your house and stole your laptop. They then put in a lot of child pornography in it.”

She told him as she was now putting on her shoes. Child pornography Eeeuw where did she get such filth, she could be arrested herself!

“No one will believe you!”

He said defiantly but his voice was cracking!

“They will but am not done. I sat you that side of the room because there are cameras pointing at you. Let me show you one!”

She said turning around and pulled out a small camera by the microwave. I had not seen it myself but indeed it was pointing at him.

“My two friends, one is graphics designer and I am sure with your unintelligent brain you don’t know what that is but I will explain his role. He will take the pictures taken here today, and put them in your computer, next to the pictures of those poor children. Are you following me?”

I know for sure I was following her. She had turned the tables.

“You will get me arrested!”

He exclaimed when realization sank in. The fear in his eyes was palpable.

“Tomorrow after the hearing, I will give you back your laptop, and all the pictures, if you say the person having sex was you and a goat for all I care. You don’t mention Nothabo or my name at any moment.”

She said,

“Now put your clothes and get out of my flat! You will catch a taxi!”

She told him. He was begging her now and pleading for her not to do this but she would not budge. When he walked out she did not say a thing for about two minutes then she came to hug me.

“I am sorry I did not tell you what the plan was, there was no time!”

She went and checked outside the window to see if he was gone. When he exited the building we could see him clearly. The man looked confused.

“Where did you get the child pornography?”

I asked her.

“Are you crazy? That shit will get me arrested. There is no child pornography and there are no cameras in this flat. I was bluffing the whole time but he doesn’t know that!”

She said and for the first time today I actually burst out laughing!

******The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi readers. I am 21yrs old and my boyfriend is 35, we’ve been together since 2012 and we have a 2yr old daughter. My problem is that things are not good between us ever since i went out partying with my ex and his friends, i went out with them bcoz he was out of the province so i got a little bit of freedom (we stay together), he doesn’t want me to go out and have fun with my friends and he always checks my phone. So now at this party my ex and i kissed and he found out bcoz he came home earlier than he was supposed to, thing is he is still angry at me but this happened 6weeks ago. But mina i always forgive him even when he cheated on me while i was pregnant, every year he cheats maybe 4times but i always forgive him. I am thinking of leaving him now but i love him so much and it’s so hard to let go, the guy doesn’t even want me to touch him at night if he wants sex he just finger me then do his thing without even kissing me. Please guys i need your advice what must i do

Thank You


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  1. WOW, that was a great read Mike and Thozama, Thank you guys.

    As for Nothabo and Zethu, hai i salute Zethu. She’s got brains and she uses them.

    #next chapter please

  2. Thanks Mike

    QnA nana men don’t forgive. Even if u didn’t kiss your ex he wouldn’t have forgiven u for just going out with him. That’s men for u. I pray u find a solution to this but what I can tell u: MEN DO NOT FORGIVE

  3. Wow! I’m so glad they didn’t go through with it. Nothabo needs a break. Girl power! As for QnA, the moment there is a much younger girl with a much older man, the reason he took you to be his girlfriend is because he can control you. What 33year old impregnates a 19year old unless he is one of those, “catch them young” types. You are in the phase of your life where you are supposed to find out what you want in your adult life., whether you like partying and what kind of a guy you would like to marry. If you cant do that when you are 21 then when? and there are double standards in relationships, men will cheat and cheat and expect to be let off the hook everytime. If you do it then you are a whore and you will suffer the consequences. I forsee him being emotionally, verbally and even physically abusive. You barely get out of the house. You will suffer wasting your days of youth on an abusive man. Are you working? Do you have a career? can you separate and then get back together once you know if you really want him and not for the sake of the relationship. All I can say is its time to remove the rose-tinted glasses and realistically analyse your relationship. Its abuse so don’t stand for it.

  4. Zinhle Iv been in that very same boat. I drunkenly kissed a guy once. Meanwhile he had actually slept with 2 people when all I did was kiss someone. He was so distant and cold, sex wasnt good anymore. I eventually had to leave him and only after a while did he forgive me

    Your kiss aside, I actually dont know why you forgive his infidelities like this. 4 times a year, every year. Really??? Okay.

  5. now that was a plan. Q_A love he had a chance to have “fun” and now its yours . you are 21.. when he dated you he knew what he was geting himself in to .. do you wanna be 40 and still party hard. My relationship age dif is the same… after fighting and all we finaly reached an agreement. its either he does it with me or then lets call it quits. yes he has done it and yes he had the experiance he knows what happens at partys .etc. I dont want to be 40 and regret not enjoying my youth but most importantly enjoy it with someone you love makes it even more crazy cause whether i smoke weed or what i know he will look after me. its either he comes along or I sneak out? which will only make matters worse. I had to break up with him to make him see that im human. No one is a doll. you need to get out once in a while and breath. yes there is a time to act 35 but also a time to act 21. We have to meet each other half way. we meet when i was in grade 10 its been 5 years but its not been easy… age dif in a relationship is a huge challenge but it will only work if you work together. Only after i decided im leaving because i refused to be controlled like a doll and being abused emotionally etc. its unfair what he is doing… he knows you young and kinda “inexperianced” with life. meaning he saw an opportunity knowing you wont fight back. the cheating part yona .. i have no words… he cheats you forgive.. whats his excuse? mid life crises? Please love if he doesnt want you pack your bags and leave its not worth it. for your child atleast. that is a toxic relationship trust me. If he doesnt see any wrong in what he is doing and just sit back and leave him then the pattern wont end.

    he knows you gonna forgive him. concentrate on you. finish school get a job build a career. he must not for 1 think you are here in life because of him or you cant live without him. Its hard trust me but you will thank yourself one day. Its together or nothing. its time you sat down and talked like really talked. Respect is earned not given. Clearly he still wants to be single let him be… you dont deserve such heartbreak. you are worth much more. I was tired and feedup.. your life does not belong to him because you got a kid together. oh gosh i could go on the whole day….. but at the end of the day its what you want you not a furniture piece to sit watch TV the whole day. either he knows what he does when he goes out and scared you will do the same. TIME TO TALK _ WHERE IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP GOING. cause like it or not He is fucking someone else… no guy surivives on hand job…..

  6. I dont think George had realised in the first place that he is dealing with two DOCTORS!!! He is afterall just a mere NURSE. Did he really think he had more brains than the Doctors put together… OH PLEASE George!!! Nothabo only gave it to him to feel good about herself not becase she had the hearts for him!

  7. Now thats a job well done to Zethu thanks Mike @ Q&A Zinhle please leave this guy cause you in a relationship alone now what kind of man that doesn’t even turn you on before having sex (that’s not making love he just F**ks you) I doubt he even tells you he loves you anymore, Just leave him baby girl he is overreacting where els he’s a cheating busted nxa??? you know what I’m catching feelings let me stop. PS You are still young he never allowed you to enjoy your youth hance you doing it now if you don’t leave try nd do things together get drunk with him go out and all that Good luck

  8. Give zethu a bells! Zinhle da guy ha a go rate cnt u c dat?he dznt cheat u 4 times in a year bt dz it everyday wena u caught him, 4 times dat dznt mean wa stopa,s cheat us a cheat qha!u waisting ur love

  9. Mike I wish they did it but somehow I suspected that out come lol.Thanks

    Zin I was that guy ones and when she cheated on me I never forgave her and the love died for my ex,so move on dear cause I never stopped cheating cause I wanted to teach her also.itsjust complicated cause u want revenge. Any relationship without trust it’s doomed. U going out with ur ex was the final nail out of the men,that is just cold.
    Maybe talk to him.or couple counselling cause of the child.

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