Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Forty Eight

People don’t get this twisted, writing a thesis is possibly the most difficult thing you can ever do academically. It is not a joke when Mudenda was crying tears for his thesis. I am even shocked he did not have back ups but what can I say, the man is an idiot! There was nothing fake about his anguish when it came to why he wanted it back so badly. I can only imagine how much work he had put into this and as a scholar I totally bled for him but as a jilted baby mama my heart was singing hallelujah from my house to Jerusalem. I lost a year to pregnancy and giving birth and having my boobs tugged by a baby like a cow being milked so being held a year back would not kill him either! When it comes to cruelty, nothing can ever, ever beat a woman scorned!

“I don’t know why you are crying to me, I had no idea you kept your thesis at work and in your work station! How should I have known that?”

I protested sympathetically and pretending to take offence at the accusation.

“In fact if I recall you always said that you didn’t trust your work server so you would rather save it on your laptop which I always told you was dumb!”

I told him just to rub in how dumb he really was.

“Please don’t add insult to injury please! I need this thing Faith I really do! If you have it, I am sorry for whatever thing I ever did to you! It’s a year’s work in there and could be the difference between me and a promotion and affording two babies at the same time!”

He said in desperation still. He had a point! Him getting more money meant him being able to afford better maintenance! Good one! He had played at my emotional financial strings but saying I had it would be admitting to guilt!

“I really don’t have it. I am sorry. Ask Meladi I am sure she can use a computer! I am sure she deleted thinking that maybe I helped her with it!”

It was at that moment I heard her say bitch in the background! I had been on speaker all along. Wasn’t she supposed to be in hospital!

“You are lying! You did this!”

She screamed at the top of her lungs but I wasn’t fazed.

“Eh Mudenda control your girl. This has nothing to do with me. I will pray you get it, good night!”

I said and hung up immediately! Lying is not easy because you need to maintain your composure and I think I had done well enough. Time to breathe! I immediately called Aurelia because the way she had left was not good. I had accused her of sleeping with Tidimalo and now I was the one with egg on my face. She did not pick up and my next concern became what if she ran back to that abusive guy. This was so complicated.

I went and sat with my mother who surprisingly was still up. She said she wanted to sleep with her grandson today to give Judith and I a break which I did not mind at at all. I told her that I had a few errands to run the following day of which she gave me r150 and said I should go watch a movie or take myself out to lunch just to breathe. She could see I was under pressure and the last few weeks had been hectic for me. I was not too sure about that but will see. My phone rang from my room and I ran to it.

It was Aurelia. I was so relieved! She apologised for missing my call and said she had been showering. I cautiously asked her where she was and she laughed saying that I am paranoid. She told me she had not gone home but had decided to go sleep at a friends place. I was not convinced so I pressed on to ask which friend. She seemed to be in a better mood and told me that she was sleeping at Milpark I shouldn’t worry. I had no idea where Milpark was and she could hear it in my voice. The girl she said she was at was friends with her cousin Kevin who was killed some time ago. I searched my brains then light bulb moment, I remembered him now. He was the gay guy and someone had killed him. I actually never met him but Zama and Meladi had. We all could not make the funeral in the North West to support her because we had all been writing. She had taken offence at that but I was a student and tests come first. I did not want to press her because I still had an apology to make.

“I am sorry for accusing you about Tidimalo. I seem to be paranoid like you said lately!”

I said sincerely. She said it was okay it’s just been a tough week she will get over it. I could still hear the disappointment in her voice after that. I asked her if we could hang out tomorrow but she declined and said she was attending a braai the following day at her mysterious friends Nigerian boyfriend! Who were all these people she was mentioning? Was she lying so that so she could avoid me? I said goodnight with my tail in between my legs but at least I spoke to her.

I did not sleep well at all but early in the morning I woke up and bathed and put on decent clothing. Three taxis later I was walking through familiar office doors. It was Mudenda’s father’s office. As soon as the receptionist saw me she screamed,


I was shocked but could not help but laugh. After last time they now had a security service for undesirables like me, daughters in law!

“I come in peace! Please tell Mr. Gumbi I am here to discuss the damages situation!”

I said calmly sitting down just as the security guy got to me! I had come to tell him I did not want his sons damages anymore!

She was a bit confused as she called upstairs!

“He does not want to see you! Leave the premises or be thrown out!”

She said satisfied that she had done a good a job. This man! I had come to give them a way out now he was just insulting me!

Not too clever Mr. Gumbi!

See you at church!

I called Aurelia to tell her about my misfortune and she said I shouldn’t worry bur rather come to her braai!

Why not!?

****The End*****

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Mike thanks for this opportunity. Please if you can post this as soon as you can i beg you as im dying inside..
So here is my story. i got married to the most humble and loving man in the world in 2010, he treated me right and always trying to provide for us. We have two children together. My husband’s job always demand him to travel and work away, so it have always bothered me but he assured me i can trust him and i did cos there was nothing suspicious. Sometimes there will be a whatsapp just a hello and nothing much and he will say its people he works with. Ok so fast forward two weeks ago i found a deleted pic of his private parts showing it was sent on watsap. i confronted him even involved his mom cos we were at home, but i didnt tell his mom the whole story but just told her he has girls. He denied and said he didnt send the pic to anyone.. So i left it and told him we will only talk when he can tell me the truth about the picture. The whole week he was working away and i prayed to God for him to tell me the truth, and yesterday when he came back he started confessing, he said he prayed and God showed him he have to come clean, this man is a man of God or so i thought, he is like a pastor , we always pray about everything together, he was my pillar.. So what he said is yes he slept with this girl where he was working, then i asked him how many girls have you slept with and it turn out they are 4. Since he started this in 2012 cos he was working away, so it’s like in 4 different places he goes he have a fucking partner that they hit it once or twice, he said he never told them he loved them or even proposed, he loves me and he dont wanna lose me, so this guy have been sleeping around since 2012 and when he comes back he act normal, and he even go to church and act holly holly. People help me as i am crying now what do i do? Him sleeping around without strings attached what does it mean? Where do i even begin with my children? When i think about divorce i can’t do that now as we are in debts, i dont wanna be paying this debts whereas i am struggling, i ask myself if i was not good enough for him, he would tell me he loves me every day, if i forgive will i be able to open my legs for him and enjoy, he say he have been protecting himself and he will never do it again, but how will i ever know that is true, i am so broken inside , did i say i never cheated on this men, i treated him like a king and gave him all the styles in the world. This man say he didnt jola a lot while he was in high school and tertiary he was scared of girls or they never wanted him, is he doing this because he didn’t play on his time? i never wanted my children to grow with a single parent cos i saw how my mum struggled..i ask myself do we still have real Christians and men in the world…..please tell me what i should do …

Broken wife

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  1. Thank you Mike!
    Mhhhhh so these stories link somewhere one way or another!,interesting! You are such a great writer

  2. Wow Mike how do you do this the gay guy is thandeka friend . Whooop whoop!!!!! This is the best blog by far

  3. Hhhhmmmm!!! Milpark,Nigerians,gay cousin?? is this going where I think its going???? Excited!!!!! cant wait for the next chapter mike please dont keep us waiting I like where this is going………. I see T is coming back………

  4. Thx Mike bt was waiting for my Memorys, Is this mins u left us with a question mark……
    Q/A. Sorry cc this things col temptations are always ruining the good relationships, I’m praying for u to get peace and make a rite thing, all the best

  5. Yet another great chapter answer: i am trully gonna be honest most men cheat. Your husband loves you dont let this break you. He knows he has done wrong. He is willing to fix it. Help him he has faulted in his path. I am not disregarding the cheating he shouldn’t but he is only human. Counselling, fix it this is not something to break your family over. But if he does it again. Pack and go you can only forgive so much.

  6. Thank you for the early doze.
    Your work is truly appreciated.
    You by far the best Diary writer ever cause you never disappear or die and wake up from the dead for that matter.
    May the Lord richly bless you guys.

  7. Thank you bhut’Mike and Team. you are making this world smaller than it already is; the way the stories link.
    @ broken wife – you are a praying woman so i suggest you do just that; pray for direction and guidance from God and also seek professional help. this will help you decide whether you stay in this marriage or not. Strongs woman of God and I wish you all the best

  8. Broken wife u cn ask again mama if we stil hv real christians xhem…ds ppl r hiding behind da name “christian” dey r not loyal @all ‘ve been hurt a lot by a so-called christain mr.Holy-Holy….an I jst tld myslf I’ll go fr drunkards frm nw on.Pray harder 4 God 2 ment-dt broken heart cc

    1. lol nope we have no real christians at all, i am currently dating a a married pastor who swears like nobody’s business when i am with him, yeeerrr i dont wana get married mina the things that married men do with us the single girls.

  9. gay who was killed n nigerians?? so it is also connected to zulu girl,Hope u will mention thandeka here n there Q&A i have realised that 97% of letters comes from gals .guys dont u have problems??

  10. Nice one Mike linking rumblings to diary of a Zulu girl.

    To Broken Wife, I’ve been in a similar situation where my husband used to travel for work I later found out he has kids all over the country. As you have discovered that he can not be trusted even if he says he’s been protecting himself you were not there you don’t know that, take everything he says with a pinch of salt. YOU HAVE TO GET TESTED!!!! This is the scariest part but you have to make sure you have no STI’s or any other desease that this man could have brought home.
    After you have done that you need to find someone to talk to about this, not a friend or family member but someone neutral, I used to talk to the ladies at my hair saloon, the reason why I say find someone neutral is because when and if you decide to go back to your husband you don’t want your friends or family members judging him and giving him dirty looks because once you involve family they will never look at him the same way. Counselling also helps if you can afford it but speaking to strangers is a cheaper option, you will be surprised at how many people out there are willing to listen.

    One mistake that you should never ever make is think this was in any way or form your fault, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT THAT THIS MAN CHEATED!! I need to emphasize that and I need you to read that line over and over again. Men cheat regardless of how much sex and love you give them, it’s just their nature, and when they do it, it is not to hurt you, hell they not even thinking about you when they doing it. Whatever you do, DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF for his stupidness.

    This is still very new to you and I can feel your pain and hurt in this letter and I will not say leave him or stick with him it’s too early for that, you need to cry everything out, get angry, scream, shout, show all your emotions and only after you have gotten everything out should you decide what you want to do.

    Even pastors cheat, so don’t think religion will stop them from being bastards.

    I wish you all the best and I am truly sorry that you have to go through this.


  11. anonymous ones a cheater always a cheater…they never change especially if he cheated with so many girls n for such a long time. ….

  12. Great chapter sorry but i have to ask keneilwe if it was her would u be sayinv the same thing nd would he also forgive her.yes men will cheat nd if u let him off lightly he will never for me dont divorce him make him suffer.being confident does someting to men nd as urs is always away make sure u are always on point even going to the spaza shop im telling u he will start being paranoid nd he will think two can play that game.but at the end it all comes down to what u want to do goodluck

  13. Thanks Mikeesto #Legend. Imagine Aurelia being couzins with Thandeka’s knight in shining armour… Hhe banna!! So now we will get a little glimpse of my Mooi River sweetheart, can’t wait.

    Tshidilicious has said it all broken wife, take her advice.


  14. yho MIke u r simple the best

    So out Thandeka is coming back to the pic again

    Now this is gone b hot < Neliswa & Thandeka back once again

    Can not wait

    Nice read….tnx bro

  15. Thanks bra Mike. You really are a brilliant writer! I absolutely love what you doing with all the books, linking them together…totally makes sense to me because honestly in like almost everything interlinks whether we are aware of it or not!
    Keep up the good work.

  16. Thanks Mike and Team, Wonderful work.

    @Tshidilicious Powerful advice Sisi, thank you so much, I hope Broken Wife reads and re-reads it. This will definitely give her comfort to know there are people who have made it out alive and strong. I’m also touched by this whole mess she is in, some people do PAINFULL things to those they claim to love.

    All the best SISI….

  17. Once a cheater – always a cheater. Askis sisi but this is the reality of the situation and alot of people can confirm that once their partner cheats they never stop kushiyana ukwenza some men do it publicly and others are very discreet about their trickeries.

    ‘I’ll never do it again” lol oh shem isAram…His just sayingthat to gain your trust but its false, no1 knows what they’ll never do or do next, its just a matter of circumstance and opportunity and with him being away the circumstance is he can do whatever he wants and can grab any opportunity without having explain to wifey why he came home late…

    Take Tsidi’s advise.cry,scream,pray etc whatever but rest assured that it happened once, it’ll definitely happen again…. Just use protection and look away,most woman in marriage do that coz men cheat and i know this may come across as ………. (not sure what word to use) but monogomy is not natural, atleast not for most people.

  18. Q&A we are human before we are christians, being a christian does not mean you are perfect.
    We all have weaknesses and your man’s weakness is women.
    Pray together that this attack he is under will end.
    We go to church and pray because we want God to make us better human beings.
    Do what you feel is right for you and your children.
    Maybe he needed to be caught first so that he can stop.
    Good Luck….

  19. Thank you bra Mike

    Thandeka my sweetheart am I hearing about you again? ola ola Miss Mooi River the small town..

    well said Tshidilicious!

    Dear broken wife

    This too shall come to pass, nobody said the road will be easy
    but God promised to go with you through it all
    just hold on unto him and divorce is not so cool.
    hope you were also reading the Memoirs

    Be strong lovie

  20. Yoh yoh Mike!!!! NICE 1. All these connections… goes to show dat u w born for this.

    @Tshidilicious… best advice ive eva read on this blog. EVA!!!! Thank u coz i, myself, also needed to hear all dat. Thank u.

  21. Love it when it links back to our dear Zulu girl Thandeka….That by far, was your best work Mike……

    Tshidilicious has laid it all down for you Broken wife…….

  22. Could this Kevin be the knight and shining armour of our Thandeka? oh wow Mikey i like the way you linking these stories, its so beautiful! Pure genius!

    Thank you for reminding us just how small this world is. the people we might think are nobodies to us definitely mean something more to someone else.

  23. Thanks Team.
    A to Q: feel your pain and anger ‘broken wife’, Tshidilicious has answered you perfectly. Right now you are hurt, you need to cry, vent, after all that sit down and talk about it,…

  24. Ausi tshidi I will like to give you a big big thank you for this wonderful words.I just think most women will be broken I am in a relationship and I can say things looks fine but I always live a room for disappointment. Men can’t be trusted nowadays. This words you given us will work for most women. I am not married but I know I will need this advace in future. Thank you

  25. Mike Maphotho Sir, I don’t know how you do it but ey you do! Now K the knight and shining armour! Lol sobona sekuvumbuka aba Python maduze! You Sir GENIUS! To everyone who ever doubted this man, eat that! *bbm dance* I love Mike. Siyabonga thina.<3

  26. Broken Wife, Tshidilicious has sum up everything I could possibly think of. only if every gal thought like her, then you would stop blaming yourself about how your man cheat. As a man i have meant all kind of men and i can safely say i have never meant one who doesn’t cheat even the “Dalu” kind of man, but don’t get me wrong it’s no way to treat someone you love.

  27. Broken Wife, Tshidilicious has sum up everything I could possibly think of. only if every gal thought like her, then you would stop blaming yourself about how your man cheat. As a man i have met all kind of men and i can safely say i have never met one who doesn’t cheat even the “Dalu” kind of man, but don’t get me wrong it’s no way to treat someone you love.

  28. Q&A ; See this is the problem. Women say they want the truth, but can’t handle it! You asked, you got it, now make a choice!

  29. Hi Mike I’ve been a silent reader since I discovered yo diaries last year thanks to my yonger sister,but now I thot I shud comment bcoz I love your work nd I enjoy your diaries I must say,discovering that they interlink somewhere made me feel you really are a good writer,I still need to continue with Thandeka bcoz I enjoyed it nd I know now its a book can I get it 4rm CNA if not where?

  30. Wow mike u just made my day, thanks for bringing back Zulu Girl like really now…I can’t wait to get more of this story

  31. Q&A
    Broken wife, i cant really put myself in ur situation, i am not married nor have kids but ive been in a relationship where i was cheated on, it was hard to let go he told i was the one he loved and wanted to be with but he would again and again. my point in all this is that once a cheater will always be a cheater. most guys take advantage that if u forgive them them they will do it again knowing that u love them forgiving as u were the first. 4 girls thats alot but ur a woman of God and u have kids to consider in this situation pray on it sister He shall open the closed door for u

  32. ehhh so all the books lead to zulu girl. thers 1 girl yase millpark ejola ne nigerian its thandeka mkhize. n the gay was thandekas gay knight inshinning amo lol well played mike well played

  33. Ur friend o tshomana le batho ba seng reg maan!carefull month go nang le nigeria teng. O tla tsoga ko mpetong o sa itsi o fitlhile jwang Faith

  34. Thanks Mike! Loving all the links between all your stories. After the episode where faith deleted the thesis, I started saving my thesis all over, even emailing it to myself after big finishings. So I can definitely second you on the importance of that document.

  35. Guyz let’s face it christian or not, no one is perfect mina I’m a born again but I do all the wrong things I drink,i swear and dating a married man who also happens to be a “born again” am not proud of that mara bafowethu ke life.cheating is there so q&a just be grateful that his taking care of u and ur kids

  36. Good read Mıke keep de gud work..
    At broken wıfe,ıgnorance ıs bless,wen u search ul fınd what ur lookıng a sıngle young lady ı would advıce you 2 try and fıx ur marrıage,beıng sıngle ıs nt nyc and der ıs a lot of
    Us- sıngle ladıes.competıtıon ıs tough

  37. Thanks hero mike.. wow wow. . Yumm yumm.. #python wherst thou art.. lol. Mike unemilingo.. siyabonga
    QnA dear wife not married, iv experienced being cheated on..lyk most ladies wud attest to and iv felt so angry used and just cudnt forgiv n forget so I dumped em.. mara wena as a married woman u cant just up n leave’ divorvce or rada failure is a tough decision to make think about being responsible for tearing up ur family, robbin ur 2 lil bambinos of a stable home setting wit both parent’s love and protection etc.. its really not worth it. Pray maa.. yiba umfazi wedolo’ ufase ukudla ukhulekele loyomndeni umdali akubusise ngawo. We wish u only d best my dear.. ai inkinga zasemshadweni tho- nisenza sithuke thina esiseza kuwo.. aaaa but with God on our sides nuthing is impossible.
    Kgothatso- my dear we all guilty of sin sometimes yazi I even pray but nje ngibe more guilty coz I feel like m just taking advantage of God’s grace.. doing all wrong things den ask for forgiveness. Eish my Lord please have mercy upon us..really this path we chose is no walk in the park- I am really struggling.

  38. Wow mike I like your intelligency ey “now you taking us back to a zulu girl goes to joburg, wow am just impressed ey,you are suprisingly amazing, I go2 say say I didn’t expect this but ey I like I like , you are brilliant sham. May God bless you abundantly

  39. Dear broken wife please stay with ur husband forgive him this things happen, you are a women of God, women of honor and beauty, women of honor and dignity, work things out with ur man, that man is a man of God n God is he’s father the reason u merried him is becouse u loved him n God allowed it means God gave him to u, when he start going wrong go back to God tell him want u want ur man to be like, u r a women of prayer I would like to belive so pray about this.

  40. Q&A
    My dear am sorry for what happened to you its scary how Christian man are behaving like this guys who does not have an idea about the truth of God but all I can say is don’t run away from your marriage you want to divorce for what? man are the same nowadays you just have to be a woman of virtue and build you house, stand by prayer that’s the only thing that can sustain you ,for God to reveal that you husband is an adultress it shows that there is solution .

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