Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Twenty Nine

Where were fainting spells when you needed them?  I prayed that I would faint right there and then but nothing, my knees were not even weak, my body was now becoming used to all these different kinds of shocks it was no longer shaken or moved by any of this drama, my body had learned to adapt to this new life of mine.  I was speechless, I opened my mouth but no words would come out, closed my mouth and opened it again and still nothing would come out of my lips.  Mthobisi went to the kitchen brought me water, I thought he was going to throw it in my face like his mom had done earlier but he handed it to me and said “drink up”  my lips were soo dry you would have sworn I had walked in the desert for ten days without water, I took the water and drank it, you would have sworn I had thorns in my throat, it was soo painful going down my throat I guess my throat was also dry, after drinking half the glass Mthobisi asked “Are you ready to tell the truth?”  I nooded and said “I was not having an affair with  Mfundo.”  Mthobisi stood up and said “don’t, don’t fucken lie to me Lesedi.”  I stood up and out of nowhere tears just started streaming down my face as I shouted “I swear to you Mthobisi I did not have an affair with Mfundo.”  I suddenly remembered Bill Clinton saying “I did not have sexual relations with that women.”  Hell if there was one thing I learnt from that president was deny, deny and deny until there was evidence, as long as it was just hearsay I was going to deny it until I was blue in the face.  Mthobisi asked “then what the hell was he doing at our house if you were not sleeping with him?”

I looked at him which so much innocence in my face and said “he was dropping of some files that we were working on, I had a project to finish and there was no way I was going to be able to finish it without those files and Mfundo was going out of town the following morning so I asked him if he could drop those files at our place.  I didn’t I was doing anything wrong by having a collugue drop off some files and I certainly did not thing that you would have a problem with it, which is why I never bothered even mentioning it.  He seemed to be buying that story but with my husband you will never know, I had to find a way to make sure that Mfundo’s secrets stay buried.  He said we will continue this conversation some other time he was tired and wanted to sleep.

When we got to bed I could not sleep my head was buzzing with guilt, why in God’s name did I have an affair with that stupid man, his brother of all people, I regretted every single thing that I did with Mfundo and if I could reverse time I swear I would do things differently, I wouldn’t cheat, I wouldn’t lie to my husband, hell I would be the best wife, but it was too late for regrets, I had made my bed it was time to lie in it but I wasn’t going to lie down in a dirty bed without a fight.  It must have taken me hours to fall asleep and eventually I did even though I had terrible nightmares in between.  I was woken up by my husband who was banging wardrobe doors unnecessarily.  I didn’t even bother asking him why he was banging doors, I got up brushed my teeth and kissed him good morning I went downstairs and obviously Nomzamo was still asleep, that girl is her own boss I tell you.  I made him breakfast at 06:45 he came down and said he was running late, I told him I didn’t slave on breakfast for him to just leave the food like that, he had a few bites then left.  As soon as he left I decided to call She Rocks who is more clued up on everything and since she had stayed with my husband while I was away maybe she had some clues on how he thinks.  She answered immediately and said she was busy downloading some app, and asked if she could call me back in five minutes because she needed to reboot her phone in order for the app to be installed in the phone properly.  Fifteen minutes went past and there was still no call from She Rocks, I figured she must have gotten busy at work.

I went back to bed and slept for about 2 hours when Nomzamo came to my room she said I had left my phone in the kitchen and it was ringing none-stop, I had about 7 missed calls from Mthobisi and She Rocks.  I decided to call She Rocks first because I needed her advice, I knew Mthobisi was in his moods and speaking to him without a plan was a no-no.  I told She Rocks what was going on and she said maybe Mthobisi’ s mom knew something hence the long meeting and maybe coming clean with him would be a better option, I told her there was no way in hell I was confessing, confession is for Catholic’s and I wasn’t one.

I then called Mthobisi back and he said I needed to be careful around Nomzamo something was up with her and he would fill me in when he got home, this was soo confusing, what did the nanny have to do with anything, then I remembered Cleo’s situation, Jesus Christ was my husband also sleeping with our nanny?  I was not anxious, I wanted to confront her but what if I was over-reacting I decided to take a shower then go out because being in the same house would her would just drive me up the wall. I drove to Cleo’s place to visit her, she was pretending to be okay but I could tell that deep down she was falling apart.  I asked how things were between her and her husband, and she said all was well and she was still acting like she knew nothing and her husband was still his sweet loving self and treating her like a queen which is very confusing because he doesn’t act like a cheating person at all, he always tells her where he is she even wonders when does he get time to see the other woman, I told her these bastards always make a plan.  I decided I needed to change the topic, I told her about what I was going through and she said under no circumstances was I to confess the affair with Mfundo that was one secret I had to take to the grave, two friends with two different opinions I was conflicted, but Cleo made sense, confession is never good for the soul like we are made to believe, she cooked us lunch and we chatted about a lot of things, I spend the entire day there.  Around 5 Mthobisi called and said he was on his way home, I told him I was at Cleo’s place he demanded that I leave too immediately.  I was a bit annoyed but since I was in bad books with him I decided to obey and do as I was told.  I hugged Cleo told her I loved her and got into my car and drove home.


As soon as I got into the driveway Mthobisi also arrived and parked behind me.  I asked him before we went in what was this thing that he said was going on with Nomzamo, he said I will find out as soon as we inside. He opened the door, as soon as I stepped in, I knew something was not right, I looked around then looked at Mthobisi thinking we must have entered a wrong house.  I screamed “Nomzamo, Nomzamo” and each and every room that I entered was empty all our furnisher was gone, Mthobisi was right behind me every step, I turned to him and said “Shit Honey, we’ve been robbed” he looked at me and shook his head and said “That bitch and bastard took our stuff”

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  1. Nomzamo is gonna be in shit yoo. She actually been a spy since day 1 n dat how fundani had access to the house… nice read… this just gets interesting njalo

  2. Nomzamo just signed off her death certificate, I wonder who will win this battle between Fundani and Mthobisi hai

    Thanks Team

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