Realities – Chapter Forty Five

Imagine walking in the mall and bumping into someone that looks exactly like you. Ok fine in South Africa it could actually happen considering how most of our father’s are so promiscuous but what would you do? Would you say hi or just walk away telling yourself that someone is playing mind tricks on you? Even better, imagine someone that looks exactly like you approaches you in a restaurant? I probably would just stare but who am I kidding, some questions really have no answers. My mother stared at Sibongile for a good five minutes. My father was not lying and even she could not deny it. I know she was dying to say that it was not true we are seeing things as happens with most people but the words just refused to come out. The only difference now obviously was age but in everything else these people were alike. I could see my mother at that age and it was spooky. She went and took out more photos of herself I think to double check because such things make you forget what you look like. Eventually she went closer to her which made Sibongile uncomfortable. I stepped in front of her just in case!

“How is this possible?”

She said to him then turned to her.

“I don’t know. You tell me. When I met her I swear I thought she could have passed for your little sister or something.”

He said. It was true but how could this be. I know for a fact that at no point had my father been away long enough for my mother to have gotten pregnant without my father seeing. There are women who can hide their pregnancies especially women with husbands who work far from home. The taxi industry is one such you can’t be too far from the action for too long so this clearly was not one of those cases. She was not my mothers daughter.

“Nothabo will you do that DNA thing I hear about on TV. I want to know what’s going on?”

My mother asked me without letting her eyes to leave Sibongile. For the first time Sibongile spoke,

“No, I just want to go home now. This is creepy. How could you not tell me I look like your wife wwhen she was younger!”

The child said. I wanted to laugh at the part that she was more worried about the part of looking like a wife as opposed to the part that he had a wife! These girls honestly.

“No, you will go when I say you are going!”

My father said sternly.

“Ah papa come on!”

I protested. I did say this man was a bully right.

“See mama I was not trying to be evil or cruel. I wanted you to see!”

He said sweetly to my mum even though he had just snapped at the child.

“So you wanted to replace me with a direct version of me?”

She asked him cutting his eureka moment short. He thought he had survived this moment but clearly he had not. She was right though, when a woman gets older, men look for younger women. For some reason our bodies seem to age faster than theirs and they use this against us.

“No my dear I never wanted to replace you but I won’t lie, seeing her made me fall in love with you all over again!”

He tried to explain,

“She is like your identical twin. You know I am not a good man but have you ever seen me want to bring a woman home? No! Never!”

He said answering his own question. He was right too because like she had said earlier he had had many affairs and not once had he brought someone home. Men believe that if they cheat and don’t get caught due to their ability to sneak around that they should be given credit for taking such a big effort not to expose you to their ways. That was my father right now, it was an impossible situation.

“So what now? Because she looks like me does this mean you must wife her? How stupid are you really?”

My mother asked him bringing us all out of our shocked state. She was right and it was a good question. My father knew she was not my mother meaning that cheating is cheating. Funny thing is that it was like he was cheating with my mothers sister which just made the crime even bigger.

“I did not cheat. We kissed once…”

We all looked at him wide eyed then he looked down and said,

“Ok fine we kissed a few times but definitely not more that five. That’s the truth. She is here you can ask her. I have never slept with her. If anything we spend most of our time talking!”

He explained,

“Talking to someone is not cheating right so please give me a break. I spoke to the girl. I wanted you to meet her but maybe I went about things wrong and I am sorry.”

He was so clueless. You know how girls especially always say that talking to another girl on a love and emotional basis counts as cheating, well they are right. The amount of time you spend with another is taking away the time you should bbe spending with your wife hence why we call it cheating. I know some saying cheating is sex with another person and kissing is no longer counted as cheating nowadays.

“It’s true we have never slept together. He is not lying. I am sorry I came here. Maybe we should break up because this is too much for me now. I really want to go home.”

She said again walking backwards towards the door but this time everyone ignored her.

“Maybe we should all calm down for a minute as this is getting out of hand too fast!”

Sizwe spoke calmly. I had even forgotten that he was still here!

“Nothabo please drive me!”

My mother said walking past everyone. No one stopped her so I went with her. My husband gave me the keys. I guess this meant Sibongile would be taking a taxi. Only when we drove out did my mother speak.

“I am going to my sisters for a few days. I was not joking about moving on. You are a woman. We often tell each other that it’s the way men are but the truth is, they are not to blame we are! We have made that excuse for them so they will continue to treat us like this because we have allowed them to all this time! I am just tired. I won’t fight for him because clearly he has other things to fight for!”

I was tired of my mothers speeches. All of a sudden she had become philosophical. Her sister in question lived alone. Her husband had died under suspicious circumstances. She had not spoken to my mother at some point for around 2 years because at the time she had been convinced that my father had played a role in his death. She called the police on him and an investigation yielded no results. They had left it at that and somewhat buried the hatchet. This was not fully though as there was simmering tension between them under the surface. That would never go away.

“Does she know you are coming?”

I asked my mother who did not respond. For the first time since I got home I saw my mothers tears. She had not shed one since we started talking as she had screamed most of the time. My father had really broken her heart. I chose not to ask more questions as I drove in silence to my aunt’s place. When we got there my aunt was there and she was watching TV. That woman loved TV shem. Even when we were young the TV belonged to her add we watched her stations hence why we never liked visiting her.

“I thought you were coming earlier!”

My aunt said as she was walking out of her house. I ran up and hugged her as I had last seen a while back. She complimented me and told me how Joburg was being to me.

“Where is that handsome husband of yours? Why didn’t you bring him?”

She asked me but stopped short when she saw that her sister hadd not emerged from the car. Instead she sat there stuck to her sit as though she was not coming out.

“What’s wrong now?”

She asked my mum as she went to open the door for her. Only now did my mother emerge and she hugged her sister.

“Nothabo, I think it’s best you leave us alone for now so that I can have a talk with her. Come back in an hour or two…”

She said shepherding my mother into the house! Er, that left me rootedd to where I stood because I was supposed to have spent time here whilst my husband was doing the insurance things. Then it hit me, I needed to go talk to Sibongile’s parents too. I wanted to know how or why they looked so alike. I tried to call her on the number she had given me but the number was off.

I grew up here meaning I still had many friends in the area. I decided to visit a few. I needed some time out myself so it had to be done. Men can ware you out even when you are the strongest person around.

“You better come home something has happened.”

My husband said when I picked up the phone. I thought maybe they had been a fight between my mother and father.

“It’s that Sibongile girl. When she got home her father beat her up for being with an old man, your father!”

How was this a crisis, I would beat up my daughter too if she brought me an old man to my house!

“That’s not all! She has just killed her father!”

He said calmly and I responded,

“Say that again!”

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

hello Mike

I am a 22 year old lady and I am dating a guy who is only a year older than me. It’s been about 4 months now. Since we started dating we had so much opposition. He is from Cameroon and his friend does not like me because I am not from their country. So he poisoned my boyfriend’ s mom against me. They always have misunderstandings over me and now I feel like I am creating a rift between them, which I do not wish to do. On the other side he has a female friend who likes him. She is also from Cameroon. When I see her she smiles at me but I have seen her messages to him telling him she loves him and him explaining that he doesn’t feel the same way, and she once deleted my pictures from his phone. Whenever I bring it up he just says he would never date her. I do believe him but I feel like we are sharing him. Sometimes he says he is coming over to my place then later texts saying he has to go help her out with some stuff so he can’t come anymore. The other day he said he was going there to get notes, even though I have the same class with both of them and I happened to have the notes he was looking for( I am in uni by the way). I should add that this guy is really nice as well, he is a good listener , he even cooks when he comes over , does dishes and all. He is very helpful and I do care about him a lot. Just the things I mentioned. I know this might sound petty but I would appreciate any advice.


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  1. I like the fact that your stories are longer now mike thank you

    Q&A you are still young and young relationship shouldn’t have this much drama, truly evaluate if hes worth all this drama he causing

  2. Well done Sibongile yhoo we understand u were defending yourself Thanks Mike 🙂 A2Q leave them alone u deserve better the drama will never end even if it does u will never be completely sure n that would cause lots of insecurities

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one, Sbongile just went ganster on her Pops, poor girl.

    I’ve missed this, missed the people, the comments……Im back!


    Sisi you have strong competition for your man and it will only get worse. Is it all worth it though? I mean, what if ya’ll end up married and you visit Cameroon and his family dont like you? Its bad enough having sour inlaws that are local, intercontinental ones??? Cameroonians nogal? Im sorry sisi but instead of worrying yourself with international relationships, you should be focussing on your modules.

    Chooseday problems huh!!


    1. Hi Jackzorro ,am happy that you back some of us read and comment because of you this place was not the same without you but somthing triggured my mind cn you please go through early last month comments from realities and rumblings someone commented about a funeral at jackzorros i was very sad hey.i will try finding tht comment

  4. Hey Mike

    I emailed on saturday about my Missteps pin, still no response. How long does it usually take?

    Thanks for the awesome reads!

  5. Such a tragic outcome of Sbongile’s life……Its the case of the victim becoming the perpetrator.

    Welcome back Jackzorro!!!!

  6. I was informed by the team (DOAZG) that someone was mentioning my untimely departure from Earth and I was rather shocked. Im still kicking Everjoy, it couldve just been a prank 🙂 . Thanks Blq and Sbucie, its good to be home again.

  7. Big Mike.. big Mike nice one after a long weekend. Tjo another drama yoh!!! Sbongile
    QnA. Well my sister we don’t know how they do this in Cameroon

  8. Thnxxx Mikeesto,,shem Sbongile nw is going to live with a burden of killing her own father,,,what monsters makes us do

    QnA aowa sesi okase setle go tsenngwa stress ke batho ba kgakala sooo what happens when they go bck to their country mos nako eo gona o tlo swa,,leave the Cameroonian to the Cameronians,,gape gate local is lekker or u dnt bliv

  9. Thanks Mike and Co. Great read as always!
    So, Sbowie has finally freed herself of that man’s claws! Kunzima for sure!

    Welcome back Jackzorro, trully the place was not the same without you!

  10. Poor Sibongile,I wonder how come she looks as Nothabo’s mom.

    Welcome back Jackzorro and don’t forget you still owe us the picture. If you sent it long ago we would be able to notify the family that you still alive and kicking.

    Q&A Keep on playing and focus on your studies, the Camerronian going home after graduating and they’ll live happily ever after and what about you? Start looking for local talent

  11. I’m soooooo happy Jackzorro is back I mean like don’t a page or blog lewena where u give advise .. Some of us appreciate u …

    Disorientated 4months and already on ale drama hay girl ,life is too awesome to be a2nd option hle .

  12. Welcome back Jackzorro ohh this place wasn’t the same without you. Now il have the pleasure of Mike’s ever so great work and your juicy comments lol 🙂 I hope you won’t go MIA on us again.

  13. QnA when you compete with someone he has known since before you then you are always on the back foot. It’s something you are in fact powerless against so please don’t go to him and ask him to stop their friendship as it will get turned on its head that you are the aggressor. You’d relationship will not get any stronger because right now you are foundation level and if you allow the fighting to consume you guys then you will not build a strong one. As I read he is is fighting off both his mother and friend meaning you are not competing, they are! He likes you

  14. A2Q Dear Disoriented, unfortunately your situation is only gonna get worse so I suggest you leave right away.

    Great to have you back Jackzorro! 🙂

  15. Heeeee Mikesto u really are a genius!!! is Sebongile Nelisa’s friend back @ high school??? wow I remember her father ws also
    abusive#clap once! !!

  16. Shame poor Sbongile must have been self defense tog
    Welcome back Jackzaroo heh ndothuke ndaphatse uba kusithiwa u no more am happy u still alive and kicking
    Q&A u still very young for all this drama we cant tell u what to do the choice is urs

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