Rumblings Of A Jilted Baby Mama!

Rumblings – Chapter Fifty

I have never lost someone I loved. My sister yes had lost her dad but she too I doubt had lost someone close when she was of a conscious age. Losing my mom would really be the end of the world. Yes I had my differences with my mother on her favoritism but I still loved her to death just as much as she loved me. I actually tried to think of the last thing I had said to her and her to me at this moment and I could not remember. I should never have gone to this party and instead should have stayed home. I would have been with her. Death reminds us of what’s important and no matter how angry we are, nothing can ever beat family. My heart was beating fast and am certain I was heading to having a panic attack. This can’t be happening. Everything in my life really seemed to be falling apart. If I didn’t know better I would swear I was bewitched somehow. I don’t believe in such things but every now and again I sit and ask myself what if this were true. It’s funny how these things come to you but have you ever noticed how most new Born Agains are single mothers. I was fast joining that club because I just felt that my bad luck had to be coming from somewhere. I looked at Mudenda and I, Amo and myself and could not help wonder what would happen to my baby if my mother died or if I died. I had nothing to give her and could never trust my sister with such long term responsibility. She was a good baby sitter yes but I could not see her as a mother. Being a single mother means you have to take double care of yourself because so much depends on you.

In the car Aurelia asked me what was wrong and I told her everything that my sister had said. She started telling me about her aunt who had had a stroke but she had survived it. I think it was supposed to be comforting. Fuck loadshedding. The traffic was hectic. When is the government going to do something about this! When you have an emergency the last thing you want is to be stuck in so much traffic. Aurelia could see I was getting even more nervous and she kept on trying to talk me down because my mind by now had lost it. My mother. She was the only person in our lives that made sense and raised us to be who we were. I asked Aurelia about strokes and she called it a lifestyle disease. Was she saying my mother did not live a healthy life? Ok fine it’s true she doesn’t, don’t even think. My mother knows what Virgin Active is to be honest but now was not the time. She said many people survive it so it’s not the end of the world it just depends on how severe it is. I called my sister and she did not pick up but send me a message that I must start with home first because that’s where she was. Why wasn’t she with mom? See what I say when I say she is so irresponsible and selfish! She was supposed to be by her bedside but I also figured maybe it was because she could not take Amo to the hospital. Crap! That means one of use would have to stay with the baby then. It made sense I ask Aurelia so that we could both go, my sister and I. She agreed and said she did not mind watching Amo for us as this was important. I can’t believe just yesterday this girl and I were fighting. She really was the most loving person I knew and she deserved the best.

As if he could sense that something was wrong I got a call from Tidimalo. I didn’t want to pick up but the phone was in the middle and when it rang Aurelia saw it was him. I picked up and immediately he asked me what was wrong. What was so weird about this was the fact that he said before I even said ‘hello’. It’s like he could sense it. There are people in life who just get you. I don’t believe in this concept of “the one” because when I was with Mudenda didn’t I also think he was the one? Tidimalo, the new one at least because as my ex he was doosh, seemed to get me so well and di not even bother hiding the fact that he did. Most girls say we will never go back to an ex yet if we go to a party where an ex chances of fucking him again there and then are higher than not. I responded,

“My mom has just had a stroke. I am driving with Aurelia to her now and I am so scared!”

This time I broke down. I started crying. He told me that he was coming to my place later so that we could talk in person as over the phone it was not easy. He told me to be strong. When he hung up I felt a bit better. Was I falling in love with him? He seemed to get me! Aurelia was looking at me weird but she did not say anything. I must say that was the longest drive ever. It felt as though it was hours and eventually I pulled into my driveway. My sister had not called again which was a good thing as it meant nothing bad had happened further!

I braced myself as I got into the car with tears rolling down my cheeks. I was so scared of what I will find. I walked into the house and got the shock of my life!

There was my mother sitting there with Amo in her arms. I did not understand! I really did not. My sister was right next to her.

“You actually came! I should take up drama!”

She said laughing!

“I don’t understand”

I stuttered as I was so confused, even Aurelia just stared!

“I was just joking. Wanted you to come fast because I have to leave!”

She was so nonchalant as though she could not see what was wrong with what she had said. I was livid. I flew across the room in an instant and I was on her. My mother jumped up to stop us because she was not sure what was happening and through my anger and punches I told her what had had happened and what my sister had said. She stood back and and didn’t stop me! She was shocked! My sister was screaming,

“I was only joking chill!”

But the joke was on her! How dare she do that? Some jokes are not funny at all! She had crossed a line!

“Next week you starting work, I want to see who will take care of your bastard!”

She said angrily as she walked away!

She had called my child a bastard and that pierced right through me and it hurt!

*****The End*****


Hi Mike

I am a 19 year old girl, I HV a prob….the thing is I hooked up with my ex last week it was that relationship that never ended BT due to distance it just stopped. Anyway we were chilling and catching up then out of nowhere we had sex. By out of nowhere I mean just boom it happened no flirting nor sexual signs…thing is I realized half way through the sex that we didn’t use the condom and when I pulled away it was already too late as he came inside me, now we couldn’t find the morning after pill and all that shit so my problem is this guy like his confusing me one minute he tells me that he will take care of the baby if it happens that am pregnant the next he tells me that we must have faith and pray that am not pregnant. He specifically told me that abortion is a no go area and I agree because I don’t believe in it so I need help because I don’t know what’s up with his mixed emotions wateva shit and his bipolar tendencies are driving me crazy.. NB: I need advice not judgments of how stupid and irresponsible I was because I already know that so if you are going to insult me rather keep it to yourself!!!


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  1. haaaaa Mara faith sister was kgafa straight.poor faith I have that picture coming home running only to find s tupid joke.the sister really needs to grow.

  2. ThankQ Mikey n team ngabe umshayile Faith udlala kabi n she’s got the nerve 2 call your child like that,,, yooo

  3. always get a morning after pill ASAP… In your case you got 3 x problems, I guess u better pray you end up with no pregnancy & no STD & no HIV

  4. @Confused Girl.From my point of view there is nothing confusing here.You are both young I am sure even yourself didnt plan to fall preg or have a baby at this age.So basically the guy is saying I pray and hope that you not pregnant but if you are pregnant I will take care of the baby.Simple!

  5. LOL This girl is really crazy. How can she lie about something this big. A stroke? Maybe she will never have a bastard of her own.

    @confused girl, you take morning after pills within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. if you really were serious you should have gone to town, there are a lot of places (pharmacies) where you can get the pills within that period of time. I am not judging you, I was once in a similar situation as yours.

  6. @QnA, I will not say anything because whatever comes out my reply will be judgemental “we could not get the morning after pill and all that shit”

    Yho hai sits back and waits for the non judgemental comments

  7. Lol faith”s sister is being unreasonable hle anyway thanks Bra Mike and the team

    lol @ confused girl your disclaimer made me laugh , lol will wait for our in house panel of experts on this one

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome as always.

    I honestly don’t understand why dafuq 72hours would pass without getting morning after pills, like WTF!!! Phuza i-Stametta and stop wasting letter space maan.


    1. You’re Unfortunately More Than A Confused Girl….Askies! You’re going to have to start making better choices, not excuses for your “baby to be’s sake”.

  9. nyc piece mike ive gt a problem ive been following ur blog since diary of a Zulu girl cumin to jhb I would like to buy all ur collection bt I dnt knw whr to gt thm

  10. Faith’ s sister though. . . Goreng ke morata thata yana??

    QA:there’s no solution for ur problem hao batle go dira abortion akere

  11. A2Q kodwa Confused girl Hehehehe young lady morning after is 72hours and there’s no “boom we had sex” I’m sure you had a pretty good idea when he was taking your pants off that shit was going down, anywho if you’re pregnant lets hope he keeps his word and takes care of the baby and if you’re not may you be vigilant enough to spot the “boom” moment next time.

    1. There’s never a boom we had sex moment nxxxxxxx this girl too much of a miss know it all nje
      #Sidechick tendencies#

  12. @ Q and A – so what exactly is your problem again? I am slightly confused. You had unprotected sex, I get that. You don’t know if you are pregnant, I get that part too. But I cannot seem to track the problem. Is the problem that you do not know whether or not to get back together with this guy?

  13. @ Q and A – The only advice I can therefore give is I think your first port of call is visiting a clinic, being checked for STIs, HIV and having a pregnancy test done.If any of those tests come out positive then I am sure you will have reason to ask for advice/ help.

  14. You don’t seize to amaze me mike.. Thank you very much

    I don’t get your “sense of emergency” it clearly seems like you want that baby and hoping to get your ex back but my dearest darling just know that a baby won’t make him stay. Don’t think him being confused will change after realizing you preggies ahh but then again you don’t wanna abort akere so otlaba strong then and that stametta shit doesn’t work don’t waste your time

  15. Tjoooooo I was almost in tears myself…shame Faith mara…hayi maan udlala kakubi lomntana…Kwaaaaks @Stametta JZ u are killing me!!!

  16. Ai Faith Though, Her rationalisation to life’s issues …. just gobsmacked

    Dear Confused Girl,

    We Grasp new concepts everyday, but using them in the right context is the most challenging part. YOUR EX DOES NOT HAVE BIPOLAR!!! I don’t understand why exactly you are confused and what it is you are confused about. This guy did say should you be pregnant he will be responsible, BUT, he is praying that you aren’t and explicitly said no to abortion… so what the heck is confusing you? The thing about pregnancies like “your own” should you find yourself pregnant, is that they are just that UNPLANNED, meaning they weren’t really wanted in the first place. so why exactly are you questioning his intensions?

    You penned your letter to be defensive from the onset, I mean who says things like “I don’t know how it happened”, “We couldn’t get a morning after pill”… SMH! yet you still claim you want advise, what do you need advise on really? I sense a tad of stubborn immaturity here and a know-it-all attitude. Alas I might be wrong…
    I have to agree with Jackzorro on this one, you really wasted letter space!


  17. Mike I love ur work. Sbonge kuwe ne team

    QnA haaaaaa! Waz’ kakhulu mos wena! Lol lmao
    “We cldnt get the morning after pill n all dat shit” … YOH!

  18. Confused girl, he said he will take care of the baby so relax and trust that he will and that’s if you are pregnant and I get the feeling that you actually want to be pregnant, no judgment just an observation. Him saying hope and pray that you not pregnant does not mean that he’s bipolar it simply means he’s not ready for a baby and probably wishes he had planned for it instead of a one-night stand with an ex whom he probably does not even love, I mean lets face reality here you are an ex here.

    It kind of seems like you are the one who is a bit BIPOLAR here, but no judgment.
    And how on earth do you not find morning after pill? Which part of the world do you live in where there is no pharmacies, clicks, Shoprite and Pick n Pay have pharmacies so I honestly feel like you want to trap this man with a baby, if you really wanted to get those morning after pills nothing would have stood in your way.

    Remember you are an EX and you having a baby does not mean he will change his feelings about you. He will look after the baby and you will just be another statistic of SINGLE MOTHERS.

    Next time think before you act. My humble opinion.

    PS. DRINK THE DAMN STAMETTA I don’t know if it works but try something and don’t tell us you also can’t find that…

  19. Q&A… Really, Wena you don’t need any advice, you sound very stubborn and naïve, Fact is you messed up. which part of the world do you live in that doesn’t have Pharmacies that open till Late?????? even after 72 hours you still couldn’t get the Pill…. the other thing is there is no way you wouldn’t have noticed your ex wasn’t wearing a condom in the first place, unless if he walks around wearing a condom 24/7 ready to have sex with his ex’s.
    Lets hope you not only pregnant but also HIV negative… the nerve you have just frustrates me.

  20. Hahaha @MaBaby “nless if he walks around wearing a condom 24/7”. Hilarious much.

    QnA: They have said it all. My advise is pray you are not pregnant, do an HIV test then go study – your spelling and grammar needs a bit of work.

  21. Q&A…… Your ex is praying and hoping that you’re not preg, wena what are you doing, I suggest u join him & pray too and make sure you fast during that period of prayer, unless ke nawe ufuna u-Judith abize ingane yakho ngo-BUSTARD

  22. Lovely work as always Mike

    Q & A *Heavy Sigh* I’m lost,what advise do you want? i might be wrong but what I got from your facts is that you are 19,had unprotected sex with your EX whom you believe is bipolar and to top it up you 19 and know you want to keep the baby after failure to get a morning after pill within 72 hours. My advise without judgement is that, seeing that you know you want the baby just embrace the consequences and aim to get a certification of substance other than your matric and child birth certification.

    Lastly with judgement stop wasting letter space tu and get back to being a child.

  23. Q&A You dont need advice, ufuna umntwana REMEMBER a baby wont make him stay cc. Ungadlali ngophefumulo omsulwa.tuuu

  24. A2Q please don’t pray hore you not prg or Hiv…you knew what you were doing slince you said it yourself just ask for forgiveness and learn from your mistakes asseblief or should I say it like you did..”Your Boom sex”ai mara dilo tse dingwe thou…o confused straight…good luck on drinking the stameta mara neh

  25. thanx for the good story mike mara this waiting for one day to pass thn gtin it is really killing m, wish that one day nje jus u could give us a surprise of 3 chapters njeeee yabona in one day #tongueOut

    confused girl…….lark honestly you couldnt find morning afters anywhere really?????? when the clinics give them out for FREE….everyone has a choice in life and i see you want to choose to fall pregnant thinking the ex will come back and that is not the way to go about dear,,if u really wanted those morning afters u could of gotten them no matter what and u shouldnt jus worry abt you being pregnant or not there are sti’s and HIV dear and even worse havin an unplanned baby and being a single mother with no daddy to support you and the baby…not say his abt lied abt supporting the bby but ppl change and they dont always mean what they say…

  26. Mike lovely as always..
    QnA: Gal no need to panic these things happen. As we speak I was in ur dilemma just weeks ago. Instead of worrying abt pregnancy HIV was m concern, eventhou i dd take morning after as well. As we speak m taking prophylactic treatment for a month as precaution. Wena stop worrying only after u hv knowledge of whether u pregnant or not, HIV or not should u worry. Next time try and b more careful. As a society we shud try and b more responsible and pregnancy should b least of our worries. Goodluck and for ur sake hope y not pregnant.

  27. Q.A Im not judging you but judging from the details you’ve shared on your letter, it is clear as day- you wanted the pregnancy! So it is all up to y
    ou now ukuthi kwenzeka njani!

  28. Q.A Im not judging you but from the details you’ve shared on your letter, it is clear as day- you wanted the pregnancy! So it is all up to y
    ou now ukuthi kwenzeka njani!

  29. Yewena ngane encane, musa ukudlala ngathi yazi. Thina nje as old as we are, we in stable relationships yet we do konke just not to fall pregnant for “our boyfriends” and wena ushaya iskoon ne ex and you do nothing about it and yet you want advice from us and not judgment??? Yeses, uyeyiya.
    ok ke, nayi i judgment from me. Wena vele u don’t mind wether you pregnant or not, your worry is your ex and you hoping you’ll get back together. You ignored the consequences of i skoon, na rusher for i pregnancy, ama STI’s ke wona? Wena nje ubusuvele uyfunela ukuymithela nje. If le judgment ihlala kabi, lala ngesisu cc, izophola.
    And ow…. Yo attitude…. Its sick, you are stubborn nje wena period.

  30. A2Q you get a ama morning after at every pharmacy so saying you ddnt get mmmh n like it or not u will b judged n we will judge u n dats da only way you gonna get help sometimes you nid to take constructive criticism n it cums across judgemental

  31. Ppl here are too quick to judge diz gal ddn sy anythn abt wanting her ex bck or trapping da guy..clearly she accepted the situation En acknowledge dat wat she did was rong,u guys ar busy crucifying diz gal instead of helpin her its rily sad DAT we live in a world full of ignorant and narrow minded people do u guys ever think b4 taking ur judgment weapons out? Am alwys quiet here BT am fed up ppl post diz letters to seek advice nt b attacked I mean for them to send diz letter to mike clearly means dey knw wat they did WS rong En they ar trying to find a way to rectify their mistakes not for u ppl to remind them of their mess En rub it in their faces…and as for the pill problem I failed to understand at first BT I thot abt it en myb jst myb she stays in a small town where diz things ar nt alwys available to them BT dd u guys think abt that??? No bcz u guys are too quick to judge geezz Because am sure had diz gal said she wnts abortion yol wod have attacked her

    1. Hai wethu, from one small towner to “maybe” another, WE HAVE CLINICS. Mind you I don’t even come from a small town but a remote village. La bantu are not attacking this child rather questioning and criticizing her ways. Sometimes it’s necessary uk’ba inynani ithethwe. Call a spade a spade for goodness sakes! We can’t all be accepting of the BS in this letter of hers.

      Wena, if you feel like you could have advised better, please do so. I’d really love to see you non-judgmental response ke mna, cause clearly wena miss save the world you know better and don’t attack people .

      rhaa, ai ngeke. people must think somethimes before jumping to defenses, what’s next are you going to defend boko haram and ISIS? okay i’m exaggerating but surely you catch my drift.

  32. @mbalz, I don’t see you giving any constructive advice either, u seem to be judging the ones that are judging ‘confused girl’??

  33. Exactly my point again you guys are jumping into conclusion and sisi nt all clinics offer morning after pills bcz wr I stay they don’t offer such and am not defending this girl am just saying that you are too quick to judge before even looking at the situation from all aspects and yes am not advising her BT rather putting my own opinion out there js lyk everyone is entitled to theirs but some are too futile honestly

  34. A2Q why are you asking for advise when you don’t want criticism? Just wait if you are pregnant then you will have a baby. I don’t get what your question is.

  35. Thanks Mike for a great read, Q&A I just can’t answer that. The only thing I couldn’t wait to do is reading Jackzorro and Tshidilicious’s response. There you have it STAMITA.

  36. Mbali weh… Pls sit down! Lomntwana lo has got jokes shame!who in the world does not realise that we aren’t using condoms??hai suka maan!

  37. I agree wit mbalz ppl here act al holy En shit 99.9% of da tym dey judge instead of advising En most of em ar spineless wateva jackzorro sys den say nywe everytym nywe honestly it’s a shame that ppl here alwys tok shit Kore its lyk dey stick their fingers up their asses before typing coz its shit En its nt only abt diz confused gal BT most letters nje evrydy bo wana b Jesus ba ready to judge ppl En I cbn assure u DAT 90% of da ppl hu seek advice here Neva get help BT judgments….

  38. Thanks Mike. I am just mulling over you saying stroke is a lifestyle disease. I know that’s what it may be at face value, but not always. For some reason I breathed a sigh of relief to find that Faith’s mom is okay lol.
    Hopefully the call from Tidimalo will encourage Aurelia to dismiss any further ideas of hooking up with him.

    QnA- Hai, no comment

  39. @ confused gal, 1st of @ll you are not speaking to you friends here with your lingo text, I hd to read twice gore o batla go reng, ok drink stameta get to the clinic for all the test and get treatment, ur EX is nt getting back with you so don’t dream about it, lastly grow up and tlogela the knowitall attitude clearly o sematla.

  40. @ OB – please either write in English or one of the other official languages because I am not sure whether to be excited, sad or disappointed by your comment. What exactly did you just say and in what language?

    @ MBALZ – you want to air your opinion but don’t want others to do the same? I don’t get it. These letters are not posted for noting.

  41. I understand the having unprotected sex thing as most of us have done it and regretted it later but cumaaaaaaan you can get imorning after in every pharmacy, unless your parents don’t allow you to go out lmfao lmfao. Get Yo Life!

  42. @Confused girl. This is not being judgmental, just humour. “Couldn’t find morning after pill and all that sh*t”. We do y’all stay? In the desert? Hihihih

  43. Confusion is like a contagious disease.
    D least I say D less D chances of M catching it. I wil tek a chilpil & pass least I sound “judgemental” Jckzor..stameta! Kwaaaks! Sengifile tu!

  44. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    omg this must be the moemish of the year when it comes to QnAs

    Boom we were having sex??????? kwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

    Like really??????? Boom then sex????????

    OMG never laughed so hard….

    Listen hear little girly next time you must remember there are people here twice your age who have been through lots of experiences in life, you are not talking to your high school mates here telling us not to judge. There is no such thing as BOOM we were having sex and I only realised half way there was no condom.

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