Realities – Chapter Sixty

The corruption in this country is so rampant I strongly doubt it can ever be fixed. It’s not just the ANC, the DA too. I have always been vehemently opposed to it but today, at this moment, now that I was benefiting from it, all was forgotten. My husband was back home and my daughter was coming back to her old self. She was even at school I did not want to jinx this by over celebrating. The relief of Sizwe’s face was priceless. He was happy.

“Let’s get as far away from here as possible before the man changes his mind!”

He said and I laughed. We walked to the car literally at a trot pace because he was not kidding.

“Baby we made it!”

He said as he started the car. He kissed me and screamed hallelujah in the process. I was glad that his spirits were up again and all I wanted now was to panel beat my family back into shape. For too long now we had allowed distractions in it and we were almost at breaking point. When we got home he was dancing and dancing with me. It was a bit embarrassing as Mapula was cleaning the lounge.

“Mapula, can you please go buy the vegetables. I did not get a chance to buy them on the way here!”

I told her. She had asked for them in the morning. The shops were not that far but it was a good 30 minutes’ walk. She often said she enjoyed walking because it gave her a chance to be out of the house and breathe so I was not bullying her. I am always concerned about how black people especially treat their help. Sizwe was getting laid today. Call it celebratory sex if you want but it was happening. This is the demise of most black people especially young ones as most first borns are either August September babies as they are festive babies. We simply don’t know how to balance us celebrating with us being responsible.

I so wish as black people we had a song like white people. You know that Barry White kind of song which when it plays you know somebody going to get laid! We don’t have that because the closest we have to a crooner is Donald and nah guys, I am not about that life. What’s left is a choice between Kuze Kuse and that Sweetie Sweetie song and uhm, if you get laid to those two songs then we all know he is buying. Taxi music simply doesn’t work. We need something slow and sensual and when will we ever reach that stage in this community.

“Remember that thing you wanted to do yesterday?”

I said to him whispering in his ear. He loved it when I nibbled his ear so I did that and I could feel the electricity go down his spine. Men are weak and the only women who have truly discovered the true power of sex are the ones who are paid for it. This includes married and dating people with one man because whether you like it or not, our men pay more to maintain us than they do to maintain themselves. All those presents you get whilst dating don’t come because you make good conversation in bed! They come because you look good and fuck even better! That ring didn’t come because when you go to church with him you pray louder than others, no, it came because you could balance all that shit well but still fucked better! In our women rights democracy we are not allowed to say such truths because bathi it’s sexist or chauvinistic but truth is truth. Why do you think sugar daddies exist in the first place?

“Yes baby I remember…”

He said and let out a little whimper as though he was a puppy yearning for something.

“Well, it’s been too long and I want to feel you inside me…”

I continued. I was wearing a pencil skirt and my blouse was tucked in so just took off my panties. It’s not the easiest thing to do in such a skirt, I kid you not!

“Let’s go upstairs!”

He said very excited but I wanted there to be a sense of naughtiness and adventure between us. If we were going to have a baby then there had to be of these adventurous things between us.

“Why go upstairs baby? There is nobody here. It’s too far and we are celebrating. We have to be spontaneous so we doing it here and now!”

I said to him and he hesitated just for a second. He clearly had not been laid for a long time. I felt guilty about it because I was to blame but I didn’t let it show.

“It’s going to have to be a quickie because Lintle is coming home soon!”

He said as he took off his pants. Now I remember why having sex with my husband is such a chore. He wants to have a conversation during sex. Why was he talking about Lintle now? These are things that turn me off and I have told him this a million times before!

“Shhh baby stop talking and put a baby inside me…”

I said to him. Folks ,talking dirty is not a black thing nor something you can say to your wife. It’s unnatural to be called bitch and whore during sex. Only girlfriends, prostitutes and side dishes (the last two are one and the same really) are the ones who get spanked and degraded in the name of sex so when Sizwe slapped my ass I jumped up in shock!

“Easy there tiger you been watching too much porn!”

I said to him slightly bemused. He apologised and said he wanted to try out this spanking thing because it turned him on. It was his day so I let him do it but told him to calm down and be more gentle as I still needed to sit on this ass later. We laughed. He took off my skirt, after a bit of a struggle and he knelt at the edge of the couch to go down on me. It’s something he said he enjoyed doing but realistically who enjoys licking someone’s pussy unless you are a lesbian and even then it can’t be that pleasurable to the giver.


Where was he learning these things from?

With my knees on either side if his shoulders, hold his head in place, he found my clit with his tongue and that’s when the ABC’s started. He was making letters with his tongue on it and it was driving me crazy. He was not licking no sucking for that matter, just moving his tongue around in the right place. Experience really matters. I could feel my thighs clench involuntarily as the pleasure was taking me to places I cannot even remember having. Ladies, if a man refuses to go down on you, never ever go down on them no give them sex. This shit is heaven! I held his head tightly in place as he worked his magic until he pulled back and said,

“Calm down baby I still want to breathe!”

I laughed at myself and thank heavens he was not quite done yet. Hadn’t we agreed on a quickie but who was checking? In moments I achieved my orgasm! The tongue often guarantees you one so for all those who say they have never had one, there you go. I was super sensitive now so I ask him not to go in immediately. I was lying on my back on the four sitter couch, my legs facing the door but they were wide open in a V shape, knees up. My husband walked to my face and I took his dick into my mouth! He must have thought he was in the wrong house with the wrong woman because this is not something I do easily. Sizwe was not too big but he was not too small either. Truth be told George was a bit bigger but one thing I loved about this man was that he was clean. His dick did not have funny smells, it never did. When I took him into my mouth I could see even from my lower position the smile on his face. Men love blowjobs and women who think that they are too good to give their men head deserve to be and are in fact cheated on! That one I say out loud but did this mean Sizwe was cheating because I know for a fact I hardly ever give him that? He was clenching his fists and I think this was to stop him from getting over aroused. Another thing about Sizwe was that he was not one of those guys who took long to get hard again. Normally after ten minutes from cumming he could get hard again on his own but I am sure today we could break a record if I keep my mouth on him if he ‘came’. So I was not worried at all when he said,

“Baby, I can’t hold it in much longer, we need to stop otherwise I will cum in your mouth!”

Ladies I know it’s impolite to talk with food in your mouth but today I made an exception to the rule and mumbled some words that were supposed to be,

“It’s ok baby you can come in my mouth, will spit!”

Therein lies the trick question of oral sex. Spit or swallow! Most women say the spit but where? Do you jump up and run look for a bathroom just to get the shit out of your mouth? I don’t think so. Logic says swallow because imagine if you were to spit on the bed as it happens so fast. His body starts convulsing and men tend to hold you tighter and in place when they cum just as we hold him tighter in sex.

“Did you just say I can cum in your mouth?”

He asked me incredulously. I mumbled my yes and I think that’s what took him over the edge because it would never ever happen again. As soon as the first spurt came out of his dick, he screamed,

“Oh God!”

And at that very moment I heard the door open,

“Mum, dad what are you doing, eeeuw!”

I knew that voice and it was Lintle and in came in four other school kids with her, two boys and two girls. Sizwe was mid-cum so he pulled out of my mouth and his semen landed squarely on my face before we could do anything about it.

“Sorry Nothabo I had to pick all of them up, they have a project which is a gro…”

An adult voice said entering the house behind the kids. It was Noma and she was with her husband. That’s where I knew him from, he was the judge!

I quickly tried to cover but the only piece of material that was there was my skirt and ladies know a pencil skirt is not something you just slide into if you want it on in a rush. You have to wiggle in it and for us black women with our big asses it’s quite a squeeze. I ran holding my skirt into the study.

To say I was humiliated at this moment is a really a nonstarter. Sizwe ran in after me and the fool left his pants.

“Ok everybody out please!”

I heard an equally humiliated adult voice say. It was Noma. I heard the door close and said,

“Go take your pants! I am never coming out of here! Go send everyone home please!”

I told him. He almost had that

“Why me?”

Face but I was not the one standing here with no pants with cum dripping of the tip of my penis. He peeped out of the door and I said,

“Really Sizwe, they have already seen it all and you heard them go outside!”

I said annoyed. Being seen nude is one thing but in the position I was in, with cum dripping off my face, it was quite another. I had lost all self-respect!

My husband came back in wearing pants now. We heard a car drive off and my phone received a text,

“Mum I am going to do the group assignment at Aunty Noma’s house! Please clean the couch!”

Lintle said cheekily. I was so embarrassed.

Fuck, I still had to go pick her up meaning I would have to look Noma in the eye!

Ground please open and swallow me now please!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am a 39 year old married woman. I have been married for 15 years now and two weeks ago my twins and their father walked in on me cheating. They caught me having sex with another man at home. I know I was so stupid to bring the guy to my house but things happened so fast. He came to pick me up and one thing led to the other. My girls are 14 by the way. They were supposed to be on their way to their grandmothers but halfway there a call came in to say there was a funeral so they turned back.

My husband has not said a word about the incident and he is not even ignoring me. He talks to me like it’s normal. I want to beg for his forgiveness but I don’t even know where to start. The girls however have made it clear that they want nothing to do with me. They confronted me about it and the humiliation was something I can never get over. I work with the man but my husband does not know that. He is married too. He dumped me soon after saying that now my husband knows it will become messy if we continue. I feel so cheap!

I know I messed up and there are no excuses but how do I open the dialogue with my husband? Is the fact that he did not fight me a sign that he does feel a need to fight for me? Does this mean he does not want me? I am so confused and am pulling my hair out! What if he kills me in my sleep?

Help me

Cheating Wife

55 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Sixty

  1. Thanks for an early dose.

    Cheating wife,reverse psychology is very dangerous and I think he’s doing that to punish you by your conscience . As for twins you list they’re respect for good and even if you want to advise they won’t take you serious

  2. Lol as for sweetie sweetie song …and black song showing that you gonna get laid…I would own a copy …take it in my car,house…the thought has just made my morning…great work iyooooo…
    I talk a lot but am empty headed now…let Men help please guys,thusang….Eish this kind of shit does happen you know…ke gore fela some pipo has never been caught….?

  3. Thanks bra mike,that reminds me Mxolisi when caught by Asthandile’s parents.Siselapho nje where is memoirs of a tired black man?expecting a feedback.

  4. there is no need to fight for you.

    you chose to do what you did and there are consequences for that.

    his reserve psychology is going to make u go nuts.

    but i also worry this is the calm before the storm, if he doesnt divorce you, then you will be lucky.

    but in all honesty what is there to fight for. a loveless marriage without anymore trust?

    because men are not forgiving, so now u will always have that seed of doubt, as to whether today is the day he calls it quits or does something dramatic.

  5. Donald annoys a lot of people so I think if she played him I would deflate too ha ha ha

    You want advice on how to turn a situation around after your man and children caught you in bed with another man? It even feels selfish of you to ask for advice on that because so far you got your get out of jail free card. I think you should bring it up first. He is going to snap because he probably is still in shock. The longer he goes quiet on the matter the more likely it is to haunt you. He probably does not even know what to say to you and what if he is shifting all your assets into one account. Of he divorces you and things are like that you will have nothing. Shame on you however for what you did and shame on you for doing in your own home that you share with your family and shame on you actually having a good man who did not beat the shit out of you! You don’t deserve him

  6. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikeeeeeeeeeeee I chapter enje mara??? making me feel all hot @ work. gawsh.

    QnA all the best with ur problem sweets.

  7. Donald absolute turn off…for days, its the type of voice that will force you to go into celibacy!!

    Cheating wife, kuthiwa uzenzile akakhalelwa, but I do somehow sympathize with you. There isn’t much advice we can honestly offer you, I highly doubt the deed happened nje out of the blue, it must have been something that was at some point a thought before it became reality & already there you were cheating, there is no other way to even try and discuss this without sounding judgemental.
    With all that said, try and bring it up first & have a private discussion with hubby, you might find a way of working it out, for the fact that he is still in the house might mean he is willing to try and love you through your dirt.
    Futhi have you even apologised to him & your girls??

  8. Kkkkkk lol mmh sorry. Q sisi sorry quite is a best medicine why must he fight with you, you done what is best for you and it made you happy. Girl that was your happiness not his dahhhh

  9. Cheating wife am sorry to say this ,your kids are still angry they will get over the situation and forgive you .As for your husband from experience of what i have mom cheated on my dad ,we forgave her but my dad divorced him without looking back.

    Am sorry to say this but you will be lucky if you dont get divorce just forgive yourself and except anything.

  10. Lmao I took a very long time to read this chapter. I had to stop myself from laughing as the couch scene was just too funny.

      1. no shade but maybe the phrase should have been as South Africans I wish we had a song, like Americans, not as blacks I wish we had a song like whites, because yah that song kinda is quintessentially an american tell-tale sign of impending coitus

        #justsaying #noshade #pleasedontcrucifyme

  11. Dear cheating wife

    I am not going to be politically correct, bite my head of but i’m telling you the truth. When guys “don’t care” it means one of two things:
    1. He is doing the same so he doesn’t care
    2. And more likely or in addition to 1., he cares…he is figuring out his emotions. He is playing the long game, trying to get you to relax before he strikes. This man will kill you and savour every moment while he watches the life in your eyes fade away, I kid you not. You are his wife (the wife of an African man) and you slept with another man in his bad, sweetheart, this indifference is the calm before the storm. It is NOT okay with him, you need to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, come clean about everything: give him all your passwords, let him go through all your social media before you delete your accounts, quit your job and spend every moment catering to him, become the most decent woman on the face of the planet, live between home and church and only go to church with his permission, or leave him because he is about to kill you.

    I swear, I know a woman who was in your situation, she thought all was forgiven, hubby was calm and indifferent, until 6 months later he tried to kill her. She escaped, he spent a year stalking her and couldn’t find her at some point so he said f**k it and killed every member of her immediate family before trying to off himself. All this from a loving father and husband who was gentle and loving and never had a violent side. The kind of man who breaks up fights and never instigates. Men do not forgive so easily. You f**ked up girl. Now woman up, fix your family, you have eternally messed up your relationship with your daughters. Sometimes fixing your family; means leaving them to be happy without you dude.

  12. Cheating Wife

    Firstly you don’t even mention why you are cheating on your husband. has he ever shown signs that he could be cheating on you okanye you are just cheating kuba your sex life is a bore. Anyway I doubt that will be a good enough excuse for your behaviour. It was not enough to cheat on your husband, you had to do it in your home. Even the fact that you mention he was on his way to drop the kids at grannies, that still doesn’t mean you should have had a man over at your home fu**ing him for that matter.

    With all that said, I don’t think your husband it OK, in fact he is fuming and probably asking himself how you even got to deciding to cheat on him. I think you need to pour your heart out to him because even if you can give him space by moving out he may think you are going to gallivant with your makhwapheni!!

    Hayi kodwa uzihlazisile yhazzz ngokungakwazi ukuvala amathanga akho!!!

    1. Well I’m pissed she cheated, do you know how many good women are out here looking for a good man who would be getting the house all kinky’fied and shopping for some lingerie because hubby is dropping off the kids so we are going to have a wild weekend, not and i repeat NOT f**king another man in my husband’s bed….and we the ones who can’t get a ring. Beautiful successful, submissive women, who aim to please, and always home cooking dinner and dressed to the 9s, make-up done and in six inch heels. Haiybo sisi, leave your men and go whore around, we will gladly take him off your hands and give him the loving he has been missing out on.

      Women shouldn’t be so stupid. There are younger, more beautiful women turning 18 everyday and men become more attractive as they age, stop kidding yourselves that we are equal, should you and hubby split, you could spend your 40’s having fun, as a mistress to other married men, hubby could get himself a young 20 something (I would gladly offer myself up in that role) and live a whole new life, new family, more kids and have companionship until the day he dies. Tell me in your 50s what man is going to keep you company when you been the town ride?

  13. Yoh what a chapter ha ha ha.

    Cheating Wife kindly prepare yourself for what is coming because that calmness that your man portrays has a very devious plan behind it. Be emotionally prepared because from what i know men do not forgive, if they tell you you’re forgiven you will most probably bear the consequence of your actions from another angle. He is staying/will stay because he is putting the needs of his family(children)before his, I must say he seems like a man who is very sober in thought and not a reactionary to situations which makes him even more dangerous because whatever he is thinking, he is taking his time to look at things from all angles, the consequences and mitigation tactics applicable to what he is contemplating on doing.


  14. Eish Mike, You really are the Best. I was literally giggling like a fool through out the whole chapter. U just made my day bro, no! scrap that, my whole week.

    Cheating wife, eish, You need a Miracle.

  15. Thanks Team.
    Q & A: kanti ama b’n b awani? Damn it woman, I’m not angry at that you cheated, I’m pissed at that you did it in your matrimonial home!!! Why!? Ulehlisa kanjani nje idilozi kwakho? Eeyi sisi, as Les said – ‘You need a miracle!’ Might as well start paying Avbob for your funeral proceedings – I can’t see anything else here but death. I’m not angry coz I have never cheated, I’ve probably done it more times than you – car, office, b’n b, hotels, and HIS HOUSE, but not in my house.

  16. Nice one Mike
    Got Mr at full attention, creating a Tent, luv me some black booty OMG.

    Q&A, you are royally fucked (excuse the pun). Doesn’t matter what type nigga he is things will never be the same again. whether he forgives or not. Subconscious doesn’t forgive, even a women’s one although brain and heart may want too.
    What disturbs me you seem not show any remorse. Seem to be concerned you shag has left you too.
    Whether male of female number 1 rule in infidelity is respect your part and your family. bringing someone to your home crosses moral lines, and you did that.
    If you man is listening based on that fact that you brought some home, whether bust or not. He must leave you. giving advise will be Roux getting Oscar free’d.
    No heart feeling #realtak

  17. Q&A Why some women will never learn, all these makhwapheni’s are only in for sex and destroying your life, this guy is happy at his home with his wife, and you are in shit with your family, imagine your daughters knowing first hand what type of person you are, I feel sorry for you because your husband is pretending to have forgiven you. Confess to your elders in the family so that they can come and ask for your forgiveness on your behalf but rest assure you it will never be forgot not in a long time, next time he wants to make love to you the moment he touches you that picture of you with the man in his bed will always come up that’s man for you. Wishing you all the best

  18. Cheating i absolutely have no advice for i really don’t know what to say. but what i will ask you is to please give us feedback on how this situation turns out. But if you’re silent i think it would be safe to assume awusekho emhlabeni. Goodluck

  19. This chapter almst gave me an orgasm. Today hubby will definitely get a bj. Thanks mike grt chapter bt im also rolling on the floor wt laughter.

    1. it was all wrong Mrs Juju
      its like “murder” and “premeditated murder.”
      one is harsher then the other, but both murder.
      Hope you get me.

  20. kwaaaaaaa, Barbie.

    Thanks Mike:)

    it sure felt like I was reading Fifty Shades Of Grey all over again. LOL
    some chapter this was…

    Cheating Wife….eyakho inzima sisi
    i’m really lost for words.
    PRAY nje qha!!!
    do you even sleep at night? I wonder

  21. @Cheating Wife

    I’m curious to know: how did your husband react the day and moment he walked in on you with your side-plate (no dish here coz he long gone, as one would have expected)? What unfolded from there? What happened that evening?
    I ask this in trying to understand your husband’s current behavior; is he carrying on as normal because he’s been doing it too and/or you’ve given him a ticket to continue/begin cheating, or is he so broken that he’s trying to see how best to deal with it; or is he trying to figure out ways to bury the hatchet…or you ?.

    All the above will determine how you approach the topic. It’s been two weeks since the incident so I’d say it’s time you raise it with him and take it from there. Either than that I just don’t know what to say because you’ve really messed up. Do take heed to advise that some of the men here have given.

    All the best…

    Please let us know how it goes.


  22. Hey Da Mike, Nice work! I kept asking myself if I was reading an insert from Mills&Boon. Put age restrictions: SN16.

    Q&A: As men, forgiving in a case like this is out of question. I suggest U RUN 4yo lyf. Even if he comes to look for U or beg U 2come back, DON’T. Count yo losses sisi & move on. Learn yo lesson if UR lucky to get another gud man lyk him. THIS IS OVER!

    As others said he might kill U. If he doesn’t, he will bring another woman in the house & do what U did while UR there just 2revange or spite U until U decide to finally leave on yo own. Otherwise U will be forced to share yo man with this new woman or women for the rest of yo lyf as yo compromise – PapaG

  23. QnA. U say this guy came to pick u up. So wena as married as u r you have a boyfriend and he comes by your house?. Sies woman

    What forgiveness do you want to beg your husband for exactly? Dat he finally caught you? To me i doubt y’all were shagging for the first time in that house. Y wud u ask him to forgive you for your joy n happiness?

    As for your girls, its a good thing they spoke their mind, n remember dat u r no longer dat amazing n beautiful mother to them. To you they see a woman who cheated on daddy in his own house.

    As for the man dumping u, his proving how cheap n stupid u r. I doubt u even know his home address. So dont be shy feel cheap coz u r cheaper dan a mahhosha at the beach front in durban who discounts herself in a bad night.

    Your husband’s normality is going to kill you. Maybe he is lost for words n actions and just waiting on you to c your next move. His silence will kill you, he wont dirty his hands on a person like you. Soon u will b loosing weight i tell u.

  24. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Damn Doc, stop being so up tight,go on live your life. Lintle did the same and you don’t see her sulking. Continue where you left before you Lintle up.
    Mike you just made my day (crack of down and crack of jokes).

  25. Nothabo u were on the ryt track – bt hubby said bedroom n u said NO! Nw u makin as tho its his fault – u r bullying Sizwe tle. Contunue or nt u got caught so just continue ..

    QnA … Deep Sigh. U r a dead woman. I feel 4 yo husband u have degraded and humiliated him in so many ways than 1. Poor man is asking himself is he that wack that u had 2 bring yo shagmate (coz that’s all u were to him) in yo house yo bed nogal.

    U might be lucky he keeps u bt that will be for his pride or his children.

    Do u still sleep in the same(the bed u were caught in) bed with your hubby? U ddnt give much details (Y did u do it, for how long ?) bt for whateva it is break the Ice and apologise u are wrong – be it that he will kill u , divorce or forgive . Apologise sisi and forgive yoself coz its done n there is nothing u can do to undo it. Ask God for forgivenss and pray for every1 affected(He says His mercy is great than any Sin).

    Eish u F**d up nje. Cheat for wat – cheat for who. Y stay so long n mess it up…

    Wish I were a fly in yo house.

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