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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Eight

Can I not just have one outing with no drama. How does a person who had gone to a baby-shower end up at the back of a police Van, I swear my life is stupid, the most simplest things had to somehow turn out to be complicated, my life was just not normal. On the way to the police station the ladies were still very angry at what Spha had done to Dimpho, the fact that we were at the back of a police van didn’t seem to bother most of them, they were venting about how Spha deserved that beat-down and Cleo was hailed a hero for giving him the first punch because it gave everyone else the courage to follow suit and beat the crap out of him, I had different views on the whole thing, Cleo should have minded her own business and Spha stupid friends should have been the ones that beat him up for beating a woman but the way some men are such cowards they will turn a blind eye on abuse even when it happens in front of their faces and that is exactly what Spha’s friends were, cowards. In all the commotion Dimpho had not said a single word, I really felt bad for her. “What happened to the chick that Spha was with?” I asked realizing I had not even seen her face, Buhle the pregnant lady who was also in the van with us said “Didn’t you see her run out of the car after the dragon punch from Cleo?” everyone was laughing, saying that the way she ran out of the place they just saw the dust behind him.We arrived at the police station, we were in two vans, all squashed up, they took us to Mondeor police station, the cops who had arrested us explained to the others that we were beating up some guy and that is why they arrested us, they said they were charging us with assault and public disturbance, there was over twenty of us there so we had to wait while the police were busy with other things, only God knows what it is that they were doing, it seemed like lots of paperwork, cops love paperwork, that gave me a chance to quickly sms my husband I wrote “I have been arrested, I am at Mondeor police station, please come bail me out.” he replied and reminded me that he was baby-sitting and I had told him not to expose the kids to any of his funny business, shit he was still angry about that, I had apologized, he was obviously not over it and was punishing me for it, Mthobisi could be such a baby when he wanted to. I hoped and prayed that he would not leave me there because I had pissed him off. A few minutes later the police were done with their paperwork and told us that they were booking us in, we needed to take of any shoe laces from our shoes, belts and hand over all our cellphones, they had to fill out each person’s details just getting information from one person took over fifteen minutes an hour went by and they had only done five people. After two hours I was still waiting and that’s when my sexy, handsome husband arrived, I had never been so happy to see him like I was at that moment. He didn’t even look at me he went straight to the offices then a few minutes later came out with what I assumed was station commander and he was smiling he called one of the police that were booking us in ad told spoke to him while Mthobisi walked past me and out there door. Wait, was he leaving me behind? I wondered what the hell was going on the police who was booking us said “this is taking too long and they have other work to do so we are free to go “what just happened?” Cleo asked me “Mthobis happened.” Replied She Rocks, we all stood up and rushed out towards the exit door, the ones that had partners at the baby-shower called them to come and pick them up from the police station, the only people who were already outside when we came out were my husband and Buhle’s husband, he was worried sick about the baby, he wanted to take Buhle to the hospital to go and have the baby-checked to see if everything was fine Buhle told him to stop being paranoid. Mthobisi gave my friends and I a lift back to Retvlei I asked him where the kids were and he said he dropped them at my mom’s place before coming there. “I guess the baby-shower is over now?” Mthobisi asked “Yep, thanks to Cleo.” Said She Rocks, he dropped us at Retvlei and told me he would see me at home later and since the baby-shower was over I could take over looking after the kids he has to rush somewhere I was a bit annoyed but he had just saved our butt’s from being in holding cells for the entire weekend so I said it was cool, I would look after the kids. She Rocks and Cleo said they would come with me to my mom they haven’t seen my sister’s kids in ages and missed them.

We convoyed to my mom’s place to my surprise my sister was there I was so happy, she said she got discharged that morning, I was up and down with excitement, the kids were happy to see their favourite aunts She Rocks and Cleo. After telling Naledi what had happened at the baby-shower she said “Mom should have named you Drama, it follows you everywhere.” I asked her what she planned on doing she said she was working on divorcing Lwazi and she didn’t want a cent from him, I looked at her shocked and reminded her how expensive the cost of living had just gotten she smiled and said “I would rather be poor and happy than be miserable and rich.” She really had received a wake up call with Lwazi locking her up in that steam room. She said she now has these migraine that make her feel like she is going to faint and the doctor’s say she might have them for the rest of her life all thanks to that fool Lwazi. “Lee if I go back to that man next time I might not be so lucky, next time he might just end up really killing me.” Her mind was made-up and I was truly happy for her, sometimes it takes something as big as a near death experience for abused woman to finally decided that they are leaving and never coming back and that the man they are with is not going to change even though he had promised it a million times. We stayed with my sister for hours just talking, the girls suggested we cook diner well She Rocks did all we did was chopped, that girl can cook. Victor and my mom were just happy to have company of adults not just kids. We ate and I took some food for Mthobisi I was not going to get home and still slave over the stove for a man who might only come home in the early hours of the morning. My sister said I should leave the kids with her she missed them and wanted to spend time with them, I agreed and only took Neo with me as I also missed spending time with him. By the time we arrived home he had fallen asleep I removed him from his car seat and carried him to his bed, he looked so precious, I just loved that young man with all my heart.

The house was a mess, Mthobisi had obviously let the kids do as they please, I had to clean everywhere, they had spilled juice all over the floors and left stains on the carpets I had to scrub the carpets and clean the whole house by the time I was done I was exhausted, I took a shower when I got out the shower I found Mthobisi in the bedroom he was removing his clothes which were full of blood “what the hell happened to you?” I asked not really expecting an answer knowing how my husband always avoids giving straight answers. “I was at a club with some buddies of mine when some dude started disrespecting one of us, so as a prank we took him to the back of the club in the dark corner and pointed a gun at him and then shoved him in a dustbin and it was all just a joke, after a while we let him out, he came back later with his friends and waited for one of us to go to the toilet, TJ went to the toilet and after some time we realised that he had been gone for long so one of the guys went to go check on him and found him in one of the bathroom stalls bleeding, he’d been stabbed several time by that fool and his friends. We rushed him to the hospital but by the time we got there it was too late, he didn’t make it.” he said looking away I could see tears in his eyes, I went to him and hugged him and told him how sorry I was “Fuck we were just joking around, I mean if we wanted to hurt the guy we would have but I think his ego was bruised but to still kill a person over a joke is just so insane.” He said sounding very angry. “Is there anything I can do to help.” He shook his head and said he had it under control, “when I was driving TJ to the hospital I could have sworn we were being followed but I was too distracted by him bleeding and being in pain that I couldn’t really pay too much attention to what was going on outside. I’m sure the bastards wanted to make sure he was dead. They are going to pay for this.” He said pulling away from my hug, he went in the shower. I dressed and waited for him in bed I was soo tired from the cleaning of the house that I actually feel asleep while waiting for him. He woke me up when he was done with the shower and was getting into bed and asked where the kids were I told him that my sister was out of the hospital and wanted to spend some time with her kids but Neo was in his room sleeping. We cuddles that night and fell asleep in each other’s arms, Mthobisi kept waking up from nightmares which would also wake me up.

While we were still sleeping at times I am a light sleeper especially when my son is around, I always want to hear him when he wakes up and cries. I heard footsteps outside our room and thought Neo must have woken up, I was so lazy to get out of bed I switched on the bad lamp and as I was about to get up our bedroom opened, Neo is too short to reach the door handle so he usually just bangs the door instead. I looked up and because the light was on me the person who had just entered could see that I was up and I couldn’t see his face all I heard was the cocking of the gun as he moved to my husband’s side of the bed and put his index finger in his lips indicating for me to shut up. A thought came to my head, what if there was more than one gunman in our house, Neo was alone in his room, the thought of anyone hurting my son got me to jump up and ran out the door and all I heard were two gun shots being fired.



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