Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Six

“Wait mom, wait, all these years you knew? And you never said anything?” Victor had now put his book down and was concentrating on what going on. “Yes Lesedi I knew. What did you want me to say? Confront you girls about it so you could deny it? After ….. I can’t even say it, you had nightmares I would be awaken by your screams in the middle of the night, it went on for weeks.” I looked at her and said “people have nightmares all the time mom, it doesn’t mean anything.” I said sounding defensive. My mom

20 thoughts on “*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Six

  1. Tjoooooooooo Mthobisi, I once read about something like this happening in Houghton or was it in Randburg were a baby was put in the oven and was baked and I thought it was a robbery that went wrong and the people that did it where not South Africans as they are not capable of doing something like this and the nanny had been stabbed, tjoooooo kanthi its people like mthobisi that are doing this kind of shit. How can they mara? Thanks Mike and team for opening my eyes.

  2. That pi joseph was def killed by mtho ijoh n nw dey microwaving a baby lee ur husband is out of order

  3. Aikhona this Mthobisi guy is dangerous yho.

    Thozama i always never regret buying premiers and i would do it again and again. Thank you.

  4. But who can blame lee for screaming !!! Who wouldn’t scream ? A child in a microwave is no joke haaa bantu give lee some break.
    Mthobisi is evil but ooowwww I still love him .#NcedaThixo

  5. Hayi Mthobisi is cruel lyk the mother heartless how cud he be so cruel mara I so hate him right now how cud Lee marry such a criminal eish I forgot they are the same coz She’s also a murder she shot Mfundo in cold blood!!! Thanx Mr Maphoto

  6. Hi Mike and Team. I’m out of the country and couldn’t purchase my dose. Is there any way that I can purchase as I will be out of the country for a long time?

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