Realities – Chapter Forty Eight

What he had done had scared the daylights out of me. We are not all women who think that a violent guy is hot. No! If you are sane you know that such a man will one day turn on you. I was wrong I know it but I was going to maintain my innocence from henceforth. I was never ever going to confess. Imagine if he did this to man he only suspected because of his gut what would he do with a full confession. I was scared of him. A part of me told me not to enter the car but I had thought too soon.

“You can get arrested for this Sizwe have you lost your mind!”

I asked him. Indeed he had. We do not live in a lawless country and people don’t seem to get that. No matter how much someone hurts you by the cheating you cannot go harm the person they cheated with. You go to jail and let’s see, first someone fucked your wife and then next thing you are in prison and someone else is fucking you! Yah think and men unfortunately do not do that. You go to jail after you were the one wronged in the first place. What if George pressed charges! This is not TV where you get away with stupid shit like this! He ignored me as we both walked away. I called Zethu because I know she was working. I told her what had happened and she said she was on her way to George. She did not sound surprised though meaning that George had already told her we slept together. Remember it was Zethu who had been telling me that I needed to shag this guy meaning that he had approached her about it a long time ago. Wow! I really am a loser. Most women have such friends who seem to urge you into doing either the things they are doing too or things you actually never see them doing. They plant the seed and keep watering it. That is female friendships for you. Don’t be surprised if one day she throws it in your face if you fall out.

“Please keep it under wraps I don’t want Sizwe to get in trouble please Zethu!”

Already she was telling me how possessive and dangerous my husband was. Imagine. She does not even know him that well but she had made all these conclusions.

“Sizwe slow down!”

I said as I ran up to catch up with him. He grabbed the car keys from me without saying a word.

“You didn’t have to pull them! You were always going to drive!”

The way he had grabbed them was like I was going to run away with them. I was not going to do anything to make him even more angry than he was now. I had not seen what he had done coming and where had he gotten that knife though? Maybe I should not let him drive because of the state he was in. He would end up killing us both that’s for sure and I was not ready to die. Hell no! I reached the car and opened the passenger door. He glared at me and shouted,

“… where do you think you are going?”

He asked me when I got to the car!

“Go back to your man and tend to him! Have you forgotten how much you rocked his world?”

He said. Wow! Now he did not want me to come home with him!

“Well we drove my car so I am not staying! I am coming with you!”

I said defiantly. If I let him go I would lose him most definitely. He would assume I went back to him and I would never salvage this. In this instance I was definitely guilty. I was going to beg him if I had to just for him to stay.

“I don’t want stories from you. You have become dishonest and are always angry!”

He said. Ladies know this, when you have a fight with your man that could lead to a break up, let him keep talking. Don’t challenge him. This is not the time to be playing the equal rights card. Disgusting as it might sound, be the woman and be apologetic. That’s only if you want to keep your man of course. If you don’t want him then tell him where to get off. Power games have a time and place. I knew that I was always crushing him but I am not dumb not to realize that now was not the time.

“Baby I am sorry! I really am! I did not sleep with him and only God knows this because you have already concluded!”.

I said going down my knees outside the car. The door was open on the passenger side and the way I was kneeling meant that he could not drive away even if he wanted to. I know I had cheated but the punishment must fit the crime right.

“Get in the car! Don’t think I will talk to you though! I am only doing this because the cameras can’t see the mighty Dr. Makgofa kneeling in the parking lot!”

He said coldly. That was step one. I was in the car meaning we were going home. Step two, women know this one all too well and guys don’t, cry! I cried like someone had died. I won’t lie, tears normally close the deal with most men. What’s worse we had to put fuel at the garage and when he opened his window for the attendant to attend to us he was embarrassed when he was asked, “Why sesi ola a lla?”

He ignored the guy and asked him for a full tank.

“Please stop crying now everyone thinks I am abusing you in some way!”

Men are funny creatures and this includes the abusive ones. They are ashamed of people knowing that they have been beating you up because they lose all respect yet they do it anyway. No man wants to be known as abusive. My plan was working.

“What am I supposed to do? You stabbed someone and could end up in jail leaving me alone!”

I did the whole put your arm across your eyes like children do when you cry which made the manager of the service station come to the car. She was female and you know how females are when they try protect one of their own.

“Ah bhuti your woman is crying and you are just sitting there doing nothing!”

My husband is a shy man and hates confrontation and the fact that this was drawing attention to him was killing him. Worse the fuel was only half way through and we still had to swipe.

“It is not what you think. I did not hit her nor did I shout at her. Nothabo tell them?”

He said clearly uncomfortable.

“Its ok Sisi I will be fine thank you!”

I told her without looking up. That just made it worse because all abused women tend to defend their abuser and come seem to walk away.

“Sister I know it’s hard to walk away but you should. You will find strength in God I can assure you that! And wena, sies!”

I almost laughed not because I liked my husband being treated like this but because the woman without knowing why I was crying had gone that far. Imagine if someone had died and that was the reason why I was crying. Eventually we left.

Step three, in the car I begged him. I maintained that I did not cheat but I would do whatever he wants me to so we could fix this. I went all out on this. Initially he was saying I must first admit the truth and my response was, “If I do that I would only be saying what you want to hear and that is far from the truth!”

Something which made him even more confused. By the time we got home we had reached no conclusion but at no point had he said let’s break up. I was winning. We discussed in the car for about ten more minutes.

“Can I have the car keys please?”

I said to him.


He asked me,

“Because I don’t trust that you won’t leave. I am really sorry and I think we need to talk.”

I told him. I think that surprised him as he laughed and handed me the keys.

“We can bring the bags in tomorrow. Let’s chat go inside!”

I said to him. He said he was following and I went in. I switched on the lights downstairs as I walked in. It was good to be back. I had not even checked on my mom. Instinct is something I tell you. Something told me to go and check my daughters room. The door was closed but I suppose I missed her and I knew she was not home but a mother has instincts. When I opened the door it was pitch dark so I switched on the light.

On the bed was my 15 year old daughter asleep naked and next to her was that kid who drives the mothers black mercedes also butt naked and asleep.

How did they even leave that stupid centre and why had I not been called? My husband was still outside in the garage taking our bags in I suppose even though I had said we can do it tomorrow. These kids know how to spoil my mood and day… Ok wrong words, they had made it worse!


I cleared my throat three times before either heard me. I could see why. There was half a blunt on her dressing table. I know what it looks like ok, I was young once!

He woke up and he saw me staring at him. He tried to cover his privates but well the trauma of what I had just seen meant the punishment was on me.


He cursed.

I entered the room and closed the door behind me, took the key and put it in my bra!

I was going to moer these kids like a snake that had entered a black man’s house!


*****The End*****




Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi mike

Please hide my identity. .. lets say. am Zintle.  I am 27year old qualified health care provider. .. am renting a house. I have my own car. Early in February I met a very nice guy but my problem is:

  1. He is very successful (plays golf with the president)  and that intimidates me a lot.
  2. He used to date a very famous TV star but hell am 5× prettier than her but still that bothers me because am a nobody.
  3. He is in an out of the country on business…he lives in cape Town and I live in Durban.  So since we met in February we have spent time together 4times.  He even flew over to spend my birthday with me. But I still somehow feel like he has someone in cape town though he told me he was single
  4. He works till late n he would call me around 21h00 saying he was still at the office about to go home….
  5. Recently my car broke down and I told him I was feeling down all he said was Sorry my love Kuzolunga….like really? He didn’t call to ask whts wrong with the car n if it’s sorted out.    I don’t want him to give me money to fix it but shouldn’t he check up on me seeing that when it comes to cars we are taken for a ride by the car sales man n mechanics??. I love him n he makes me happy when he is around but I cant help bt just feel like am just his fix for when he is Durban on Business…..


Help should I give him a chance or leave.?

Thank you

Durban Girl







30 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Forty Eight

  1. Dear durban girl, google his ass, google hes email adress, phone number, all social media account’s, cross reference every girl who likes tagging him , like go pysco stalker on him , if u find nothing then hes single, also call him at odd hours like 6am or 9pm n see if he answers n has a full convo with you, or invite ur self to hes house.

    best of luck

  2. QnA It’s quite obvious you’re his Durban squeeze. Stay if you’d like to have fun, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re his only gf. Let’s just say Iv been there before.

  3. Thank you Team – great read as always
    Q&A, why don’t you sit him down – when you see him – and voice your concerns? Just be careful not to sound needy, clingy and insecure but wanting to know where you stand exactly.

    Good luck

  4. he plays golf with the president,meaning Zuma *hides* hez most probably a polygamist as well…I’m just saying, birds of the same feather flock together

  5. well if you see yourself as a nobody how do u expect him to see yoU. The fact that he came to you and dated you means he saw something special in you. Don’t make him doubt his own judgemenT. Lack of belief m confidence in yourself make ada people loose it as well. never let him see that you don’t believe that u deserve him…

  6. Thanks Team… Butt naked kids,… Ayeye….
    Q to A: you are one of many, just accept it dear. Stay and enjoy the benefits or go for a simpler life, good luck…

  7. What did Nothabo do to deserve such a daughter…..For once, I actually feel for her. Thela induku Nothabo, ziyadelela lezingane man!

    Durban girl, some men actually would prefer you ask them for help as opposed to them offering it. The long distance creates insecurities and if he has never invited you to CPT then chances are he might have someone. Ask him if you could visit him instead of him always coming to you, if he gives you excuses, then it could probably mean there is someone else. I also agree with Vee in terms of the google search. You discover a lot on social media these days.

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, 15 and sexing, smoking joints….Teenage life i tell you. Doesnt get realer than that.


    You’ve got a powerful men at your disposal who can make you a head of department or director in your field of expertise, all in one call or golf outing with Msholozi. Yet my dearest durban girl is complaining about his lack of interest in her car troubles…. really??

    Some people bavele badlale ngo nkulunkulu ebapha nje ama easy wealth scenarios. Dump him sisi, he is inconsiderate and too busy for you…. is that what you want to hear?


  9. @Dee hahaha, polygamist nje!

    Durban girl, it’s only been a few months since y’all stated hanging out/ dating whatever. So rather go into the relationship with precaution if it’s not too late and also keep room for disappointment. What I am gonna say next is, next time you see him. Go through his phone but be quick and also be strong after your suspicions have been confimed. They say, don’t go through your partner’s phone. But we all do at some point. That’s if you don’t want to be played a full. Lastly good luck, or ask JZ if your man bae’d up already. Lol

  10. But this Nothabo also, so you put your arm across your eyes like kids do when they cry, yet you could.see the service station manager coming out and also that the fuel was halfway through? What peek-a-boo nonsense is this?

  11. Trapa dilo tseo nothabo imagine today’s teens vele..@Durban gal u a r fix fr him shame askies to let u knw, only been together 4 times u can really say u know the man completly

  12. nice on Mike

    Q&A, be careful of those niggas, they can be ruthless (a skill they acquire from business).
    I personally know a couple and how they role. Wouldn’t advise them.
    Let’s not paint everyone with the same brush, but be careful and follow you gut feel. what i always say to chicks see how much.
    And BTW some are carriers of HIV, (not to offend anyone when i say “carrier”, its those people who know there status, and are knowing irresponsible by not telling sexual partners and are serial cheat/shaggers).

  13. Thanx mike……. am actually the Durban girl. 1. I have been to Cape Town for a weekend to visit this guy and he booked a hotel for me bcz hz staying with his kids n a helper (am ok wth tht cz I don’t think am ready to meet the kids yet anyway) n I met with his friends n his sister we used to chat on whtsapp. 2. I have stalked him on every social network n its only him n his kids tht he loves dearly. 3. I always wait for him to call me cz mostly whn I call him he rejects my calls n text me saying hz in a meeting he will call me later(he always calls me back) 4. Hz a very confident guy and am scared if I open up to him about my uncertainties he will be disappointed in me. But hell its soo frustrating but honestly I don’t care about his money but his status intimidates me. I can be his side chick if he opens up to me and be honest tht he has sm1.

    1. mmhhhhh okay, the rejection of your calls is a bit unsettling especially because you say he does it most of the time. Has he told you what happened to the mother of the kids?

  14. I think you need to chill Zintle. You are over thinking and over analysing things. That is probably what my husband would say as well…he is just as clueless about cars as I am. Whether you stay or leave is up to you but bear in mind that dude is
    1. i assume has not yet given you any reason to doubt him
    2. he cares about the important days in your life hence he flew in for your birthday
    3. he calls you at 21:00. others would not even call and they would be on some “eish babe you know im always busy”. in his busy schedule he still thinks about you
    4. playing gold with the president is a non factor in this i think. kudos to him!
    5. the well known ex is just that, an EX. now he is with you. unfortunately at our age all the men we date have an ex or exes. as long as there are no kids involved (that may make you even more insecure because they will be attached for life) forget his ex. he probably never even dated her because of her status. would it make a difference if the ex was a nobody?

    1. Dbn gal that man is married my dear, u know I grew up in Dbn most of these rich businessmen from Gauteng, Cpt they come to Dbn bezofeba bashiya abafazi babo in their home bazothola ingane eThekwini . Runaway away before u get more hurt there is no man in hell who does not take lunch on his busy schedule to call the love of his life.

  15. @Jackzorro, hhheeeehhheee ‘nice life problems’. I wish it were that easy with us women; you see when a woman loves – she loves for real’. A woman continues loving a guy, even when she can see and all the signs are there ukuthi she’s being played, but if usamthanda umuntu uyamthanda nje…

  16. Dear Durban Girl… The awkward moment when I think I know the guy you’re talking about!!! But my lips are sealed!! Switch things up on him and call him at random hours and suggest you going to CPT over a weekend

  17. QnA: The reason he did not take u home and booked u into a hotel when u went to visit him, is probably because there is someone at his house. Take Jackzorro’s advice and ” FEBA NGE DIRECTION” my dzear

  18. Ta Da Mike, always leaving us wanting more. #Proudly Addicted to DOAZG.

    Sisi, ungathi ubuza ibhasi ibhaliwe!
    UR a “side dish” sori 2be so blunt but somebody has 2tell U. U can C what U want 2C but that’s the truth.
    As others said, U have 3choices: U can QUIT (Winners never Quit & Quiters never Win) or U can keep BELIEVING, wait 4him 2finally intro U 2his kids/family or my suggestion – PLAY THE PLAYER!
    Use him 2make a small fortune 4yoself or advance yo carrier, 2 open doors 4U, travel the world & leave yo dream. If U choose this option, have conditions so U protect yoself from STD’s & falling pregies. Gudluck in whatever choice U make – PapaG

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