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*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Two

How did I end up in this situation? How did I end up in my death bed? Let me take you to the beginning of where everything started and then maybe you would understand why I was not in this situation. Everything started beautifully, it might not have been love at first sight but there was attraction at first sight. I meet a man who was good looking, charming, understanding, someone I could talk to about anything, he would call me every single day and we would speak on the phone for hours to no end and when we were together we would not sleep we would talk until the early hours of the morning, he loved me like I had never been loved before, he showed me kindness and I knew that this man was going to be my husband, everything about him was just perfect. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw him for the first time was “this guy will make beautiful babies” and boy was I right. He gave me two most precious and most beautiful babies that I would not trade them for anything in the world. He was stable, no, stable is not the word, he was wealthy; he came from a good home with money, not just money lots of money and he was also making money, I would get taken to Durban for lunch and then back in Joburg by evening, he showed me the good life, my family was not poor but the things he could do we could never be able to afford, on my 21st birthday he flew me to Paris for a weekend, I mean what boyfriend does that, he was not even a sugar daddy, he was eight years older than me,

31 thoughts on “*** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Two

  1. Mmmmhhhh….. That guy is pure evil, sick to the ‘t’. Reminds me of a guy I know, can do anything for you, buy you the moon and the stars… And all you have to do is to be submissive. Has to know ALL your days’ activities, meetings, gym time, everything and anything… Doesn’t mind offering the most unwanted insensetive advise, would just say one sentence – enough to break you down and make a grown woman cry…

  2. Lwazi is a psycho shame,so he wanted to kill u with the steam so dat ur blood cud not b in his hand,shame on him! Mtho is gona kill u,or victor for that matter. Naledi plz do tell everything wen u woke up
    Tnx team

  3. Shoooo!!! atleast Naledi is alive. Woow so there is another side to Victor, can we hear more about his gangster life pls. Great read Thozama, thanQ so much for the bonus too.

  4. Shame man poor Naledi 🙁 mxxxm her husband will die-o! Victor and Mtho bazomdabulisa amafu and I hope it’s a slow painful death for him

  5. This is so so sad, this thing is for real I know someone who was going through it but kept quiet until she reached a stage to commit suicide that’s when everything was relieved and she is currently going through a divorce right now

  6. Dear Mike!
    I’ve hardly been sleeping since the day I started reading MISSTEPS, damn its sooo addictive…. Just wana say big ups to you and your crew for this amazing creative writiing, man I hardly watch TV all I do is read which I s something I. Love love, but been too busy to do! Thanks to your blog I’m back in the game!…as wait on chapter 183

  7. Hey Guys… something doesn’t add up to me

    You guys always played out Naledi to be middle class or poor at the beginning of this book. Even the time when Mthobisi barged into their home to rip up the bed and take out his guns. This is weird or maybe I’m mistaking this for another book.

    Anyways good read

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