Realities – Chapter Twenty Eight

I don’t blame my brother. He is stupid. He will always be stupid. It’s those people who mentally don’t grow up. They do not think properly no matter how much older they get. He was definitely the black sheep. We had gone to Polokwane to someone whom in all honesty a phone call would have sufficed without dealing with the Gauteng person who was probably, no definitely, more lethal. Journalists are dangerous. They will do anything for a story hence why they are called professional gossips. They love embarrassing anyone with authority that’s why half the news is About ANC, Police and teachers. I had. Two elements in the police and ANC meaning I would definitely be news worthy.

My husband kept telling me to calm down every time I snapped at my brother which was only making it worse. Eventually I asked him why the journalist.

“Sisi you are being unfair. I thought you were in trouble. Who else could better keep you safe than him? Think about it? Even the police respect journalists because getting in trouble is so easy. Now you making me look like a fool? I am not the one who said mess with criminals!”

He was very angry because my brother never ever tries talking back to me!

“Yes but couldn’t you see that I was bribing him?”

I asked him.

“I never saw it like that. You were put in a corner and you had to respond somehow. The police will never mess with you again because it’s mutual destruction. This was for the best!”

I could not help it. My mother had messed up royally on this one.

“It’s fine never mind. You better pray we find him before he has done something with it otherwise I am so screwed!”

I tried to close my eyes to sleep but I could not. Fortunately my phone rang. It was a number I did not know. For a second there I thought it was Mthobisi but it was not.

“Hi mum!”

Would you believe it! It was my little girl. It was Lintle. Wait a minute, didn’t they take their phones away. I greeted her and her asked her that.

“Relax mum this is not prison. I have a room mate and her name is Onalenna. She has given me the lowdown of this place. Everything depends on who you hang out with.”
I know my daughter. When she is trying to wind you up and this was classic her,
“Some girls sniff benzine, some smoke weed, swear at the care workers, bring a phone or radio and play music too load, lock themselves in their room and refuse to open, steal snacks (we call them privileges), start a bonfire even or jump the fence to go drinking with the guys by the garage. It’s really fun here! The food sucks though but I like it here!”

She said. She was actually so cheerful and I think that is what made me not really trust what she was saying. She was baiting me but because I had not heard her voice all day I let her talk without snapping at her. Now here is the problem. I know my daughter could be telling the truth but she could also be lying. It’s that situation of the girl who cried wolf. I was nervous for her though. She did not need to be there. She had to be home with me. I told her I was on my way from Polokwane and she could not believe I would go without telling her. I was tired. I asked her how she got a phone considering that’s he did not have one when she left. She said her new friend had one and before I could say anything further she hung up. I tried to call her back but she did not pick up. She was just looking for attention.

“I think this is the most fun thing we have done in years.”

My husband said. I looked around you look at my brother but he was sleeping now. I think I had irritated him that much.

“How is this fun? Our lives are on the line and you call this fun?”

I know there are women out there who want bad boy men but I am not one of them. I am all about order and stability. It might sound cool. Like it’s a life of adventure and fun but the reality is that it’s not. A man with shady dealings means that you will never know when someone steps out of the shadows and plunges a knife into your back.

“I don’t mean it like that. We just don’t have time to do things together anymore. Remember when we were younger we would go out dancing even! What happened to those days? We were the happiest couple that ever lived?”

Of all the times in the world to be nostalgic he had to choose this one. I understood what he meant but men are like that usually when they want something. They want to remind you of more youthful times but he was forgetting that I was a woman and mother now I had no time for nonsense.

“So what would you have me do? Do you want me to wear short skirts and go drinking with you like we used to? Is that it?”

I asked him.

“You don’t have to mock me. I love you still but I want us to have new ideas and have fun like we used to!”

A man telling you that is him saying you bore him and he wants to replace you with a younger model. It’s easy for unmarried women to say that I must give in to please my man but where on my forehead is it written that I am a puppet to please him when he wants it. I am not that person. I was now a respectable professional woman not some university student that needed weaves and tight clothes to feel important.

“You know that’s not what I am saying!”

He said. No I did not know! He was making a wrong assumption.

“O ska ntina!”

I said really annoyed. We were in a bad situation and he was seeing it fit to be romantic now.

“What did I do wrong now?”

He asked me but before I could respond my brother said something from behind. I did not hear him correctly so I asked him to repeat that.

“It’s him, he is calling?”

My brother said. It was the journalist. I whispered that he put him on speaker.

“This is Lebo who is this?”

I was surprised I thought the knew each other.
“What do you mean who is this? Ke Kgosi!”

My brother said.

“Ah brother. I lost my phone so my numbers from the old phone divert. How are you?”

He greeted back. I could feel myself sigh in relief.First thought was to panic then it made sense. He had not even seen the video. It’s what he would have run with but he did not.

“I sent you a message earlier did you get it?”

He asked him. He said he had not received it but once he got a handset maybe it would come in. He asked what was this about but my brother said it was ok he would see him in person. The way he asked the question though, it was as though he had something to hide.

“I think he saw it and he is hiding that he did!”

My brother said as soon as he hung up!

“We have a problem then!”

My husband said.

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I used to say that size doesn’t matter like every one else. I was wrong. I never thought I was that girl who actually valued sex over the relationship but overnight that changed. I am dating the most amazing man ever. He is sweet and attentive and is also very generous. I laugh when I am with him and he waited for us to have sex. Twice I tried with him and he turned me down. A man who said let’s wait is rare. Yesterday he took off his clothes for the first time in front of me and I wanted to die. It is so small. We had sex and it was like he was poking me. I lost all my respect for him and he is actually a big guy to make it worse. I love this guy but what do I do now?

Ashamed of myself


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  1. Hi tumi its not all about size its about how the own use his manhood and in order to enjoy remove that mentality about small dick then you will enjoy

  2. When the sex is great, it only counts for 20% of the relationship. If it’s bad, it counts for 80% of the relationship…

  3. Love the changes to the website, It looks beautiful. My love for this book is deteriorating though. Well manicured nails on that pic mike, hahaha

  4. Thanks for the wonderful chapter Mike it’s good to know that rich and educated people have faults and weakness too!

  5. yoh @tee uyapheka yong.@Bhuti Mike this is real change on the website looks good .good work to you and your for the book can we get it at any store?
    @Tumi sisi Qina i had the same problem as well but me and the guy separated i guess will hear advice from other people so i wont repeat the same mistake in future.

  6. Thank you Mike and Team… Looooove the new page it looks kwaai 🙂

    Tumi : Eish girl ku rough kuwe thats all I can say….

  7. But can we stop lying? SIZE DOES MATTER! as much as its important for a guy to know how to use his manhood (I had a guy who was big but sucked in bed), it also helps to have it just the right size for you. I can’t date a guy with a vagina..hai askies.. miss me. Its flipping frustrating when you feel him kinda touching your gspot but he isnt really HITTING it. But then girl, try different moves n positions or whatever. I’ve also been with an amazing guy who loved me dearly, but he did nothing for me in bed because he was small down there.. it frustrated him as well so we called it quits.

    1. i couldn’t agree with you more, i also have a guy in my life who loves me more than words could explain, he is funny, romantic and more, but he is very small and does nothing for me, that is the reason i don’t see myself staying with him for a long time.

  8. QnA Girl I had the same problem once.It’s bad I know u how u r feeling. I was willing to overlook that ‘lil’ situation. N explore other intercourse options. BUT the guy was cheating as well. So I decided to let small things go coz I was out there tryna love him unconditionally while he was playing around. So I let him go immediately. You don’t have to feel bad because he does not satisfy you sexually. Teach him how to pleasure u in other ways. Mayb it will work out. At least try before u let go/cheat.

  9. Loving the revamp!

    Eish Tumi I am in a similar situation. Met an awesome guy mara package wise ke matsapa fela, plus performance was also a problem. 1st few times with him ne ele comedy central fela bathong, 2 minutes was a bonus. But because his other qualities were so great I had to work on solutions. So I introduced toys & gadets (which was a mission to get him to play along, his ego was hurt but hey, either that or I would have walked). 1st I dealt with the timing issue so now we have significantly improved from 2 minutes (still room for improvement though), then for the size bit we use certain ribbed condoms because thy help compensate and I’ve also found that certain positions help make him feel bigger nyana so a go tshwane tjie e phala morogo! It’s not what I’m used to but hey the guy is really great for me to just let him go for his misfortune! (Other than that I convince myself that with that noodle he’s probably not gonna cheat… lol)

  10. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome start to the week.

    A2Q ah Tumi, you letter masturbated my humour to the most short sized extent possible LOL! So you say this Guerilla looking oke has a mini wors that did pokes on you instead of strokes LMAO!! I’m sorry but this is mad funny.

    We can’t all be gifted shem, and even if you wanna work it, a pinky finger can’t do no anaconda work, its scientifically impossible. You losing all respect for him is kinder crazy though, you mustve had HUGE expectations neh….. 🙂 eish kunzima Lana.

    Ok so plan of action, if you can’t make it work with his premature size to the point where only pokes pesist instead of pleasure, then you have to leave him. You going to cheat at some point because you are a self-proclaimed lover of sex, that will be the downfall of this relationship.
    If you are willing to assist further then maybe tell him that he is coming up short, suggest a trip to Mozambique, I hear they have muthi that makes it grow over there. The story is that you get seeds to plant, the more the tree grows the more the thing grows too…. I don’t know if its true though, let my Mozambique brothers help out on this one 🙂

    This is a serious case and I’m not making it light by my laughter, its just that as a guy who occasionally goes to the gym, you tend to see all types of scary shit in the shower, I feel sorry for some woman out there.


  11. @Jackzarro… your presence has been missed. I’m soo curious about you and would love to get to know the man behind such intellectual comments. Your opinions stimulate me in soo many ways. Reach out to a sister please.

  12. QnA, If you talk to him about this problem one thing I know for sure is that your relationship will never be the same again, the guy might never feel like a man around you. Its better you leave him, you will probably find your right size and he will find his right sized girl aswel

  13. Hmn!! Brilliant job there Mike,
    I like the new look,
    the fact that I can reply directly on Jackzorro’s commemts, is givingme multiple orgasms already,


    Keep up the good work!

  14. QnA. You just cracked me up so much. I feel your pain. I once loved a guy with a tiny one. The minute he whipped it out I ran a mile and never looked back. Sex matters, size matters. I mean what are you going to do with a grown man who can’t hit it right? Maybe teach him a few things but what has he been doing all his life? Ay sisi. I feel for you.

  15. @tumi as the saying goes sometimes no matter how big the hose, if its a passage it won’t make a difference.

  16. Q&A I was in the same situation as U,the guy was amazing,caring and loving but there was just nothing down there. I decided that il just stick around bcs emotionally he made me happy,he adored my daughter alot. He was supposed to send his uncles for lobola negotiations this August. The main problem started when he couldn’t get it up no more,imagine being small and not rising to the occasion. I couldn’t stand that,being in a sexless marriage esp when I am this young. I didn’t wanna find myself in a position where il seek pleasure somewher else whereas I’m involved with someone else.

  17. tumi is that you ? my brother is dating a girl by that name and hes pretty huge lol if thats you im just going to laugh and remind you how awesome my bro is

  18. QnA my amazing boyfriend has got it tiny too but with him it different I always reach heaven when I shag with him unlike my previous boyfriend who had it big but couldn’t perform at all all I can say your relationship won’t be pleasing if you are not getting it right in the bedroom ! you will end up cheating

  19. Thanx again big Mike

    Tumi, I think this guy knows his problem that is the reason why he kept on saying u must take time and waited for that long…he needed to impress u, show u how much he love u, and that he can take good care of you…… When I read other lady’s stories who expirienced that, most were taken good care of……. My advice is as u said u like sex. If its too hot for you get out of the kitchen


  20. hmm i hope the journo has got funeral cover else, when Mtho gets to him, he will wish he had one.

    Letter and comments kwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas classic I love this blog and everyone in it

    Thanks team

  21. Awkward, little sis you check out your brother down there? How know he is huge? Hau, shem ne!

  22. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto – Great as usual.
    Q&A: Tumi I’m sho U’ve heard, dynamite comes in small packages. Having said that WR all gifted in difrnt ways both men & women.
    Some women complain about the discomfort & injuries cozd by anacondas. Some men hav lots of beard & some little or none.
    Some women have small vj’s & some big. Some hav big boobs, some avrg, some small etc. Some R mo beautiful/ handsome than others & some have mo brains than others etc.
    Finding a combination of big/capable or rich/caring/none-cheating is like finding beauty/brains etc. If UR not entirely happy U rather move on bcz U will cheat on him soon. But U might find a tiger who is penniless & a hoe.
    Figure it out!
    I heard abt the Mozmbcan tree “thing” but they say it has its own risks2, almost similar2 plastic surgery.
    W liv once & U need2 enjoy yo life, so go 4what makes U happier. If its TLC stick arnd, if its getng banged till 9th cloud find a tiger. If U hav mula, H is peniless, feed him & myb tame him.
    Gudluk – PapaG.

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