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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Five

“Get up and get dressed we are going to the hospital to finish Lwazi off, he is weak and pathetic.” I said to Mthobisi, he looked at me and laughed, “we are no serial killers that go around killing people that do not agree with what we say or do, we are not going to kill Lwazi, we don’t even know what happened, can we first get our facts straight then take it from there.” He said calmly, his phone rang again it was still Lwazi’s mom, he grabbed the phone from my hand and answered he apologized for my outburst and said we were not going anywhere near Lwazi and that I had said all those things because I was stressed and frustrated about my sister, I could hear him going yes, uhhhh and ohhh and then bye. “What did that witch say?” I asked him. “Same old nothing new. Let’s get back to what we were doing we will deal with the world tomorrow, I want to focus on you and only you.” How does this man shift his mind from one thing to another like that? I wondered, he tried kissing me but I was not there at all my mind was still on my stupid brother in-law and his selfish behaviour.

I knew his mother would definitely move him from the hospital he was in. People who commit suicide are the most selfish people in the world, do they even understand the damage the leave behind for other people to face and worse of all some insurance companies do not pay out if they find out the person committed suicide imagine having to struggle to even bury them and having to borrow money around so you could bury them and getting into unnecessary debt because of someone else’s selfishness who decided to take the easy way out. Mthobisi realised that I was no longer in the mood and fell asleep, I don’t know when I sleep but I eventually did.
The following morning I didn’t feel like doing anything I didn’t want to go to the hospital or even walk out the house, I wanted to stay in my pyjamas and sit in the couch all day, when I told Mthobisi this he said it’s a sign of depression and maybe I should go back to therapy I said I would think about it, this was my way of saying it’s never going to happen.

I told him I had just had enough of everything I just wanted to be at home not see anyone or talk to anyone, I think everything that had been happening was finally hitting me hard and I just had no strength anymore. Mthobisi made us breakfast, I had a few bites then told him I wanted to go back to bed and sleep, I was honestly not ready to face the world and it’s problems,my world was just full of problems everywhere I went there was a challenge to be faced and on that particular day I didn’t feel like dealing with any problems, my life my rules. I went back to bed and slept when I finally did wake up it was after two I went downstairs, Mthobisi was not around, he left a note saying if I wanted to go out he left me his car to use, I showered and decided to get over the pity party because life was still going on whether I choose to participate in it or not. I decided to go and see my sister in hospital, after the shooting with the girls, I hated driving I always felt like I was being followed, I kept looking around and if I felt a car was following me I would just make sudden turns without indicating and if they didn’t follow then I would breathe a sigh of relief, I kept looking at all my mirrors, I know they say Joburg is not safe but I was super paranoid, there was a point where I thought some car was following me, then I went to a garage the car also went to the garage, I parked and went to the car to go confront the person driving it I knocked at her window she opened only to find a young lady with a child, I felt so stupid, I lied and said I was lost she said she didn’t stay around the area and was also getting lost and had come to the garage to ask for directions, I went inside the garage bought very cold water and drank half the water in one gulp, I drove out of the garage and headed to the hospital, when I arrived I called Mthobisi and his phone just rang with no answer, I left him a voicemail telling him I had gone to the hospital to see my sister.

When I got to her room there was a person next to her bed, it was Lwazi, he was in hospital gown, I figured his mom must have had him transferred to the same hospital as my sister, he was whispering something to her, I couldn’t hear what the hell he was saying, I snuck behind him trying to hear what he was saying but he was speaking so softly only him and his devil could hear what he was saying, I really didn’t like the guy. I cleared my throat and he jumped up almost falling of his seat. “What are you doing here?” he said when he saw me “Same thing you are doing only difference is I’m not praying to the devil like you were doing. How could you be so selfish.” I asked starring him in the eye. He avoided my eyes and looked down “I don’t know what got into me I just could not handle loosing Naledi, I love her so much and yesterday I just felt like my world had just come to an end I couldn’t handle it anymore.” He said looking pathetic “So you thought killing yourself would make things easy for everyone, what about your kids, who the hell was supposed to break the news to them that their father felt that they didn’t deserve parents in their lives?” as I was about to continue my sister started shaking her whole body was shaking like she was having some sort of a seizure, “see what you’ve done, go and call a doctor.” I ran out and grabbed the first nurse I could find and told her what was happening, she came in and told Lwazi and I to get out. “You call me selfish after what you just did there I think you are the selfish one if she never wakes from this comma I will blame you, you know people in a comma hear everything it’s just that they can’t respond.” I was so angry I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth I just showed Lwazi the middle finger then went outside, I called my mom and told her about my sister I obviously didn’t tell her that I had been attacking her husband when it happened, she said she would come through as soon as she got off work, they were extremely busy. I sat in the car trying to calm myself down, I was seriously pissed off, a few minutes later I was still not calm but I needed to go and check on my sister so I went back inside the hospital. One of the nurses was talking to Lwazi, he fell down on his knees and I stopped on my tracks thinking they had just told him she is dead, I slowly walked up to them preparing myself for the worst. The first thing I said when I got to them was “what happened?” Lwazi stood up and hugged me and said “she is up, my beautiful wife is alive.” I was jumping up and down with joy. The nurse said the doctor was just busy examining her and we should be able to see her shortly Lwazi asked that he be the first one to see her, I had no problem with that, he was her husband after all.
He went to go see her, I waited in the waiting area for him to come back, while waiting I decided to call my mother and share with her the good news, she was so happy and relieved then I called Mthobisi who was also very happy but said he couldn’t speak for long then I called Victor after telling him that Naledi was up he asked where Lwazi was, the obsession that he had with Lwazi was starting to disturb me, I told him he was in the same hospital and told him about Lwazi trying to commit suicide and that he was in the same hospital and was currently with Naledi in her room. Without any hesitation he said “go to your sister’s room right now Lesedi and make sure you don’t leave her for a second with that man. Don’t ask questions or argue, go, now.” I stood up and did as my step dad had said he was an elder after all so I had to follow his instructions. When I got to the room Lwazi was talking to Naledi “I am begging you please, just do as I say.” I walked in and said “do what?” Lwazi was again startled by me and said he was just begging her to get better, my sister had tears in her eyes which she tried wiping off when she saw me, I went to her and hugged her, “Welcome back Sis” she smiled and held my hand and said “I love you” I was so touched I started crying she’s just got out of a comma and her first words to me were she loves me. “I love you too Sis, please don’t ever scare us like that.” I said to her smiling. “Let’s not talk about negative things let’s just be happy that she is alive.” Lwazi said cutting me off acting like he didn’t want us to speak about what happened. Naledi said she had a terrible headache and asked if I could get her some water, I asked Lwazi to go and get the water and said I just wanted to look at her all day I was just following Victor’s orders Lwazi hesitated then squeezed my sister’s hand then winked as if he was passing on a message to her as soon as he left Naledi said “how are my babies? I miss them so much.” I smiled and said they are fine but we can’t bring them to the hospital we would have to wait until she got out from the hospital she said she understood and wouldn’t want them to see her in hospital. Within minutes Lwazi was back with the water I could see he had been running he was huffing and puffing, it was as if he didn’t want my sister alone with me, when he came in the first thing he asked was “what are you guys talking about?” Naledi told him we were just talking about the kids, “what else did I miss?” he said looking at us suspicious, the man was acting very doggy but I decided to ignore it. A nurse came in with a bunch of flowers and said they were just delivered, my sister unlike me loves flowers, she started gushing over them saying how beautiful they were Lwazi asked who they were from and before she could even answer he grabbed the card and read it out loud “Please get better soon and come back to us, you are highly missed.

Your colleagues.” I looked at him and asked whom did he think had sent my sister flowers, he looked away and said no one in particular he was just curious, he was now annoying me, who goes around reading other people’s cards. One of the nurses came and said we needed to come back during visiting hours they had done us a favour by allowing us to see her as it was not yet visiting hours, Lwazi said he was going to his room to get himself discharged I went back outside to go get my wallet in the car so I could buy myself some food as I was starting to get hungry as I approached the parking lot I saw Victor he was talking to some guy, Victor’s back was turned on my direction so he couldn’t see me as I got close I saw Victor hand the guy something that looked like paper, when I got close I realised that I knew the man, it was the Nigerian guy whom Mthobisi and I had gone to his mother’s awake, (the Nigerians memorial service, that’s what they call it), a couple of months ago, he recognised me and greeted me Victor was surprised that we knew each other then Victor said the guy was looking for some place called Calvary School so he was just giving him directions and wrote him a map on how to get there. I nodded and asked Booye how he was doing and he told me he was not fine he had hit a pothole and his tyre had burst and he had to change it, Victor said he was going inside while I stayed and chatted to Boogy I asked him why he wanted the school he said his son was starting school next year and he wanted him to go to a Christian school, there was a Christian school close to the hospital so it kind of made sense why he would end up there. “How big was a pothole that you had to change your tyre?” he laughed and said it was not as big as the potholes in Nigeria, he started telling me about how every six months in Nigeria you have to change your tyres because of the bad roads and how you have to have spare airtime that you keep to call your mechanic because sometimes it’s not just the tyres that get damaged the car bearings also get damaged, he told me how once he was driving from his village to Lagos which is four hours away and he hit a pothole he had to call his mechanic to come and pick him up then had to sleep at his mechanics house because they had to buy new parts and all shops were close, he bent down to show me how badly he had hit the car and what parts needed to be bought as he bent down something fell of his pocket I picked it up to give it to him and when I picked it up I saw that it was Lwazi’s picture, I picked it up then gave it to him and he shook his head and said it wasn’t his, then said he had to go, got in his car and left, I realised that is the same paper that Victor had given him.

What the hell was going on here? If there was one person who would have answers it would be my husband, I quickly called Mthobisi and told him what had just happened. “There are guys outside the hospital waiting to take Lwazi out, it’s going to be made to look like an accident, if you think Lwazi is innocent and had nothing to do with your sister being in hospital then this is your chance to save him.” Mthobisi said calmly “How do I save him?” I asked anxiously because it looked like everything had been put in motion,too many people had died and I didn’t want to add Lwazi on the list “You are a very resourceful woman if you want to save him you will think of something, I have to go now. I love you.” he said and hung up. I ran inside the hospital I was going to save Lwazi come hell or high waters, he didn’t deserve to die, he had nothing to do with any of this.

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  1. I also agree can we have the book for Missteps, what will be life without Missteps mara. the best book ever.

    Lwazi must die he deserves it, clearly Mthobisis didn’t scare him enough

  2. Mike please proof read your articles before posting them. They are really great, honestly, but could do with some improved grammar. Otherwise thank you man!

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