Realities – Chapter Fifty Seven

As a parent the last thing you want to be told is that your child is in the hospital. As a parent your job is to protect that child and this is regardless of whether she is a saint or a thug. I know with all that she has been doing there would be people who say she deserves being in that position, it should teach her a lesson but if you have never loved someone the way a mother loves a child you will never understand. Everything happened in slow motion really. My husband had taken a shuttle to the airport so I still had the rental car. I searched the hospital on Google Maps but at this stage I was already in tears. Belinda, the lady who had helped me at reception called her manager and asked her if she could take me to the hospital. The manager agreed after hearing what was going on. I don’t even know how she had heard which hospital but she told me she knew where we were going. Lintle had probably been in an accident but now the question was how bad it was? What if my daughter was paralyzed or maimed for life? I did not know what to think. When we got to the hospital I asked the lady from reception to go with me because I did not want to face this alone. I know I am a doctor and I see trauma everyday but when it’s your own flesh and blood you are never ready.

I don’t know how far the hospital was because at that moment I had so much going on in my head. I was in pain as my heart was so sore and the fear in me was making it even worse. I was praying at every second that whatever damage had happened it would heal and not be everlasting. That’s the thing with a car accident, it does so much damage in seconds. When we got there the nurses directed us to where we had to go. Thank God she was not in ICU because I knew that it was not so bad. I could breathe at last. I could have some relief. When we got to her room I was a bit surprised. As I walked in she was sitting up. She looked fine to me except for the fact that she looked like she had been crying. Why had the doctor been so dramatic? I was a bit confused. Had she bribed someone to lie for her that she had been hurt so that she won’t incurr my wrath for running away. I would not put it past her. I decided to stand back as she was talking to two people.

She could not see me from the angle I was as I was by the door and the curtain in the room was semi closed. She was talking to two female police officers.

“… I dont know Durban well but we did not drive very far. I can’t remember clearly now. It was supposed to be for an hour but when I said I wanted to go home Lloyd hit me. He said that I was not going to go back to Jhb without sleeping with him. I told him I thought we had all just been going to have fun and make friends. It was then he called his friends into the room. I asked Abisola, who was the only female there, for help and she said I liked things too much so I should get things in me. Imagine, another woman saying that to you. They then took turns with me and when they were done, Lloyd took my phone and smashed. They then drove me to the middle of nowhere and left me there!”

They had raped my baby.

I stood there stunned to the core. That is the last thing I had expected and it’s funny how in a country with such bad statistics when it comes to rape, young girls still get into cars with strange men they do not know. They just tell themselves, it will never happen to me! As a doctor, they can break her bones and wound her, that I can fix but even as one how do you fix rape? How do I tell her that she will be fine? How do I walk in there and say,

“It’s ok my baby, at least you are alive?”

How do I tell her that? Belinda heard everything she had said and she held my hand and told me to be strong. That is when the police officers turned to look at me. Who ever said that police women have no compassion lied because one of them actually had tears running down her cheeks?

“Who are you please?”

The other one who was not crying asked.

“I am her mother!”

I cried as I went in to hug my daughter. Lintle burst out into tears the moment I put her in my arms. I couldn’t even comfort her as I was crying too.

“O maam I am really sorry. She flagged down a good Samaritan on the N2 out of Ballito and he drove here. She had no ID nor phone and she was disorientated, the officer started to explain but the lady I was with intervened,

“Let’s give them a moment please…”

Belinda asked the police officers in Zulu and they stepped out. I did not ask her anything. I did not question her, I held my daughter and we cried. The pain hit me on two levels, as a woman you get a sense of how it feels to be violated like that and as a mother to the victim the pain is even double. I was broken.

“Mum they held me down …. one of the guys shoved his thing in my mouth… when I resisted he slapped me so hard I might have blacked out….Lloyd tore my underwear and he just put it in … it was so painful!”

She said between sobs. I was helpless. I wanted to die with her.

“We caught a break. Your daughter was picked up from in front of the hotel and there are cameras there. She is smart because she remembered the car that they used and even in durban there are not many orange cars!”

She told me. I take it this Lloyd animal was driving an orange car. This was not any comfort to me because my daughter had just become yet another statistics. I had forgotten that she had run away last night because in all honesty there are more important things in life.

The doctor walked in.

“I am sorry about what happened to your daughter Doctor!”

He said to me. I realized from now onwards anyone and everyone who would hear about what had happened would say sorry and that was never going to heal it. I just did not know what to do with it.

“They hurt her real bad. I am concerned if this will affect her ability to give birth…”

He said as he took out the chart. I could see that they had given her prevention medicine for sexually transmitted diseases such hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydial infection, trichomoniasis, HIV infection. Imagine, in one moment this is what they had exposed my daughter to! And for what? So that they could teach her a lesson and have a moment of pleasure.

“Mum please don’t tell dad what happened. I will tell him when I am ready. Please mum!l

She begged me.

“He will look at me like it was my fault and I was to blame. He is not even here with you meaning he blames me for everything!”

She said. I was about to tell her that no he left because he was home to turn himself in but I was disturbed by the police woman who came to me and said,

“You have to be the luckiest people ever because we caught Lloyd. He is denying it of course but we have him. The DNA we took from her body will be enough to convict him!”

She said. We live in a country where we celebrate catching a criminal instead of preventing a crime. She had already been raped and that is something we could never take back no matter how many Lloyds could be arrested.

I walked outside and I picked up my phone.

“Hey how are you? Long time?”

A female voice said from the other side.

“I am not ok!”

I cried and broke down as I told her the story. Oh, I had called my friend Lesedi, the one married to Mthobisi! She knew my daughter because as stated earlier we used to be closer than this. She asked me if the guy had been caught and I told her all I knew about the case. She broke down with me and told me that I needed to pray.

When I got off the phone I thought of calling my mother but that would mean my father and eventually my husband would know. I had given her my word. It was as if he had sensed I was thinking of him because. Sizwe called me at that moment. I had a lump on my throat.

“Have you found her?”

He asked as soon as he picked up. I told him no I had not because I was scared he would say that he wants to talk to her. I told him that she had called and was on her way back though. He was relieved. I did not want him to have extra stress. Am at the police station now and they are processing me. My lawyer says I won’t sleep in jail but will get back to you he said. I told him to be strong for us but everything will be fine. This was the one time I hated lying to him because he needed to know what these animals had done to our daughter. He needed to know.

“She is ready to go home. I don’t see why she has to stay an extra night andd besides, she needs you now more than ever!”

The doctor said to me after we had spoken about a treatment plan for her internal injuries. She was going to sore and tender for a bit but she would be fine. He was concerned about the bruising in her cervix but I would monitor it. I was allowed to take her home or rather to the hotel. We could not get a flight for that night but it was for the following day. I really wanted to leave Durban. I did not want to ever come back here again. At the hotel I ran her a bath but made sure I kept her door open. I did not want her to commit suicide. I heard her cry in the bath but this time I let her be on her own. It was something she had to deal with on her own. Belinda who had knocked of at this stage, bless her heart, brought us food from the hotel free of charge. I put my arms and I let her sleep in them.

Around 1030 pm I got a call from the police station, from the officer who had been at the hospital. I even asked her if she had knocked off. She said she had but she needed to tell me something.

“Something terrible has happened?”

She told me. What worse could have happened? I had my daughter here and she was in my arms.

“Someone came into the cell, with a razor, and cut off Lloyds dick! He is on his way to the emergency room right now!”

She said and on that I was stunned. I responded with shock but asked calmly,

“Will he still stand trial regardless!”

I asked of which she confirmed and her exact words were,

“God is great!”

I knew who had done this.

I don’t waste my airtime for nothing … not in this economy!

Allahu akbar!

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Hi mike thank you for this platform.

My story is quite long but I ‘ll try to keep it short. last year around October I got pregnant by a guy I have been dating for almost 9 years ( im 24 by the way). After telling him about my pregnancy he started changing then I found out he was cheating. when I confronted him he told me he wants to end our relationship Note I was seven months pregnant by then, I begged him to stay coz I was valuable, lonely, fat and ugly, well he stayed but kept his distance. few months later I gave birth to a beautiful little girl ( Bontle) I thought things would be better now that the baby is here but it got worse. 3months after I went to the guys place hoping to fix things but we ended up fighting coz I found out that he lied and said he broke up with the girl. the fight got really bad that he wanted to walk out on me to go to that girl ‘s place. he told me that he wanted to be with this girl. he also said he loves us both and if we where to ask him to choose he wont choose neither of us. I was so angry at him for giving me a child and abandoning us. Now his all up in my face trying to apologize telling me that he wants me and Bontle in his life. I told him that I forgive him but I dont want a relationship with him, this guy has a hold on me I dont know what to do im afraid I might find myself back in his arms.

Please help


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  1. Today’s storyline was painful. Rape is a serious thing we must address. I cringed when I read that

    What is wrong with you? You need to slap yourself to wake up! The man abandoned you, cheated on you and told you he did not want you and now you are contemplating taking him back? It’s too early on a Monday for such shit. Listen, when a man proves that he is an idiot chances of him being a saint later are minimal to zero and by how you made him sound he falls in the zero category. You dated for nine years damn that would mean whilst you were loyal he was with other girls? Does this not tell you something? You are a mother now, act like it and start thinking like an adult. Make decisions that benefit your child and you. He must fuck off and go back to his misstress

  2. What a sad way to start the morning, brings back so many painful memories but by the grace of God akukho okungandluli.
    #qna- I know uve probably been waiting for this moment for so long, but someone who claims to love you will never hurt you that way. I think even if you do reconsider taking him back , monitor his actions first because that will tell you a lot. But u a mommy now and just focus on that and giving ur daughter your love and pray to God to give u direction. All the best

  3. I could not hold back my tears as i read through the chapter. This chapter crippled me like it was my own daughter. Rape, rape, rape how can we stop it? As for Lloyd’s penis, good riddance!

  4. Yhoo Mike what a heavy chapetr hey 🙁 I was in tears as I read through this chapter. I remember when I just gave birth to my daughter I had a nightmare about her beinh raped and I cried hysterically and went to my brother…How on earth can we stop such evil deeds…How do we even call people who rape people..they are monsters…

    Anonymous : You really need to get your head examined hey…what is wrong with you nyani!!! 9 years??? Are you kidding me?? Hay sisi, as Zuma said you need start thinking like a mother now and stop with this “despearte to have a man” talk. HAIBO.


    1. I hope you prayed hard for that. there are many ugly things in the spiritual realm and if your daughter got raped in a dream, don’t take it lightly. There’s already evil trying to become her spiritual husband. rebuke that demon.

  5. No one deserves to be raped. I feel for the doctor’s daughter, time heals. I have been saying that I love Mthobisi so much, he and Lesedi are the best really. He shouldn’t die, he must live a dickless life kwaaaaaa

  6. Oh poor Lintle, nobody deserves to be raped, no matter how much of a rebel they can be. A lot of young women end up in such situations and whether they like things or not, nobody has the right to do such assault them like this. Lesedi and her crew almost got attacked in Durban and now Lintle, people are going to be scared to go there. Lloyd yena got what he deserved.

  7. (Mthobisi you the dawg) they should have flushed it down the drain after chopping it
    rape is crippling womanhood, i really had tears as well, irrespective no woman deserve to go through that but still these perverts do it
    we need this motto – you rape – you get chopped….

  8. Dankie mos Mthobisi and Lee for coming trough for Nothabo and Lintle. They should have cooked Lloyds dick and make him eat it. I think we all need Mthobisi’s in our lives when the going gets tough.

    1. And not the send the stupid evil bastard to jail Cahrms…let him be in the comminity so he tells other stupid asses what will happen to them should they rape someone…

  9. yhooooooooo wat a sad chapter, being raped by those people worse 3 with those fucken big penis. im not xenophobic ne but dis people r bad they have spread all of the country they are not doing any good to our brothers and sistas. what hurts me most is our little sista love money so much they throw themselves at anything that will buy them data and going out with ppl they don’t even know. im deeply hurt no child has to go through that

    1. Not all of them and not all sistas Do that. I was brutally raped by 4 south Africans my 4 year old son watching and 2 Nigerian men helped me. Took me to the hospital, took care of my son till

  10. todays chapter was so sad Mike, it made me reflect back.

    QnA Sisi your worth happiness you and Bontle, what ever is happening to you, your not the first person to go through it. some of us have been there also. you need to accept, heal and move on. Bontle need a strong happy mom. that jerk doesn’t deserve you

  11. Hectic chapter indeed no women deserves to be raped no matter how promiscuous they are I have a 15 year old girl always praying for her that the good Lord keeps her safe at all the tyms what a sad chapter as a parent it’s more harder hang in there Nothabo may u have the strength to b strong for ur daughter.

  12. I cried all the way thru this chapter… It took me a while to finish reading it..lady u need to leave that excuse fr a man n move on with ur life u have a kid who luks up to u nw is the time to be a gud example to ur child

  13. I’ve never been raped nor know of someone that has been. But this…just broke me…the way I hate rape and don’t understand it…a very emotional chapter…but…Thank you!

  14. Hi Mike

    Heavy Chapter indeed I am not saying what happened to her is right but her mom told her not to go out because she does not know these guys but instead she disobeyed her mom and now her mom is the one who is going to be hurting the most just because she did not listen this will be a lesson to her and the next time her parents talk she will listen. These 15 year olds of today are busy going out to clubs instead of focusing on their books and school I hope they learn from this chapter because life out there is cruel and they need to stop taking things so lightly there are cold people out there. my heart goes out to her mom and I hope they both get through this difficult time and for those who have raped and for those who are still planning on raping should beg for forgiveness because the Lord God we worship is alive and he is watching you will reap what you sow it may be now or ten years later but you will not go unpunished…

  15. U’v really improved our realities today bhut’Mike n thumbs up…ohh rape how u snatch evrythn all in one sec..jus couldn’t get hold of my tears but as fr u Lloyd t servz u ryt de

  16. Chapter hit home man. But time heals all wounds.

    I on the other hand feel that, Lloyd’s punishment was not enough. Can’t even praise Mthobisi as much as I love him. The reality of rape is a tough, emotionally draining and sensitive topic. To God be the glory, he didn’t make us victims or statistics, but he made us survivors to tell our stories and to heal.

  17. Nigerians with their big thing,ba sentse ngwana nou. Poor lintle,she gona carry dat all her life,le ha a le rebellious she dznt deserve rape at all
    Tnx team

  18. In every chapter someone learns something. My teenage cousin told me about Lintle and she took it as a lesson learned, but now dat m reading it, yho….. M not crying but tears r just rolling down my face, i had to wake up and take my 1yr old daughter and allow her to sleep in my arms. I am really torn by this chapter shem.

  19. Such a sad chapter I’m in tears – sorry Lintle n Nothabo -Sizwe will b torn apart every men wants 2 protect his family :-(. Lol @ Zee dickless life.
    QnA like really??? U dated this guy when u were 15. Gave him a child him nt showing any sign of commitment 2 u .if u dnt wake up nw 30 years later u will b cryooo sendind same msg asking for help. Even God helps those who help themselves. Love is a choice.

  20. Rebellious Addicted Prick Evil (RAPE)
    Hate it! Makes me sick! Bcz its mostly men who do it (very few women rape) it makes me ashamed to identify myself with the male species.

    Anonymous, did U say 9yrs of dating? I think 1 shud set themselves a limit of dating period. If it goes more than 4yrs, that’s red flag already. 1more yr & if he doesn’t sho commitment (engage or marry U) then khaba lenja. Wasting yo time. Rather stay single ke.

    Do a home affairs (in community of property) while waiting for a white wedding. At least if things go south UR protected. U can get a share of any property I accumulate 2getha.
    If U give him a chance at least make him sweat for it. If he doesn’t have patience then it will just be a emotional roller coaster! Sing Celine Dion’s sonh – Just walk away! – PapaG

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