Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Six

There is confused and there is dumbfounded at that moment I was both. I had no idea what was going on or what had just happened.  You know when you so shocked that your brain stops functioning and your heart stops beating and you don’t hear anything that is going on around you, that was me.  Cleo and Andiswa were both talking at the same time, panicking, I was just griping the steering wheel like it was somehow supposed to protect me or give me answers.  After Cleo and Andiswa realized that they were not getting any answers from me, Andiswa shook me from the back seat and told me to snap out of it. Andiswa said “Lee, call the guy you were speaking to and ask him what the hell is going on.”  I grabbed my phone with my hands shaking then remembered I didn’t have his numbers because he kept calling me with different numbers, I tried explaining this to Andiswa but when I spoke it sounded like I was speaking gibberish, I couldn’t even understand myself.

Cleo shouted “Lee, pull yourself together, what the hell is wrong with you.”  While I was still trying to find my voice and a right language my phone rang, it was She Rocks, ”put the phone on speaker” shouted Cleo from behind and I did, I didn’t even say hello before She Rocks said “what the hell are you idiots waiting for?  Follow the damn police car and come get me out.” and hung up.  My mind had just switched off I didn’t think of that, I started the car without saying a word to the two ladies at the back, as I was about to drive off my phone rang again, it was a number I didn’t know I answered “Hello” it was the guy who had given me the instructions before he simply said “whatever you do, do not go to the police station, you will all end up going to jail.”  “What?” I screamed and he hung up. I switched off the car and got out; Cleo and Andiswa followed me outside “what the hell is going on Lee?”  Andiswa asked “I need to catch my breath.”  I said while stalling for some time to figure the situation out “Give me the keys you can catch your breath at the passenger seat, you heard what She Rocks said, we need to follow those cops.” She said while trying to yank the keys away from me, I wouldn’t have none of that I griped the keys tight and said “we can’t follow them.”  Cleo looked at me and said “you have lost your mind.

We are going, you can stay here if you like but we not going to let our friend go to prison for shit she knows nothing about, it should be you at the back of that van.”  They were now both about to tackle me for the keys and I knew that this was one fight I was not going to win so I said “fine I will drive but the guy who called said…” before I could even finish the sentence Andiswa said “we don’t care about your dodgy friends, She Rocks needs to be taking the ARV tonight and if she’s in jail she won’t be able to do that, will you be able to live with yourself knowing that we could have prevent her from contracting HIV but didn’t because we let her stay in jail, and you know if she gets arrested now since it’s weekend chances are she will come out on Tuesday and by then the window period for the ARV’s to work would have long passed.”  They were making a lot of sense and leaving her there would be cowardly, I decided not to listen to those fools that got us in this mess in the first place, I drove and by then the police van was out of sight, we drove around looking for it, Cleo spotted it and we followed it to Hillbrow Police Station, it’s funny how each time I was at this police station it always had something to do with my husband, I swear that man would be the death of me.  I told the girls we should sit and come up with a plan, while I was still talking all I saw were both doors opening and both of them jumping out, I was left there by myself, I didn’t know if I should continue sitting there or follow I decided to follow.  As I was about to open the door my phone rang, it was my husband I didn’t even give him a chance to speak “She Rocks has been arrested and the girls are blaming me for it, please, please sort this out.”  Mthobisi told me to calm down and tell him everything that happened.  I quickly summarised everything, he asked where we were now, I told him that we were in Hillbrow police station and he said we should not go inside, I told him it was too late because Cleo and Andiswa were already in there, doing  only God knows what inside there.  Mthobisi calmly said “you need to get them out, I will take care of She Rocks but get those two out before they mess everything up.”  that was asking for a lot, that’s like me asking me to move a mountain, I didn’t have enough faith to move a mountain and those two believed they were human shields for She Rocks and I was Bin Laden’s daughter.

I went inside the police station and found Cleo and Andiswa bombarding some poor police officer with questions about their friend who had been arrested a few minutes ago, the more the guy explained that if it happened a few minutes ago then she’s still being booked in and they won’t be able to see her, the more they insisted on wanting to see her, Andiswa was even threatening to call her minister friends, show me one Xhosa girl who does not know some big shot person and I will show you ten who do.  I grabbed them both by their arms and pulled them outside, and told the police officer to excuse them they are just stressed out, I could see the relief on his face as I took them away from him.  “Can you two just calm down, Mthobisi is sending a lawyer to take care of this.”  Andiswa looked at me and asked “And what exactly is this Lee?”  I didn’t know how to answer that.  “What kind of people are you and Mthobisi connected with Lee? What the hell was on those papers that would get She Rocks arrested?”  Cleo asked.  I shook my head and said “I am as clueless as you are, I don’t know what was in those papers I honestly wish I knew but I don’t know what is going on.”  We went back to the car and sat there in silence waiting for Mthobisi’s lawyers to show up, worst part I didn’t even know what the lawyer looked like he could pass us any second and I wouldn’t know it was him.


After a few hours of waiting my phone rang it was Mthobisi “my guys are inside.  Are you okay?”  Was he seriously asking me if I was okay right now.  I didn’t respond I just hung up. A few minutes later I heard a knock on my window, we all looked up I opened the window “What the hell are you doing here?”

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  1. What is going on though, Mtho is really sloppy now, the more the friends see the kind of life Lee is living, the more they will put the pieces to together, I don’t like this at all.

    Who is at the window?

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