Missteps of a Young Wife

Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Eight

“oh God, please not my parent’s please, please father God, please let them be okay.” I said this line over and over again, my hands and my entire body was sweating but I was scared to open the windows and my car was off and lights off so I couldn’t turn on the aircon.  While sitting there scared out of my mind my phone rang I almost jumped out of my skin from shock it was Priscilla my father’s girlfriend with my voice shaking I whispered “Hello” I don’t know why I was whispering but fear will make you do things that don’t make sense.  “Hi, I’m just calling to apologize for not letting you know that your dad was discharged from hospital, I just got so excited that I completely forgot about you guys it was wrong of me and I’m sorry.”

I again whispered “it’s fine, don’t worry about it.”  I was trying to get her off the phone but she just kept talking “well, it’s just that Naledi said you were pretty pissed off about the whole thing, I mean…”  I cut her off “Listen, it’s fine honestly, don’t worry about it.  I have to go. Bye.”  I hung up. She called back immediately and I dropped the call, what was wrong with this girl, I had a crisis in my hands.  She didn’t call back after that; thank goodness she probably got the picture.  I didn’t know if I should call my mom or Victor but thought what if they are hiding under the bed in their room next thing the phone rings and if there were robbers in the house they find them because of the phone. So many things were going through my mind, oh my God Neo, what if he started crying while they were hiding and they find them; just the thought of my baby being harmed brought shivers through my spine.  I now wanted to run to the house and go see what the hell was going on but previous experience had thought me to not play hero.

I decided to wait till my husband comes back, oh lawd what if they get him and kill him and he doesn’t come back for me, that just made me want to run to the house, I opened the door and started running towards my street next thing I heard gun shots, I ran back to the car so fast that if anyone was watching they would think they were watching something on fast forward.  I went to the back sit and laid on the floor, I was so scared I wanted to puke.  This stress was seriously not good for anyone, I laid there only God knows for how long I was too scared to even look up or look at the time I laid with my face facing down and my eyes closed, until I heard a knock on my window, I jumped up and screamed “yhooooo” I thought whoever was in the house had found me and was there to kill me.  I decided to continue to keep my eyes closed and shouted “please don’t hurt me, my eyes are closed I didn’t see you, I won’t tell anyone.”  It was some Afrikaans old lady who stayed on that street she I heard her Afrikaans voice “meisie is jy okay?” I opened my eyes, opened the door and pulled her inside “what the hell is wrong with you? Did you not hear the gun shots? Do you want to die?”  I must have shocked her by pulling her in the car, the old lady looked at me and still asked what I was doing laying at the back seat of the car, she asked if I was drunk, well in her defence she is a bit deaf and I did smell of alcohol.

I looked at her and realised she wasn’t wearing her hearing aid, people in the suburbs don’t come out when they hear gun shots, they hide under their beds and only once they hear the police sirens do they start coming out.  I had to shout the next sentence to the old lady to make sure she hears me “we need to stay in the car, there are some dangerous people outside shooting guns.”  I made a sign of a gun with my hand I don’t know how much of that she heard but she looked at my hand and after seeing the gun sign she ran out the car faster than a 20 year old.  Everybody knows a gun sign you show them that and they don’t wait around to see the next sign, if I were in her shoes I would have done the same thing, but leaving me there all by myself was just mean. I locked my car doors again and within a few minutes I heard sirens, “thank you Lord.” I opened the door and slowly walked to my house, thank goodness the street lights were on and there was no load-shedding it would have been dreadful if I had to walk in the dark, when I turned the corner I saw Police cars, it must have been 3 of them and an ambulance.  I had never seen cops in our area, the crime is very minimum so for soo many blue lights to be parked in one street is a corncern, my heart was beating so hard, my knees felt weak I didn’t know what to expect when I get to the house, I could see a few of our neighbours starting to gather around, typical suburbs people, you can scream for help all you like no one will come out only once the police arrive will they come out to find out what had happened, they ain’t about dying for curiosity.

As I got closer one of our white neighbours who is the biggest gossip, he is worse than any woman I know, his wife even left him because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about anything and on top of that the man ate like there was no tomorrow and never gained weight and instead just kept eating, I know this because the wife used to complain to my mom about him all the time,  and when she left him he put up banners outside his house written “Kom terug huis toe Marietjie. Ek is life vir jou.”  Which meant “come back home Marietjie. I love you.” the shitty part about that was that his wife’s car’s number plates were personalised so each time people who had seen the huge-ass banners outside his house they would scream at her “gaan huis toe Marietjie.” Meaning “go home Marietjie.” She eventually sold the car and moved to Durban.  Any way there he was running to me huffing and puffing, funny thing is after his wife left he gained soo much weight, I guess it’s all the junk food he was eating.  “Wat gaan aan by jou huis?” meaning “what’s going on at your house?” I speak fluent Afrikaans but it’s honestly not one of my favourite languages I just like knowing it because I can hear when white people gossip about black people since they automatically assume that if you are black you only know English and trust me it happens a lot, I walked faster and whispered “ek weet nie.”

He continued walking and puffing next to me trying to keep up.  As I was getting closer to the house I was now become extremely scared wondering what the hell had happened and where the hell was my husband who was supposed to come back and get me.  When I got to the gate tears just started streaming down my face, Johan was still next to me the police who was standing at the gate said “sorry ma’am but no one is allowed inside.”  I opened my mouth but before I could say anything Johan said “she stays here. What happened in there, we heard gun shots. Is anyone hurt?”  The police officer ignored him and said I needed to speak to the officer who is in charge.  My stomach was turning and making all sorts of noises I just wanted to be in my bed and have my family safe.  I was shaking so hard that the police man suggested that I sit on the floor before I faint, even he could see that I was on the verge of a breakdown.  Johan said he would run to his house and get me some water.

Most white people know how to keep their boundaries, they were standing across the street just watching the whole thing I was actually grateful for that because if it was blacks they would have been breathing on my face asking me questions to things I had no answers to.  Johan came back and gave me bottled water, I drank half of it without stopping.  I saw the people that were standing across the road pointing at our house, I turned to look back and I saw paramedics coming out with a stretcher, I ran toward my house, the police man who was at the gate tried stopping me but try stopping a crazy woman and see what happens, I pushed him to the side and ran to the paramedics, I had to see who was in that stretcher, when I got there my heart almost stopped it was Mthobisi he was covered in blood I screamed….

25 thoughts on “Missteps – Chapter One Hundred & Thirty Eight

  1. Please,please,please,pleeeezzzzzzzzzz Mtho can’t die…can he just please survive this & maybe repent.

  2. mike memoirs ended in death,zulu girl hsnt ended,which are all sad endings,please don’t make this one have a sad ending please please please,this is heartbreaking. i’m literally close to tears

  3. Please please please don’t kill Mthobisi :'( he can’t die pleeease. I’d die too 🙁

    By the way. Great work

  4. 1. Mike lost it on the part where She Rocks gets arrested
    2. The reaction of Lesedi and the girls is fine.
    3. After She Rock’s release there is a disconnect – we do not to seem to see any anger on her part
    4. Why is her DJ boyfriend brought to the Police Station.
    5. Now Mthobisi’s shooting, where is it coming from?
    6. What has happened to Lesedi’s mom’s, Victor and Neo?
    7. It should have been either their disappearance or Mthobisi’s shooting. Who abducts people and remain to shoot at their relatives?

    Interested in seeing how Mike will address these questions.

  5. Oh!No! Not Mtho bathong. Eish Mike, I hope we are not nearing the end of Missteps. Thanks for the great read Mike & team.

  6. Wena Nqaba please go hang yourself, did you not hear when Lee said, she couldn’t ask she rocks infront of the girls about how she got out of prison ?mxm. write your own blog and leave Mike alone. Obviously when Mtho drove in, he could have picked up there were people in the house, hence he reversed. The boyfriend did say, she rocks called him kganthe wena o bala bjang oskatlo re tena mo.

    Eish team sorry about that! Mike please don’t end Missteps, gape wena you end your stories by killing the starring, we know Missteps will come to an end eventually but not now, please Mike

    Thanks Team

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