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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Seven

I didn’t see that one coming; my sister was full of surprises in her death-bed. How did she pull that off? To get a court order that quickly and for a judge to grant you had to have serious connections and I knew my sister she didn’t have a lot of people she could call friends or rely on, this smelled like my husband it had his fingerprints all over it. I went inside the house got the kids took their bags put them in my car and we left. With the kids in the car I obviously could not go to the hospital to go and see my sister to find out how in God’s name did she pull that miracle, I went to my mom’s house to go and fetch Neo then took the kids out for lunch at Spur and they played outside before the food arrived which gave me a chance to call my husband whose phone was now off, I sent him an sms telling him how irritating this thing of him not getting back to me was. I called my sister and she said the doctors were busy with her and she couldn’t talk and would call me back when they were done. Our food was served I went outside to go and get the kids to come and eat Kuhle and Sihle were playing at the slides, I told them their food was ready I asked where Neo was and they said he was just here a few seconds ago, I looked around the kiddies play area and Neo was nowhere to be seen, panic set in. Why the hell didn’t I go watch them play?

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