*** Premium **** Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Forty Eight

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We followed my mother in law outside, she had come with a Toyota Fortuna, I didn’t even ask who it belonged to, with my in laws you are safe when you don’t know, there was a white man at the front seat and a black man driving. My husband was sitting at the back the white guy recognised She Rocks he greeted her, well not greet like the normal people kind of greet, he nodded his head at her and She Rocks mumbled “Hi”, weird but those are my husband’s people and since she had stayed in our place during my absence I figured she knew a lot of my husband’s people. I hugged Mthobisi then the girls and I started faffing over him asking him if where he was hurting and where the pain was etc. This seemed to irritate my husband a bit but he was trying very hard not to show it. Cleo asked “so where is your wheelchair?” He gave her a stern look and said “Come stand in front of me so I can slap you.” We all laughed and at that moment I knew my husband was back and I felt a bit safe. She Rocks stood on his left while

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  1. Drama just loves Lee! Mara she didn’t do anything wrong this time mos. Lo, ke tla mo tlhabela kgogo e tshweu.

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