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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Seven

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I didn’t want to be the first one to say it, I mean its always me who suggests these crazy stunts, I am so glad you prayed and got the answers, you need to pray more often, I will work on a plan of action and get back to you. Lets talk tomorrow I need to catch some sleep now. I love you Lee. Good night. She hung up, I was left dumb-struck, how did that coverstaion just turn to a plan to commit murder, I tried calling her back but by then she had switched of her phone off. I tried calling She Rock she answered on the second ring, “don’t you sleep?” I asked “I just got off the phone with Andiswa, you will not believe the shit she told me.” She Rocks said “I just got off the phone with Cleo she completely misunderstood me, I said we should make Andiswa disappear and she thought I meant as in kill her, now she’s planning her death.” I quickly explained “Well Andiswa is convinced that we will try and kill her or have her

34 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Seven

  1. Oh my gosh these girls thou! Lol Andiswa naye why did she have to go and tell knowing very well these people would not hesitate killing her! Thank you once again for a great insert guys?

  2. Wow! Great chapter as always! Thanks. But where is the Bonus chapter Mike and Thozama, I need a reason to stay longer in bed.

    As for Lee, she shud know better by now not to hide things from her husband. Eish now look @ what’s happening now!

  3. That is why I always say, keep your circle small and fuck keep your secrets to yourself! I wonder how Lee will get out of this one.Andiswa, you are the weakest link shame.

  4. Ai lo Andiswa shame bengizomplanela after the case hearing nje bekuzo caca… but Mthobisi will do his magic work lol. She just got her life back. Poor Lee

    1. Lee is gonna end up 6 feet under all in the name of love hatred and betrayal, mt gon lose his mind if he ever finds out about this :'(……much appreciated team as always

  5. I am so inlove with Lee omg i can’t help it , when i grow up i wana b just like her lol….

    Thanks but what happened to the bonus???

  6. Oh this can not be happening worse what Andiswa plan to tell MT , I guess Lee u have to confess there is no other way. Waiting patiently for bonus

  7. Lee should confess nd hope Mt forgives her nd help her out of this mess. If i was Lee i wud come after Andiswa with evrything i have to distroy her life nd marriage.

  8. Lee..might as well confess & leave cleo & she rocks out of it, those are your true friends..I say add Andiswa as an accomplice or better still, pin the whole thing on her, such a traitor!

  9. but Mtho knows about Mfundoz murder,y doesn’t Lee just tell him?hae mahn this woman likes keeping unnecessary secrets,well they’ll be the death of her. I hope they do realise that its Andiswa’s word against the 3 of them and the cops found her ring in Mfundo’s grave so this is actually gonna backfire on her shame, these girls are die hard!

  10. Thanks Team it’s good there is no bonus u chip people read it only and don’t support the lol . Maybe post the bonus first then we should buy the last two chapters

  11. Yhooo I’ve been behind for 2 moths finally I’m here spent more than 80r this diary is addictive I’m not regretting thumbs up Mikr

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