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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty

I sat there staring at the gun that my husband had just handed to me. What kind of people were we? People that go around carrying guns and taking care of people. “Put that thing away, you don’t want us getting stopped by police and finding that on you.” Mthobisi said “Is this thing even registered?” I asked wondering how many people had the same gun I was carrying killed “Who would you like it to be registered under Honey? Should I put it under your name?” he asked trying to be sarcastic. I ignored his stupid comment. My phone rang it was my sister “Hey we are headed home. Are you guys going to come back?” I whispered to Mthobisi and asked if we were going back and he shook his head I told her no, she should say goodbye to the family for us, not that they will care that we are gone anyway. “Can you come by later, there is something I want to show you.” I told her it will depend on how long we take on whatever Mthobisi wanted us to do, she begged me, this didn’t sound like my sister she’s usually the forceful type I asked if she was okay and she said why wouldn’t she be okay, “well for one you don’t beg, two you only use that tone when you are freaked out about something. Did your dad’s family say something to you that freaked you out?” That was the only thing I could think of she told me not to be silly, everything was fine. I told her I would go to her house later. “Something is not right with Naledi.” I told Mthobisi as soon as I got off the phone, he asked what was wrong I told him I didn’t know it was just one of those siblings instincts, it’s hard to explain but when something is not okay you can feel it with your family without even being told.

We arrived in some house in Bedfordview, most of my husband’s dealings happen in Bedfordview, as we got there I got a call from Andiswa, I looked at my phone then looked at Mthobis he looked at me and asked who it was I showed him, he looked at me confused “Why aren’t you answering?” I looked at him even more confused, were we not about to pop that girls ass, what would I be doing talking to her? “Do you want some privacy? You will find me inside.” He said leaving me there with my mouth open. “Hi Andiswa, what can I do for you.” She cleared her throat “Hey man, I heard you just buried your father. Why didn’t you tell me it was his funeral today? We always do everything together Lee, why are you cutting me out. Obviously She Rocks and Cleo were there. Is this how things are going to be between us now? I made a mistake, get over it, you’ve wronged me so many times and I have forgiven you, why is it so hard to do the same.” I laughed, I wasn’t laughing because I was happy, I was laughing because I was so angry at her and yet every time someone wanted to hurt her I was the one protecting her. “I don’t see what’s funny in what I have just said Lee.” I couldn’t stop laughing I just continued laughing, it was that laugh that you use instead of crying, because I knew if I cried I was going to hurt that Andiswa thing, I laughed until she got tired of me and hung up, after she did I went out of the car, I must have walked around the car more than five times trying to calm myself, nothing hurts more than being stabbed in the back by someone you love and trust. If it were anyone else I wouldn’t have cared but Andiswa was one of the few people that I trusted with my life, which was a big mistake. I followed my husband inside the house, I found him standing at the pool area with his friends, associates, his people whatever you want to call them with Mthobisi it’s hard to categorise the people he mixes with. “Oh Honey, you done with the call, come stand here next to me. Did you bring your gun?” He asked as if this was the most natural thing on earth, none of the people he was with even flinched when he asked that, this was obviously a norm with them. I nodded, not even sure what was happening because we were obviously not about to kill Andiswa, I wondered who. Could it be Fundani? He was the only other person who was a pain in my ass and having him taken care of would make the world a better place, I smiled just thinking about shooting his ass. I was snapped back into reality when one of the guys said “He’s here, get ready.” Next thing I knew everybody got their guns out, I froze Mthobisi signalled that I should take my gun out as well, I did and a guy appeared “what’s this?” He said with his deep Nigerian accent when he saw everyone pointing at him “I trusted you HM and you went and busted my wife to the cops because I wouldn’t give you that shit.” Mthobisi said. What the hell was happening, my mind was now buzzing, “the fuck MT man?” HM said trying to get close to him, one of the Russians said with his deep Russian accent, “don’t even think about coming close or I will blow your brains out.” What did HM have to do with me being arrested, I was standing there trying to add everything together but nothing added up. “Wait, wait, wait, how did HM get me arrested? Why would he even get me arrested he doesn’t know me from a bar of soap, I’ve only meet the man once in my life.” I said trying to reason with everyone “I told HM about the mess you and your friends made with Mfundo he helped me clean it up, then now recently he wanted something which I couldn’t give to him, and started threatening me, then you get arrested, coincidence? I think not.” HM stood there dumb-founded “that’s not my style MT and you know it, I…. I….. oh Jesus help me here” HM really was a religious man, he was stuttering and couldn’t find the words. “Lately you’ve been trigger happy, I warned to slow down H but you wouldn’t listen, you always know better than the rest of us. MT turn your wife around.” That’s what the deep accent Russian guy said. After that everything happened so quickly, Mthobisi turned me around so fast and I was facing him, confused as to what the hell I was being turned around for then I heard a big loud bang and I knew why, the Russian man had shot HM. I turned back to find see him lying on his back, I rushed to him screaming “Noooooooooooooo!” I knelt next to him, his was covered in blood I couldn’t even see his face, blood was just gushing out, I started feeling sick, my stomach turned at the sight of all that blood, Mthobisi and the other people were talking, I couldn’t hear them all I could see was the dead person with a lot of blood in front of me then I blacked out.

When I came to we were in the car, I tried to speak but words wouldn’t come out, and I was out again. I came to again, I opened my eyes and saw Mthobisi in the bed next to me, I looked around and asked him where we were, he said we were in our house in one of the spare bedrooms, when I asked why we were not sleeping in our room he told me I had been throwing up, I messed the blankets and the carpet so badly that it needs proper cleaning and he couldn’t do that as he needed to take care of me. I wondered why I had thrown up that much then I remembered HM, “Oh My God, how long have I been out for? Your friend killed HM, he didn’t do anything wrong Mthobisi.” He wouldn’t listen to me he told me to calm down, everything was fine and HM was not dead, I knew that was a lie, he was trying to make me feel better, I saw the blood there is no way in hell anyone would have survived that. I again started trying to explain but Mthobisi wouldn’t give me a chance, he told me I had been like this for a days, I would go to sleep then wake up and get all hysterical and he even had a doctor come to have a look at me and he gave me sedatives to calm me down. “I’m sorry Honey, I thought you were ready for this but I was wrong.” That made me feel so useless and stupid as I was the one who said I would be in this with him now I was acting like a mad woman. I guess his lifestyle was just not for me, you get suspected of being a traitor and you get killed, I would never be able to live like that. Something hit me, my sister had called after the funeral wanting to see me, I had been in and out of consciousness for a days which means I had missed 24 hours days. “Where’s my phone?” I asked Mthobisi he said he didn’t know I jumped out of bed, and started feeling a bit woozy, Mthobisi looked at me and said “don’t stand too fast, you haven’t had food in a while, you need to get your strength up first” I ignored him and went downstairs to go look for my bag, it was laying on the floor, I threw everything on the couch, found my phone it was obviously dead, these weak batteries are annoying. Mthobisi came downstairs and said he was going to make me something to eat, I asked him for his phone, he handed it to me, I called Naledi and her phone was off. “Did she call you?” I frantically asked Mthobisi while I was waiting for the phone to ring, damn it went straight to voicemail. “Who?” Mthobisi asked “my sister, kanti who are we talking about here?” I asked him getting annoyed. He said she didn’t. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some water for some reason I was very thirsty, I don’t know if it was worry over my sister or dehydration, I downed a glass full of water in one go, then asked Mthobisi to make me a sandwhich while I went to go shower and left my phone charging in the kitchen. When I was done showering, he was done making me food, I told him I would eat on the way, he asked on the way to where I told him to my sister. He didn’t see why I was making a big fuss about my sister, but I just could feel that something was wrong.

We arrived in Winchester Hills at my sister’s place, we rang the bell at the gate for about five minutes and there was no response, luckily I had keys to her house for emergencies so I opened the gate, then we drove in, there were no cars in the driveway, Mthobisi said to me “you see, you were freaking out for nothing, they not even here.” I ignored him got out the car and knocked at the front door, there was no response, I didn’t have the front door keys, I only had the back kitchen door keys, I went to the kitchen, the door was not locked but closed. I pushed it open and I went inside, I turned back to look at Mthobis and asked “aren’t you coming in with me?” he shook his head and said “No, I don’t break into people’s houses.” He was being impossible, I ignored him and went in, I called out my sister’s name there was no answer, I called out her kids names still no response, I went upstairs in their rooms, and there was no one around as I was passing the steam room, yes my sister has a steam room in her house, I thought I saw a figure but I wasn’t sure, I went close and there was blood on the glass door of the steam room and lying inside was my sister, I screamed “Naledi, Naledi” I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t open, it was locked , I tried kicking it and it wouldn’t break, I ran outside and called Mthobisi and told him of what I saw he ran past me and went upstairs I ran behind him “Fuck she looks dead.” He said to himself not realizing I was right behind him. I screamed “Noooooo, not my sister!!!”

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