Realities – Chapter Fifteen

You know those Leon Schuster shows where you know only at the very end that you are being pranked? Well at this moment, at this hour, at this moment, at this second, I thought I was being pranked. It didn’t make sense. What did he mean he had another kid with the sister? Does that even make sense to anyone? What kind of a family was it? Two sisters sleep with one man? Can it get anymore disgusting? I bet you anything my husband walked away from that situation thinking he was the man. Surely that family was never the same after my husbands dick mowed all of them down, wouldn’t be surprised if he screwed the mother too! I know people think the first thing they would think to do was go get tested considerring the husband is a cheat. Ok he wasn’t a cheat, I am confused now! Two kids! Two kids in one week? Who the fuck did he think he was, God? At least Mary had warning I didn’t! I could feel myself hyper ventilate as the Private Investigator told me to calm down. Calm down? How do you stay calm in a moment like this?

He said a lot more things but I was not paying attention anymore! Another kid? Was he Jacob Zuma or something! Three women, three kids! Does that even make sense? If he was paying maintenance for any of them behind my back I would kill him. I will go Game of Thrones on his ass shem! He wouldn’t see it coming? I am not beyond skinning his dick in his sleep, I am a doctor after all! What the fuck was he thinking? I think the Private Investigator realized that I had zoned out at some point because he was just staring at me! I told him that I wanted to leave we would continue the meeting later. I was not in a right state of mind. Too much was happening too fast and too soon. Men and their lies! At least it did not take him to die first before I discovered his secrets. That happens a lot and I did not want to be this woman. He had said he was coming home tonight but I was not sure whether I should trust him or not. There is no way he would say he did not know both kids. Hell no. He said Nelisa took him by surprise and now he was this one so where there going to be any other surprises! I was terrified actually and I don’t know of what in particular. The drive home was the longest I have ever taken. Twice I almost skipped a traffic light. I was not about to cry though. I was not sure how it is I wanted to handle this!

When I got home I parked my car outside and for a good hour I could not come out if it. I was stuck. I called my mother. I so desperately wanted to tell her that she was right all those times she had called my husband useless but this was my family. What was I doing? This was my family. I was supposed to stick to my for better or worse. He was not a bad person and I think if the kids were younger than Lintle then I would have had a serious problem. I need a plan to win my husband back and stop such a stranger in this marriage. It’s a fact we had drifted apart because of. Work and other commitments and I needed that to stop. My mother would just convince me to get rid of him to punish him for the sins of my father. It’s what women do when they advise other woman. If someone screwed her over she will give you advice as though it was that someone doing it to them. That’s why as women we are dangerous for one another.

I had blamed Lintle for my wallet missing but what if I had dropped it in the house. I went in and found her lying on the couch. She was still in her uniform something she was not allowed to do at all but then again I thought she was testing me She was looking for a fight. Right now the focus was my wallet. As soon as I got into my room I saw it, it was on my bed which made it worse because now I did not know whether I left it there or it had been put there. I called Mapula and asked why it was there and she said she did not know because she could swear it was not there the whole day. Lintle just wanted me to confront her but I was not going to. I left right there.

My husband called and asked if he should bring anything for the house? it was something we did to make sure that we both contributed in the small things in the house. He was coming home. I know it’s only been 24hours but considering how he had left and how things had gone I was not sure he would even come back so I was relieved. I value marriage and most people have forgotten how important that is. Lintle came to talk to me and asked me how was my day was. The nerve of this child. I told her it was a good day, one of the best actually. She looked confused. She asked me what I had for lunch and I asked her why. She then asked me if they gave me free food or something.

“Lintle, just because you took or hid my wallet doesn’t mean life stops. You still my daughter and I still love you. So punish me all you want with your antics but tomorrow when you come back from school, I will be here with your dad still loving you!”

I don’t think she expected that at all because all she could say. Was oh, with a stupid look on her face!

“Is daddy coming home today?”

She asked when a car pulled into the driveway. It was him. I was suddenly nervous but I went to the door. He actually knocked, how deep is that? He was not like a typical man who would want to make a triumphant entry. I opened the door and there he was. He smiled.

“I love you and I am sorry how I overreacted the last couple of days!”

The words just came out and I had tears coming out. I had planned to scream and shout but seeing him standing there holding flowers, and a box of chocolates knowing that I am the one who was supposed to apologising. It was so sweet.

“I would like us to renew our vows,”

He said. He went down on the floor on one knee, took out a ring and said,

“Nothabo Makgofa, Dr, will you marry sorry, will you re-marry me?”

Was he fucken kidding me but which girl doesn’t want to see man on his knees in front of her!

He looked at me waiting for my answer but something in me screamed,



I didn’t trust him!

*****The End ******

Michael Nkululeko. Maphoto

Dear Mike

I was not sure whether to write this or not but oh well, I am here. I have a huge crush on a man at work but I think he has many girlfriends. He flirts a lot with me and we have kissed. I keep telling myself to stop but every day I see my obsession with him gets stronger. I know he is going to sleep with me because I have tried so hard to not be attracted to him and I can’t help it. This weekend his brother is having a braai and he has invited me. Please guys I don’t know how to say no to him. I like him that much but I know I am entering bad boy territory. I am going to hate myself if I sleep with him yet I want this so bad. Girls has this ever happened to you? Gentleman how do I say no? Please please help me.


39 thoughts on “Realities – Chapter Fifteen

  1. Hi Obsessed

    Go into this bad boy territory so that you can come out wanting to NEVER be in the bad boy territory because I can tell you know you will be hurt

  2. Morning, nice read as usal,

    Cancel ngama last minute and say you hv a fam emergency to attend ngoba if you go there vele uzodliwa

  3. Ahahahahahahahahaha oh my gosh Mike lol as for “Surely that family was never the same after my husbands dick mowed all of them down,” my friday is made shem. lol

  4. dear obbssesed, i have the very same problem you have, mine is worse though, he is married, however, he doesnt seem much of a womaniser and is relatively shy, he is my boss too ( am however leaving his employ this month end) point is the feelings will never go away and will only get stronger, the best way for you to deal with this is to be agrresive to yourself about it and not nurse urself and your feelings because soon after you sleep with him, regret is a mild word of how shitty you will be feeling, and chances are the sweetalking from him will be over…be strong for your self, you are better than the weakling you are succuming to.

  5. Never date at the office sisi. Not a good idea. I did it. Dated a philander of note and I wasn’t aware. I regret it badly. he’s bad news in red block letters. Never s@#&t where you work. It might actually hinder you career wise.

  6. At Obsessed! Sisi siphi isimilo sakho as umuntu wesifazane ngampela waziphosa ubuka nje nawe uyasho kuthi he has a lot of girlfriends but you still wana be part of that statistics, Hha so you are one of those who will drop their panties down because of a cutie guy?i wonder how old are you and if you have a bf of your own.

  7. If you are looking for a fling, go for it but if he isn’t serious about you, will you live down an office romance? People will talk about you moreover because you are the woman. Look at that woman who had an affair with Vavi. Her life will probably never be the same but his career continues and noone ever talks about him in that way anymore.Don’t shit where you work unless you are sure that he is pursuing you for a serious relationship and if he pursues like a gentleman, you will know and if he just wants to sleep with you for the heck of it. I advise you scrutinise this. I wouldn’t go to the braai because I’m still old school. A nigga gotta work a little hard to get me.

  8. Don’t go to the braai Dear. You will sleep him this weekend and next week he will act like he doesn’t even know you, Ignore you and flaunt his other girls in front of you. You will feel cheap, dirty and used so the best thing you can do for yourself is not go to this braai, your world will not end by you not attending this braai but it will be shattered if you go and sleep with him.

    Preshy is right, cancel on the last minutes. Good Luck

    Happy Birthday Carol

  9. AnQ well personally I would go wif the flow ain’t nothing with living a bit n having a bit of fun but make sure to protect urslf every way possibly

    1. A bit of fun with your cucchi? Tjo. Q&A trust me, its not worth it, if u go and sleep with him, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

  10. Thanks MIkeesto, happy friday fam and Happy Birthday Carol 🙂


    You say you going to hate yourself after doing it…. that right there is your answer. How does one become so weak though? Lucky guy me thinks…. he be banging the whole office and you just lining yourself up for a lay……. LOL!!! Enjoy the sausage….. i mean the braai’ed one, dont be nasty :).


  11. Thanks Mikey.. hahaha pipols organs mowing oda families down.. yerre

    HapPy birthday Carol..enjoy sisi n b blessed to see many more!

    Who runs d world: girls girls…. who runs ds m#$^^f#/^ world.. hahaha lol FAM jus too excited bwt Pitch Perfect 2 namhla..

    Obsessed my dear. Asewume nge crush, pause ur heart n reason wit ur mind. If u really wana go to d braai for wateva reason- do turn it up n have fuuuuun. BUT lock ur panties. Oderwise ul regret it d rest of d time whilst still workin for d same company. I know forsure id go have fun n not dance to his beatz.

    Weekend enhle nephephile la familaé. Love u all <3

  12. Dankie Adv Maphoto

    A2Q lol couldn’t help but to smile from ear to here while reading your letter coz I realised we men, we not players or womanizers, its just you girls or girls like you who throw themselves kithi because you know winni the poo never said No to a pot full of honey. Then you call us weak whereas the temptation is you.

    Enjoy the braai n get braaied as well


  13. Q&A

    well you know you want to give him that cake so stop pretending, uyazi uzolahla so why feel bad if you also want him. just make sure you use protection cos he is gonna get you, nawe uyazi

  14. Dear don’t sleep with that boy, flighting at work is a bad idea cz when the thing is over you will be the talk of the office because trust me he will tell. Forget about him its not like his dick is made of gold.

  15. Obssessed

    You know exactly what u getting urself into

    Go get some girlfriend…no strings attached ofcos and use protection…
    Then on monday…pretend like nothing hapenned

  16. Yoh iba nesimilo cc ungaphisani ngekhekhe lakho muntu nje sengathi uyamupha phela ubhuti makunje ngoba angeke akuthande ufuna ulala naye naye ngokunjalo cha vala imilenze angeke uze ufe uma ungalalanga naye hlonipha umzimba wakho nawe ngokunjalo

  17. The responses from the guys – hilarious!! My dear go to the braai n b screwed hope for your sake it will b a good lay… Imagine being screwed knowing no relationship is going to come out of this n stl not enjoying the dance! Nah gal

  18. thank you Fam for the lovely birthday wishes.
    cant stop smiling.

    Have a lovely weekend further:):)

    Much Love.


  19. Thanx Mike

    Happy bes dai Carol enjoy yo day

    My dear if funa ukuya e braai go nd enjoy yoself but if ufuna mupha lo buti Mphe nje dont expect i relationship after and dont think after he will treat u lyk gold uzobe owomunye nje wamantombazana azilahlela kuye.

  20. Happy birthday Carol, have a beautiful one.

    Q & A: I have never commented on Mike’s blogs before, but your stupidity has me typing with fingers on steroids.

    Let me get this right- you know that he’s just about the p*ssy? You know that yours will just be an addition to his list? And…lmao… you know that you’re going to regret it? Adding to that, you will definitely be the talk of the office (in case your horny gullible self wondered on that too).

    So whats your question again?

    Most women will tell you, we all get crazy moist a coupla times down there, but dont neccessarily allow free access to every Tom, DICK and Harry :). Metlholo. Seeing that self-respect is not a moral dilemma for you; I say- enjoy the braai hun, get laid (hopefully he’ll consider you worth spending some few rands on some rubber. You might want to stash some yourself) and be forgotten.

    Oh and maybe he might refer some fellas your way for random free rides, seeing that you all about desperately being feasted on. So no need to stress about getting enough wors at the braai ne, theres plenty to be flaunted your way 😉

  21. Say yes Dr please, the man wants to re-marry you while some of us are still waiting for a marriage proposal.
    A2Q sisi just go to the braai and get braai’d but I hope it will be a good braai phela we don’t want the meat to go to waste

  22. Happy born date CarolM
    A wife got to do wat a wife cn do,the ball is in ur hands its ur cal DR,
    Tnx mike

  23. Thanks Mike …

    Lol! U guys killed me sham! Obsessed lead the madafada! String him along for as long as u want! Til you’re ready to give it up guilt-free. I know I did & the following monday he thought I’d b all over him like bad rash but I pretended like nothing happened! So he barely looks me in the eye, it’s even visible to other colleagues as one asked if we fought or what! Chow that madafada ONLY when U want to & ready! And forget about him. All the best …

  24. Thanks for the good read Mike…. Will go Game of Thrones on him….hahaha funny….cnt wait for Season 4….also watch VIKINGS almost similar but differs a little

  25. Being educated does not make you a good parent I so wish that Lintle was my daughter I was going to teach her a lesson she will never forget there is a thin line between spoiling your kids and letting then run all over you this child needs one of my granny’s beatings after that she will be straight as a ruler

  26. Thanx big Mike short and sweet read

    There was no need for u to write this letter cos u know exactly what u want
    Happy belated bornday Carol


  27. Obsessed……
    and then you preparing yourself to get laid kwi party like some loose little school girl…. #claponce#
    you prepared nje vele ukumupha nje ikhekhe lakho loboet kanjalo nje vele? Yho some men r very lucky while some women r stupid A GRADE. For your sake hope his good in bed, awucabange nje da after effects on you life kanti ubejuluka ubala.mxm

  28. Ta Adv Cmndr Maphoto,

    Q&A: CC Obsessed, I hope U play the player, like tease him but don’t give the price/cake unless U really need to. Rather make him & U come without penetration. Next time H is the 1 who will B after U. B the woman worth her salt. PapaG.

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