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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Seven

I wanted to pull the trigger, I wanted these fools dead but at the back of my mind I could not shake off the fact that I knew killing haunts you, and it’s something that haunts you for a very, very long time if not for the rest of your miserable life, because trust me you will be miserable. Now that I had the gun in my hands I didn’t know if I should shot or just walk-away, Mthobisi and his friends had obviously done a good number on them I mean their faces were barely recognisable which meant they had beat the shit out of them but was that enough? Was that not enough punishment? Yes I was very angry that they had robbed me of a son and experiences that I will never ever have in this lifetime but I was not God, I did not have the powers to decide who leaves and who dies. Everyone in the room was looking at me waiting to see what my move was going to be, I was faced with two choices and yes I know I always complain that in my life most of the times I do not get given choices, situations arise and I have to follow my husband’s lead and this time, for once in my life I had a choice to choose to do good or evil and at that moment evil smelled and tasted so good I was tempted I looked at the gun lifted it and said “I think I’m going to leave them in God’s hands, I will let him deal with them” I said handing the gun to Mthobisi. I don’t know where his mother had come from because I had not seen her not that I was paying much attention to what was going on around me but out of nowhere she appeared grabbed the gun from my hands and pulled the trigger and shot one of the three guys in the leg, the gun shot sound was so loud that for a few seconds all I could hear was a ringing sound and everything around the room was a blur.

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