Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Seven

I didn’t know what that fool was doing there nor did I care to know all I knew was he was not welcomed here, okay I know I sounds like I owned Hillbrow Police station but the way I was a regular at the place if it was possible I would buy shares and be a shareholder that way at least none of my people would get arrested, wishful thinking I know.  “I’m here for my girlfriend, she called me and told me she got arrested I thought she would be in Yeoville Police station so I spent the last hour there looking for her.” Cleo said “I’m sorry what girlfriend?  Because as far as we know our friend is single and we don’t know you.  Why are we even still speaking to this monster?” Okay that must have cut deep because he looked like he was about to cry and walked away.  Andiswa turned to Cleo and asked “did you have to be that cruel?”  Cleo nodded and said “he needs to know that we don’t like him and we will not pretend for shit to like him.  In fact if our legal system wasn’t so messed up we would be having his ass arrested right now, I mean we at the right place after all.”  It’s actually funny when you think about it because She Rocks was the victim yet she was the one behind bars I know the reasons for her being behind bars were different but the person who needed to be in jail the most was walking around scot free.  A few minutes later two white guys came out with She Rocks walking in between them.

We all ran out to her we were so happy, none of us paid any attention to the two white guys she was with.  We just hugged her and were so happy to see her out of holding cells.  She thanked the two guys and they went to a parked car that was nearby and both got in at the backseat and the car drove off, they must be rich if they even have their own driver I thought.  We told her that John was somewhere around looking for her, she took out her phone to call him and Cleo grabbed it from her and said “you will do no such, that man is dangerous and you should stay away from him.”  She Rocks rolled her eyes and we went inside the car and I drove us back to Andiswa’ s house.  On the way Cleo asked She Rocks “Did you have weed with you?  Is that why you got arrested?”  She Rocks laughed and told Cleo to not be ridiculous she hasn’t smoked weed since varsity days, she said it was a case of mistaken identity they thought she was someone else, that lie sounded so much like something that my husband and his goons would make her say, I knew she was lying but I wasn’t about to ask her for the truth in front of everyone and ever since I had gone missing and She Rocks stayed at my place I suspected that she knew so much more about my husband’s dealings than she was willing to say.

I loved my husband but I was beginning to see his evil ways start to affect everyone that came into contact with me and him, at times it gets exciting and fun but living like this for the rest of my life was not it, imagine being a seventy year old granny and running around dodging bullets. It was time I re-evaluated my life and having my friend arrested for his shit was one thing that sort of turned the light bulb on for me, or as Oprah would say it was my aha moment.

When we got to Andiswa’s place I called Mthobisi to tell him to She Rocks was out he said he knew I asked him when was he coming back he said he was on his way back I and I told him to please come and fetch his car from Andiswa’s place, I doubt if any of the girls would be comfortable with driving with me let alone my car after the drama I put them through.   He said he would drop by when he arrived in Johannesburg.  We opened some wine and drank some drank some more, this was a celebration drinking we even made a toast to She Rocks freedom, the way we were acting you would have sworn she was jailed for 27 years in Robben Island, trust woman to exaggerate everything.  As the drinks were pumping I started becoming chatty which is never good.  “You guys know how much I love Mthobisi; I love him with everything that is in me but sometimes, sometimes eish.”  Cleo said “I know exactly how you feel, it’s like you always have to leave a space in your heart for disappointment when it comes to men but after years of being together you let your guard down and start turning against your own beliefs for him.”  I continued “And it’s not like he asks you to go against everything you believe in for him, you feel like you owe him that much after all the years of nonsense he’s put up with you and you feel like you trust him with your life, but I don’t know guys, I just don’t know anymore.”  She Rocks interrupted “you two have what most of us would give our right arm for, well maybe not you Cleo.” Then she burst out laughing. Andiswa told her to shut up she’s drunk.  Then she remembered her pills, “oh shit, I need to start taking the ARV’s the pharmacists said I should make sure I drink them at the same time every day, so it will be eight o’clock every night.”  She sent the alarm on her phone and we all did the same so we could remind her every day to take her medication. Andiswa asked her to call John again just to make sure that he’s not HIV positive because once she starts taking the medication there is no going back you can’t stop half way; she will have to finish the course.  She called him and put him on speaker “listen John, even if you are HIV positive I will still be with you, I will not leave you because of your status just be honest with me.  Are you or are you not HIV positive.”  John answered “I am negative, I swear, I didn’t know you would take it so seriously I was joking with you and your friends call me a monster, they hate me, did they tell you I came looking for you at the police station today?  I really love you and I now realise that I made a stupid joke, it’s just that you always act so tough I didn’t think you were going to freak out like that.  I’m sorry I was wrong.”  She Rocks asked “then why the fuck did you not want to do the test when I asked you to?”  the alcohol levels on her where high.  John said something about those rapid tests not being accurate.  She Rocks screamed “you are a liar, that’s why you didn’t want to the tests you know what the results will be and don’t ever tell me that you love me rather tell me that you hate me because you are not capable of loving anyone but yourself.”  Before the guy could answer she dropped the call and cut him and said “I’m feeling very confused about this, my heart wants to believe that he’s not positive but my head is in doubt.” Cleo said “go with your head girl, always go with your head, the heart will get you in shit.” To be honest I was also starting to believe John, I mean if he was HIV positive he wouldn’t have told her and would he still be calling her and looking for her in police stations?  It just didn’t add up maybe he really did have a bad sense of humour because one thing we all knew was he loved She Rocks.  “Okay guys, I don’t know if I should drink these ARV’s or not.  I will be sick for days after drinking these and for all I know he could be negative.”  Cleo quickly interjected “and for all you know he could be positive, I would rather you be sick for the first few days of you taking the ARV’s than you sick forever.”  I was sitting on the fence on this one, I honestly didn’t know what to tell her.  Andiswa said “let’s vote.  All those in favour of She Rocks taking the ARV’s say i.”  All three of us said i, Cleo’s speech had really gotten to us.”  She grabbed the pills and drank them.

Mthobisi arrive a few hours later, he said we needed to go, I was a bit tipsy from all the drinking, I just hoped that I don’t get stopped by police but Mthobisi said as soon as we get to the Freeway we should be okay there are hardly ever any cops around Alberton.  We drove and there were no cops around luckily for me, I was driving my car and he was driving his and I was following behind him.  He kept calling to ask if I was okay.  Eventually we arrived home, I was tired as hell and all I wanted to do was sleep, as we were entering the driveway the gate was wide opened and so was the garage door, my heart started beating fast, my mom and Victor are hectic about safety they lock everything, the garage was empty, neither Victor nor my mom’s car was there.  Mthobisi reversed his car out and I knew something was wrong; I also reversed out so he doesn’t bump me.  I didn’t know what to do next, he drove past the house, I followed, panic seating in heavily, I was even sweating, I followed behind him he parked at the next street got out his car went to the boot pulled out a gun and ran towards my parent’s street.  I got out the car and screamed “what the hell is going on?”  he ran past me and shouted “I don’t know but it doesn’t look good.  Stay inside the car, I will be back for you.”

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  1. hai jealous down maan! la kwala tuu. is it me or are these 2 chapters short? or are you making up for it ka the bonus…ayeye

  2. Ke kgahlwa ke kamoo di kopanang kaofela…bo Lee ba skinnera ka Nothabo (Realities), stepmom sa Nelisa (Sugababe)…mosebetsi o kgabane ntate Mike le Team.
    Ke bohloko hore ebe ha ke a kgona ho bala premium ya bobedi pin keha e se e le expired nako e ke qetang ka ya pele. Ke a kgolwa ke bala butle haholo
    Se ke tla utlwa na semau mau se neng se kokota fenstereng ya koloi kemang le hore tsa dithunya di qadile hokae bekeng e tlang…

    Fela ke sa pheta, mosebetsi o tswileng matsoho kannete

  3. Oh no, not sweet victor and darling wife, no ways. Eish Mthobisi’s drama is really starting to affect the wrong people, hai.

    But honestly Mike this would make an awesome series.

    Thanks Team

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