Realities – Chapter Twenty

I think men and women are wired differently that’s all. How does a grown man think like that? It defies logic even on the drunkest of days. Ok I know I asked him to do something but I most certainly did not expect him to send my child to juvenile detention without my consent! Yes you can discipline your child with extremes but they must be within reason. I do not know any child or any parent who has ever been to prison and now the thought that my child could be it? Was he crazy!

“Sizwe have you lost your mind?”

I asked him budging back into the house.

“No am not! You said I should do something about this and I have!”

Men! They never want to discipline their own children andd when they have to they shift responsibility to the mother. That’s why growing up, no matter how bad your father was, it was your mom who beat you up more! Sit back and count back the number of hidings you received growing up and see who the culprit is, your mom! Even me, my mother was really a strict woman, more like those that counts your mistakes and when they reach a certain number she will pull out your docket and remind me of all them. That’s what you got beat up for. Now that I had asked my husband to take charge, in his wisdom he had done the opposite and placed it on a magistrate.

“You have to undo this, my child is not going there!”

I told him defiantly crossing my hands across my chest. I was panicking and I was heaving out loud. It was too risky. What if those filthy kids there beat up my child or stabbed her? Isn’t that a half way house to our future criminals! That’s all I knew about such centres and now this man, who claimed to be a father, wanted to send his daughter there simply because she had jumped the fence! Aowa! He was talking nyols shem!

“Nothabo, you can’t beat her, you can’t ground her, and you can’t control her. She is only 15 and next thing you will find her living in Sunnyside smoking drugs when you could have done something about it now! Think Nothabo think!”

He said. I felt he was being condescending the way he told me to think. I was thinking and I was seeing all the consequences.

“I am not a child Sizwe! This is a bad idea. I know some things we have to think out of the box but this is taking it too extremes. This is not even boarding school bad in fact because we always said we will never take our children there!”

My husband was annoyed by something in there I don’t know what because he stood up and he shouted at the top of his voice!

“Children! What children? From the moment we had Lintle I have been begging you, on my knees even for child number two! You think you the only one with a career! Even when we got married you agreed to it. She is fifteen now and has no brother or sister to look up to her then you stand there and accuse accuse accuse! Where are your solutions because at least I did something?”

I had not seen that outburst coming. I promise I had not. Sizwe is the kind of man that avoids arguing in all his forms. He is a peacemaker when it comes to me. I actually think I kind of intimidate him but whose checking. It’s true though, when we got married I had told him we will have more kids but things got in the way. Being pregnant when you are employed is not nice. Men don’t know that and any woman who tells you otherwise o bolela maka. Yes we love holding the little one in our hands but most if not all sacrifices are made by us not him. I had intended to specialise and that had never happened because of raising my daughter and now he is saying child two? Nope. I had made sure that I never got pregnant by my own means. He did not know obviously because he did not know medicine!

“I can’t believe you just said those words to me!”

I said really shocked. Now of all times he was bringing that up!

“I said now deal with it!”

He screamed again which made me jump a little. My husband had disappeared too into this scary person.

“Now, go pack for Lintle because she is going today! I don’t want to hear storied because you make everything about you!”

He said almost hissing. I really swallowed spit because for the first time in so many years I feared my husband. He was for this brief moment the man of the house he used to be. Somewhere over time he had lost that need to be controlling and possessive as he chased deal after deal to put food on the table!

I went upstairs. Lintle was still sleeping and she had a hangover. Nelisa looked confused as to what to do as she really did not want to be here.

“Did you hear us fighting downstairs?”

I asked her and she nodded.

“Your father has gone crazy. He wants to send her to a juvenile detention centre and I think that’s crazy!”

I said in resignation. She looked at me totally oblivious what I was talking about what I meant before she asked me what it was? I don’t blame her though, a lot of people do not know what it is because black people in the surburbs don’t really do that. Our detention centre is sending our kids to the township for some reason because we think when they see kasi people they will be scared straight. I found myself laughing at that thought, suburban people genuinely have a fear for township people! How deep is that?

I asked her to help me pack so that I did not have to wake Lintle up. My daughter has a semi walk in closet. It’s not because we are rich but because she is an only child meaning money from mommy and daddy gets invested in her. Nelisa was genuinely impressed by my daughters wardrobe something which Lintle did not appreciate. I packed jeans and tshirts and jerseys for her. I did not want her to freeze to death. My husband did not come upstairs to check nor did Lintle wake up. I think he was just trying to scare me!

There was a knock at the door, more like the doorbell rang but you know what I mean. I heard my husband or the nanny open.

My heart froze!

Two men were there and one of them said,

“We have a court order to take the custody of Lintle Makgofa, age 15!”

He said calmly. At that moment I had a voice behind me say,

“What’s all the noise about?”

It was Lintle! She was up at last,

“You are not taking my daughter!”

I declared! The men looked confused.

“Madam the law is the law. We have court order to take her to Girls and Boys Town!”

He said.

She figured it out!

She screamed and started crying!

I started crying too!

*****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am in trouble. I met the most amazing man about 4 months ago. He was sweet and charming and the perfect gentleman. We got along so well that where ever we went people complimented the beautiful couple we were. He knew me to the core and if I was famous I would think he researched me on Google. Three weeks ago I found out he is married! He doesn’t wear a ring! I was so angry I dumped him. I cried and thought I would get over him but I can’t. Everytime I close my eyes I see him. I can’t stop crying for him. He comes over even now he just left and we had sex. I can’t resist him. I don’t want to do this to another woman but look at me now.

I need help please. What do I do to get rid of him!

Thank You

32 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Twenty

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, this Dr what-what is acting like a brat naye manje.

    As for the QNA, I will let the married ones deal with it.

    Happy Friday team, Drink wisely.


  2. QnA.
    Pray for strength to walk away.

    Im so so serious, do not deceive yourself into thinking he will one day be yours. If he wants to be with you he will do the right thing and divorce his wife and be with you. Being in love with a married man is just heart breaking and frustrating.
    Fast and pray for a week if you must, just do not stay with a man that can never be yours. Even if he tells you that the marriage is not working etc . don’t listen to him, its not your problem. You will be labelled all sorts of things and he will be just the poor guy that was tempted by you.

    I repeat, if he really loves you he will do right by you. And if you two are meant to be, you will be, AFTER he is divorced.

    Have an awesome weekend people.

  3. Dankie Mike

    A2Q lol sisi you the side dish, so dnt get attached coz once you are attached you are phucked!
    Le wena get yourself a proper man and make this married man your side dish too whether financialy or sexually or jst I dnt knw

    Goodluck,Uzoba strong #stoneygingerbeer

  4. As long as you know he will not leave his wife for you my dear……. u cn have sex with him as long as you want but when he had enough of you he will leave you.

    Let me tell you something , if u can have a chat with someone who has dated a married man they wil alsi tel u how sweet amazing they are am beginning to think they are all like that but the sad part is that the belong to someone else so its better to let the person go n stop waiting your tears on something that will never be yourself… pick yourself up sister n move on

    Much love

  5. Ah Lintle needs to be disciplined and clearly her parents cant do that.Its best to nip a problem in the butt before it becomes a situation

  6. Ai Nothabo is the reason wht Lintle is like this.She spoils her daughter treats her like an egg of which obviously she isnt.Lintle needs to go to that juvenile centre!

  7. Loana is on point. Walk away sisi, it might be difficult but it is better now than later. Men are the most self-absorbed people and when he’s done & bored with you he will move on to the next nyatsi so save yourself the heartache while it’s still early. For now he might say & do all the right things but it is only because he KNOWS that will keep you under his spell. All the best

  8. Don’t cry, this Lintle girl is amazing. A2Q Honey, a married loser can’t be amazing. I hope you don’t think the life of a side chick is so glamorous.

  9. haybo ”In-Trouble”
    if you really wanted to stop seeing him you would have stopped even if you love him as you say. how would you feel if that was your husband? married men r just after sex and he will get tired of u and he will live u that’s a fact and move on to another girl. let him go b4 he hurts u deeper than he has

  10. Sisi the day you stop saying someone is prefect is the day you will know what’s good for you,you can travel all over the world but you won’t find a perfect being.UJesu kuphela who’s perfect,so stop being the statistics sama side chicks lana and find yourself a guy your age,next time check everything about the person before digging into his pocket

    You said it yourself that hes married, think about the wife who’s waiting at home for him.

  11. Thanks Mike QnA sisi i know how you feel i met this guy he also didn’t wear a ring and he was the best man i had ever dated i opened up to him told him secrets i never told a soul, he would call me everyday and on top of that the best man in bed, he would make me sing spanish, but he was married, he always tell me that because his wife is not in the country i have access to him whenever i want him. Tell yourself that ‘he will never be mine’.

  12. Gosh what is it with this suburban people who say they are afraid of kasi people I grew up in the suburbs but I was always bored to extend I went to kasi every weekend I still love it …..jeezz how arrogant. Dr is the reason why her child is like this,she must go maybe they can teach her manners n displine her parents failed to do.

    QnA You say you dnt want to do this to another woman but you still have sex with him!iyoh how can you waste ur time on a cheat and a liar. Just know he will never leave his wife for you no matter how much he lies to you about his love for you.
    Respect yourself enough to walk away from him he’s not worth your tears,while you busy wiping his busy f**king his wife with joy!

  13. Thanx my for a daily dose u r so great!!!!A2Q Sorry cc for realising late that he’s married…run away as married men can use u as a distraction and sexworker in disguised when he’s done he will dump like u like a piece of sh$$$$t just pray hard to forget about him he’s a liar,cheat and user. Been ther done that its not worth it

  14. Q&A let me tell you my story! A few years back I met a man as amazing as that, I knew he was married but it didn’t stop me because I actually did love him. I remember looking at him (he didn’t know me) thinking that has got to be my BFF for life and funny enough I never did anything to show that I liked him but somehow we managed to meet through a friend (who had no idea of my feelings) and we exchanged numbers and like they say…the rest is history! I have never been so loved and in love and yes he divorced the wife AND we are the envy of everyone who knows us but…a big but, as amazing as he is insecurities of how we started dating haunt me to date! I want to go everywhere he goes and its impossible and that hits me. I would say to you that its not worth the pain you are going through now and not worth anything you will go through should he leave her even. Strive to do right by you and that is to meet someone free of baggage and full of love!

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  15. I dont like Nothabo’s character..Love her story though.

    Q& matter how deep you love him, he wont leave his wife for you. Will you be content being the other woman?

  16. A2Q pray about it sister,it is not easy but i promise you God listens and answers when u are sincere. But staying in that relationship will only cause you problems and heartache since it is based on lies.
    Gud luck

  17. I hate this Dr woman, she is naive and stupid, and for someone in her profession its so disappointing, how can she be so selfish even, denying that poor man of ever having another child sies. such women disgust me.

    A-Q Congratulations on your boyfriend, who will never leave his wife for you. Your prize is a man who has no problem lying and cheating on the person he vowed to love,honor and cherish. Good luck with that! and FYI saying you don’t want to do this to another woman and yet still sleep with the husband knowing the truth, makes you a sidedish (welcome to the stats)

    Thanks Team

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