Realities – Chapter Forty Nine

The problem with kids today is that they are spoilt. It’s not even about wealth but the fact that life is simpler for them. Everything is freely available from sex to money you name it. They have no respect for firstly others but also themselves. They think they are gown up even when their breast are not even out yet. That is the problem. Parents are raising their kids through the tv and social networks. Have you ever driven down from near a school and you see parents with kids in their cars? Most of the kids are on their phones chatting the moment they get in the car! That’s rubbish! That is what makes them think they can get away with murder and parents allow it! Parents allow for this foolishness! I don’t care what the government says about beating up children but 15year old kids should not be having sex! Sies! I was so mad! I was going to show these two brats who is boss!

“Lintle! Lintle! Wake up!”

The terrified boy said shaking her to wake up!

“What is it baby? Not another round come on. We have run out of condoms and…”

Did she just say rounds? The way I flew across that room I would have made catwoman proud! The boy I boxed like a man! This young boys assume all mothers are soft. Not me. I did not want to belt him. I was going to fight him like a man. He had violated my daughter as far as I was concerned and for that I was going to punish him.

“You think you can come to my house and fuck my daughter? You think you can treat her like a little whoore?”

I asked him as I beat the shit out of him. I don’t know why but he never fought back! He had no words to explain himself meaning I just hit him more. When I was tired of him I went to the little bitch of a daughter i had produced! Here I had failed dismally. She had stripped me of all my pride as a mother. I went to my daughter and gave her the same treatment. I think my husband heard the commotion and came running upstairs thinking that maybe we were being robbed or something. He tried to open the door but I had locked from the inside.

“Daddy please help me mommy has gone insane!”

Lintle screamed and that just goes back to what I had said about disrespect! She wanted us to treat her like a rebel so I was going to treat her like that. I only stopped punching when I got tired! I walked out of the room past my husband who looked at me confused. It was when he saw his naked daughter and a naked boy standing there that he put two and two together.

“Wait here!”

He said as he left to go to the bedroom. The boy was not going to hang around. He might be young but he was not that stupid. He ran past me with his dick flapping all over the place, outside butt naked. I had not seen his car outside so how had he gotten here! My husband came back carrying the shambok we keep in the house.

“Daddy please do not hit me with that please!”

Lintle wept hiding in the corner. For a moment there I thought Sizwe would do it but he didn’t. He loved her too much to do that. He handed it to me! I had done my job so I said it was enough. One might wonder why I chose to let my fists do the talking. Boys are so used to be scolded without actual punishment. By me brawling him, where ever he went he will always tell them,

“Don’t fuck with Lintles mother!”

That much I knew I had punched into him. He will fear me, my house and my daughter! I did not care how he will get home or whether he had a phone or not. The way he had gotten here is the same way he will get home. Sizwe left her there without saying a word. I heard him go downstairs and when he came back he put all the keys of every door in our wardrobe. He had locked her in.

“I am sleeping. I am not going to dwell on this for too long because if I think about it it will kill me!”

He said without going much further into it. I knew what he meant. You can’t think or picture your child that young having sex because it will kill you that’s for certain. I knew it was killing me already so let’s not go there please. That’s the beauty of having teenagers. A lot of people tell you that they prefer having teenage sons as opposed to daughter. It’s sexist I know but I get where they come from. You son does not get pregnant and your son will never get a reputation. A girl child is vulnerable from the day she is born and should anything happen to her even though she is at blame, usually it’s on you. I still could not figure where I had gone wrong with her. Yes I had spoilt my baby but as a single child we all tend to spoil our kids to a different extent. I broke down again, this time genuinely. I could not stop crying. I really had failed my family, parents included were falling apart. Dear Lord help me. Help me save my family, I prayed in between my sobs. I know my husband was angry at me but I could feel that his anger had shifted to our daughter. He was not sleeping, hew was sitting at the edge of his bed, head in his hands. After about fifteen minutes he said,

“We need to go away as a family just the three of us! Do you think you will be able to take more days off work?”

He said. Eish, I could not but him saying go away as a family after all that had happened with George too was music to my ears. He was doing it for Lintle I know but to me he was doing it to save all of us. He just didn’t know it yet.

“I will get more days!”

I told him this was not going to sit well at work. I had days yes but it’s not like you can just pull them out anytime. I was not going to go there as that could have other consequences, I was going to call in rather. Simple plan.

“Love it feels like we are taking her on holiday after all she has done though!”

I said when I put my mind.

“What do you have in mind then? We can’t take her to your mums considerring what happening there and we need to reconnect with her so we can try get ahead of this!”

He said.

“How come she left that place and we were not told? I thought that’s the whole idea behind reform school?”

I know I had a point but I did not want to appear hot headed. It was always me that got in the way of his decision making!

In the morning I did not check up on my daughter because I found my husband standing by her door. He said she was sleeping and by the looks of it she had not tried to leave. He said he had not slept at all fearing that she could do something to herself. I was scared he would blame me for some reason but he did not. I told him I was going to check on my mum and aunt. They were staying at the Protea Hotel Parktonian in Braamfontein. When I got there I was told that they had checked out already and I was confused by it. She was supposed to have been for a couple of days. I called her to find out where she was.

“You did not tell me what was going on so I had to ask people back home to tell me why my own daughter was running me out of town! I am so disappointed that you would go. To this lengths to protect your father! What is wrong with you? I also heard you put that girl in a hotel!”

She shouted. I wanted to say it was not a hotel but that was not her point. She felt betrayed.

“No mum, I did not want you caught up in this situation as well. Papa is in trouble and he does not even see it!”

I warned her. I was hoping to find a bit of compassion deep inside her somewhere but I was wrong!

“You know what, you isolated yourself from your father a long time ago and now you have achieved in driving your mother away too! Do not call me ever again!”

She said and hung up the phone!

Can mothers do that? Has it ever happened to anyone that their mother wrote them off?

I had my own problems to worry about now!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Good Day Mike
I need advice from you and my fellow readers.

I’m a 21 year old girl and I’m dating a 30 year old guy, we met when I was 19 and he was 28. He has been loyal ever since, he has never cheated me. He recently dropped a bombshell on me and told me he has a child with his ex, who broke his heart. I’ve seen the child’s pictures several times but he told me it was his cousin’s child. He apologized for not telling me earlier coz he says I was too young and I wouldn’t be able to handle it and he didn’t to lose me then. He doesn’t really have a good relationship with the child coz she reminds him of the mother and never wanted to have a child out of wedlock, he wanted to marry her but she broke his heart before he could.
He has been begging me not to leave him but I don’t trust him anymore. I feel betrayed. Now my question is, can I trust him after all of this? Or should I leave?


9 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Forty Nine

  1. Thanx Mike and Team for yet another goid one.
    Q&A Cassie you might have written out the cheating part too early, Chad nces are this guy way cheating on his then girlfriend when you guys srarted. You are young concentrate on things that will benefit yor future right now, and ease off on tge relationship for a bit. Yout bf’s excuse for nit havung a relationship with his own flesh and blood realky sycks for his age, what he dies to her he can easily do to you too. Some boys mara

  2. Mike am inlove with ur work

    dear cassie

    this sounds like my life too well, I left the guy because I dont want that kind of baby’s mothers drama in my life, now u need to ask ur self is it him lying thats getting to you or the prospects of being a step mommy

    If hes kept hes child a secret from you he had good reason to, the fear of driving you away and he was right coz here u are doubting him.i feel by dating a guy whos 30 you should have expected that he had a life before you

    good luck

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, Tuesday owanini Thixoooo!!

    Cassie my dear, it wouldve been totally suspicious for a guy almost out of the calendar to not have a kid. Him coming clean could be because he genuinely feels that this relationship with you is getting serious and these things have a way of coming out, always. So he told you out of courtesy too, coz it aint your business anyway. So step one is to accept that he has a kid with an ex he resents, which probably means he still loves her in his own wicked way. Step two is to evaluate your relationship and figure out if this man deserves your trust, has he ever lied or kept anything else from you?

    You will need to decide if all this is worth it though, you still a pikinin.

    Good weekend to all


  4. Friday special,thank you team…Ca t wait for tomorrow though….lol
    I have been in that situation I hope it’s not the same guy,it didn’t end well for me,he told me initially that the ex girlfriend broke his heart,the victim story…he was the victim a heart broken victim at that,after 6 months in the relationship,he told me that he had a child with the same ex he resent so much,2 years later in that relationship I visited him at his place unannounced as I had my own issues with this relationship,found the same ex he resent washing his clothes with the child that looks exactly like him,he might be lying to you…if he lied about a child it means he has a lot he is lying about,me say run for your heart…you will thank yourself tomorrow

  5. Finally Friday is here, all I can think about is Lesedi tomorrow!!!

    Cassie, once you have trust issues, it will be a bit difficult to work through it. You are still very young and still to experience a lot. My advice is for you to trust your instincts girl.

    Raw deal Tebogo, sorry dear.

    1. Sbucie I have grown from that so much,it was indeed raw I had to grow a raw confidence,raw esteem,raw mentality,raw reasoning,In order to move on,today it has been almost 3 years later and am happy I managed to move on

  6. great read as always, thank you mike and team…
    I think your guy has a point, at the age of nineteen you were too young to understand and the relationship was gonna be too much considering the fact that he has a child.
    I wouldn’t advise you to dump him yet cos your still hurting but it will pass.
    his reasoning is of an adult point of view.
    if his never cheated on you and treats you well I say give it a shot.

  7. Q&A at least he told u mina my fiancée I had to find out from work as am working for one of SA medical aid company so I knew he had one child from baby mama that he previously dated only to find out its 3 kids so 2 I didn’t know about I was hurt I won’t lie but as time goes by I accepted the situation and I love kids so y broke up with him kids were conceived before I was part of his life.

  8. Adv Cmndr Maphoto I Salute U!

    Cassie @21 UR like my daughter & I wud say celibate till this guy brings magadi/lobola home. Yo parents deserve that, amasiko. Question is: can U hold yo horses that long it?
    Bcz that wud sound like punishment 2U than a way of seeing yo bf’s commitment if UR already sexually-active like abt 90% of youth yo age.
    No pressure to umkhwenyana but we R protecting U from being “used & then dumped” even if it sounds like protecting U from yoself, bcz UR still young & water is too thick. Hard as it is, that’s the only passage over this river in my books. – PapaG

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