Realities – Chapter Twenty Two

I won’t lie I did not know him well but if I consider what had become of Lesedi then I had to respect and fear him. She had always been one of those strong independent women and I suspect was cheating but she never shared her secrets with me at that level. In the circle everyone knew though that Lesedi had become the thug of the group because of him and no one wanted to mess with her. If someone like Joseph could therefore be intimidated by him then definitely all they had said about the man was true. Joseph when I met him was. This tough short guy who could handle himself in a fight but the one he sounded on the phone he was like a little boy hiding in a corner. This was so confusing. This time no more secrets, I needed to go speak to my husband. I called him and he said he was still at home but wanted to leave. I asked him to wait for me there and he agreed.

I left Milpark and headed straight home. When I got there he said he did not have tome could we talk later but I said no. I asked him to sit down. I had to be tactful about this.

“I want to be honest with you since we have agreed to renew our vows.”

I told him,

“I don’t want secrets to come back and haunt us. I asked a private investigator to find out if you had any more children and that’s how he discovered Nozipho!”

I said to him. That story had basis because we had already discussed a bit about it. He laughed and put his hands on his head and called me sneaky but crafty. I think he was expecting a back lash but that’s not what I wanted. We had bigger problems.

“I did not know you went all out to nail me Nothabo. I am really bad and I am sorry. You could have asked me!”l

All men when you catch them always try act the saint by saying had you asked me I would have told you which is far from the truth. Had you asked them they would have made a lie.

“That’s not the point. My private investigator in his job also discovered something else. The police are building a case against you and if you don’t take this seriously you will lose everything, we will lose and everything and make no mistake about it, you will end up in jail!”

I said to him coldly so he could see how serious I was.

“…but… I don’t… But for what?”

I know when my husband is lying and at this point he was not! He genuinely had no idea why but I did!

“Listen, my private investigator found himself in the clutches of Mthobisi Jumbe and they almost killed him for it. It’s not a joke this is serious. He is in hospital right now!”

At this point my husband stood up and crouched as though someone had punched him then stood straight again, hands on head again.

“What have you done Nothabo? What have you done?”

He walked to the window and looked outside via an angle as though he was checking to see if someone was looking at the house. He was scaring me!

“Did your investigator tell him who sent him?”

He asked

“Tell who?”

I asked back,

“Mthobisi you stupid woman, tell Mthobisi o fuck fuck fuck!”

He said. Ok firstly I was not stupid and secondly why was he being dramatic.

“I don’t know! I didn’t ask?”

I replied.

“We need to go see him? We need to find out immediately?”

He said. I could just call him. Why was he being like this now?

“What did you and Mthobisi do that’s making you so scared?”

I asked him. I won’t lie there is nothing attractive about seeing the man who is supposed to love and protect act like a little bitch the way he was doing. Where have all the real men gone really?

“I didn’t do anything, he did. He borrowed money saying that he was in a mining project. I believed him. He disappeared. I called him to ask for it. He told me if I ever asked for it again he will kill me. I thought he was joking only to find out that he was the real deal!”

He explained quickly. Found out how! Had he killed someone? Had my husband been part of it? Now I was so confused. I should never had hired that private investigator now look at the mess we were all in.

“How much money did you lend him?”

I asked him.

“R1.5m from the clinic tender.”

He said casually as though it was a matter of fact! That’s a lot of money! Even for us! Say what!

“You did not tell me that you gave someone so much money? Really!”

Women! Control your husbands. Most of them do things without consulting us. I know am not the only married woman who has the problem of her man treating her like she was a child and she could not speak for herself. It’s a fact, all me do that. They want to control us in every way. That’s what I was fighting against now and it was my fault for allowing him to do things alone and unchecked. I shared the blame.

“Since when have you been interested in what I am doing. I know enough medicine to be a doctor right now because that’s all we ever talk about. When last did you ask me how was my day and actually meant it? Come on now! Stop acting like you would even have cared if I told you at the time.”

He was right. We don’t talk much. It’s mostly me gossiping about work and in all fairness it’s not even a lot of things I say in that situation. He was right. We had stopped communicating a long time ago but is that not what’s true about most marriages. Everything becomes routine.

“I am not a criminal! I am too much of a coward for that. You know that. I am above board and if the police are investigating me then it has to be because of the loan.”

He said sitting down. Again he was telling the truth. He was stupid and naïve that’s what he was but not a criminal. So not only had that thug stolen our money he was now possibly threatening our lives by it.

My phone rang and it was a number I did not know. It was a landline so I picked it up. It was a hospital in boksburg.

“Am I talking to Dr. Makgofa?”

The lady on the other line said.

“We found this card in Mr. Joseph Rakgatla’s pocket. Do you know him?”

That was the private investigator!

“Vaguely yes why? What is this about?”

I asked. Why were they calling me? I had just spoken to him.

“I am afraid he is dead. Someone came in and cut his throat. We are trying to find next of kin because we did not have all those details and whoever killed him took his phone! Can you give us any information?”

My attention had been lost at the ‘cut his throat’ part.

“I beg your pardon!”

Was all I could say. I do not remember ever giving him my card ever. In fact we last had business cards from work over a year ago. Where did he get it? My friends used to have them though, I know I could also have given…


Was this a warning?

My husband who had been listening to this call since I put it on speaker then said,

“We need to get Lintle out of GBT!”

He said suddenly.

“She is not safe there!”

He said standing up!

Who was the fool now?

And then my phone rang, the caller ID read,

Joseph Rakgatla!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter and for being my companion on m sickbed.

I have a problem. I have been married to my husband for 14years. We have three kids the eldest of which is 16. The last year has been tough for us because I have cancer and my doctors say it’s terminal and probably won’t last the year and I have accepted it. It’s been tough on my family but I believe they too are starting to see the inevitability. My husband has been loyal and faithful to me from day one. I have never ever had to fight off affairs or other women. He says he won’t remarry but I don’t want that for him. He is only 41 and has a good post in government. I want the best for him. I know it’s not normal what I am asking for but its something I have given a lot of thought to. How do I help him find a good woman because I want to leave him knowing he is in the right direction for his sake and our kids sake. He has never been a ladies man and I don’t want him bringing a disaster home.

Thank you for your time and God Bless.

Thank You


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  1. Hey Guys
    I have a huge fav to ask of everyone..

    Today is my mum’s *Paula* birthday and she is a Huuge Mike fan. She reads all diaries to the very last comment and at times id be told to come read Jackzorro’s comment.. Hahaha

    Well i was asking if everyone could just please wish her a blessed one esp you Jackzorro.. Lol

    thankss in advance..
    We love and miss u lots.. Enjoy to the fullest.. X Kisses x Hugs X

    1. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, especially since I am far away from my loved ones (they are in Pretoria and I am in Cape Town cause of work). Everyone just made my day it feels like I have the whole family with me.@ Juhs Amonkie, being real proud to be your mom right now. Love u lots with with brother.

      @ Buti Mike, I never commented before but I have read and enjoy all the books. I think is because of them and the comments that I now have a better communication with the kids. Ka leboga Modimo a go okeletse.

      @ Jackzorro Lots of love from me.

      Warm regards to everyone


  2. What a twist of things in the diaries…thanks Mike, God have blessed you with such an amazing talent. … Happy birthday ti Juhs Amokie, s mother….”Paula’ Enjoy many more years to come mama.

  3. I have started reading ur diaries 2 if not 3 years back,I don’t comment a lot,diary of a zulu girl was my favorite until u introduced misstep of a young married woman…..I fell in love with it and connected with it emotional lol I’m that sweet-danger-loving- kind of woman,I love Lee and Mtho with all my heart everytime they get in trouble it literally pains me,well I’m just happy that i’ll be finding out more about mtho n lee from different angle……I can’t wait mike u are the best…… I always lash out on lot of facebook bloggers who stop writing becos they “claim to busy” or they can’t take critics from readers or the take forever to post,while u have 5 diaries,write 3 diaries n post everyday….u are the best Mike Mapotho! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA PAULA ENJOY UR DAY

  4. haaai haaaai hands down you are a pro bro in writing the way you are mixing all your stories now in one it takes a genius to do that. God has blessed you with a talent my bro

  5. OMG! OMG! OMG! Things are getting real too soon! Ngaze ngaba scared! Golly Gawd!! Can’t wait for the next chapter! I’m literally sitting at the edge of my seat reading this! Thanx Mike

  6. My first comment ever…. First of all Thank you Mike for the awesome work!!! We really learn a lot from your blogs as well as from Q and A and all the fans that contribute. God bless you and keep up with the good work.

    @Thembi. your story touched me. It reminds me of a movie that i saw cant remember its name. But my suggestion is pray for your husband. God will provide him with the good wife as well as a good step mum for your kids. It shall be well……..

    1. lol I think I believe you on that Mike is doing the whole Mzekezeke on us…… Jackzorro is Mike Maphoto

  7. Q&A

    Thembi i will keep you in my prayers, even if they say its terminal you have to belive God for a miracle for everything is possible with him.

    Im sorry to bust your buble about your husband. he has cheated and been cheating on you, you just dont know about it and thats good. with that said you dont need to find him a woman, just ask him to introduce you to his loong standing sidedish, cos clearly shes a good woman she never gave you issues.

    1. @Ndoda… How would you know he has cheated were you there? FYI not all men cheat there are some good man out there.

      Thembi my prayers goes out to you and your family and don’t rush hubby into anything just enjoy the time that you have with him and your kids.

      1. Forgot to add….. Ndoda-Enemali bluddy idiot fool go bust your bubble somewhere els. Jy moet jouself skaam man to dish out such idiotic advice tle!!!

        1. Hawu Kats. why am i being attacked for expressing my opinion in this free country. 80% of men cheat, and 90% of women cheat and the other 10% are the single ones that we also cheat with.

          But the important part here is keeping Thembi in our prayers

    2. Mara how do you know He is cheating? some people like being Mr know it all nje…. Sorry to burst your bubble too, if you cheat that doesn’t mean all men cheat….

      1. well im also Gods favourate son and as a man i can tell you all is that most men cheat and even more women cheat.

  8. Happy Birthday Mme Paula!God Bless 🙂

    Mhmmm Mike who would’ve known I’d still be so into your diaries 2yrs later. Unesphiwo Bhuti!

  9. Maye babo, Thixo waseGeorge Goch!!!!!!!!!! That is a scary twist, Love it!!

    Thembi, although it won’t change much but I am sorry about your illness. May you grow closer to God and may he give your family strength and courage to face the year ahead, having had a family member

  10. Happy Birthday Mam Paula.
    QnA I’m so sorry for what you going through, may you outlive the doctors expectations and live for another 60 years, I hate this cancer desease.
    What you trying to do for your husband is very sweet. He sounds like a man with a good head on his shoulders I’m sure when he is ready for a relationship he will choose a right woman so don’t worry too much about what will happen when you are gone, spend every moment creating ever-lasting memories for both your husband and your children.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs. May God bless you and your family. You are in my prayers

  11. NDODA-ENEMALI wena usangene, you need a proper beat-down. You don’t even know her husband and you come and right such crap and then you have the audacity to add God in your crappy line, hamba uyozi hanga Satana!!!! May you burn in hell you ugly thing enganayo nemali, SIES. #Disgusted

    1. Hay nam Tshidilicious I am baffled at how he came about kinowing such about her husband when he has never met the guy…Some people are down right sick and insensitive…nxaaaa!!!

    2. Thiiidilious wena u not even sexy yourself kodwa uthi ndimbi. well as ugly as iam imali ndinayo. im a security gaurd i earn R700 a week. even though my salary is lower than yours im still richer as my living expenses are lower than the money i earn. Well dont judge a person by his comments

  12. this site timed be out before I could finish my comment. As I was saying having had a family member suffer from cancer and knowing she will die within a year was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. My advice to you and don’t worry about trying to find him another wife, enjoy your with him, allow him to love and take care of you. Knowing the kind of person that he is, hopefully he will make a good a judgement when he takes another wife…Just

  13. Happy Birthday Paula….

    Dear Thembi….

    Sorry about your illness and all that you are going through but in all fairness take time to ensure that you pray for your family that they will be able to move on after you pass on and that they can be able to find comfort in the Lord and no one else, for if they are in the Lord all things, I mean good things will come to them, your husband being included!

    10 December 2014, I lost my father, my whole family (siblings and mother) are still adjusting to his passing because like every other death it was sudden. With you though it is different, you still have time to ensure that you can make things easier for them. Write journals for your husband on how you love him, the type of woman you wish for him, how he should handle the kids etc. You finding a woman for him would not do you good, as much as he is not a ladies man, he did a good job in choosing you so rest assured that when the time comes for him to date again, he will make the right choice for himself and the kids.

    While you are also on the writing part, do a memory book for your kids, when your eldest is 16, it is quite clear that others are still quite young… Pretty soon they will be teenagers, write to them ‘life manuals’ so that they can know what mommy would have expected out of them.

    Can only imagine how difficult and hard the journey you are in is. I pray that the Lord gives you all the strength that you need!

  14. Thanx Mikey, u r a star*……. now im rili scared, kanti whatsup with Mtho?????????

    Happy Birthday Mam Paula, enjoy ur day, this month kuzalwa ama boss… #wink

    Ndoda enemali….. u r so insensitive and if u hv nothing encouraging and beautiful 2 say, just shut up akekho ozokushaya 4 keeping quiet.

    Q&A cc Thembi im sorry about what u going thru but don’t wari abt getting ur husband a wife, he will be able 2 find himself a gud wife in future. if he was able 2 found 1 b4 (meaning u), he can do it again. just enjoy ur time with him and ur kids and make unforgettable memories for them.

    I will keep u in my prayers and God bless u and ur family……

  15. Happy Birthday Mam Paula……………for Jackzorro being Mike ay nami I tend to think that way come to think of it Mike promised us a picture of Jackzorro last year December 2014 but he never posted it or myb I missed it angazi but ke I think ngempela Mike is playing Jackzorro :v :v he’s good phela if he can write this well…………my thoughts kodwa

    Thanks Miky

  16. Hahahahhaha, no guys Mike is not Jackzorro, I follow them both on twitter, 2 completely different people, you can facebook stalk Jackzorro for his pic but shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone. : )

  17. Thanks Mikeesto, or thank me since people say I’m you or you are me LOL!! If I could have the ablities that this genius Sir Maphoto does, I would be blessed indeed. Great chapter my guy.

    Mam’Paula :), I wish you a happy and tender Birthday, make the most if it and be blessed abundantly. hope you get pampered to the Max, Xoxo.

    Thembi my dear, 14 years, no affairs, that’s about as close to a real deal as any fairytale. If there is such a thing as soulmates, I believe you and hubby are it. Don’t force your man to take another woman after your departure. I think that your union deverses no such because even though your vows say til death,your kind of union is eternal.

    I don’t know what to make of your situation really, is it a blessing? In that you are able to bid farewell to your loved ones, unlike many others that die suddenly. Is it a curse, for the torment of losing you is perpetuated over months until it finally gets permanent. I don’t know. Kodwa whatever happens, I think you are at peace internally and that will transfer a significant amount of power to your husband and children.

    Instead of matchmaking, enjoy your last days, weeks and months on Earth living life to its fullest. Love your family unconditionally and trust in your husband to be both father and mother to your kids, you don’t need another woman in this equation. I pray that your doctors got it wrong yazi, you sound like a selfless person who cares a lot about people. Humanity needs more angels like you.

    Be blessed with strength and love.


  18. Mike ooh Mikey my man…..Ohhhhh goodness me I cannot get over this chapter… Laawd have mercy. I take off my hat for you bhuti , you are remarkable hey….

    Happy Birthday Mama P xoxo

    Let me first address iNdoda-Enemali…bhuti you are out of line and very insensitive. If you do not have anything to say best you shut your big ass good for nothing mouth.

    Thembi : This breaks my heart. You are a very strong selfless woman. I pray you outlive the Doctors and beat that cancer you have. Your husband is a very blessed man to have found a wife like you.

    If he ever decides to remarry, that would be his choice when he feels he is ready to move on with his life. Dont worry yourself about that. Just enjoy every moment and second you have with your family and make beautiful memories.

    May God bless you and your family through these trying times.

    Read Jeremiah 29v11 and Romans 8 v 28 I live by those words everyday of my life.

    All the best sisi..

  19. Bra Mike I salute you & your team#Genius ain’t got nothing on U…I love the twist as currently my favourite is Missteps so hearing about Lee & Mtho from a different angle is rather interesting..I suspect Lee got caught & was killed for her affair with Mfundo as Nothabo refers to her in absence/the past…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA PAULA GOD BLESS & HAVE A SPLENDID DAY#

  20. Sis Thembi
    What a precious soul you are,this year is still left with lots of months,may you pls remove finding your husband a wife in your wish list,he will not need a woman for a while after you gone,he will have to go through all stages of grief and that will be good for him and the kids,time heals and I am sure that he learned for a lifetime from you,and you must tell him that you trust God to help him find a good woman the day he is ready to move on,trust God for him ….don’t trust your own judgment,we can be so wrong sometimes as human,I hope you have a wish list of things you wish to do b4 you find your eternal peace,if you don’t have start living this last months enjoying with your family,create recent great memories with them,if you wished to go to Cape Town with them or with hubby,this is the time,enjoy him,it will do him more good……,God will not give them the task that is beyond their strength…..may you please enjoy yourself

  21. Thanks Mke,

    Happy Birthd day Mom Paula

    QA, May the Good Lord give you strength in this trying times. As for your husband he really sounds like a good man. Keep on praying for him for GOD to give him Peace to deal with the current situation and the ultimate. I pray that he finds a good woman who will take good care of your family. For now Sisi Enjoy your family as life and death is in his Hands, you might be surprise and live longer than what the doctors have anticipated.

  22. jackzorro is definitely not Mike, so sorry to say this but Mike’s grammer is bad compared to Jackzorro (my apologies to Mike once again, no shade)

  23. Imagine receiving a call from someone they just told you died like a few seconds ago, I mean the horror. Learning of Mthobisi and Lee from someone else’s eyes would be great can’t wait # jumping up and down.

    Thanks Team Mike, you guys really know how to put the thrill in thriller, awesome.

    Sesi Thembi what a selfless woman you are, however, it sounds like you have already accepted the Doc’s opinion about your life. Please allow me to attempt to change your mind. I believe in a Miracle working God, A God who can change any doctor’s report because He is the Greatest Physician. There is no sickness too powerful for Him. Just believe Him and Trust in the power of His Might. He is more than Able, He says in His Word that He would have above all things, that we be in health even as our soul prosperath . Just have Faith Sesi and Trust Him.

    Let God stir in you the will power, to believe in Jesus Name

    Love you Family mwaaaaaah

    Happy birthday Paula.

    Thanks Team

  24. wow mike dis is my first time commenting bt hey I love ur work n been following ur work n love wat u doing

    Q&A m sorry to hear abt ur story bt u r a strong woman n I hope u will get through dis by de grace of God, ,, jst believe,,, u so selfless n I like dat abt u bt dnt push ur man to get married again if he doesn’t want,,,, jst pray n hope n will concur dat illness though u bed ridden,,,, I wish u could visit my church pastor ZONDO he will take all de pain away only if u believe coz god is alive,,,, stay blessed

  25. Hey Mike and team, your work is super-fabulous, your diaries are a real eye opener. Keep up the good work!

    And God’s favorate daughter, there is just no way that Mike could be Jackzorro , u r just smitten with Jackzorro.

    Jackzorro sometimes gives good advice and sometimes he can be this arrogant, insensitive guy and his advices sometimes sound like coming from a stereotype, whilst Mike seems 2 b in touch with every aspect of life.

  26. @Thembi, i will pray for you n your family………………todays comments are killing me cant stop laughing, i just love this family #ebacabuz iphongo#

  27. Mike your work is superb baba,we can only thank you for sharing your gift with us.
    QnA sis Thembi,I think having another woman is the last thing in your hubby’s mind. He seem like a wonderful person whom I think you’re the only thing in his mind. Let him enjoy whatever time is left with you and don’t stress about him finding a good woman coz you will be his guardian angel. I’ll pray that God be with and pray for a miracle. All the best cc. May God give with n your family
    Jackzorro,my brother that was wonderful, you made me weep a little there.

  28. HAPPY BORN DAY Paula.
    Thembi don’t waste the time you have left on finding someone for your husband, he will find her when the time is right, for now try and spend your precious time with your loving family. Don’t even think about death spend this time loving one another.

  29. Can i just say i do not like the incorporation of mthobisi and lesedi. Now the storyline is more focused on them instead of Rumblings. Its like im reading double-Missteps now Nooooor mixing up diaries is not on for me.

  30. Thembi he will get himself another woman,,,when he’s ready…right now let the man deal with the situaltion @ hand please…u have accepted and he hasn’t dnt force things..

  31. OMG, this is turning into a real drama ish. Wish we could have these blogs on tv or movie theatres or something. Nice one

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