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Bonus *** Premium*** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six

Some people might think what I did was wrong but hey I had no money and life on the run has never been easy or cheap. “So what are you going to do with your money?” Emily asked me with a silly grin on her face, “I’m going to buy a small cute beach house in Mozambique, every morning I will take a stroll to the beach feel the wind on my face and just enjoy breathing in the fresh air and every evening I will sit at the beach and watch the sun go down, it is going to be such a beautiful and free life. What are you going to do with your money?” I asked her, “I actually haven’t thought about it, maybe I’m going to invest it and when the time is ready and you have settled in I will charter a flight and the girls and I can fly to Mozambique and visit you in your beach house and throw the meanest party ever, hire Mozambique strippers and have a ball.” I was laughing so hard at the striper’s part I almost feel of my chair. We spent the rest of the morning just joking around and teasing each other. Later on during the day I decided to call She Rocks to find out how long it would take for my documents to arrive, she said it will be at Emily’s house the next day. After the call to She Rocks I asked Emily to go and buy me a bus ticket, she asked why don’t I fly instead of taking a bus, I told her I didn’t want to take any chances with airports especially since I would be carrying so much money, I could end up losing all of it, you know how luggage just disappears in airports, I was paranoid as it was I didn’t need any more pressure. She understood and said she would go and also get me a couple of clothes as well. I took a nap while she went to go get me a ticket for the follow day; I was so excited to be finally leaving that place.

I was woken up by Emily she got me the bus ticket and a couple of clothes, wigs, hats and sunglasses, she had my disguises all covered up. I didn’t care much about the clothes I was more excited about the tickets more than the clothes and the wigs. We tried the different wigs on and just played around and were being silly, these were one of the things I was going to miss about South Africa I had the most wonderful friends in the world and now I was about to leave all that behind and start over, new life, new friends, I would probably not make any friends it’s hard to make friends especially when you are a girl. Emily said we should skype the girls and show them my wigs. We sms’d She Rocks that we wanted to Skype she said she wasn’t at home we should rather Facetime and she wasn’t with Cleo and Andiswa. We did and she laughed at my wigs and said I look totally different with them on and no one will recognise me when wearing them. We had a great laugh she said I should send them pictures I told her that wasn’t a good idea I didn’t want any picture’s of me surfacing after my death, she understood, I told her that I got tickets and I would be leaving the country the following day, she asked what time was my bus leaving I had not even checked the time I just got too excited, Emily told her it was in the evening and I told her that my documents better arrive the following or there would be problems, she laughed and said I should relax my documents will be there.

I told her to pass the message to Cleo and Andiswa and not via sms’s I didn’t want any evidence, Emily said I was paranoid, I told her I was being extra careful. In my life I had learnt that you can never take anything for granted and any small mistake can be found and used against you, lessons from a thug family. After the long call to She Rocks Emily and I decided to cook super, my last super at her house, in fact it was my last supper in South Africa, I could not have been more happier. We cooked super then ate, we made plans for the following day, Emily was going to take me to the bus stop in the evening to go and catch my bus to my new home the excitement that was in me I could not contain it. Emily looked at me and said “this is the happiest I have seen you in a long, long time.” I smiled and said “I’m free Emily, I am finally free, it is the best feeling in the world. I don’t know how to explain it or describe it, I am soo soo happy, you don’t understand.” She told me she was very happy for me and is glad that I have found the peace I was looking for. We ate and had wine then I packed my few clothes that Emily had bought for me, I didn’t want to arrive at the bus station looking like I didn’t have any luggage while everyone else came with huge-ass bags and me coming there with just one bag full of money looking super suspicious.

The next day I was the first one to get up, I went to Emily’s room to wake her up, that’s how excited I was, I felt like a school child going on a school trip for the first time, I was even bouncing up and down on Emily’s bed, she asked me to give her five minutes of sleep, while she was still sleeping I went to go make breakfast for both of us, twenty minutes later Emily rolled out of bed and came to the kitchen she said she thinks she is coming down with a flu because she was feeling very tired I told her to have some breakfast she will feel better. We had breakfast then had a bath I was really, really getting anxious about the courier service, what was taking them so long, whenever I would say that to Emily she would tell me to relax they will get there. I asked if we should call She Rocks and tell her they hadn’t arrived she reminded me that She Rocks doesn’t work at the courier service and she won’t know their exact delivery times I should relax and my bus was only leaving a couple of hours later so I had nothing to stress about. I tried to relax but I just couldn’t, I was seriously panicking and the waiting was driving me insane. I took Emily’s phone as I was about to call She Rocks to tell her I was waiting and there was no sign of anyone from the courier company, there was a knock at the door, I started jumping up and down with excitement, the delivery guy was finally here, I went to the door, peeped through the glass whole in Emily’s door, I asked who he was and he said he was from the courier service, I quickly opened the door, he gave me my parcel, I told Emily to sign for it since it was under her name.

She quickly signed, we thanked the guy and he left. I went to go sit down and said “thank you Jesus” then opened the envelope, I could hear the angels singing “hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah” I laughed and Emily asked what was wrong I said “can you hear the Angels singing, I am out of here Emz, I am finally getting out of this hellish life, I’m free, I’m free.” She laughed and looked at the documents inside; there was my new passport, my new South African id, Neo’s birth certificate. The way the documents looked you would have sworn they were not fake, if I could I would kiss She Rocks that’s how happy I was. Emily said we still have a couple of hours so we should celebrate she wanted to open champagne, I told her I didn’t want to be under the influence while on the trip, I needed to be one hundred percent sober, I could not afford to make any mistakes, when you drunk you start blabbing, I could say the wrong things to wrong people and find myself in very tight situations, I swear I was extra paranoid. While we were still sitting there all excited and happy admiring my new documents there was a knock at the door.

We both looked at each other and wondered if maybe the delivery guy had maybe forgotten something, I told Emily to go help him, we were both convinced that it was the delivery guy, as Emily was about to turn the key and open I whispered “hey, check the glass hole first.” She rolled her eyes and said “okay Miss Paranoid….” She didn’t finish her sentence she looked through the small glass at the door then ran back to where I was sitting and whispered “shit, shit, shit, let’s go to my room now.” I laughed because she was making her crazy jokes again trying to scare me since she was saying I was paranoid. I stopped laughing when I saw the look on her face she had fear, scared, horrified written all over her face, “who the fuck is at the door Emily?” I asked starting to freak out a little bit “you scaring me Em.” I said walking slowly to the door. She grabbed me by the arm and before I could stop her or say anything “Emily, please open up it’s me Mthobisi, I know you are in there I bumped into the courier guy on my way in.” my heart almost came out of my mouth, I didn’t even go to the door to look if it really was him I ran to Emily’s room she was right behind me. To say we were both petrified is an understatement, we were both shaking like there was an earthquake in the whole of Kwazulu-Natal. When I had managed to calm down I said to Emily, “he knows you are here, you have to go open the door.” Emily shook her head and said “I can’t Lee, I’m sorry I can’t” I begged her “please Em, please go, if you don’t open the door he might just break it.” She slowly walked back to the living room and opened the door “Hi Mthobisi, I thought you were only going to be this side in a couple of weeks, this is a nice surprise.” She said doing her usual babbling “Hi Emily, I hope I’m not interrupting, I just had to get away from Joburg all the pity looks that I keep getting from people are very depressing, sorry to come unannounced” Emily must have frozen because there was complete silence for a good minute eventually I heard her say “come in please, take a seat.” And that’s when I remembered I had left my passports in the living room and if he came inside he was definitely going to see them. I was screwed!!!!!

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  1. Aaaau Lee u r in ishh!!!! I feel really sorry for u….as I read this chapter my heart was on my throat, I suspected this might happen.

    Great read team,I make sure never to miss a chapter, I always look forward to the weekend…just like how m looking forward to next weekend #much love

  2. Thanks Team… Eish, had this funny feeling whilst reading, just knew something like this would happen. Mmmhhhmmm, sure you can’t post the rest of the book today Mike, as a ‘Happy Long-weekend Gift or Something?’ How are we expected to hold on / off or survive till the the 15th of AUGUST?!? Be a sweetheart and just post the next 3 chapters – PRETTY PLEASE.

  3. Didn’t one of the nurses at the hospital tell Mtho bout the medical aid story and he became suspicious ?? Lee better use those burgler free windows to get out of there .. Thanks Mike and team my R5 never goes to waste

  4. I knew it even by d tym d courier guy was knocking I thought it was MT, eish u guys r in deep shit but I still want my Bonnie & Claude back so go start a new life noMthobisi

  5. ???? Lee. I’m sorry I hope you get caught. Despite he’s gangster side that man loves you.

    Thank you guys!

  6. Thanks team

    But some comments hahaha,people be commenting like its all real.This Emily just popped from nowhere,how did he know where she stays

  7. my heart beat wouldn’t stop beating as I was reading this Chapter, sure Mike you can write my brother. OMG Mthobisis found Lee after all the hard work by Emily. poor Lee your stuck with your thug husband

  8. good shot,,,,oh how I love this crook of a man Mtho #tongueout
    this man is your forever after shem Lee, so take a chill pill…LOL

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