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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four

I opened my eyes wide because what I was seeing could not be real, this had to be some kind of an illusion. This could not be my beautiful angel, I refused to believe it. I rubbed my eyes, shook my head trying to wake myself from this horrible nightmare. This could not be happening to me, not my son, no. There was commotion going on people were talking but I had somehow zoned out of all that was being said and done around me. I knelt down, and picked up Neo, there was no sign of life in him but I still held him and screamed so loud that everyone stopped talking and looked at me, tears were dripping down my face. Then I put Neo in my chest and started speaking in his ear “Please come back to mommy, wake up for mommy my angel, please baby wake up. Mommy loves you soo much please my angel wake up please baby.” I begged my dead son to come back to life for some time, everyone just stood back and watched. I looked at Mthobisi who was kneeling next to me with tears pouring down his face “Daddy’s here too my angel, we both want you to wake up and we will go and have a picnic and play all day long, please wake up for mommy and daddy please my angel.

8 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four

    1. Today i cried and cried and cried as i read the letter, it was just so sad be strong Lee i wish u n ur family to find peace in all this its very paiful ??

  1. Yhuuu andalila this is a very sad chapter ?. I can’t imagine what Lee, MT & the whole family is going through. Deepest condolences to the Jumbe family. Am scared though of what Fundani wud do after he finds out about Neo

    1. Its really sad hey but hopefully it will end the war between Fundani and them. I mean what’s left to fight for? Qina Mtho noLee

  2. Ke lla le lena ba ga Jumbe, this is the hardest chapter I even dreaded to read it..or I was at least hoping they wud say Lee was dreaming while sun bathing

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